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ODDSbible Racing
Deciding whether to back Presenting Percy, Clan Des Obeaux, Native River, Might Bite, Bellshill, Al Boum Photo, Kemboy, Thistlecrack, Elegant Escape, Bristol De Mai, Anibale Fly or Shattered Love in today’s Gold Cup ODDSbible Racing's photo on Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 11:20 AM UTC
Samantha Quek
Going crazy with @carolvorders & Coleen (she’s from @NASA !) as we try to figure out who wins the #CheltenhamFestival #GoldCup at 3.30pm?! Current 3 favs via @Ladbrokes : Presenting Percy (7/2) Clan Des Obeaux (9/2) Native River (6/1) Who do you fancy? #ChargeToCheltenham Samantha Quek's photo on Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 12:44 PM UTC
ODDSbible Racing
One last time... 🏇🏻 Presenting Percy 🏇🏻 Native River 🏇🏻 Clan Des Obeaux 🏇🏻 Thistlecrack 🏇🏻 Might Bite 🏇🏻 Bellshill 🏇🏻 Al Boum Photo 🏇🏻 Kemboy 🏇🏻 Elegant Escape 🏇🏻 Bristol De Mai 🏇🏻 Shattered Love 🏇🏻 Anibale Fly 🏇🏻 Invitation Only 🏇🏻 Definitly Red 🎥: @SkySportsBoxing ODDSbible Racing's photo on Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 09:13 AM UTC
It's Gold Cup day. 😍🏆 Presenting Percy Native River Clan Des Obeaux Kemboy Bellshill Thistlecrack Al Boum Photo Might Bite Elegant Escape Anibale Fly Shattered Love Bristol De Mai Definitly Red Invitation Only Coral's photo on Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 07:55 AM UTC
Some training performance with Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 03:43 PM UTC
The Sportsman Bet
🤮 When it took you ages to decide between Presenting Percy, Clan Des Obeaux or Native River and Al Boum Photo ends up winning it... #CheltenhamFestival The Sportsman Bet's photo on Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 03:42 PM UTC
Maddy P
Just realised Yala Enki beat Presenting Percy in the Gold Cup. What price could you have got on that this morning?
15 Mar, 05:25 PM UTC
I love Presenting Percy and thought he’d win and got it wrong, but you just can’t cruise into a Gold Cup from last like that. Always tough running into the back of one or side stepping fallers. On form couldn’t have the winner at all, especially after how PP beat him last year.
15 Mar, 03:50 PM UTC
David Carr
The lesser spotted Presenting Percy David Carr's photo on Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 03:16 PM UTC
The Sportsman
🏇🏆 We handed out £7,000 in prize winnings yesterday and here's your last chance to win at #CheltenhamFestival! Get your predictions in for the #GoldCup to win £1,000 for FREE with #Pick123! Here are the 3 favourites... - Presenting Percy - Clan Des Obeaux - Native River
15 Mar, 02:09 PM UTC
SiForums and Fansite!
Presenting Percy is trending in the UK. He seems chuffed about it. SiForums and Fansite!'s photo on Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 05:14 PM UTC
Racing Post
Gold Cup stewards' report: "Davy Russell reported that Presenting Percy, which started favourite and finished eighth, was never travelling following an early mistake and his saddle had slipped mid-race" Racing Post's photo on Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 04:50 PM UTC
"Pat Kelly come to the weighing room" "Presenting Percy wasn't race fit and could've benefited from a run" (NAP)
15 Mar, 03:50 PM UTC
I’ve had a bad week like but when ya watching daft cunts hoying grands on Presenting Percy ya don’t feel too bad
15 Mar, 04:10 PM UTC
My Racing Tips
No joy for the @myracingtips Cheltenham Preview charity bets: ❌ @TonyEnnis11 Magic Saint 🥈 @drobgod Commander Of Fleet ❌ @MCYeeehaaa Native River ❌ @AThorntonRacing Presenting Percy @BetVictor have kindly offered to donate £200 to the @IJF_official for us anyway! 👏👏👏👏 My Racing Tips's photo on Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 06:08 PM UTC
BHA Stewards
R4 @CheltenhamRaces: The Veterinary Officer made a further report that a post-race examination of PRESENTING PERCY, during routine testing, found the gelding to be lame right hind.
