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Nick Vasos
Attention #NexstarNation. Take it from me, when calling sick don’t email news@Nexstar.tv You’re welcome. #PrayersForNick Now time to rest. Good night.
22 Nov, 02:49 AM UTC
Heather Monahan
Explanation for those outside the #NexstarNation: An anchor named Nick called out sick and the message was accidentally sent to the entire company. More than 40 people from Nexstar sister stations across the country responded to send #PrayersforNick 😂
22 Nov, 02:47 AM UTC
Coward blocked me and then made a post about me so i couldnt' respond #FurryAndProud #PrayersforNick @chippledipple's photo on #PrayersForNick
22 Nov, 03:23 AM UTC
Sam and The Faves
They can take away our emails, but they can't take away our #PrayersForNick @Holtzue's photo on #PrayersForNick
22 Nov, 02:27 AM UTC
Johnny Shape-Shifter
I saw the #PrayersforNick hashtag and thought something bad happened to Nick Jonas. I was about to lose my shit
22 Nov, 05:49 AM UTC
Heather Monahan
DYING at #NexstarNation tonight. 😂😂 Was super concerned when I checked my phone and saw a 47-message company-wide email chain. #PrayersForNick
22 Nov, 02:39 AM UTC
Brian Dulle
One of the more interesting nights I've had in the news business, when a co-worker emails the entire company to call out sick. Good news is management here @fox4kc says @NickVasos will pull through. #NexstarNation #PrayersforNick #NexstarCares @BrianMDulle's photo on #PrayersForNick
22 Nov, 03:33 AM UTC
Scott Schneider
We did it guys. #PrayersForNick #NexstarNation https://t.co/4IfUT3vMe2
22 Nov, 04:48 AM UTC
ABC World News Now
TAKING A SICK DAY: Nick Vasos managed to take over the internet. Vasos sent an email announcing he was under the weather, but the email went to the entire Nexstar Media Group. This error has started a hastag on Twitter called #prayersfornick. @abcWNN's photo on #PrayersForNick
22 Nov, 09:23 AM UTC
CBS 17
Have you ever accidentally sent a mass email - or replied all when you really shouldn't have? It happens...sometimes with glorious results. #PrayersforNick #NexstarNation https://t.co/N7Zeu7ZoGF
22 Nov, 03:33 AM UTC
NBC4 Columbus
Reporter accidentally emails entire company to call off work, entire company responds #PrayersForNick https://t.co/rn1pkyFhjY
22 Nov, 03:05 AM UTC
Abby Eden
And to think earlier this week, he was so happy to try Casey’s pizza. I long for the simple days. #PrayersForNick 🤣 (for the record- he just called in sick. He’s ok.). @AbbyEden's photo on #PrayersForNick
22 Nov, 09:45 AM UTC
Austin Kellerman
No joke, there’s now a makeshift vigil at @fox4kc for @NickVasos. #NexstarNation #PrayersforNick @AustinKellerman's photo on #PrayersForNick
22 Nov, 03:30 AM UTC
Rob Zerwekh
The world needed an escape. The world found us at FOX 4. #PrayersForNick https://t.co/GMkWGdzCTT
22 Nov, 04:41 PM UTC
Jana Calkins
Sweet lordt. The shrine at @NickVasos’ desk is growing. We are officially off the rails @fox4kc. My sides hurt from laughing! #NexstarNation #PrayersForNick #SickNick https://t.co/NcmiyVTCSu
22 Nov, 07:00 PM UTC
Pro Athlete, Inc.
We heard @NickVasos was just placed on the IR... Prayers on a speedy recovery from your friends at Pro Athlete! #PrayersForNick #NexstarNation @fox4kc https://t.co/Kjrq2maO1H https://t.co/uRZm5jQRIQ
22 Nov, 05:22 PM UTC
Abby Eden
The updated shrine @NickVasos #PrayersforNick @AbbyEden's photo on #PrayersForNick
22 Nov, 04:39 PM UTC
#PrayersforNick began trending across social media https://t.co/4C5BFlsvlU
22 Nov, 05:45 AM UTC
The Washington Post
A sick TV reporter accidentally ignites a reply-all apocalypse, with thousands sending #PrayersforNick. Some of his colleagues set up a mock memorial. https://t.co/kWvMORGLPP
22 Nov, 07:47 PM UTC
Troy Diggs
Thank you, #NexstarNation for the ginger ale, soup, and tissues! We'll make sure some of these end up in @NickVasos hands. #PrayersForNick @fox4kc @amnewsboy's photo on #PrayersForNick
22 Nov, 02:23 PM UTC
Sporting KC
Get well soon, @NickVasos. We want to see you back out there for the 2020 SKC Media Game. 😆 #PrayersForNick @SportingKC's photo on #PrayersForNick
22 Nov, 07:12 PM UTC
Shannon O'Brien
For what reason should you pull a Ferris Bueller? (Yes, @NickVasos is truly sick). 😉 #prayersfornick #NickIsSick #emailmigration #getwellsoon #NexstarNation @ShannonOBTV's photo on #PrayersForNick
22 Nov, 07:34 PM UTC
Susan Shaw
#PrayersForNick from ⁦@WOODTV@susanshaw's photo on #PrayersForNick
22 Nov, 04:29 PM UTC
Harold R. Kuntz
I was off for one day ... upon my return this is the desk behind me. Sure hope @NickVasos gets better! #PrayersForNick @HaroldRKuntz3's photo on #PrayersForNick
22 Nov, 07:54 PM UTC
"The land of comfort and plentiful (Al-Anam) is the furnished land and more of the full-explanation.." Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni 13 - 07 - 1428 AH 28 - 07 - 2007 AD https://t.co/3kZzjuJeAi #Joker #PrayersForNick https://t.co/OlTpG1vub7
22 Nov, 06:48 AM UTC
It's nice to see something lighthearted coming across the newsfeed and that it originated in KC is just a delightful bonus. Feel better soon Nick. #PrayersForNick https://t.co/b7nrbfUToK
22 Nov, 07:00 PM UTC
Troy Diggs
In all seriousness... with as much bad news as we have to deal with, and with such a split of opinions about everything... I’m grateful that @NickVasos was able to get us all to enjoy something for a little bit. He’s awesome that way. Thanks, sir. #PrayersForNick #NexstarNation
22 Nov, 06:57 PM UTC
Sue Scheff
Wow! It's so rare we see the accidental "reply all" send have such positive results! I'm sure many of us have had that blunder when we have cringed after hitting that send... Just read @ShameNationBook - there can be disastrous endings. #PrayersForNick it's all good! #FridayVibes https://t.co/uWzqcHewuz
22 Nov, 01:25 PM UTC
FOX4 News
ICYMI: @AaronNolanNews did a 20 minute tribute show to @NickVasos on Newsfeed Now. Watch it here. #PrayersForNick https://t.co/XyBRTVBUDI ^Producer Troy Diggs
22 Nov, 06:48 PM UTC
erinSCIF for America
this is the appropriate response to reply all gaffes #PrayersForNick https://t.co/x6rH5zCad0
22 Nov, 08:05 PM UTC

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