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Mufti Ismail Menk
Taking your own life is NOT an option! When you feel like you can’t do it anymore, remember, to prolong your prayer and confide in Him. Make the Almighty your Friend; such that even if you lose the connections of this world, it doesn’t matter. Your connection with Him is intact.
09 Jul, 04:17 AM UTC
Chelsea FC
Tomorrow... Frank Lampard's first game as Blues boss! 🙌 @ChelseaFC's photo on Pulisic
09 Jul, 07:01 AM UTC
Christian Pulisic. Best Young Player of the Gold Cup. 6 games. 3 goals. 3 assists. @usmntonly's photo on Pulisic
08 Jul, 03:18 PM UTC
Arthur Kogan
Christian Pulisic is really good at soccer. https://t.co/HyU5Mt927L
08 Jul, 03:14 PM UTC
Talk Chelsea
Can’t wait to see Christian Pulisic in action 🔥#CFC https://t.co/LuP7ydG3YM
08 Jul, 02:15 PM UTC
Christian Pulisic setting up literally any of his USMNT teammates https://t.co/AZ7IJ3v6mV
08 Jul, 06:39 PM UTC
Chelsea New Era
Line up i want to see often Next season Kepa Azpi - Rudiger - Zouma - Emerson Kante - Jorginho Pulisic - RLC - Odoi Bathuayi
08 Jul, 06:46 PM UTC
I honestly reckon Mane could retire now and Pulisic would never reach his goal tally in Europe or the PL hahahahahahahaha https://t.co/SYjQLHVUAT
08 Jul, 08:16 PM UTC
Actually can't wait to see how Pulisic gets on at Chelsea. He clearly still has things to work on but it's evident to see how talented he is.. praying this is the club/manager that unlocks his potential.
09 Jul, 06:54 AM UTC
Chelsea Loan Army
Pedro Rodriguez Robert Kenedy Lucas Piazon Kasey Palmer Izzy Brown Willian (🤕 Three weeks out) Callum Hudson-Odoi (🤕) Christian Pulisic (🏖)
09 Jul, 05:51 AM UTC
Culture Soccer
Il est là depuis tellement longtemps qu'on pourrait presque le voir comme un vétéran : Christian Pulisic a été élu hier le meilleur jeune de la #GoldCup2019 🏆! Le jeune américain de Chelsea a bien eu un impact considérable pour les Etats-Unis pendant la compétition 🇺🇸🔥 https://t.co/TTdSpb6usC
08 Jul, 09:52 AM UTC
Chelsea Loan Army
#CFC #LoanArmy ❎🇮🇪 Kenneth Omeruo #AFCON2019 Jamal Blackman Ethan Wady Karlo Ziger Baba Rahman Michael Hector Matt Miazga Jake Clarke-Salter Josh Grant Jack Wakely Jacob Maddox Danilo Pantic Marco van Ginkel Christian Pulisic
08 Jul, 10:36 PM UTC
DC Vita Privita
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08 Jul, 08:52 AM UTC
Tomi Adelaja
Technically this season would feel more like we Chelsea have signed new players with - Mount, Tammy, Zouma, Reece, Pulisic, Bats, Odoi and some other young guys who broke through. I know I shouldn't expect much right now but I honestly think Chelsea will do just fine.
08 Jul, 05:48 PM UTC
Pasión Chelsea
Luego del gran trabajo que tuvo con la selección de USA, ahora los ojos en Inglaterra estarán puestos en él y en ver cómo fluye su etapa en #Chelsea. Su posición es el extremo derecho, ¿Habrá posibilidad de que Hudson-Odoi y Christian Pulisic sean nuevos los extremos titulares? https://t.co/bQm5o2TYN4
09 Jul, 01:26 AM UTC
Liga Perdana Inggeris 🇲🇾
Pemain baru @ChelseaFC, Christian Pulisic dipilih sebagai Pemain Muda terbaik kejohanan. https://t.co/EQY5f1tl2m
09 Jul, 06:40 AM UTC
Fantasy Football Scout
🌍 Goals, assists, red cards and injuries to report from our latest #FPL-watch around the world: 🇧🇷 Firmino 🇧🇷 Richarlison 🇧🇷 Jesus 🇨🇱 Alexis 🇦🇷 Aguero 🇲🇽 Jimenez 🇺🇸 Pulisic 🇨🇮 Zaha 🇩🇿 Mahrez https://t.co/iLeAEM1HsJ #FPLLaunch #FPLCommunity #AFCON2019 #CopaAmerica #GoldCup
09 Jul, 06:35 AM UTC
Planet Fútbol
Once the tide turned Mexico's way, there was no turning back. @brianstraus on when the #GoldCup momentum shifted, #ElTri's title and what this tournament says about #USMNT https://t.co/gmIp0T5DTx
09 Jul, 05:14 AM UTC
♥KAA 🇲🇾♥
Hahahaha..so cute.. Pulisic future 😂 https://t.co/dofkgemb8y
09 Jul, 06:20 AM UTC
Kepa = Schmeichel Azpi/James < Pereira Rudiger/Zouma > Evans Luiz/AC < Maguire Emerson < Chilwell Kante > Ndidi Jorginho = Tielemans RLC = Maddison Odoi/Pulisic > Gray/Barnes Willian, Pedro < Perez Everyone of our strikers < Vardy And we’re apparently challenging for the title
09 Jul, 06:56 AM UTC
Jose Cortez
And USA wasn’t playing dirty? Pulisic didn’t slide on Alvarez when the ball was already 5yds ahead? They didn’t almost break Pizarros arm from pulling him down to the ground? Stfu bro USA played dirty a f. https://t.co/JWPFGKOWgM
09 Jul, 05:06 AM UTC
@RealManiRagaFoo @MexicanSoccer9 I don't think one thing justify the other Pulisic was massively overpaid, that shouldn't affect the fact that Rodolfo is worth no more than 15mdd
09 Jul, 06:44 AM UTC
@kfranksnell Pulisic to Altidore LOOLL
09 Jul, 06:43 AM UTC
Dr. Mo™⚕️📧
@_iamMontenegro_ @ChelseaNewEra Just odoi and pulisic too many kids 😂...RLC ain't kid and better than kova
09 Jul, 07:21 AM UTC
Chelsea: Daily Freshness
@Pulisic_SZN Ampadu will definitely feature this season imo
09 Jul, 06:54 AM UTC
James Roy Barclay
@TheBlues___ I think Pulisic will get it. I would only consider CHO if he had signed a new contract.
