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A Real $moove Production
Lil Baby : “ I’ll let you have Jayda , if you let me have Saweetie for the night ” Quavo : https://t.co/OBYdPOByJh
29 Nov, 06:45 AM UTC
material gworl
saweetie left quavo for cheating & ran to lil baby like he ain’t cheat on jayda their whole relationship https://t.co/ssPKt1yv0F
29 Nov, 07:26 AM UTC
Quavo on the way to Jayda house after seeing Saweetie posted up with baby #LilBaby #Saweetie #Jayda https://t.co/qdgiVGMqmX
29 Nov, 05:30 AM UTC
keithsmall4 (18-2)
Quavo and Lil Baby swapping Saweetie and Jayda out rn 😭😭 : https://t.co/emRkd2B159
29 Nov, 06:27 AM UTC
Lil baby and saweetie??? Quavo talkin about a swap?? Jayda liking??? Lmaooo so much tea going on 😭😭 https://t.co/SFqc5sWU1X
29 Nov, 06:26 AM UTC
Daily Loud
Quavo responds to Lil Baby and Saweetie being seen together 👀 https://t.co/PTCI8fkjPd
29 Nov, 07:19 AM UTC

Wait so Lil baby messing wit Saweetie & Quavo trying to mess with Jayda? THE QUALITY IS NOT UNDER CONTROL 🤣 https://t.co/NPLK4crnIc
29 Nov, 07:31 AM UTC
Baby liyah 💕
How Quavo looking at the picture trying to see if that baby or not #LilBaby #Saweetie #Qauvo https://t.co/VJbDtOKM4C
29 Nov, 05:40 AM UTC
I knew when Quavo repossessed her car Saweetie was gone fuck a nigga he don’t like … but the nigga in same label?!?!? Bitches always gotta take it too far
29 Nov, 05:30 PM UTC
if saweetie thought quavo was hell, wait until she find out what lil baby got up his sleeve https://t.co/0FtzKkqLDn
29 Nov, 06:07 AM UTC
Chile, Quavo with a lil’ late night message! 👀 (📸: @gettyimages) @TheShadeRoom's photo on Quavo
29 Nov, 06:16 AM UTC
The Great Negro
This quavo, saweetie, jayda, lil baby rhombus is actually ridiculous 😂like yall dead ass ?
29 Nov, 03:32 PM UTC
Nigga Quavo finna try to fuck James Harden for revenge
29 Nov, 07:38 PM UTC
It looks like Jayda approves Quavo’s message 👀 She liked our post on Instagram featuring his IG story 👀 (📸: @gettyimages) @TheShadeRoom's photo on Quavo
29 Nov, 06:28 AM UTC
News 360
Click On Below Photo To Watch #Mondayvibes MEGAN #PTD_ON_STAGE_LA_Day2 Lamar #CyberMonday #SpiderManNoWayHome    #mondaythoughts Good Monday Quavo https://t.co/WW6SxSBGA4
29 Nov, 12:33 PM UTC
Jayda tomorrow in Saweetie Bentley 🥴😭🤣 #waydamin #jayda #Saweetie #Quavo https://t.co/KiPpdQoqs1
29 Nov, 04:06 PM UTC
HOT 97
Quavo "ain't tripping" off Saweetie and Lil Baby allegedly dating 👀 https://t.co/KO71vPpyUD
29 Nov, 07:33 PM UTC
swap it out
Quavo gon say he don’t care about what she’s doing but then say Swap It Out 😭… you care. Shut up
29 Nov, 01:36 PM UTC
Dominique Jackson
#Saweetie when she seen the response of Migos Quavo Huncho: https://t.co/TucLqWx3wL
29 Nov, 05:37 PM UTC
Dominique Jackson
#Saweetie when she seen what Quavo said on his story; https://t.co/0BduYkWdy9
29 Nov, 05:35 PM UTC
yeah my name still susie
Folks keep tryna put Jayda and Quavo in the mix, but honey, you can’t unnerve me wit no hoe i had. We had a public break up for a damn good reason and yeen no friend of mine. Wtf make you think you fuckin him gone move me?
29 Nov, 07:43 PM UTC
I Know Y’all Put That Cat On Any Mf 🤣 Yall Telling Jayda To Go Freak On Quavo Peon Ass Juss Cuz Baby With His Ex 😂 Y’all Will Fuck The Corn Man For Some Get Back
29 Nov, 07:45 PM UTC
Nigel Uno
Baby might get quavo punched for even making a social media post bout him lol. Folks don’t do that internet shit
29 Nov, 07:45 PM UTC
Kanye and Quavo pull up to watch Donda Academy in Atlanta! https://t.co/bftDC4V24k @YouTube
29 Nov, 07:45 PM UTC
@waaydamin u better not fuck with Quavo!!!
29 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
S A I N T⚡️N I C K
@__dulcexamor lmao Quavo bouta cross the line
29 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
Twitter Ridicules Quavo, Lil Baby, Saweetie, & Jayda Cheaves For Their “Corny” Relationship Drama https://t.co/yF77611lMF
29 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
Quavo better than me cuz you mot getting a word out of me.
29 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC