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Nina Garcia
Being honest with you... I would have sent home two designers today. #projectrunway
24 May, 02:12 AM UTC
Christian Siriano
Our beautiful store looks amazing tonight on #ProjectRunway, its on now! Shop our collection on https://t.co/ZfvbZbPFKH 🌸💕🌸💕 Christian Siriano's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 01:21 AM UTC
Karlie Kloss
How badass are all of these women! Their jobs are under appreciated, they keep the our city running everyday 🙏 I’m so proud of this challenge - these dream dresses are a tiny, tiny token of our appreciation! #ProjectRunway
24 May, 01:06 AM UTC
Christian Siriano
Tonight the designers get to see what years of hard work and dressing all types of people will get you! #projectrunway @BravoTV Christian Siriano's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 01:15 AM UTC
Karlie Kloss
Tonight's episode of #ProjectRunway is all about dream dresses. I think you can guess my personal favorite dream dress... 💭 Karlie Kloss's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 01:02 AM UTC
Sporadically Rude
Tessa cant dress a curvy woman. Tessa wont design in color Tessa wont finish a hem #ProjectRunway Sporadically Rude's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 02:20 AM UTC
Karlie Kloss
Which designer would you want to design your dream dress and what would you ask for? 🤔 👗 #ProjectRunway
24 May, 01:15 AM UTC
Karlie Kloss
So full circle to have an episode shot in @CSiriano atelier! It’s pretty obvious how much he loves going to work everyday 😊 #ProjectRunway #ProjectRunwayAlum
24 May, 01:04 AM UTC
Nina Garcia
“Pink is my favorite color”... and I only see black. #projectrunway @BravoTV @Brandonmaxwell are you seeing the same? Nina Garcia's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 02:07 AM UTC
Karlie Kloss
Custom work is hard, the balance of maintaining your aesthetic with what the client wants is tough 😅#ProjectRunway
24 May, 01:12 AM UTC
Karlie Kloss
All these women are beautiful and worked the runway, but you can definitely who likes their look and who LOVES their look #ProjectRunway
24 May, 01:59 AM UTC
Leslie Jones 🦋
Ok my asst gonna kill me but I can’t help it!! I’m tired of them overlooking Sebastian!! @BravoTV @CSiriano #ProjectRunway Leslie Jones 🦋's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 07:07 AM UTC
#ProjectRunway I think that next season they should require all of the designers to prove before they are accepted for the show that they can design for a plus size woman. Women have curves and they want to feel beautiful no matter what they weigh. It can be done. What I saw on
24 May, 02:21 AM UTC
Leslie Jones 🦋
Ugh I’m suppose to be resting!! @BravoTV @CSiriano #ProjectRunway #imsoovertessa Leslie Jones 🦋's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 07:00 AM UTC
Nina Garcia
T.O.N.I.G.H.T! It's our #ProjectRunway Top 6! The grand finale is getting closer and closer... 9pm EST Nina Garcia's photo on #ProjectRunway
23 May, 10:00 PM UTC
Leslie Jones 🦋
Ugh I’m suppose to be resting!! @BravoTV @CSiriano #ProjectRunway #imsoovertessa Leslie Jones 🦋's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 06:57 AM UTC
Nina Garcia
Let’s do this!!!! Runway time @BravoTV #ProjectRunway Nina Garcia's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 01:56 AM UTC
Karlie Kloss Update