09 Jul, 07:40 AM UTC
Borussia Dortmund - Actu
Reyna: "Pulisic m'a parlé de Dortmund."
09 Jul, 07:40 AM UTC
@UberCheIseaFC Batshuayi but false 9 with CHO, Pepe, Pulisic would be good
09 Jul, 07:38 AM UTC
cuz in!
US under 20 tram have some mad talent Those boys better go to Europe and develop properly Pulisic can't do it alone
09 Jul, 07:31 AM UTC
Propa Chewsea
@BayernBulgaria2 @NathanSapia @TrendingASecAgo @LHMN27 @ChelseaMCMV @AlexGoldberg_ @cfbayern Bayern couldn't afford to compete with us financially, might be why u don't have Pulisic or CHO
09 Jul, 07:30 AM UTC
Aleksi Alestalo
@VilleVaan @merjamahka Samaa mieltä kuin Ville. Mutta USA vois olla se, jossa mahdollista? Miesten joukkue ei kaksinen, ainakin tällä hetkel nk. ”stara-tyhjiö” (ehkä Pulisic) ja ei aina edes kisoissa mukana. Naisissa taas menestystä, yleinen buumi ja poliittinen vire tukee naisten diilin hinnoittelua
09 Jul, 07:28 AM UTC
Tyler Nelson
@Groceyboy @FDTerritory @Spread___ @ClayTravis Yes and Sancho is world class for a player his age. I’m not saying Pulisic is world class, but so say he is average is fucking absurd.
09 Jul, 07:19 AM UTC
Overall pretty yikes. Only 7 players hit “average” marks for the tourney, and one was the backup GK. Pulisic head and shoulders above the rest. Jozy and McKennie pretty disappointing overall. Steffen was solid. Ream unfairly maligned perhaps. #USAvsMEX #GoldCupFinal #GoldCup2019
09 Jul, 07:14 AM UTC
Avg player ratings for GC: 1.Pulisic-7.33 2.Steffen-6.4 3.Cannon-6.38 4.Boyd-6.25 5.Long-6.1 T6.Johnson,Ream-6 8.WM-5.9 T9.Miazga,Lima-5.83 T11.MB90,Arriola-5.8 13.Trapp-5.75 T14.Roldan,Jozy-5.63 16.Djordje-5.5 17.Morris-5.4 T18.Zimmerman,Omar, Lewis-5 21.Gyasi-4.67 22.Lovitz-4
09 Jul, 07:09 AM UTC
𝕰𝖑 𝕵𝖊𝖋𝖊.
@TinyBubblez_ im sceptical. We only have Giroud, hudson odoi is injured , loftus injured, rudiger injured. Im excited to see Pulisic though.
09 Jul, 07:07 AM UTC
Michael C
A front Three of Pulisic , Tammy Abraham and Odoi will bang tho
09 Jul, 07:04 AM UTC
Md. Nasir Uddin.
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09 Jul, 07:03 AM UTC
Michael C
6 Chelsea players Lampard must capitalize on: - Ngolo Kante - Reece James - Tammy Abraham - Mason Mount - Hudson-Odoi - Pulisic
09 Jul, 06:45 AM UTC
Shawmeer Khanal
@TheCheekyRubes @Pulisic_SZN Abraham, tomori , cumming
09 Jul, 06:45 AM UTC
@NYYprincess33 @figgie24 @RepDebHaaland @USWNT It’s a global market, not a US market. Pulisic plays for Chelsea for 70M a year. No government, no fan, no team determines that. The market does. So, what exactly is it that you propose?
09 Jul, 06:36 AM UTC
Vinay Dhareshwar
@feroze17 Been saying that for a while.👀 But he's not the next hazard but the first Pulisic.😉
09 Jul, 06:35 AM UTC
David Gardea
@Coach_BrownDPHS @Thomas_Leonard_ @jasonrmcintyre Obviously you guys didn’t see pulisic’s kick against Alvarez? Or arriolas agressions the whole game. 🙄
09 Jul, 06:28 AM UTC
Pulisic will cut short his holidays. He didn't play much football last season. https://t.co/Pe143pnf6Q
09 Jul, 06:25 AM UTC
Ibra turning journals to meme https://t.co/Irg2dGbB0c
09 Jul, 06:22 AM UTC
Ogbeni STARK™💯
@TheBlues___ I've seen Pulisic.. He has so much flare. I think that no. 10 should be rightfully his 👍
09 Jul, 06:20 AM UTC