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Chelsea FC
Both Thiago Silva and Christian Pulisic make their 50th Premier League starts tonight! 👌 #CheLei https://t.co/5YvraXAqdq
19 May, 06:14 PM UTC
Miss of the season contender by Pulisic. 😭
19 May, 08:19 PM UTC
Frank Khalid
Thomas Tuchel on Christian Pulisic miss last night. @FrankKhalidUK's photo on Pulisic
20 May, 07:54 AM UTC
Pulisic is playing like someone who is on one week fasting.
19 May, 08:07 PM UTC
Simon Phillips
“It’s more than a chance. It should have been a goal. “In matches like this, you have to take these chances, otherwise you maybe let your opponents take the point, and you don’t get what you deserve. It’s like a broken record. It happens too often." - Tuchel on Pulisic's miss https://t.co/7DTxKpD8AC
20 May, 07:03 AM UTC
Chelsea FC
Big chance for Chelsea to take the lead but Pulisic can't turn Lukaku's cross into the net. 🔵 1-1 🦊 [63] #CheLei
19 May, 08:19 PM UTC
USMNT Twitter currently formulating a 10 page article on why the grass length at Stamford bridge has affected Pulisic’s finishing in that sequence.
19 May, 08:23 PM UTC
⭐️ Chels HQ ⭐️
Thomas Tuchel: “Christian Pulisic needs to take his chance, these are the kind of chances that decide matches. He knows it. Everybody knows it.” (@SkySports)
19 May, 09:40 PM UTC
Christian Pulisic, the only American that can’t shoot.
19 May, 08:22 PM UTC
Sell Pulisic Sell Havertz Sell Werner Sell Ziyech Sell Lukaku Get rid of all them man!!!
19 May, 08:59 PM UTC
Switching between Werner, Havertz, Pulisic, Ziyech and none of them can find the net ffs
19 May, 08:32 PM UTC
Chelsea FC USA
Christian Pulisic and Thiago Silva are both making their 50th Premier League start! https://t.co/Yy5eZHOXWB
19 May, 06:19 PM UTC
Chelsea trying to leave Pulisic in America during the pre-season tour https://t.co/l0zE9E5Vhe
19 May, 08:24 PM UTC
Kwame Benaiah
Real Madrid can come for one of Timo Werner or Pulisic if Mbappe swerves them. Chelsea won't do long biaa.
20 May, 10:07 AM UTC
Pulisic how did you miss that?!!!!😯 https://t.co/e5vUJN1KGo
19 May, 08:23 PM UTC
Alex Goldberg
❗️Ep. 344❗️ Post Pod Ft. @matissearmani & @ConnCFC • Pulisic’s Horror Miss • Tuchel’s Ranking Of Kanté • Alonso Catfishing • James Is Untouchable • Stale Stamford Bridge • Selling One Attacker & Much More https://t.co/NazkQzmY1I https://t.co/O61wSL3ZFY
20 May, 01:39 PM UTC
11 Yanks
Pulisic deserves blame for missing that chance but the stark difference in rhetoric from Tuchel talking about Pulisic's miss v. Mount's miss is fascinating. https://t.co/iB4BYDzCdX
20 May, 03:22 PM UTC
💰@BVB's transfer business is 𝑪𝑹𝑨𝒁𝒀! ➡️Ins: 🇫🇷Dembélé - £31m 🇬🇦Aubameyang - £11m 🇺🇸Pulisic - FREE 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Sancho - £15m 🇳🇴Haaland - £18m ⬅️Outs: 🇫🇷Dembele - £117m 🇬🇦Aubameyang - £57m 🇺🇸Pulisic - £54m 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Sancho - £76m 🇳🇴Haaland - £67m 🤯£296M profit! @Sporf's photo on Pulisic
20 May, 04:15 PM UTC
Jamie Wilkinson
I will reiterate - all due respect to the boy, Christian Pulisic is not good enough to play for Chelsea. I hope he’s not here next season. https://t.co/mXsf8wEzRl
20 May, 09:43 AM UTC
Leslie Kay 🔥🇬🇭
Is it the same Pulisic who wears 10 for USMNT who plays for Chelsea?
19 May, 09:09 PM UTC
The Sun - Chelsea
Rudiger CONFIRMS he's leaving Chelsea, Kounde remains top priority #ChelseaFC https://t.co/iY5yuWhgWE
20 May, 09:25 AM UTC
List of players Chelsea fans want out Pulisic Werner Odoi Ziyech Lukaku Mount Jorginho Kante RLC Barkley Alonso Azpilicueta Sar +Rudiger and Christensen. Abeg how una wan take replace all these players in a window and still sign “quality backups join? Lol
20 May, 08:35 AM UTC
L O U I E🧏🏾‍♂️
Better worry about your GERMANY league cab drivers , Pulisic Werner & havest https://t.co/cBKKdDRM1L
20 May, 09:51 AM UTC
on est passé de Hazard à Pulisic
20 May, 09:06 AM UTC
Tuchel can EASILY criticize Pulisic post game. After yesterday, I agree criticism and accountability is necessary. It’s how you get better. However this man DOES NOT keep the same energy for his other players, and will easily throw Christian under the bus. It’s fucked
20 May, 04:05 PM UTC
S/o Y🥷🏾
Pulisic est titulaire à : United ❌ City ❌ Arsenal ❌ Tottenham ❌ Liverpool ❌ West Ham ❌ Wolves ❌ Leicester ❌
19 May, 08:11 PM UTC
𝕊𝕙𝕖𝕞 ⭐️⭐️
That’s actually Pulisic yesterday 👍🏻 Lukaku would have an assist if it wasn’t for his once again missed chance. https://t.co/NvnzcdNaUV
20 May, 04:32 PM UTC
@Blue_Footy We need to sell pulisic and buy jaoa Felix . What do you think @Blue_Footy
20 May, 04:50 PM UTC
@SpiritmanD @iam_presider he’s staying bro🤣🤣,Pulisic is available for 40m tho💀
20 May, 04:39 PM UTC
King Kai
@ftblstad Reps Odoi and has the nerve to complain about pulisic 😂
19 May, 07:42 PM UTC