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Trending Worldwide


Niall Horan
' Too much to ask ' video is out in 2 hours .
21 Sep, 01:56 PM UTC

IPR de 4

Joaquín López-Dóriga
#URGE Necesitan 10 barras IPR 4 pulgadas, una barra de punto de apoyo para apoyar la estructura, garruchas, cadenas, polipastos y arguero
21 Sep, 04:52 AM UTC


クルーズ選手からのメッセージです。 #RakutenEagles #FuerzaMexico
21 Sep, 10:56 AM UTC


رشيد Rasheed
البطل خالد السويدي ينقذ طفلاً من الموت المحقق في مجمع لولو بمدينة حائل . لاحظوا خمّته له وكانه ابنه ❤️… https://t.co/ECZpyBnVru
21 Sep, 05:26 PM UTC


Álvarez del Villar
Paren con sus teorías y "Cajas Chinas" razonen y no se dejen llevar por su odio a #Televisa #Rebsamen #FridaSofiahttps://t.co/Ts6julxvTo
21 Sep, 02:37 PM UTC

Nevşin Mengü

Uğur Dündar
Değerli haberci Nevşin Mengü sağlam kişiliğine uygun davranışla CNN Türk'ten istifa etti. Böylece meslek siciline o… https://t.co/Z89T2UlGtm
21 Sep, 11:47 AM UTC


Christopher Ingraham
My God: fertility rates in Flint, MI before and after the city switched to lead-poisoned Flint River water… https://t.co/bbzn1yNote
21 Sep, 02:34 PM UTC

Top Trends in USA


If a dentist makes money off people with bad teeth, why would I use toothpaste that 4 out of 5 dentists recommend? https://t.co/OwvNT876u3
21 Sep, 12:34 PM UTC


Kermit the Frog
Whew! Glad to hear it. Now I don't feel so bad about not getting that @chrissyteigen tattoo. https://t.co/GGw5qFsxDG
21 Sep, 08:11 PM UTC

Executive Order

Donald J. Trump
Today, I announced a new Executive Order with re: to North Korea. We must all do our part to ensure the complete de… https://t.co/cPAHwPXUmA
21 Sep, 05:58 PM UTC

Piers Morgan

fagdad elijah daniel
Should piers morgan eat a fuckin dick? New column posting very soon. https://t.co/nEwKIM49iJ
21 Sep, 07:24 PM UTC


Ramiro Funes Mori
Soy normal pero River me vuelve loco!!! VAMOS RIVER🐔🐔🐔Que locura!!!
22 Sep, 12:19 AM UTC

Bill Murray

Chris Murphy
This is a lie. A horrible knowing fabrication. The bill is intentionally constructed to force states to drop this p… https://t.co/GebUUL2W8U
21 Sep, 03:56 AM UTC

Brian Kilmeade

Yashar Ali 🐘
Kimmel tears apart Fox & Friends host Brian @kilmeade calling him "a phony creep" for attacking him on air and suck… https://t.co/YeaEn4IKWD
21 Sep, 03:59 AM UTC


Sebastián Driussi
Vamos la puta madre👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚪️❤️⚪️
21 Sep, 10:42 PM UTC


Embajada Suiza
🇲🇽acepta el grupo de ings. de🇨🇭que apoyará en la detección de daños en edificios. Se están definiendo detalles. Esperamos su pronta llegada.
21 Sep, 03:56 AM UTC

Top Trends in Japan


今回は20代後半の子供心をメガ進化させる神回でしたね #anipoke https://t.co/0I5hfOAqWv
21 Sep, 10:24 AM UTC


伊波 杏樹
本日は東京ゲームショウ2017 ビジネスDAY ブシロードブースにて 「スクフェス新情報発表会」の 司会進行役を 務めさせていただきました。 色々な発表をお届け出来て、 こんなにも素敵な時間を過ごせて、 本当に奇跡のような瞬間でし… https://t.co/WiVbhHnPnL
21 Sep, 09:18 AM UTC


ラブライブ!スクールアイドルフェスティバル新情報発表会、無事終了しました。視聴いただいた皆さま、どうもありがとうございました! 今後ともスクフェス、そしてラブライブ!シリーズへの応援をよろしくお願いします! #ラブライブ発表会https://t.co/6YXQhG36yk
21 Sep, 06:14 AM UTC


21 Sep, 06:22 AM UTC


星野源 official
9/28にNHK「SONGSスペシャル 星野源」の放送決定!ナビゲーターとして #おげんさん が登場し、星野源 Live Tour『Continues』さいたまスーパーアリーナ公演より厳選されたライブ映像を放送します! #SONGS https://t.co/dGn48tulgO
21 Sep, 02:15 PM UTC


when u finally meet ur soulmate and the world just out here ending and shit
21 Sep, 03:54 AM UTC


このあと23:00〜放送の日本テレビ系「NEWS ZERO」ZEROカルチャーでは、白石麻衣の特集が放送される予定です。 みなさま、ぜひご覧ください! ※生放送番組の為、変更になる場合がございます。
21 Sep, 12:24 PM UTC


ラブライブ!μ’s Solo Live! collection Memorial BOX ⅡI発売決定! 3月28日発売、CD27枚組、税抜¥32,000です。 メンバーソロ盤もございます!LANキサラ https://t.co/DfnS91zVh5 #lovelive
21 Sep, 04:00 AM UTC