15 Mar, 06:14 PM UTC
I hope presenting Percy spends the rest of his days doing donkey rides on Blackpool beach the useless cunt
15 Mar, 04:33 PM UTC
@TracksideJay Winner had 1 run as well, actually before Presenting Percy had his.
15 Mar, 04:14 PM UTC
Nice to see skybet have picked their arses up after presenting Percy shafted the nation
15 Mar, 04:38 PM UTC
Miller and carter tonight will help me get over how pathetic presenting Percy was in that race
15 Mar, 04:25 PM UTC
BHA Stewards
R4 @CheltenhamRaces: Davy Russell reported that PRESENTING PERCY, which started favourite and finished eighth, was never travelling. PRESENTING PERCY was routine tested.
15 Mar, 04:07 PM UTC
Daragh Ó Conchúir
Presenting Percy ran more recently than Al Boum Photo, who also ran just once this season #justsaying #Cheltenham #GoldCup
15 Mar, 04:14 PM UTC
Stephen R Power
Views on Presenting Percy's run? #CheltenhamFestival #Goldcup 🏆 Stephen R Power's photo on Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 03:57 PM UTC
Off To The Races
Think I posted re. PRESENTING PERCY in December, January, January again, February x3, last week... He was never winning it, bookmaker’s dream.
15 Mar, 03:57 PM UTC
Joseph O'Brien Fansite
Did anybody else think of Red Rum's face when they showed a head shot of Presenting Percy?
15 Mar, 04:32 PM UTC
Up 1k Cheltenham this year but wow couldn’t of had a worst last day! Presenting Percy well that was disappointing!
15 Mar, 04:11 PM UTC
Ryan Herman
If Pat Kelly ever speaks, what are the odds that he says ‘Presenting Percy could have done with a prep run...’ #CheltehamFestival #GoldCup
15 Mar, 03:46 PM UTC
Wish I could find the Twitter discussion I had with someone last year when I was questioning why Presenting Percy was favourite for the gold cup and they thought I was mad....
15 Mar, 06:05 PM UTC
Dean Ayass 🇪🇺
Presenting Percy sounds like a euphemism. "Then he unbuttoned his mac and presented Percy to me, Your Honour"
15 Mar, 04:35 PM UTC
OneHorse Racing
Presenting Percy pile of crap 😂😂. Bet all them idiots feel silly
15 Mar, 04:11 PM UTC
James Hart
Yala Enki finished infront of Presenting Percy 😂😂
15 Mar, 04:11 PM UTC
Discover Newmarket
No prizes for guessing which horse Percy is shouting home in the @CheltenhamRaces Gold Cup. Our office dog is glued to @itvracing. Go on Presenting Percy! #SocialStable #DiscoverNKT Discover Newmarket's photo on Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 03:19 PM UTC
mark ball
As a Presenting Percy backer I was never happy after he clipped the second fence and ended a long way back. He had a troubled round thereafter & a very unconventional prep. Well done to Al Boum Photo but Percy had him well beat in the RSA 12 months ago. Bit gutted but always 2020
15 Mar, 04:06 PM UTC
𝓙𝓪𝓬𝓴 🚩
What a bad favourite presenting Percy was.
15 Mar, 04:04 PM UTC
Buddy ⭐
@myracingtips Thank you. I had a cash out of £350ish before Presenting Percy. Profit is profit
15 Mar, 05:57 PM UTC
Sam Chipperfield
@mp_horseracing majority of the field beat presenting percy
15 Mar, 05:36 PM UTC
Jamie Smyth
I feel sorry for all the boys that fell for the Presenting Percy hype train
15 Mar, 04:32 PM UTC
@RadioEmmet @FinalFurlongPod Windy, windy gold cup Topofthegame wins next year with a clear run And what of poor presenting percy? Pat Kelly this time got it wrong
15 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
Chris Ead
Still drying my eyes over Native River running out of steam. Truly thought he would do back to back Gold Cups. Never gave Presenting Percy a chance and rightly so didn’t even place. #CheltenhamFestival
15 Mar, 04:27 PM UTC
Longford Leader
Cheltenham anti-climax for Longford race fans as Presenting Percy's Gold Cup bid flounders
15 Mar, 04:23 PM UTC
Looks like they used the Gold Cup as a prep run for Punchestown for Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 04:22 PM UTC
Josh Burke
Pissed I bet presenting Percy 😩😅
15 Mar, 04:04 PM UTC
The Collector
@HODL_Racing So disappointed in Presenting Percy. They've campaigned him terribly this season. Had all year to get him a run. Wasted opportunity
15 Mar, 04:03 PM UTC
Adam Pedlow
No fault of his own but Presenting Percy ran the race he did due to the shitty prep he had. Connections thought they could just roll up and win the Gold Cup....even the way he was ridden suggested as much 🙅🏻‍♂️
15 Mar, 03:59 PM UTC
Geoffrey Riddle
Davy Russell says of Presenting Percy: “He never fired.” Wins the 2020 Gold Cup after a three-race 2019-20 season? #TheFestival.
15 Mar, 03:59 PM UTC
Presenting Percy 🐎👀absolutely pish
15 Mar, 03:58 PM UTC
luke westacott
It's you backed presenting percy today you're a bloody moron. Not even fit
15 Mar, 03:57 PM UTC
elizabeth moore
@itvracing @CheltenhamRaces @WillieMullinsNH Don't think this horse was even mentioned as being in the running, all I heard was Presenting Percy, Clans de OBeaux and Native River as being the ones to back!!! Well done to the winning horse Al Boum Photo
15 Mar, 03:57 PM UTC
@BenniiiP didnt back much today, had early doors but sir erec and presenting percy not so good
15 Mar, 06:13 PM UTC
George McDonagh
@ConorKane0909 What did Presenting Percy do to you
15 Mar, 05:56 PM UTC
Daniel Gormally
@mp_horseracing probably any price you like. presenting percy did well to win the rsa last year but shows that another year, another story, al boum photo completely reversing the result. yala enki one of those nice horses who people don't consider but very consistent.
15 Mar, 05:55 PM UTC
Furness Espeon the Edward Fan
@SiFansite What’s Presenting Percy?
15 Mar, 05:53 PM UTC
Chop Presenting Percy up into horse meat
15 Mar, 05:47 PM UTC
Ann Coates
What on earth is presenting Percy and why is it trending? I'm scared to look it sounds vaguely rude....
15 Mar, 05:43 PM UTC
Andy Nelson
#Cheltenham #Horse_Racing_Betting Bells ringing out for Mullins in the Gold Cup?: It’s Christmas Day for National Hunt racing fans on Friday, as the likes of Presenting Percy, Clan Des Obeaux and Native River battle it out for the 2019 Cheltenham… Andy Nelson's photo on Presenting Percy
15 Mar, 05:36 PM UTC
Baz Singh
15 Mar, 05:35 PM UTC
Phil Jenkin
@TracksideJay My Gold Cup thoughts: Needs a run-Presenting Percy Doesn’t need a run-Presenting Percy Needs a run - Presenting Percy Doesn’t need a run- Presenting Percy Needed a run.........
15 Mar, 05:26 PM UTC
@dean_gilroy @Keithsargent24 I had presenting Percy so I think we all lose hahaha
15 Mar, 05:20 PM UTC
Andy Borek
@Ryanblyth03 Would have won rsa chase last year if he didn’t run out. Told u on fri presenting Percy wouldn’t last!
15 Mar, 05:15 PM UTC
Bam Slakeley
@_tom_olivant 6/1, presenting Percy at favourite was ridiculous, hadn’t had a run out in ages
15 Mar, 05:09 PM UTC
Hard to read into Early Door's run behind apples jade because of the distance, but he was ahead of Bapaume who went onto finish less than 2L behing presenting percy,3rd in the martin pipe last year shows the track wont be an issue ground is also fine
15 Mar, 05:03 PM UTC
Ronan Byrne
Id imagine alot of lads are frantically editing their twitter bios after presenting percy disappointment .
15 Mar, 04:58 PM UTC
Mick Dempsey
For those knockers of Presenting Percy in the Gold Cup your all on the backlash bandwagon. Had Presenting Percy won or was even placed you would be claiming It as a marvelous training performance. Stop crying over spilt milk, you gambled and this time you lost.
15 Mar, 04:42 PM UTC
Susan Trevelyan-Syke
Gold Cup 9 of 16 finished - 5 French bred, 3 Irish bred & 1 GB bred (fav PRESENTING PERCY who was 9th). Mare SHATTERED LOVE IRE last 35-3/4 lengths from winner).
15 Mar, 04:39 PM UTC
Irish N.H. Tips
@0nehorseracing People have their opinions. No one can say Presenting Percy ran his race there.
15 Mar, 04:36 PM UTC
Jim Chapman
@SportsBreakfast I think Presenting Percy is still running Al @Rupertbell called it. the stats never lie.
15 Mar, 04:26 PM UTC
@Zackary_81098 At least he carried on going mate. I had Presenting Percy & Might Bite!
15 Mar, 04:23 PM UTC
@Adam1999a I won 900 but the horses I thought would win lost presenting Percy and Kalashnikov they were my bankers I must have had 40 bets on the both of them everytime I won a bet the odd 20 quid went on them from April so yeah pretty deflated mate but the 900 goes away for next year
15 Mar, 04:21 PM UTC
harrison grayston
Presenting Percy simply never got into the race and didn’t jump and in my opinion was due to a lack of fencing experience this year. Definitely a wasted season for connections. Disappointing I hope he gets a proper prep next year, would be a big player.
15 Mar, 04:15 PM UTC
Gleneagles 🎉
The Coolmore WhatsApp group is going bonkers over Presenting Percy's Gold Cup preparation! In fact it always goes bonkers over Cheltenham!
15 Mar, 04:13 PM UTC
Steve Faulkner
@racehorsetips anyone who backed Presenting Percy and then complains over a lack of a prep run over fences should fuck off. They got odds that reflected all this. Prep run would have shortened up had it ran well.
15 Mar, 04:12 PM UTC
Geoff Handley
@TrendHorses @WillHillRacing I guess that is 0-52 now Andrew, what a strange prep for the Gold Cup favourite Presenting Percy, I wonder why he didn't have a run over fences, something must have been wrong at some point ?
15 Mar, 04:12 PM UTC
Daragh Ó Conchúir
@PaidiDeFaoite Probably - the ground was surely quick that day. It's funny with all the talk about Pat Kelly and Presenting Percy that Al Boum Photo had one prep run and that was January 1.
15 Mar, 04:11 PM UTC
Stephen Plant
Presenting Percy. As I suspected all the Blarney was just that. #windandpiss
15 Mar, 04:10 PM UTC
@MyNameIsToddd Poor run and presenting Percy
15 Mar, 04:08 PM UTC
Kered Roskell
@CherryAnalysts You didnt lose much of your own money on presenting percy?
15 Mar, 04:07 PM UTC
I apologise to everyone who betted on presenting Percy after asking me
15 Mar, 04:06 PM UTC
Paul McMahon
@itvracing @dickyjohnson77 @ITV Horse looking for a trainer, contact Presenting Percy.
15 Mar, 04:04 PM UTC
Paul McMahon
@RacingTV Trainer needed, contact Presenting Percy.
15 Mar, 04:02 PM UTC
Dees Man
Presenting Percy backers sucked in. Worst prep ever for a Gold Cup and I’d be shocked if we didn’t hear afterwards that he had an interrupted prep.
15 Mar, 04:02 PM UTC
Tom Griffin
Be interesting to hear what they have to say about Presenting Percy, what a terribly campaigned gold cup horse that has been. Might never get that chance again the owners
15 Mar, 03:56 PM UTC

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