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Climate Action 100+
Climate Action 100+ is an initiative of real meaningful scale and we’re now seeing the beginning of its clear impact. @StephanieCMaier kicks-off #PRIinPerson @ActOnClimate100 panel. @AIGCC_update @CDP @CeresNews @IGCC_Update @PRI_News @UNEP_FI @IIGCCnews @ActOnClimate100's media on #PRIinPerson">https://t.co/UPQ9fAf9mc
10 Sep, 02:54 PM UTC
"Ownership implies responsibilities" Anne Simpson of CalPERS. @ActOnClimate100 is enabling investors embrace the engagement opportunity supported by global collaboration. At #PRIinPerson. @AIGCC_update @CeresNews @IGCC_Update @PRI_News @IIGCCnews @IIGCCnews's media on #PRIinPerson">https://t.co/YtEryyp4WF
10 Sep, 03:10 PM UTC
Manifeste Étudiant pour un Réveil Écologique
Most importantly we want to work for companies that rethink the usefulness and purpose of their activities : in our constrained world, it cannot come down to maximizing profits anymore! #PRIinPerson @PRI_News https://t.co/xN0yOTj3eo
11 Sep, 07:20 AM UTC
Edward Mason
Ben van Beurden, @Shell CEO, is on stage at #PRIinPerson explaining the company’s ambition to reduce all emissions associated with its business in line with the #ParisAgreement goal of well below 2 degrees. Wouldn’t it be great @exxonmobil to have you on stage in Tokyo next year? https://t.co/V2hcaNZJH5
11 Sep, 08:27 AM UTC
Edward Mason
Ben van Beurden tells #PRIinPerson he wrote to his oil & gas industry peers asking them to review & adopt the @Shell net carbon footprint. Also says oil & gas companies need to advocate carbon pricing to the point of being obnoxious 👏 https://t.co/UF3s1KxY7E
11 Sep, 08:41 AM UTC
Urs Bitterling
„No matter how big you are as an organization, the climate challenge is much bigger than any of us. We need to join forces and commit to net-zero in 2050“. Günther Thallinger, BM of Allianz SE, during #PRIinPerson #Allianz #responsibleinvesting https://t.co/0jWlQ3iife
11 Sep, 09:16 AM UTC
Charlotta Sydstrand
”We need to be louder to the point of being obnoxious, and more precise” @royaldutchshell CEO will lobby for more enabling and coherent climate policy. Inspiring talk and impressive engagement by @actmatthews and Sylvia at @Robeco #PRIinPerson #ca100 https://t.co/mEohA2vFz4
11 Sep, 08:40 AM UTC
Julian Poulter
key letter in this morning's FT from CEO @Fireynolds. Anyone interested in how climate is ACTUALLY likely to play out should read it and attend Mark Fultons keynote at 9am in plenary then the session on Inevitable Policy Response at 11.45am.#PRIinPerson https://t.co/aWN46DqOHc
11 Sep, 05:59 AM UTC
Jane Ambachtsheer
Policy advocacy by investors towards a low-carbon, inclusive economy is the only way we will achieve one. To this end: @BNPPAM_COM is proud to publish our first public policy stewardship strategy. Please join us as #futuremakers. #PRIinPerson https://t.co/Pr9FLckdPa
11 Sep, 10:40 AM UTC
Mark Kolmar
"When we created the first green bonds a few years ago, we were considered lunatics." @EIB President Dr. Werner Hoyer reminds #PRIinPerson of the importance of market makers leading the way, of how far sustainable finance has come and of how much more needs to be done. @PRI_News @mpkolmar's photo on #PRIinPerson
11 Sep, 08:07 AM UTC
Chris Fox
German insurance giant @Allianz announces it will align with the net zero emissions target called for by UN Secretary-General - Günther Thallinger Member of the Board of @Allianz on panel with ⁦@PRI_News⁩ CEO ⁦@Fireynolds⁩ at #PRIinPerson https://t.co/RbjVEsGcUh
11 Sep, 08:48 AM UTC
Chris Fox
The 2nd largest public pension fund in the US is ⁦California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS)⁩ - “We are developing a low-carbon transition investment plan - European investors as our mentors” - ⁦@CalSTRS⁩ Chair Sharon Hendricks at #PRIinPerson https://t.co/tSd1AG7jch
11 Sep, 10:40 AM UTC
Nomination de l’@Ircantec au sein du groupe 2019 de leader🏅des @PRI_News !!! Ce groupe distingue les meilleurs #investisseursinstitutionnels en matière de sélection, nomination et suivi des gérants actions et capital-investissement📈. #PRIinPerson #ISR @Ircantec's media on #PRIinPerson">https://t.co/hg1qMRIqSA
11 Sep, 09:01 AM UTC
Theo Maret
