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Jon Rothstein
People are currently screaming right now from their windows on the Upper East Side. Didn't realize Providence's addition of Ed Croswell up front would have this type of an impact.
07 Nov, 04:30 PM UTC
Bucci Mane
PRESEASON #cawlidgehawkey Top 16!! 1 Boston College 2 North Dakota 3 Denver 4 Minnesota Duluth 5 Cornell 6 UMass 7 Penn St 8 Michigan 9 Clarkson 10 Quinnipiac 11 Minnesota St 12 Ohio St 13 UMass Lowell 14 Providence 15 Minnesota 16 Arizona St
07 Nov, 05:14 PM UTC
Steve Cioccolanti
“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” The last sentence of the American Declaration of Independence 1776. Liberty is worth all.
08 Nov, 09:00 AM UTC
NWS Tsunami Alerts
Tsunami Info Stmt: M4.2 035mi SE Providence, Rhode Island 0910EST Nov 8: Tsunami NOT expected #NTWC
08 Nov, 02:19 PM UTC
Weather Experts
#Earthquake A 4.2 magnitude earthquake was felt in parts of the Northeast this morning (11/8). It was 35 miles southeast of Providence and 60 miles south of Boston. @MyNews13Weather's photo on Providence
08 Nov, 02:28 PM UTC
David Leavitt
I felt that #earthquake in providence 😳
08 Nov, 02:39 PM UTC
Amanda Holly
A 4.2 magnitude #earthquake has been reported 60 miles south of #Boston and just 35 miles southeast of Providence, Rhode Island. There is no tsunami threat from this quake but it was felt by many in the northeast this morning at 9:10 am. It was about 12 miles deep. @WFLAamanda's photo on Providence
08 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
Providence Fire Fighters
Earlier today our firefighters rescued a person from the river in downtown Providence. @ProvFirefighter's photo on Providence
08 Nov, 01:53 PM UTC
World Dreams
Sorry for the Earthquake Providence 👀 The New “Our City” Hats are dropping today 🤯 WE’LL BE @ THE NEW PROVIDENCE BRIDGE FROM 11-3 PM PULL UP ON US 🔥
08 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
Bill Bartholomew
BREAKING: Earthquake in Rhode Island felt from Providence to Newport
08 Nov, 02:19 PM UTC
M4.0 #earthquake (#sismo) strikes 49 km SE of #Providence (Rhode Island) 15 min ago. Effects reported by eyewitnesses: @LastQuake's photo on Providence
08 Nov, 02:25 PM UTC
Tsuchinoko's Spring Moods
I dig Sally's hairstyle,looks like a butt.
08 Nov, 03:52 PM UTC
Wendy Becker
Scenes from a fabulous providence celebration of the Biden/Harris victory. Thank you @ERBBand for a great night. So happy to be with family and friends from @WomanProjectHQ & @RIDWomensCaucus.
08 Nov, 01:13 AM UTC
ZeArsène #FJW #OF #FBPE
"La différence entre l'État-providence et l'État totalitaire est une question de temps" Ayn #Rand
08 Nov, 05:06 AM UTC
Am I the only one in Providence who DIDN’T feel an earthquake? Lmaoo
08 Nov, 02:18 PM UTC
Chile Alerta 🇨🇱⚠🌎
New #Earthquake. 🌎 4.2 (Mb) - 54 km al sureste de Providence - Estados Unidos. 2020/11/08 14:10:08 UTC. #Providence-EstadosUnidos App: #Temblor #Sismo #alert
08 Nov, 02:18 PM UTC
Butler W Soccer
November 8, 2015: 🏆⚽ Butler claimed the BIG EAST Championship with a 1-0 win over Providence. #GoDawgs | #BIGEASTChamps
08 Nov, 04:00 PM UTC
derek wagner
It’s a beautiful day Providence! Perfect weather to crush some RI oyster’s, rosé, cold beer & bask in the sun on the Patio!
08 Nov, 03:54 PM UTC
Laura M. Nelson
@johnpavlovitz So before I logged on to Twitter, I put this CD on: listening to it now? Providence? Synchronicity? Yes!
08 Nov, 03:05 PM UTC
Charo 🌊Resist! BIDEN/HARRIS 2020
@MassEMA I heard it loud and felt it in Providence, RI.
08 Nov, 03:59 PM UTC
Mike Bonnell
An earthquake off of the Providence shore. #2020
08 Nov, 03:36 PM UTC
two boobs johnson
We just had an earthquake in Providence, wtf?
08 Nov, 03:57 PM UTC
Eric Owens
@HotlineJosh America's path to back to normalcy is just gilded. God really does have a special providence for fools, drunks and us.
08 Nov, 03:56 PM UTC
Ken Montgomery
@KropotkinsTweet @EPoe187 Despite all evidence to the contrary. DJT wasn't limiting free speech. or abandoning due process. or threatening to upend institutions. or implementing unconstitutional powers. That's been the providence of the left the last 4 years. They put hate of man above love of country
08 Nov, 03:55 PM UTC
Steve Harmon
Colleague and friend @DrCurtisFreeman is the guest preacher for today’s service at the First Baptist Church in America. (For those unfamiliar with Baptist history, this is the congregation founded by Roger Williams in Providence, RI in 1638.)
08 Nov, 03:34 PM UTC
Karen longeteig
@MassEMA One rumbling wave in Providence (East Side) at 9:12 am. Neighbor’s outdoor light was swinging. One preliminary creak from my wall and then quite a bit of side-to-side.
08 Nov, 03:45 PM UTC
Hey, Providence. Sorry about that. We know you're not used to it, hope everyone is OK. --Alaska P.S. If it starts to get all Cthulhu over there tweet while you run, k?
08 Nov, 03:43 PM UTC
Yianni Kourakis
Getting ready for #NENation 11:30 FOX Providence previewing #Patriots vs #Jets and discussing all the big Pats topics with @MHershgordon @RosieLangello @TheRealGresh @wpri12 @YianniKourakis's photo on Providence
08 Nov, 03:43 PM UTC
Ezra Zuckerman Sivan
@MartinSGaynor Having up in Providence, I can tell you only 99% of us are Vanderbilts
08 Nov, 03:40 PM UTC

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