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Lauren Jauregui
#Queen on repeat. These BARS😵 @NICKIMINAJ thank you🙏🏼
11 Aug, 11:49 PM UTC
Young Money
.@LilTunechi congratulates The #Queen @NICKIMINAJ on releasing one of the best albums he has ever heard, period 👑 He also has a few thoughts about that #BarbieDreams track 😂 #YOUNGMONEY 🔥 Young Money's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 02:52 PM UTC
Current Culture
.@NICKIMINAJ set another iTunes record after her album #Queen reached #1 in over 80 countries, thus making her the first female rapper to do so in the history of iTunes. Congratulations, @NICKIMINAJ!! Current Culture's photo on #Queen
11 Aug, 10:41 PM UTC
Shady Music Facts
#Queen by Nicki Minaj is already one of the fastest selling albums of all time by a female rapper! Congratulations @NICKIMINAJ Shady Music Facts's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 12:17 AM UTC
New @NICKIMINAJ's Tattoo is everything! 🥰 #Queen https://t.co/zChX6sxa1e
11 Aug, 10:08 PM UTC
Z100 New York
.@NICKIMINAJ, CONGRATS DAHLING on #Queen! 🙌 You're a straight-SUPERSTAR, always. Keep inspiring us w your vibrant talent, fearless confidence + trend-setting-truth-telling! Blasting #BED w/ @ArianaGrande NOW 👑 ox @TheEricaAmerica Z100 New York's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 12:55 AM UTC
DJ Whoo Kid
I Took over @1Xtra @BBC with @CharlieSloth bumping the hell out of #Barbie 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 crazy!!! #London 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧💨💨💨💨💨💨💨 @NICKIMINAJ #Queen album out Now! 🔥 #UPDN DJ Whoo Kid's photo on #Queen
11 Aug, 10:58 PM UTC
• IG:OnikaMonster
Nicki supporting Drake vs Drake supporting Nicki. #Queen https://t.co/1phUFOkW7X
12 Aug, 05:32 PM UTC
Lil Wayne praises Nicki Minaj's #Queen: "It is one of the best albums out there, period" https://t.co/ZGo8mPjaPI 👑👑 Rap-Up's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 04:52 PM UTC
Nicki Minaj Lite
12 Aug, 05:42 PM UTC
Listen to Nicki Minaj and Nas’ unreleased #Queen collaboration “Sorry” https://t.co/HgbYCRyEat Rap-Up's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 01:30 PM UTC
Nicki Minaj Brasil 🇧🇷
🚨 | '#Queen', novo álbum de @NICKIMINAJ ultrapassou os 200 MILHÕES de streams no Spotify. Nicki Minaj Brasil 🇧🇷's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 03:27 PM UTC
Rob Markman 💭💭💭
Barbz, I’m Working on something for next week. What’s ya favorite Nicki Minaj lines? Like dope word play shit #Queen
12 Aug, 07:03 PM UTC
#Queen is #1 on Apple Music!! 👏🏽👑 @NICKIMINAJ legend! Emma🌹🇬🇧's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 01:48 PM UTC
Cardi B Fans
What do you think was a better female rap album? RT FOR - #InvasionOfPrivacy by @iamcardib LIKE FOR - #Queen by @nickiminaj https://t.co/tJnY7DG5L8
12 Aug, 03:48 PM UTC
NM Streaming Party
Let’s change this to green. Also make sure we’re buying the clean version of #Queen too so we can debute high NM Streaming Party's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 03:42 PM UTC
Nicki Minaj Updates 2!
REMINDER: check your email to REDEEM your digital copies of #Queen if you purchased merch. 👑🚨
12 Aug, 06:14 PM UTC
Foro MDM
La @rfef ha cambiado el himno de España 🇪🇸 por . 'We Will Rock You' de #Queen para no ofender al pueblo de Marruecos 😵😵😵😵 RT #SupercopaDeEspana #Supercopa #SevillaFC @SevillaFC #fcbarcelona #Tanger Foro MDM's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 08:07 PM UTC
Drako Buitron
Rt This if @NICKIMINAJ is the #Queen of Rap. #queenradio #GanjaBurns #HardWhite #BarbieDreams https://t.co/nDsGs71ki2
12 Aug, 03:03 AM UTC
Pink Queen Tingz 🎀
“Made a nigga wait so long, it was special.” -@nas Nicki told y’all she don’t give it up easily #Queen 👑
12 Aug, 12:04 AM UTC
Price 💸 LLC
can we take a minute to appreciate an entire rap album written by the artist who made the album? congratulations to @NICKIMINAJ for such a successful album! #Queen out now! 🔥🔥 https://t.co/4hHxqUFVcH
12 Aug, 07:50 PM UTC
Nicki Minaj News
Which Single should be the next single from #Queen ?
