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Laura Kuenssberg Translator
BREAKING: Prime minister who skipped five Cobra meetings during a national crisis is extremely angry that rail workers have missed three shifts #PMQs
22 Jun, 12:24 PM UTC
Володимир Зеленський
Had the first conversation with 🇸🇮 Prime Minister Robert Golob. Congratulated him on the recent appointment as Head of @govSlovenia. Expressed gratitude for the readiness to support granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for accession to the #EU.
22 Jun, 08:26 PM UTC
Alan MacLeod
Belgium had the first Prime Minister of an independent DRC killed, dumped his body in acid and kepy his tooth for 60 years. If you're playing along at home, the answer is A): Imperialism. https://t.co/5lygUAa5fn
22 Jun, 01:26 PM UTC
John Pilger
The day Home Secretary Priti Patel ordered Julian #Assange's extradition, guards at Belmarsh prison stripped him and threw him into a completely empty cell, Julian's father has revealed. Consider this barbarity, Prime Minister Albanese, while you maintain a craven silence.
22 Jun, 09:53 PM UTC
Peter Stefanovic
Todays #PMQs round up How long are we going to let the Prime Minister get away with this breathtaking level of bull****? Watch in disbelief @PeterStefanovi2's photo on Prime Minister
22 Jun, 01:34 PM UTC
African Hub
Belgium had the first Prime Minister of the independent Democratic Republic of the Congo killed. Dumped his body in acid and kept his tooth as a trophy for 60 years. https://t.co/nyfahNkio3
22 Jun, 05:01 PM UTC
Mahmodul Hassan
"Northeast India will be engine of India's growth in 21st century" -- this is what India's Prime Minister said in Feb this year. But now with the deadly landslides and flood havoc killing at least 130 people in NE region, there is sheer silence among the "leaders". #Thread @mhassanism's photo on Prime Minister
22 Jun, 06:08 PM UTC
Kris Eriksen 🇨🇦
There has never been a Prime Minister in our Country that is more worthy of arrest and to be made an example of than Trudeau.
22 Jun, 04:11 PM UTC
Presidency | Rwanda
President Kagame received the Rt. Hon @BorisJohnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who is in Kigali for #CHOGM2022. The two leaders held talks on existing partnerships between Rwanda and the UK including the recent Migration and Economic Development Partnership. https://t.co/ZiduRmRvpF
23 Jun, 08:48 AM UTC
Omar Daair
Delighted to welcome 🇬🇧 Prime Minister and Mrs Johnson to #Rwanda 🇷🇼 for #CHOGM2022! 📸 @SesongaJr @omardaair's photo on Prime Minister
23 Jun, 06:35 AM UTC
#WATCH | Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets NDA's Presidential candidate Droupadi Murmu. She will file her nomination tomorrow, June 24th. (Source: PMO) @ANI's photo on Prime Minister
23 Jun, 09:13 AM UTC
Balka Suman
We need a Prime Minister.. to serve public.. not to work for publicity #ByeByeModi #ModiFailedIndia @balkasumantrs's photo on Prime Minister
23 Jun, 06:32 AM UTC
Daniel Lutaaya
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrives in Kigali for #CHOGM22 @DanielLutaaya's photo on Prime Minister
23 Jun, 07:36 AM UTC
Did you ever see or hear a Prime Minister threaten a State Government that MLA's are in touch with him ? ? #BYEBYEMODI @KTRTRS @AUThackeray @SaketGokhale @krishanKTRS's photo on Prime Minister
23 Jun, 05:28 AM UTC
James Mitchinson
...such is the mettle and character of honest working people that they will give their all if those who lead them do the same. But the moment the Prime Minister partied whilst people perished, then lied about it as his staff laughed about it, the line snapped...