📱 | IG • Karlie Kloss via bobscott200: Only six designers left on this season on the new #projectrunway 👀 who are you rooting for?! https://t.co/BGGU3ulqog
23 May, 05:49 PM UTC
Ben Maller
-- ON AIR -- #WeTheNorth #FearTheDeer reaction, the #WikiLeaks audio coverup on this #ProjectRunway edition of Ben Maller Show, from now till 6am ET, you can blow it out your ear! LISTEN: https://t.co/KPqjZ7CZyI
24 May, 06:00 AM UTC
With less and less designers, Tessa's lack of skill will become more and more apparent. Then what excuse can she make? #projectrunway DoBDoBDo's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 02:31 AM UTC
Tina Marie
I knew Jamal would be out, but Tessa? @GrindAndGlaze Miss Thing, you do NOT deserve to stay on #ProjectRunway Your designs are boring, colorless, and unfinished. Hem tape is NOT a finished hem by the way. And STOP making excuses for your designs, OWN your mistakes! Tina Marie's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 02:29 AM UTC
I need to know if Sebastian’s client got engaged and wore that beautiful dress to her party💃🏻 #ProjectRunway
24 May, 05:52 AM UTC
Sara Henson, ATC
I’m really miss seeing the beautiful and inspirational @LirisC & @JazzmineCarthon on @ProjectRunway! #ProjectRunway #CurvyModels
24 May, 02:22 AM UTC
Nikki LW
Finally Sebastian gets the win! Hearing his story at the beginning of the episode made me 1) love him more 2) think he's getting cut so I'm happy he finally won! #ProjectRunway
24 May, 06:54 AM UTC
superficial space cadet
My fave #ProjectRunway Season 17, Episode 11 look: superficial space cadet's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 06:26 AM UTC
Kay Veezy
It's been past time for Jamall to go home. #ProjectRunway
24 May, 02:22 AM UTC
Tessa literally fat shames plus sized models, doesn’t finish hems, doesn’t listen to her clients, can’t take an OUNCE of constructive criticism and STILL you keep her dumb ass. Canceled. #ProjectRunway
24 May, 08:25 AM UTC
WATCH: #ProjectRunway season 17 episode 10 'What Do You Care About?' [full ep] https://t.co/H2HJSHdxaS via @zamzhinga
24 May, 05:56 AM UTC
Del Shores
@EsmereldaG1214 I'm so excited that @iamcardib is on #ProjectRunway next week! Be ready for the truth, Tessa!
24 May, 06:36 AM UTC
We’re Still Watching
I love all the guys on #ProjectRunway but the girls, sorry 🙄 can’t.
24 May, 06:10 AM UTC
I love you 3000 ‎⎊ ⧗
I like Bishme hahaha #ProjectRunway
24 May, 08:19 AM UTC
@TheywatchTV As much as I hoped that they would send Tessa home I already knew that they were going to send Jamal out instead. At this point I'm thinking that the judges better not put her in the top four. Hell, she shouldn't even be this close to the top four. #ProjectRunway
24 May, 07:42 AM UTC
Tessa should have left tonight. Quite honestly she should have been gone weeks ago. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #ProjectRunway
24 May, 07:13 AM UTC
Oh for Christ’s sake, stop with the incessant whining about being asked to design something different from your aesthetic. That’s why they’re called “challenges”... They’re not called “yet another episode where again I make the same shit that I’ve always made” #ProjectRunway
24 May, 06:52 AM UTC
We’re Still Watching
Jamal’s dress is a hot mess but SEND TESSA HOME! #ProjectRunway
24 May, 06:43 AM UTC
Brick Lesnar
Who do you hate more from #ProjectRunway? Tessa or those obnoxious twins from season 16?
