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Gabrielius Landsbergis🇱🇹
Lithuania will not be granting asylum to those who are simply running from responsibility. Russians should stay and fight. Against Putin.
23 Sep, 07:12 PM UTC
Carl Bildt
Incredible. Now Berlusconi 🇮🇹 defending his friend said that “Putin just wanted to replace the Zelensky government with a government of decent people.” This man is a disgrace. @carlbildt's photo on Putin
24 Sep, 03:13 AM UTC
Jack Posobiec XLV
JORDAN PETERSON: It's naive to think the Russians are going to lose and we're going to win "We can't win against Vladimir Putin. We sold our soul for his oil and gas and we did that to elevate our moral stature in relationship to saving the planet" @JackPosobiec's photo on Putin
24 Sep, 03:20 AM UTC
Tristan Snell
Putin tried to mobilize the army but instead he unwittingly mobilized Russia’s people — sending men pouring out of the country, and sending massive crowds into the streets.
24 Sep, 01:34 AM UTC
Spain Reactions
Karina le pide a Putin que no use las armas nucleares "Don't press the button. The button BOOM no noo". https://t.co/O05TqHIyQx
24 Sep, 10:23 AM UTC
Dmytro Kuleba
Putin’s mobilization also directly affects international businesses which remain working in Russia. They are now obliged by law to assist authorities in drafting their employees. The choice is either to become accomplices in Putin’s barbaric war or immediately pull out of Russia.
24 Sep, 02:11 PM UTC
Paul Massaro
If Russians don’t want to die in Ukraine, they shouldn’t run. They should oppose Putin
24 Sep, 12:31 PM UTC
Muhoozi Kainerugaba 'Rubereza'
President Putin does not have to threaten nuclear war. We hear him. An attack on Russia is an attack on Africa! @mkainerugaba's photo on Putin
24 Sep, 12:07 PM UTC
Business Ukraine mag
Putin is now in full downfall mode: the New York Times reports that the Russian dictator is directing military operations personally and has rejected repeated requests from commanders to save Russian lives by withdrawing from Kherson to the left bank of the Dnipro River https://t.co/Xtgi4Uxa4W
24 Sep, 07:57 AM UTC
breaking news 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇮🇱
Putin is the most loved president in Africa ..Middle East .Asia and .South America according to Australia research https://t.co/DAoe85fhRa
23 Sep, 08:49 PM UTC
Gregg Smith
The world would be vastly different if Putin would have invaded with Trump as POTUS. We dodged that bullet. Now to avoid the next. Vote like our freedom depends on it.
24 Sep, 12:43 PM UTC
A bunch of “mid songs” putin food on d table of myslf , my famly nd beyond.. wat has ur spectacular inventions done for d name of ur entire household ..if you’ve never achieved half of what these hustlers av gotten,then ur whole existence gatta be mid to me..
24 Sep, 05:56 PM UTC
Masih Alinejad 🏳️
Maduro, Putin ve Hamanei gibi diktatörler birbirlerini sıkı bir şekilde destekliyor. Neden dünyanın demokratik ülkeleri arasında böyle bir destek yok? Neyi bekliyorsunuz? Neden molla rejimini ayakta tutuyorsunuz? Yazıklar olsun #MahsaAmini @AlinejadMasih's photo on Putin
24 Sep, 04:20 PM UTC
Anton Gerashchenko
Putin's advocate? @Gerashchenko_en's photo on Putin
24 Sep, 01:29 PM UTC
Badd Company
And they are gonna give these guys weapons. None of this will go good at all Putin's Last Days!! https://t.co/EMpI8hbwKp
24 Sep, 03:18 PM UTC
Francis Scarr
Putin has just signed off a law imposing jail sentences of up to 10 years for soldiers who surrender https://t.co/ZHcM0i270b
24 Sep, 12:57 PM UTC
Igor Sushko
Putin unhappy with the execution of mobilization. Draft dodgers who managed to escape Russia broke his heart. 💔 He intends to close off the border & declare martial law. Meanwhile his conscripts who didn't dodge the draft have been issued their "weapons." Putin's end is coming. https://t.co/e07yfEyV2t
24 Sep, 03:00 PM UTC
Igor Sushko
Russian guy that just escaped Russia made a poignant observation, explaining the conscripts peacefully boarding the buses to their death: It's as if many Russians are more afraid to say anything against the Putin regime than death itself.
