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Demise | Seagull Joe
The responses to this irk me. The smash community exiled Hyuga for the same thing. I didn't want to have to post this, but I just couldn't sit idly by and see all the comments in this thread.
13 Aug, 05:52 AM UTC
Chowder 🔜 Switchfest
Why is everyone in this thread addressing the fact that he's getting rehab and commending him for it He's a rapist you fucking idiots stop congratulating him for something expected of criminals jesus christ
13 Aug, 05:33 AM UTC
Squerk @longest house in norfolk
@Promaelia are you just gonna leave out when i got drunk at 16 and you took advantage of me? :/
13 Aug, 09:43 AM UTC
@Promaelia Makes the Cinnpie Puppeh thing seem more plausible now... Promaelia denied this tweet when it came out 🤷🏼‍♂️
13 Aug, 05:08 AM UTC
@Promaelia disgusting, its ok that you're bettering yourself but don't come back ever
13 Aug, 06:52 AM UTC
@Promaelia The word you’re looking for is rape
13 Aug, 06:06 AM UTC
Poyo aka Exdia Jr.
Promaelia literally did what Hyuga did TWICE. IDGAF if he's a "nice guy". Hyuga was too. He's gotta face consequences.
13 Aug, 05:40 AM UTC
elise misses BTS
@Promaelia What the absolute fuck do they need to recover from? You don’t “recover” from being an assaulter
13 Aug, 09:22 AM UTC
Immortal @ Smash Con
If Promelia is allowed to attend,and Hyuga is still banned, we have a problem. Both should be gone for good. I believe in second chances, but their second chance is not being in jail right now.
13 Aug, 06:43 AM UTC
Demise | Seagull Joe
@excaligger @Mata__Door The responses to him are truly blowing my mind. Based on that twitlong, Hyuga basically did the same thing that Promaelia is talking about, but he's been exiled from everything forever besides Mexico.
13 Aug, 05:32 AM UTC
WC | Kazoo🔜ur mom's house haha
@O773R Zack just manipulated brackets Promaelia RAPED 2 PEOPLE
13 Aug, 06:27 AM UTC
AceStar 🏳️‍🌈🌟
@Promaelia Well actually, my initial reply was maybe a bit too nice, considering what I've just learned about the situation. What you did was pretty shit, especially knowing how kind you can be. Still... I still hope you do learn from this and you're able to make amends somehow.
13 Aug, 11:20 AM UTC
@Promaelia Very disappointing and disgusting. No excuse for it really. Be better than this.
13 Aug, 12:04 PM UTC
y'all really out here treating Promaelia like Brock Turner the "talented swimmer with a full life ahead of him who made a dumb mistake" instead of treating Promaelia the rapist like Brock Turner the textbook definition of rapist
13 Aug, 10:34 AM UTC
[GF] Beans
@Promaelia You should use your tourney winnings from the last year to fund the therapy fees of people who you assaulted jfc
13 Aug, 09:14 AM UTC
The Streamer Currently Known As Boss Breezy
@Promaelia Please ban yourself from the community so your victims don't have to go thru the trauma of having you banned
13 Aug, 11:24 AM UTC
Ji-Min No
Smash community is fucked. Those who defend promaelia reveal to me who they truly are
13 Aug, 11:58 AM UTC
@DnnrPants @dyrSSB @SeagullSSB Ehhh I disagree. I def think promaelia should be banned for at least a year, but hyuga and the victim involved (from what I've heard) are on alright terms now. Hes learnt his lesson and has been banned for like 2 or 3 years now? I think I Hyuga deserves a chance.
13 Aug, 06:59 AM UTC
@SomeBruDee @AbatWolf @Gunbatsuu @EddieDELTARUNE @pleasekill323 @T_L_D_1994 @Promaelia That's what I mean. Playing smash competitively is a privilege, and he lost it. Getting off easy
13 Aug, 11:40 AM UTC
Justin Dickover
@AbatWolf @Gunbatsuu @towa_mtl @EddieDELTARUNE @pleasekill323 @T_L_D_1994 @Promaelia Lmao no dude he should have went to jail. Still should go there. Good for him for trying to be better but that doesn't forgive nor excuse what he chose to do not 1 time but twice. Rape is not a minor issue. People like that should not at the very least attend tournaments.
13 Aug, 11:28 AM UTC
@AceStarThe3rd @Promaelia You need to read more into this dude. There are multiple accusers beyond the two incidents pro mentioned
13 Aug, 11:09 AM UTC
Not that it deserves any sort of commendation, because it's a horrible thing that he did, this is the kind of response that should be expected of men guilty of sexual assault
13 Aug, 10:49 AM UTC
The amount of people replying “get better” make me sick. Those whole apology was half-assed and didn’t even admit he raped people but instead said “involuntary sexual acts”. You are a rapist. Get out of here and never come back you sick bastard.
13 Aug, 12:00 PM UTC
@Stotab_ Check the replies to promaelia’s tweet
13 Aug, 11:54 AM UTC
Deion Thompson
@HeroKillerH8 @pleasekill323 @Promaelia Yea, and @Squerk_ said something about him being underage. Yea he should never come back.
13 Aug, 11:44 AM UTC
@Promaelia You’re cancelled, bitch
13 Aug, 11:21 AM UTC
Squerk @longest house in norfolk
@DylanKimmel4 @InfernoOmni @Promaelia Pro LOL
13 Aug, 10:57 AM UTC
joey | SSC
1. Vu was right 2. The comments on this need to stop, he doesn’t need time and acceptance he needs a prison sentence.
13 Aug, 10:46 AM UTC