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Essence Sylvia Smith ✨
I get hype EVERY time I hear it! M - I Crooka Lettah Crooka Lettah I Crooka Lettah Crooka Lettah I Hump Back Hump Back I Come on Mississippi πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ #PValleyStarz #PValley https://t.co/lnaNrf0kqw
02 Aug, 05:53 PM UTC
Amazing Me
I love the push for safe sex on this show!! Every time some fucking is about to go down, the condoms come out!! Love it!! #PValley #PValleyStarz https://t.co/j1U6j1F40d
02 Aug, 03:06 PM UTC
P-Valley Updates
Mississippi did that shit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜#PValleyStarz #Pvalley https://t.co/fmx3NFpFAJ
03 Aug, 12:51 AM UTC
It’s time... Enjoy episode 4 of @pvalleystarz! It’s about to get real! Directed by the amazing @tamradavis1 #Pvalley #PValleyStarz @TheRealBrandee_'s photo on #PValleyStarz
02 Aug, 04:06 AM UTC
P-Valley Updates
Mississippi did that 😍πŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸΎ RIP to my Baby Hairs #PValleyStarz #Pvalley https://t.co/fmx3NFpFAJ
02 Aug, 07:38 AM UTC
Katori Hall
2. We are used to the heteronormative visual articulation of sex in media. Proud to be part of this groundbreaking moment in tv where we can explore black intimacy in all diverse ways. There is diversity within diversity. #PValley #PValleyStarz
03 Aug, 12:57 AM UTC
Katori Hall
3. Also thought it was important to show condom use in a sexy way. Protection is a reflection of self-care and respect for your partner. #PValley #PValleyStarz
03 Aug, 12:59 AM UTC
03 Aug, 12:01 AM UTC
Lawd when Clifford called that damn girl September October πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #PValleyStarz #PValley https://t.co/XMed6PsxwI
03 Aug, 12:14 AM UTC
Smh now what we gone do mama!!?!???? @divafoyh #Pvalley #PValleyStarz @TheRealBrandee_'s photo on #PValleyStarz
03 Aug, 01:19 AM UTC
God spoke to you with money that doesn’t belong to you. #PValleyStarzΒ  #PValley https://t.co/QrASmheXNV
03 Aug, 12:43 AM UTC
Welp.... I need bail money now #Pvalley #PValleyStarz #BTS still in character like @TsawOnline taught me... @TheRealBrandee_'s photo on #PValleyStarz
03 Aug, 12:56 AM UTC
James Harden Thick AF
I know we're supposed to honor our mothers and fathers but ion blame Mercedes not one bit!!#pvalley #PValleyStarz https://t.co/53lJwNqjwT
03 Aug, 12:45 AM UTC
The Notorious B.E.C.K.Y
#PValleyStarz #Pvalley Mercedes: Where my money? Mom: God spoke to me! Mercedes: What he say? Mom: To buy me a church! Mercedes: Can you hear him now? https://t.co/uoUADyAIg2
02 Aug, 07:05 AM UTC
Katori Hall
Project Princess was the organizing principle for Episode 4’s lewks. I loves me a mullet. And a ombrΓ© blue one? Chiiiiillllle errythang! Done by @ArleneMartinHRS part of our dynamic hair squad! #PValleyStarz #PValley https://t.co/kCQOqEZt3S
03 Aug, 12:27 AM UTC
Katori Hall
Lil Murda is a Hurt Villge Hustla (red + green). Mane is a Chief-Fi-Chief (blue + gold). Season 2 you’ll learn more... #PValleyStarz #PValley @KatoriHall's photo on #PValleyStarz
03 Aug, 12:39 AM UTC
kelvin harrison jr’s bae
If none of this powerhouses is going to be honored by any awards next season I’m suing #PValley #PValleyStarz https://t.co/9QGkCfLUmp
02 Aug, 04:02 PM UTC
Me the entire last 10 minutes of #PValleyStarz okayyy uncle clifford! Gooddaamnnnn Mercedes done beat her momma ass! Dammnnn her momma bogus af.... okkaayyy Mississippi!!! whew chile where my drink #PValley https://t.co/JFa6Hxmz13
03 Aug, 01:01 AM UTC
And THAT’s how you do that Mississippi!!!! Get in your bag sis @ShannonThornt_n πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #PValleyStarz #PValley @xonecole's photo on #PValleyStarz
03 Aug, 12:48 AM UTC
My mama is snatched though.... Okay back to being mad at her lol @divafoyh #Pvalley #PvalleyStarz
03 Aug, 02:14 AM UTC
I would’ve been on Mercedes mother like: #PValley #PValleyStarz https://t.co/u65SkDLiGM
03 Aug, 01:37 AM UTC
P-Valley Updates
Free Mercedes πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ Patrice can stay her ass in there #pvalley #PValleyStarz https://t.co/5Zp4GdJDDP https://t.co/DzJ8RBasvj
03 Aug, 01:36 AM UTC
Ayyeee @balionabeatt πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’“ #PValleyStarz https://t.co/XEFx5THN16
02 Aug, 10:05 PM UTC
Mrs. Coleman
I need the momma ass whooped ASAP!! #FreeMercedes #PValleyStarz #pvalley https://t.co/WpZc5JNumT
03 Aug, 01:37 AM UTC
Mississippi did that ish #PValley #pvalleystarz https://t.co/FiJdZ0m7kT
03 Aug, 02:05 AM UTC
When he spit on that πŸ‘ πŸ’¦#PValleyStarz #PValley https://t.co/yg4xazEB2L
03 Aug, 02:07 AM UTC
I knew things were going to get fucked up for Mercedes but I didn't expect it to be everything! #PValley #PValleyStarz
03 Aug, 02:08 AM UTC
Jay Lee's Corner
Check out my P-Valley, Season 1 Ep 4 REVIEW https://t.co/lV2YH9xQlA #PValley #PValleyStarz
03 Aug, 01:07 AM UTC
DIAMOND! My guy... When you gonna yoke, choke and put the fear of god in Mississippi’s abusive baby daddy and carry her home like an Officer and a Gentleman? Lol #PValley #PValleyStarz https://t.co/iTKZvYZwO1
03 Aug, 02:14 AM UTC
Riley Writts
What was supposed to be Mercedes' last dance became Mississippi's glow night. Her confidence will definitely grow from there. Mercedes would be proud. #PValley #PValleyStarz https://t.co/GTxJ3TFIoE
03 Aug, 02:12 AM UTC

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