12 Aug, 07:14 AM UTC
IG: hoodratken
A visual representation of Roman at the end of Barbie Dreams. 😈 @NICKIMINAJ #Queen IG: hoodratken's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 08:44 PM UTC
The Minaj Company
Billboard out in Times Square & I ain’t talkin bout McDonald’s BITCH! #QUEEN 🦄 The Minaj Company's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 09:21 PM UTC
Listen: Nicki Minaj dropped the song, featuring Nas, that would have caused #Queen's release to be delayed https://t.co/plJQsoiNi7 Variety's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 07:31 PM UTC
Nicki Charts
WW Apple Music Album Chart: #2. “#Queen” (+8) *New Peak* European Apple Music Album Chart: #2. “#Queen” (+10) *New Peak* https://t.co/LOwqnYSHZo
12 Aug, 09:25 PM UTC
A Queen Of Magic
#Efemérides | Tal día como hoy, el 12 de agosto de 2012, la cantante @JessieJ acompañó a Brian May y Roger Taylor de #Queen durante la ceremonia de clausura de los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres. A Queen Of Magic's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 08:00 AM UTC
Nicki Charts
🌎 Worldwide iTunes Album Chart: #1. “#Queen” (=) *3 days at #1* European iTunes Album Chart: #1. “#Queen” (=) *3 days at #1* https://t.co/LOwqnYSHZo
12 Aug, 09:24 PM UTC
I love you @NICKIMINAJ I love how you expressed Nicki minaj. I just want to let you know that i appreciate it from the bottom of my my heart.!! #Queen.!!❤😘
12 Aug, 03:39 PM UTC
Kjell Arne Totland
PARENTS OF MAUD, QUEEN OF NORWAY... Three years after their coronation their #daughter #PrincessMaud was made #Queen of #Norway alongside her husband #PrinceCarl of #Denmark , who took the name #KingHaakonV11. #royals https://t.co/HCc0LINrQd
12 Aug, 02:33 PM UTC
Maşallah millet fizik görsün ❤️👑🔥 @ddelen #Didemdelen #iyikiDidemDelen #DDFC #didem #dido #istanbul #sunucu #oyuncu #sanat #tiyatro #Queen #beatiful #cool #güzel #muhteşem DD.Maviş👑's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 08:15 PM UTC
Nicki Minaj Daily
‼️ MERCH GIVEAWAY ‼️ We’re giving away some nice merch to Barbz who join #MinajCommunity at https://t.co/W0OssCm0xs & have bought a copy of #QUEEN Follow us, RT & Like this tweet to enter for a chance to win. Picking 10 Members to Win! https://t.co/GEEB4HpGqu
12 Aug, 08:13 PM UTC
@NickiMinaj #BarbieDreams 🔥 Video By: @VanitySpells on IG!! #Queen Born_Stunnaflow's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 09:11 PM UTC
hi angel, I love you so much and I'm loving your new album I'm so proud of you, you're the great love of my life, thanks for everything. Can you fulfill my great dream? Please follow me, I've been waiting for your following since 2016 💓 #Queen @NICKIMINAJ gabriel's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 05:17 PM UTC
Good luck @LanaParrilla for the #TeenChoiceAwards tonight !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #OnceUponATime #lanaparrilla #Queen
12 Aug, 08:15 PM UTC
👑Erick Diaz👑
The album is out....i just wanna know something , @NICKIMINAJ how you feeling? 😬 #Queen
12 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC
Señor YaTuSabes 🇩🇴
#QUEEN I’ve had a front row seat to what a queen looks and moves like since birth. Blessed to have another year with this amazing woman that I’m lucky enough to call mom. https://t.co/wCxKzQiMDf
12 Aug, 09:06 PM UTC
@NICKIMINAJ me when I can’t sleep. I need help. It was like 5 am . #Queen #NipTuck 👑 ǝǝp's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 09:28 PM UTC
I can be laying in bed doing nothing while you little piggies are filling up my paypal account #findom #queen #femdon #worship #paypig #paypiggieswanted #paypiggies @rtfemdom1 @rtfindom @RTSubBitch Curvygirl94's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 07:02 PM UTC
Matipa Leon
@NICKIMINAJ #Queen of Rap z❤❤🍑❤❤
12 Aug, 09:27 PM UTC
Was at work going through the motions at work, ready to get home to my babies, and enjoy some more of #QUEEN.
12 Aug, 09:30 PM UTC
I can burn sooooo many calories dancing to #GoodForm thanks @NICKIMINAJ #QUEEN
12 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC
barbie thigs
@NICKIMINAJ the #Queen video today is?
12 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC
Best era ever! 👑 #Queen
12 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC
Mark Perez
@NICKIMINAJ you better have some fireworks going off for the last song on the #NickiHndrixxTour that shit finna be lit sis 😭🦄 #Queen
12 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC
Chipuke Mushe
@NICKIMINAJ Tomorrow at Bree #Queen Album R10 one copie
12 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC
chun swae
#Queen promo in Hollywood👀 @NICKIMINAJ chun swae's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC
#GoodForm got me ready to swing some long ass bundles while I pPop in the pool at Daylight. Too bad I hate long hair and can’t dance 🤦🏽‍♀️😂#imGreatInMyMind #Queen
12 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC

#Queen is growing on me.. on that note why nobody had the guts & lied to her that Chun Swae was a good song ️'s photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC
Best Era Ever #Queen 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
12 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC
Hussein ✨
Coco Chanel is one of those songs that makes you feel like breaking laws 🗣👏🏼 #Queen @NICKIMINAJ Hussein ✨'s photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC
@NICKIMINAJ Follow me again. I Lost my old Account #Queen
12 Aug, 09:28 PM UTC
#NipTuck on repeat @NICKIMINAJ #Queen Moon_light🌚's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 09:28 PM UTC
@NICKIMINAJ Me listening to #Queen N.I.T.A's photo on #Queen
12 Aug, 09:28 PM UTC
Now yes, #QUEEN is in a lane of its own.. But baby i get Beam Me Up Scotty ( the mixtape ) vibess all up n through it. Nicki came through with this one. The album is LEGENDARY #BARBIEDREAMS #GOODFORM #SIR #CHUNSWAE #CHUNLI #issaBop #issaClassic #ItsIcoNIC @NICKIMINAJ
12 Aug, 09:27 PM UTC
Nas ??? Quavo ??? #Queen @NICKIMINAJ #CSAM https://t.co/rOkqRDe9kU
12 Aug, 09:27 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from Netherlands.

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