Top Technology Tweets

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that wanting to conserve the environment would be one of the things “Conservatives” do.
21 Sep, 12:52 PM UTC
Tim Cook
Mientras hay vida, hay esperanza. Mexico’s resilience is its strength. Apple is contributing $1M to recovery efforts. #FuerzaMexico 🇲🇽
21 Sep, 08:50 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
The FBI says as many as 39 states had their voting systems scanned or targeted by Russia. https://t.co/YG7EuCRhrB
21 Sep, 02:27 PM UTC
Bill Gates
.@BarackObama knows a thing or two about inspiring young people. We loved talking to him about how to empower other… https://t.co/KQeqMqkMoI
21 Sep, 07:31 PM UTC
.@Camila_Cabello is taking us on tour in her new mini-doc. Episode 1 is out now 🦋 —> https://t.co/qxXTdqFsZv
21 Sep, 09:30 PM UTC
Neil deGrasse Tyson
The @NatlParkService, a great conservation act of Congress, was championed by conservative Republican Teddy Roosevelt.
21 Sep, 01:14 PM UTC
Paul Wesley
Innovative technology & Green living come together with the new @Cadillac CT6 PLUG-IN. Check out my LA journey: https://t.co/XYYNbwFFd0
21 Sep, 04:30 AM UTC
BBC News (UK)
"It's not rocket science." How Rihanna's make-up range is causing a stir in the industry 👧🏻👧🏼👧🏽👧🏾👧🏿
21 Sep, 09:45 AM UTC
Brian Cox
I consider this an experiment. If we're still here on 24th, we can conclude that all doomsday prophesy is bollocks https://t.co/7FA3kEZRbM
21 Sep, 07:03 AM UTC

Top Business Tweets

Media Matters
Fox News: Jimmy Kimmel isn't qualified to talk politics Also Fox News:
21 Sep, 06:43 PM UTC
Paul Krugman
Think about what it means that Jimmy Kimmel has evidently done more homework on health than any Republican senator over the past 8 years
21 Sep, 05:20 PM UTC
Ryan Hoover
Life update… I’m eager to announce Weekend Fund, a $3M venture fund to invest in early stage startups. ☀️ https://t.co/GZVR3eKDKK
21 Sep, 01:35 PM UTC
Mark Zuckerberg: "I don't want anyone to use our tools to undermine our democracy" https://t.co/CSSVXRyDKW
21 Sep, 07:41 PM UTC
Paul Krugman
Ah, memories -- when I wasn't allowed to use the L word about Bush, and was called "shrill" bc I accused Rs of lying https://t.co/SK6TplZzOD
21 Sep, 03:05 PM UTC
.@SenJohnMcCain: “Nothing has changed. If McConnell wants to put it on the floor, that’s up to McConnell”… https://t.co/3XCEPOE1gD
21 Sep, 03:00 AM UTC
Amy Siskind
Breaching the SEC: this is a huge deal - undermines our markets! https://t.co/DnsSznTyL1
21 Sep, 02:43 AM UTC
Justin Grome
stop reconnecting with toxic people from your past because you're lonely. focus on getting better and attracting better
21 Sep, 08:09 PM UTC
.@jimmykimmel, not @BillCassidy, is right on health care, analysts say https://t.co/gTxLLluC9v
22 Sep, 12:31 AM UTC

Top Culture Tweets

The Carribean, Mexico, Texas and Florida have taken some awful hits in the last few weeks! We must all do what we can to help!
21 Sep, 01:35 PM UTC
christine teigen
move over, hamilton! there's a new show in town. I laughed, cried. 2 thumbs up. would see again. https://t.co/Oslu3bwIUw
21 Sep, 04:09 AM UTC
【グランブルーファンタジー】TVアニメ「カードキャプターさくら」とのコラボイベント登場キャラクターを先行して紹介! 今回は作品の主人公「木之本 桜」です!元気がとりえの魅力的なキャラクターです!「さくらちゃん」の活躍にご期待くださ… https://t.co/jRhi5Xnm5i
21 Sep, 08:32 AM UTC
christine teigen
if u have 6 BROWN bananas in the LA area, I will send my assistant to your home with a signed cookbook, John's underwear and a Becca palette
21 Sep, 05:51 PM UTC
Sending my love and prayers to everyone affected!!
21 Sep, 01:36 PM UTC
Ariana Grande
Thank you Dangerous Woman Tour
21 Sep, 02:31 PM UTC

Top Sports Tweets

Chelsea FC
Chelsea Football Club has today agreed terms with Atletico Madrid for the transfer of Diego Costa...… https://t.co/pk2cVg8B9k
21 Sep, 01:42 PM UTC
Ana Navarro
President (charlatan) Donald Trump, is a narcissist who cares about himself and his golf (courses), he lies- just w… https://t.co/juS8UiMeR7
21 Sep, 02:38 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
16-year-old U18 Europe Cup MVP Tóth Ørsølya is just saucing everyone 😳 (via @FIBA3x3)
21 Sep, 04:16 PM UTC
This Just In: Test shows that Aaron Hernandez had advanced stages of CTE. https://t.co/J09jpVvRO4
21 Sep, 08:29 PM UTC
Breaking: Undefeated world champion Andre Ward announces that he is retiring from boxing.
21 Sep, 03:05 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
Tell em, Dame.
21 Sep, 10:33 PM UTC
Looks like the new-look Cavs are ready to get the season started 👀 (Via @cavs)
21 Sep, 05:47 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
The ultimate bank shot 👏 (via gm__golf/Instagram)
21 Sep, 05:17 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
Lonzo Ball and Big Baller Brand unveil redesigned ZO2 Prime https://t.co/v7Hm85X5LC https://t.co/jh3lL4uaxl
21 Sep, 04:48 PM UTC
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