24 May, 06:31 AM UTC
We’re Still Watching
This is a pretty obvious top 3 and bottom 3! #ProjectRunway
24 May, 06:27 AM UTC
Sebastian & Bishme are my top 2. Tessa can go any day now. #ProjectRunway
24 May, 06:22 AM UTC
i am kim
Ughhh Tessa needs to be ✌🏼 the F out #ProjectRunway
24 May, 06:09 AM UTC
Lily Mansfield
Wrong choice on the eliminated designer. The one leaving at listened to the client and tried to fit the brief. The other? Steamrolled the client and ignored the brief. #ProjectRunway
24 May, 06:09 AM UTC
I love you 3000 ‎⎊ ⧗
SEND 🗣 TESSA 🗣 HOME 🗣 #ProjectRunway
24 May, 09:09 AM UTC
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24 May, 08:32 AM UTC
Reeca Banks
#ProjectRunway IS BULLSHIT ‼️ That’s So Fuckedddd Up
24 May, 08:31 AM UTC
WORD, Leslie! #WeHaveAWinner #ProjectRunway #Bravo https://t.co/O3tztqL6Mr
24 May, 08:12 AM UTC
@Lesdoggg @BravoTV @CSiriano WORD! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #ProjectRunway #Bravo
24 May, 08:11 AM UTC
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24 May, 08:08 AM UTC
@Lesdoggg @BravoTV @CSiriano I could not agree more! I am sure that they keep her for the drama, but she is not winning with that attitude, poor design skills, & lack of humility! #BYETessa #ProjectRunway #Bravo
24 May, 08:07 AM UTC
Felicia 🦋👠💄
Tessa needed to go! Ole lyin’ liar! #ProjectRunway Felicia 🦋👠💄's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 08:03 AM UTC
i mean other size woman. at least jamal! #projectrunway
24 May, 08:01 AM UTC
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24 May, 08:00 AM UTC
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24 May, 07:58 AM UTC
Ronj ♡
I really want Sebastian to win this season. #ProjectRunway
24 May, 07:57 AM UTC
OMG WHYYYYYY #ProjectRunway #FuckTessa
24 May, 07:55 AM UTC
This episode of #ProjectRunway brings me back to life growing up in Jamaica. Lots of our clothing was custom made and self designed and we took it sooo for granted at the time.
24 May, 07:42 AM UTC
@thedanieb I’m in love with the jumpsuit you were wearing on #ProjectRunway tonight. You look amazing in it!
24 May, 07:42 AM UTC
So over Tessa. I think Nina got it right when she was questioning if Tessa's problem was lack of passion. I see no passion in her at all. Just 'my way or the highway' attitude. #ProjectRunway
24 May, 07:39 AM UTC
this is silly. let's get serious. a president calls it the "I" word Impeachment is the I word?? #areyoufuckingkiddingme? Assange #ProjectRunway #UnlikelyReasonsToMoveOut Herring? #StableGenius 88Weighted's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 03:29 AM UTC
@Brockandbrack I really dislike Tessa but hands down I still hate those twins way more. Simply because there were two of them and they were both annoying AF. As much as I don't like Tessa she's not even half as annoying as just one of them. #ProjectRunway
24 May, 07:30 AM UTC
#ProjectRunway Garo & Sebastian's garments And models looked lovely. Tessa, I dislike her attitude. She's not a grand fashion designer in the top tier. She could be but she needs an open mind. Oh, finish your seams properly, please.
24 May, 07:12 AM UTC
#ProjectRunway Nobody cares.. if they do, they are disconnected. #WWG1WGA The populist movement is world-wide. NO 1 WORLD GOVERNMENT--even ancient text such as the Bible condemn it! You want the Dpt of Motor Vehicles running the world? IMAGINE THAT! flyboi1217's photo on #ProjectRunway
24 May, 06:45 AM UTC
Wow. #DesignerTessa is BLATANTLY lying to the judges about what her client asked for. She should absolutely be ashamed of herself. I can't believe her attitude. #ProjectRunway
24 May, 06:37 AM UTC
.WATCH: #ProjectRunway season 17 episode 10 'What Do You Care About?' [full ep] https://t.co/H2HJSHdxaS via @zamzhinga
24 May, 06:34 AM UTC
superficial space cadet
After eleven episodes, the current Top 3 of season 17, based on my scoring system, are: 1. Sebastian 2. Hester 3. Bishme #ProjectRunway⁠ ⁠
24 May, 06:25 AM UTC
#ProjectRunway Tessa flat out lied 🤥
24 May, 06:21 AM UTC
Tessa really finessed her way into TOP 5 😒 #ProjectRunway
24 May, 06:15 AM UTC