Powerful speech by Aliénor Martin-Péridier from @ReveilEcolo to open the 2nd day of #PRIinPerson ! The wake-up call for the environment is gaining political momentum, gathering students in France and all over Europe that pledge to work for environmentally responsible companies. https://t.co/7pnApyBUIF
11 Sep, 07:22 AM UTC
Duncan Smith
.@PRI_News Director of Climate Sagarika Chatterjee and expert speakers discuss The Inevitable Policy Response: preparing financial markets for climate-related policy and regulatory risks at #PRIinPerson https://t.co/ceZqHWfqiO
11 Sep, 09:50 AM UTC
Will Goodhart
Asks @hiromichimizuno @PRI_News #PriInPerson If it’s not acceptable for executives just to focus on shareholder returns, why is it ok for investment managers just to focus on financial returns? 30% of GPIF passive & 10% active managers’ performance measured against stewardship https://t.co/DHvISxujhO
11 Sep, 10:44 AM UTC
Melissa Ginsburg
Supporting a move to renewables just makes sense - for policymakers, for investors and for corporates. @KingsmillBond from @CarbonBubble at #PRIinPerson #InevitablePolicyResponse https://t.co/WIirmAllll
11 Sep, 10:18 AM UTC
Will Martindale
Wall-to-wall attendance for the #PRIinPerson session on active ownership 2.0. The clear theme is “outcomes matter”. https://t.co/bXtMwdkKwq
11 Sep, 10:26 AM UTC
OFI Asset Management
#PRIinPerson day 2. Come and meet us on stand #7 for knowing our SRI Expertise https://t.co/FiwT0UtxmX
11 Sep, 06:36 AM UTC
Mark Kolmar
"Banking is absolutely about money, but it's also about people." The role of finance in human rights at #PRIinPerson with @oecd @amnesty @NorgesBank @ABNAMRO @PRI_News  https://t.co/ZNCqqPtA7O @mpkolmar's photo on #PRIinPerson
11 Sep, 10:19 AM UTC
Chris Fox
We forecast coal will be phased out worldwide quite quickly - other key policies include zero carbon power, energy efficiency, bans on internal combustion engines, carbon pricing, land use-based GHG removal etc. - ⁦@VividEconomics⁩ at #InevitablePolicyResponse #PRIinPerson https://t.co/AxBWa84Dsg
11 Sep, 10:26 AM UTC
Kicking off #PRIinPerson Day 2 with a plenary session discussing the transition to a #netzero emissions #economy. @PRI_News's photo on #PRIinPerson
11 Sep, 07:07 AM UTC
Henrik Jeppesen
The majority of investors already expect that politicians will react to the #ClimateCrisis with a forceful policy response ... but are they preparing for this? Read and prepare by following #InevitablePolicyResponse #PRIinPerson @CarbonBubble #ESG https://t.co/PpKuPxpzdN
11 Sep, 10:47 AM UTC
camilla seth
Mark Fulton from ETA calls for more sell side research on likely climate policy and its impacts on the market. #InevitablePolicyResponse #PRIinPerson https://t.co/uQiRBYXRHV
11 Sep, 10:54 AM UTC
Victoria Lidén
European Investment Bank aligning lending activities with the #ParisAgreement by 2020, and moving away from fossil-fuel financing. ”Incredibly necessary, but bloody difficult” says Hoyer, EIB president, at #PRIinPerson #europeanleadership
11 Sep, 11:00 AM UTC
Carbon Tracker
.@KingsmillBond explains why current #renewable energy trends are a driver for The #InevitablePolicyResponse https://t.co/LOCEqWq6eB via @PRI_News #PRIinPerson #Gigafall @CarbonBubble's photo on #PRIinPerson
11 Sep, 10:45 AM UTC
Fabrizio Ferraro
@hiromichimizuno, CIO GPIF (one of largest pension funds in the world), board member PRI, "Corporate Governance without purpose is useless" - > active ownership should leverage governance towards crucial E & S goals! @gpiftweets @PRI_News #ESG #PRIinPerson #climatechange https://t.co/Lwrd5K85Tq
11 Sep, 10:40 AM UTC
Matt Crossman
Enjoying a business and human rights refresher hosted by @BettinaReinboth @PRI_News Investors *do* have a super power - their votes. Don’t wait for specific proposals, make the Annual Report a vote on human rights disclosure! #PRIinPerson https://t.co/72UzlygKAC
11 Sep, 10:41 AM UTC
Kristofer Dreiman
Climate policy forecasts and effects. Very useful slide! What about oil, will we see a peak coming 5 years? #InevitablePolicyResponse #PRIinPerson https://t.co/m25VR5VUmi
11 Sep, 10:30 AM UTC
Chris Fox
Investors are joining forces to press governments to limit warming to 1.5°C via #TheInvestorAgenda https://t.co/SOSuRuLQuR led by ⁦@AIGCC_update⁩ ⁦@CDP⁩ ⁦@CeresNews⁩ ⁦@IGCC_Update⁩ ⁦@IIGCCnews⁩ ⁦@PRI_News⁩ ⁦@UNEP_FI⁩ #PRIinPerson https://t.co/qbaQEUVna0
11 Sep, 10:33 AM UTC

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