24 Sep, 05:44 PM UTC
Bruce Fein
Nigerian elections are as illegitimate as Putin’s sham variety in Ukraine. Nigeria’s boundaries were illegally demarcated in 1914 with UK machine guns. Its 1999 Constitution was decreed by a military dictator at the end of a bayonet. Time for the consent of the governed to rule.
24 Sep, 03:56 PM UTC
⚡️Vladimir Putin forbade the Russian military to retreat from Kherson, and also assumed strategic command of combat operations in Ukraine, writes The New York Times with reference to American officials. https://t.co/wB5BVtfh1Q
24 Sep, 10:22 AM UTC
Ciro Gómez Leyva
Un informe de la #ONU confirmó que durante la invasión a #Ucrania se cometieron crímenes de guerra. Se hizo un trabajo de campo que denunció la violencia sexual y de género por parte de los soldados de Vladimir Putin. Niños y ancianos fueron violados y torturados: @CiroGomezL's photo on Putin
24 Sep, 04:35 AM UTC
Euromaidan Press
Russians should fight against Putin, not seek asylum in the west, the Lithuanian Foreign Minister said At least 5 countries against visa exceptions, asylum for Russians fleeing conscription. Germany instead proposes asylum for Russians who flee after Russia started mobilization https://t.co/msCJGaU9ax
24 Sep, 03:41 PM UTC
Douglas Hoyos 🇪🇺🇺🇦
Es ist realitätsfern zu sagen, dass die Sanktionen in Russland nicht greifen. Gerade das russische Rüstungswesen ist massiv getroffen. Es müssen Halbleiter aus Haushaltsgeräten ausgebaut werden um Waffen nachzuliefern. Es ist hart, aber nur Sanktionen können Putin aufhalten.
24 Sep, 06:22 AM UTC
Carlos Arellán S
#EnContexto | Putin sin ser cantante, se las cantó a la Otan. Les advirtió que en Ucrania han cruzado varias líneas rojas. Más información en el siguiente video 📹 | @AgenciaVN_ https://t.co/qV1xqz3X4v
23 Sep, 07:23 PM UTC
Радио Свобода
После объявления 21 сентября в России мобилизации президент Владимир Путин уехал отдыхать, - утверждает со ссылкой на три источника телеграм-канал Faridaily, который ведёт журналистка Фарида Рустамова. https://t.co/M7yvjIsaGS
24 Sep, 03:50 PM UTC
Ucrania completó la exhumación en las fosas comunes halladas en Izium tras la retirada de los soldados de Putin. Halló 447 cadáveres: 🔶215 mujeres 🔶5 niños 🔶22 solados 🔶11 cuerpos cuyo género no pudo ser constatado https://t.co/8RGBOUngN1 @infobae's photo on Putin
24 Sep, 12:40 PM UTC
Lara reads banned books in Florida
What a strange morning. XiJinping is purportedly under house arrest in a Coup. Putin is losing to Ukraine AND his the citizens of Russia. & the Donald Trump crime family is finally being exposed. It’s no wonder I haven’t started my laundry yet. #XiJinping
24 Sep, 01:56 PM UTC
Giovanni Rodriquez
Putin ha approvato emendamenti al codice penale della Federazione Russa. Verranno puniti molto più severamente i disertori e i renitenti alla leva, per loro è prevista anche la detenzione per un periodo che va dai 5 ai 15 anni #UkraineRussiaWar
24 Sep, 02:27 PM UTC
Der @mdrde nutzt als "Meinungsbarometer für Mitteldeutschland" die Plattform "MDR Fragt". Über Umfragen daraus wird völlig unkritisch berichtet. Wir konnten uns dort gerade anmelden als "Vladimir Putin" mit einer Wegwerf-Mail von https://t.co/5uo0KjiqyA. @Volksverpetzer's photo on Putin
24 Sep, 05:24 PM UTC
CARLOS AGUIAR. opinión y noticias ™️®️!
Europa debe tomar en serio las palabras de Vladimir Putin sobre la disposición de usar armas nucleares;se necesita una solución diplomática al conflicto que convenga a ambas partes. Josep Borrel. Pero antes dijo que la solución era sólo militar,entonces?
24 Sep, 05:19 PM UTC