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Brandon Walker
Hey Tennessee fans. Greg Schiano is a better coach than Jeremy Pruitt. Love you, bye.
24 Oct, 08:12 PM UTC
Josh Ward
Losses by 21+ points in their first 30 games as Tennessee’s head coach: Jeremy Pruitt 12 Butch Jones 6 Derek Dooley 6
24 Oct, 10:59 PM UTC
You are losing the fans Pruitt, play by play, you are losing them And they are very hard to get back my dude...
24 Oct, 09:49 PM UTC
Mac Addict
How about: 1. UT fires Pruitt 2. We fire Pete 3 We hire Pruitt
24 Oct, 08:48 PM UTC
David Ubben
Jeremy Pruitt three weeks ago: "It's got to be a mindset, you know? I talked to our team about it. We're not living in fear. ... So we're sure not going to play in fear or coach in fear.”
24 Oct, 09:49 PM UTC
Emily Proud
Jeremy Pruitt's message to the #Vols fan base 👇🏼 @emily_proud's photo on Pruitt
25 Oct, 12:00 AM UTC
Barton Simmons
If every Jeremy Pruitt win confirms what a bad hire Schiano would have been at UT, what is the takeaway from Schiano snapping a 21-game B1G losing streak in his first game at Rutgers?
24 Oct, 07:31 PM UTC
Austin B
Pruitt had opportunity to win back the fan base today and he spit in our face
24 Oct, 11:09 PM UTC
Joe Rexrode
Some Vols fans are going to lose it over a few things Pruitt said in his presser, and then they'll see another idiotic picture of Butch smoking a cigar and get even angrier. But this is simple: Pruitt/UT need to show it at Arkansas after an extra week. No unwinnable games left.
24 Oct, 11:39 PM UTC
Gentry Estes
NEW: Jeremy Pruitt says the gap between Tennessee and Alabama is closing. We'll have to take his word for that.
25 Oct, 12:34 AM UTC
We were wanting to fire Pruitt this time last season. We gonna do this every year?
24 Oct, 11:10 PM UTC
Mike Honcho
This loss will put Pruitt at .500 (15-15) after 30 games. Butch Jones was .500 (15-15) after 30 games at UT.
24 Oct, 10:35 PM UTC
Great in practice Crass
I hope Pruitt fires himself at halftime.
24 Oct, 08:31 PM UTC
i wanna rock a necklace with your name on it 💚
25 Oct, 02:18 AM UTC
Auburn Jokes®
Jeremy Pruitt must be talking about the thighs of a few of those hefty Volunteer women.
25 Oct, 01:39 AM UTC
99.1 The Sports Animal
WATCH: @Vol_Football HC Jeremy Pruitt postgame after 48-17 loss to Alabama "It's the reason that I wanted this job, because I understand the passion, the energy, the expectations of Tennessee football. When I took the job, I knew exactly where it was at."
25 Oct, 02:23 AM UTC
Zack Rickens
A frustrated Jeremy Pruitt believes the gap between the Vols and Tide is closing. Some final thoughts from the head coach after Saturday's loss to Alabama #Vols @ZackRickensTV's photo on Pruitt
25 Oct, 02:11 AM UTC
Mr. Tennessee 🇳🇬
You’re lame if you’re ready to fire Pruitt.
25 Oct, 02:10 AM UTC
Bradley Weeks
@wesrucker247 Time to fire Pruitt. This is ridiculous
24 Oct, 09:48 PM UTC
99.1 The Sports Animal
@Vol_Football "Exactly. Which is why I wanted the job. I wanted this job because I wanted to get it to where it's supposed to be. It's a hell of a challenge." -Pruitt
25 Oct, 02:28 AM UTC
Frederick Thompson
@Vol_Football Why didn’t Pruitt fire himself? The took over the defensive live, where was the improvement? It’s time Tennessee to return to the national stage again and can’t do it with a C-rated coach and that’s a soft C at that. Pruitt = Dooley just saying.
24 Oct, 11:08 PM UTC
@SEC_CRNA @UTslick68 @TreyWallace_ Pruitt took of defense play calls in 2nd half and the house is ON FIRE
25 Oct, 01:23 AM UTC
Mr. Checkerboard
@Charlie_Burris Covid hit and those young players didn't get practice time. Friend isn't very good at his job, neither is Weinke. I think Pruitt will make changes. Also something I think that has bit Pruitt in the ass is recruiting "Athletes" we have athletes now but we need linebackers.
25 Oct, 02:10 AM UTC
Saban not going for it on 4th n 1 wild tho..guess he took it easy on his guy Pruitt there
25 Oct, 02:23 AM UTC
My ma always told me it was nasty to eat in the bed💀
25 Oct, 02:17 AM UTC
Chance Buchanan
@RaineyVoI After that BS we saw im all out on Pruitt. So hopefully we dont wait too long to fire him
24 Oct, 11:40 PM UTC
Rob Buckman
@LateKickJosh Fire Pruitt, the excuses are butch Jones like, minus the brick by brick
25 Oct, 01:24 AM UTC
Denny Devlin
@KirbyDawgs Pruitt a traveling dumpster fire.
25 Oct, 01:46 AM UTC
m a g g i e ✨
I like him a lot , but I fear rejection and can’t accept the fact that ppl love me .
25 Oct, 02:12 AM UTC
jimmie russell
@dave_mon13 @lace_jay_bee Pruitt it is on pruitt. #FirePruittNow. Nutch was more competitive.
24 Oct, 10:04 PM UTC

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