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people are being really gross about Quavo graduating high school at 29. I don’t like y’all. he looked so happy in those pictures and that’s all that matters.
22 May, 04:06 PM UTC
Doesn’t matter how wealthy you are. The pursuit of education is not and never will be embarrassing. Congrats to Quavo! https://t.co/SBuNDFLIW5
22 May, 03:25 PM UTC
Judging everyone who's clowning Quavo for getting his GED @ 29. You're a piece of shit honestly.
22 May, 02:35 PM UTC
RAP MAIS de (🏠)
Quavo se forma no Ensino Médio aos 29 anos e pensa em entrar na faculdade - https://t.co/OkmJTmTGOz @RapMais's photo on Quavo
22 May, 05:46 PM UTC
Lavender Macedon
I cant believe people are bashing Quavo for graduating from high school. Everyone doesn't have the same journey. The fact that he went back and finished is amazing.
22 May, 03:41 PM UTC
Rapper Quavo of the trio Migos announced on Instagram that he's joining other graduating seniors in the class of 2020 at the age of 29. To celebrate, he dropped a new song. https://t.co/oEv3vH6FDG
23 May, 12:43 AM UTC
HOOD VOGUE is tired of poverty
Half of y’all grandfathers and grandmamas ain’t get to finish highschool either idk why y’all got so much mouth for quavo chile
23 May, 02:19 AM UTC
Ancient Book of Bitchcraft ✨📖✨
Quavo looks so happy in his HS graduation photos. 🥺 But if you think about it, we're in the midst of a global crisis & he still managed to reach a major life milestone. That kind of joy can't be manufactured. Let that young man enjoy his accomplishment.
22 May, 09:30 PM UTC
Portal Angola
Quavo termina o ensino médio aos 29 anos de idade; O rapper de Geórgia divulgará uma música esta madrugada para celebrar a sua conquista. Quavo demonstrou o desejo em ingressar para o ensino superior, perguntando aos fãs que universidade deve aplicar para o início da formação. https://t.co/4KnGwUcPFc
22 May, 11:23 AM UTC
Mommas Brightest Star 🌟
don’t trust nobody who laughed at quavo graduating late.
23 May, 08:15 AM UTC
Qu’on se moque de Quavo parce qu’il vient seulement d’avoir son bac te montre bien que la société va te blâmer pour tes lacunes et te blâmer aussi d’essayer de les corriger À un moment tu fais ce qui est bon pour toi et c’est tout ce qui compte...
23 May, 08:39 AM UTC
Mini Baby Pluto 💜
Quand major lazer ,travis Scott ,quavo et cabello ont drop « know no better » on été tellement heureux dans nos vies
22 May, 11:09 PM UTC
why are people bashing Quavo for graduating high school? WHO CARES if it’s at age 29. he’s made MILLIONS, WITHOUT the diploma. graduating high school is an extremely huge accomplishment. we should be showing him respect bc he showed that you should never give up on something.
22 May, 05:22 PM UTC
re:ppl reacting negatively to Quavo getting his HS diploma - we've been programmed to follow the same path as everyone else. so, when u do something different, based on ur values & vision for life, ppl love to hate, because they've never dared to branch off the beaten path
23 May, 08:19 AM UTC
It’s fucked up that ppl making fun of quavo getting his diploma at his age what’s wrong with him accomplishing a goal ... ppl don’t know how much courage it takes to go back to school at his age so props to him , I know heads that are scared to go back
22 May, 04:39 PM UTC
@JDBieberFan33 INTENTIONS by JUSTIN BIEBER/QUAVO is playing on Power 100.1 soon! https://t.co/wdAOyMq0hU
23 May, 11:14 AM UTC
@mafianurse sorry but migos are truly overrated to me. yes, they have some really hype songs that are good to listen to when you’re in the mood to partying things like that, but lyrically their songs have little to offer Also i’ll never understand why Quavo is the most hyped one
23 May, 11:07 AM UTC
VeeBae 💕
This man actually finished high school. Y’all call it “embarrassing”, but did Jay-Z ever graduate? How ‘bout Lil Wayne?!?! Let Quavo be proud cuz there’s niggas out here who will never achieve that level of greatness!!! https://t.co/QHxzU7wcjl
23 May, 11:15 AM UTC
Congrats to Quavo for completing something 1 in 5 black men don’t get to do, but we shouldn’t push the narrative that a diploma/GED is valuable cause he’s been a multi-millionaire for years, who is in a better position than most people around his age. https://t.co/tlW0YrhgJc
23 May, 11:11 AM UTC