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Biden wears a face mask on a zoom call with world leaders but not visiting President Carter in person?
04 May, 03:27 AM UTC
📸 La photo des #Biden avec l’ancien président #Carter et sa femme vient d’être publiée. (La différence de taille surprend!)
04 May, 06:56 AM UTC
Bill Smith
@BillPascrell Just look at this photo. Here you see the best of humankind: kindness, respect and a sense of history. Thank you President Carter & First Lady. Thank you President Biden & First Lady. You make me so proud to be an American.
04 May, 03:13 AM UTC
Scott Sycamore
@mgallo31 @BeschlossDC @CarterLibrary If you listen to what both President Carter and his First Lady said and tried to do in the 70s, you'd see that they saw clearly all the problems that we are having today. The Reagan Revolution ruined this country.
04 May, 02:31 AM UTC
@mark_w21 @CarterCenter @GeoffRBennett @POTUS @FLOTUS It was a million years ago and you're welcome. The world was a different place and it was a different place in time. There is more to the story of President Carter's visit to Spain but no need to tell that now. I'll be very sad when he passes.
04 May, 02:44 AM UTC
@TUSK81 I was a kid at the time but I’m glad people have come around to my views on President Carter.
04 May, 04:15 AM UTC
Mario Cavolo,SeniorFellow,Center China & Globaliza
God bless former President Carter and his wife. Skip the politics, what great people they are🙏🙏
04 May, 08:17 AM UTC
President Biden and the First Lady visited President Carter and Rosalynn Carter on their trip to Georgia last week. Beautiful Photo 🇺🇸
04 May, 10:43 AM UTC
no.. just no
@skuli1 @petermaer @Acosta @CarterLibrary Yeah the Carter’s look like caricatures of themselves. What the heck? Missed opportunity for a great shot. Much respect fir President Carter... still out building houses for the needy at nearly 100 years of age... ❤️
04 May, 04:44 AM UTC
Wow, i don't want to live until i can't do much like President Carter and his wife. Hopefully God will take me when i reach 75 years
04 May, 08:02 AM UTC
Ann M. MacKenzie
@kathygriffin The Carter's are quite elderly. The Biden's look hale and hearty in comparison! The Biden's were so kind to visit President Carter and his First Lady, Rosalynn!
04 May, 10:37 AM UTC
@ScottGreenfield Yeah, it's bad enough. Must be a wide-angle shot or something. Fmr president Carter and his wife isn't hobbits?
04 May, 10:38 AM UTC
Dr. President Not Rian's Luke 🌐
@ScottAdamsSays These are clearly miniature reproductions of former President Carter and his wife, likely produced by the Franklin Mint to commemorate the 42nd anniversary of Jimmy Carter getting attacked by a giant swimming rabbit on April 20, 1979.
04 May, 09:52 AM UTC
Zhigang Suo 锁志刚
In 1978, President Carter signed a resolution that designated May as the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. I heard about this Heritage Month yesterday. A full month! What do I do? I looked it up. AAPI heritage is a deeply moving American Story.
04 May, 10:46 AM UTC
@Chris4Perkins Both President Carter and the First Lady are honorable people with great compassion and intelligence. They are amazing.
04 May, 10:43 AM UTC
Look at President Carter!!! So nice to see him.
04 May, 10:21 AM UTC
@SaintPabloGOAT Tf LMFAOO listen to 6ft7ft, Georgia Bush, Glory, Holy, President Carter, Bank Acc, Thought It Was A Drought, Black Republican and you know what i meant.
04 May, 10:19 AM UTC
Mark A Pierce
@JoeNewberry @MeredthSalenger A mixed bag as president, Carter is - more importantly - a truly great man. We should have a secular equivalent of sainthood - and start with him.
04 May, 09:21 AM UTC
@kenlwrites And look at the size on President Carter’s feet!
04 May, 08:45 AM UTC
@CarterCenter @POTUS @FLOTUS I thought the Carter’s were waxed figures🤭. The perspective is terrible. Did the photographer want to showcase the Biden’s since he’s the current president? Carter’s are wonderful charitable people and deserve a better photograph.
04 May, 03:55 AM UTC
R. S. S. (No intolerance, no cancel. Simple!)
If President Carter had succeeded, BP wouldn't exist and the @Guardian wouldn't be writing about him.
04 May, 08:35 AM UTC
@JamesYoder Mrs. Biden’s head is 2x the size of President Carter’s
04 May, 11:00 AM UTC
Cherie Jolly
@KFILE It is lovely to see President Carter sitting in a chair no matter though weird camera angle. I was worried this was a last bedside visit.
04 May, 11:00 AM UTC
Flying Dutchman
@BillPascrell Respectfully, President Carter, move that hand away...
04 May, 10:58 AM UTC
@ClayTravis NO WAY is that picture real. Biden’s foot is floating on the carpet. If it was real it would sink in at least a little. BUT, if it is real, its disgusting that the wife is not wearing a mask next to President Carter! 6 feet please!
04 May, 10:58 AM UTC
Cheryl E. Walters
@CarterCenter @POTUS @FLOTUS Respect and kindness - what both of these presidents and their wonderful life partners have! Blessings to @POTUS and @FLOTUS and President Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter. 🙏🏼🇺🇸
04 May, 10:57 AM UTC
Briar 髭 Lam
No need for masks when visiting former president Carter in his hobbit hole.
04 May, 10:44 AM UTC
President Carter; always an honorable, loving man.
04 May, 10:44 AM UTC
@RafiOmar83 @turttle63 @pbrennan10 @CarterCenter @donie @POTUS @FLOTUS Who got the hostages freed? President Carter did, but Reagan used it to get elected.
04 May, 10:44 AM UTC
C McDonald 🆘
@JaimeNewell17 @pennyLane4earth @CarterCenter @POTUS @FLOTUS It's probably the lens the photographer used. If you look at President Carter's shoes, you can see his feet look huge in comparison with the rest of his body.
04 May, 10:44 AM UTC