22 Jun, 03:24 PM UTC
Lithuanian Government 🇱🇹
Statement of the Prime Minister of 🇱🇹 Lithuania @IngridaSimonyte regarding the #Kaliningrad transit. @LithuanianGovt's photo on Prime Minister
22 Jun, 02:35 PM UTC
Marcus Carslaw
The Prime Minister just said taxes are higher in Scotland than the rUK at #PMQs. This has been disproven time and time again. https://t.co/L32DdPvtYZ
22 Jun, 11:19 AM UTC
Tim Byrne
Whenever a conservative laments that 'People don't want to work.' I remind them that I already know, because Scott Morrison didn't want to work for his entire tenure as Prime Minister.
23 Jun, 03:47 AM UTC
Kanchan Gupta 🇮🇳
Prime Minister @narendramodi met Smt Droupadi Murmu on Thursday in Delhi. Smt Murmu's Presidential nomination has been lauded and welcomed across #India As PM Modi said: "Her understanding of grassroots problems and vision for India’s development is outstanding." @KanchanGupta's photo on Prime Minister
23 Jun, 10:02 AM UTC
Main Street
I voted Labor because I believed Anthony Albanese would be a very good prime minister. And now, from everything I've seen since election night, I'd say he has the potential to be a great prime minister. #thedrum #abc730 #auspol
23 Jun, 09:14 AM UTC
Errabelli DayakarRao
All thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the nation today is drowned in inflation with your so-called ‘Masterstroke’ Demonetisation. We will never forget the havoc created because of your inability in executing your own decision. It's time you step down! #ByeByeModi @DayakarRao2019's photo on Prime Minister
23 Jun, 06:55 AM UTC
Being Prime Minister u don't deserve to travel on our roads #ByeByeModi https://t.co/yNoPl0v26j
23 Jun, 06:31 AM UTC
Moz (Mostafa Azimitabar)
After eight years of detention and a long journey, tonight I finally met the new Australian Prime Minister, @AlboMP, face to face. I really hope that he chooses to give me and my friends permanent safety and security in this beautiful country that has become home. https://t.co/K8A511FoDj
23 Jun, 10:38 AM UTC
Pakistani Bot
Arshad Sharif has paid homage to being a Pakistani patriot. The world knows PM of Pakistan Imran Khan is the name of honesty. A person who forbade the Cabinet or the staff of the Prime Minister's House to do so even if half a bottle of water was lost. #باجوہ_ملک_کا_غدار_ھے https://t.co/BOVgEcFqN4
22 Jun, 10:04 PM UTC
Justin Ling
Just to give you a sense of Marazzo's whole deal, here's some social media posts. As I've said a bunch before: I don't think everyone who supported the convoy/"freedom" movement wants to try the Prime Minister for treason. But a lot do! https://t.co/5IVCYA0DcV
23 Jun, 12:32 AM UTC
Rwanda Airports Company
ARRIVAL: The British🇬🇧 Prime Minister, Hon. @BorisJohnson and his wife Mrs Carrie Symonds Johnson landed at the Kigali International Airport this Thursday morning to attend #CHOGM2022 Welcome to Rwanda 🇷🇼 https://t.co/xnehLfCAzB
23 Jun, 06:56 AM UTC
Israel moved closer on Wednesday to its fifth election in less than four years after lawmakers gave an initial nod to dissolve parliament, with a comeback by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu already dominating the campaign. https://t.co/gIGVbMEyEg
22 Jun, 11:50 AM UTC
1/2 I’m personally crushing the Feds Do you remember that 2019 election promise to plant 2 billion trees – which the Prime Minister repeated very publicly to Greta Thunberg? So far ZERO trees have been planted while $2,099,901 has been spent on staff salaries, $743,362 for..
22 Jun, 01:04 PM UTC
Adam Bienkov
Boris Johnson’s spokesman repeatedly refuses to say whether the prime minister believes that Brexit has increased or reduced the trade barriers faced by the UK.
23 Jun, 10:54 AM UTC
The Associated Press
#TheAPInterview: Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas says the West should not underestimate Russia's military capabilities in Ukraine. Kallas said President Vladimir Putin's forces are in it for the long haul as the war enters its fifth month. https://t.co/sAs5BKUxUK
23 Jun, 07:44 AM UTC