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Congrats @sarkodie on your Best International Flow #HipHopAwards trophy! Daniel Kaluuya was the perfect presenter for this Award and we can’t wait to catch more of him as the star in #QueenAndSlim in theaters November 27! @BET's photo on #QueenAndSlim
09 Oct, 01:15 AM UTC
Queen & Slim
When looking out for yourself means looking out for an entire community. #QueenAndSlim @QueenAndSlim's photo on #QueenAndSlim
09 Oct, 12:00 AM UTC
Just watched @QueenAndSlim and it was AMAZINGGGG. So much power, beauty, and pain. They told this story so eloquently #QueenAndSlim I love my HBCU❤️ https://t.co/OqC18ZorcS
09 Oct, 12:28 AM UTC
All I can say is you HAVE to go see it when it hits theaters. Have to. #QueenAndSlim https://t.co/WKZXtD9ERq
09 Oct, 12:58 AM UTC
Queen & Slim
Tonight #QueenAndSlim director @melinamatsoukas brought the movie to @HowardU via @stayMACRO. https://t.co/QN3JHwNqXU
09 Oct, 12:37 AM UTC
Lena Waithe Fans
Ms. @melinamatsoukas recieves a standing ovation from the Howard University audience after the #QueenAndSlim screening 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 https://t.co/qoMaDqyLRA
09 Oct, 12:44 AM UTC
I’m not even a movie person but DAMN. Black culture is so important to me especially now at this point in my life and Queen & Slim really did it for me. This movie captured the essence of black STRUGGLE, black LOVE, black CULTURE, and BLACK LIFE. #QueenandSlim
09 Oct, 12:09 AM UTC
#QueenAndSlim was amazing and i will definitelyyyy be paying to see it again when it comes out😩
09 Oct, 12:36 AM UTC
Queen & Slim
"I hope to...create a dialogue. I don't want to explain what the film is about, because it's for you to interpret. And there's no wrong answer to it. I would like to think that my legacy is in the conversation." - @melinamatsoukas on making #QueenAndSlim #stayMACRO @HowardU
09 Oct, 01:18 AM UTC
little brown girl✨
#QueenAndSlim had me laughing, crying, and falling out my seat. An emotion roller coaster but I loved all of the authenticity of it and the raw truth that’s it going to bring to the big screen.
09 Oct, 12:43 AM UTC
#QueenAndSlim the most beautiful, powerful movie i’ve seen. 11/10 recommendation. everyone NEEDS to go out and see this when it comes out nov 27. it was incredible and had me sooo emotional. i loved every minute of it.
09 Oct, 12:29 AM UTC
Angel ✨
My friends and I are still crying over #QueenandSlim. Let it be known that I don’t EVER cry over movies. I need some therapy after this 😭
09 Oct, 12:43 AM UTC
I had the honor of pre-watching #QueenAndSlim tonight and I can honestly say the movie was amazing😭. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and I even shed a tear at the end. https://t.co/mlkDYDDtOE
09 Oct, 01:14 AM UTC
Queen & Slim
"It was really intentional. I wanted to bring back the idea of a soundtrack. I love that [the Queen & Slim soundtrack] shows the full dimensionality of black music." - Director @melinamatsoukas on the #QueenAndSlim soundtrack and the choice of music in the film. #stayMACRO
09 Oct, 01:19 AM UTC
Jada Lenae🎯
I had the privilege of seeing @QueenAndSlim and it was truly the best experience . From the cinematography to the soundtrack to the acting. I urge everyone to go see this timeless classic that has easily become one of my all time favorite movies 🙌🏾 #QueenAndSlim @LenaWaithe https://t.co/M1hordksq6
09 Oct, 01:19 AM UTC
louisiana headless horseman
#QueenAndSlim is a masterpiece frfr
09 Oct, 12:29 AM UTC
Queen & Slim
.@HowardU students have talent! Check out @whateverjewel’s #QueenAndSlim fan art that she presented to director @melinamatsoukas during the post screening Q&A. #stayMACRO @QueenAndSlim's photo on #QueenAndSlim
09 Oct, 01:26 AM UTC
Jasmine Mazyck
The response from @HowardU students about @QueenAndSlim was so incredible that Melina was in tears. She watched the film with 1500 students! #QueenandSlim https://t.co/SzdDd7PhHL
09 Oct, 01:23 AM UTC
QUEEN and SLIM was by the far the best movie i have seen. #QueenAndSlim
09 Oct, 12:37 AM UTC
cecily davis stan account
who gon be my legacy?? #QueenAndSlim 🔥
09 Oct, 12:38 AM UTC
Everybody and they moms need to watch this. ✊🏾 #QueenAndSlim https://t.co/GkOnZ88Nfj
09 Oct, 12:57 AM UTC
#QueenAndSlim . truly worthy of the many standing ovations it received tonight.
09 Oct, 12:49 AM UTC
Das Ghetto.
Not me lowkey wishing I got the movie #QueenAndSlim on bootleg so I could rewatch it rn . @melinamatsoukas & @LenaWaithe Truly a job well done ❤️💕
09 Oct, 01:22 AM UTC
@QueenAndSlim @HowardU queen and slim was an amazing movie 10/10 100% fresh on rotten tomatoes please go see it November 27th!!! #QueenAndSlim #HUearlyshowing
09 Oct, 12:45 AM UTC
#QueenAndSlim 10/10 recommend.
09 Oct, 12:57 AM UTC
$he’s Price Less
#QueenandSlim was amazing
09 Oct, 01:06 AM UTC
haven’t had a film make me feel so many things at once like #QueenAndSlim so amazing
09 Oct, 01:12 AM UTC
We’re in punchout still in distress 💔 A movie I didn’t know I needed #QueenAndSlim https://t.co/iBRoCKuIWm
09 Oct, 01:19 AM UTC
09 Oct, 12:41 AM UTC
#QueenAndSlim was the best movie I’ve ever seen.
09 Oct, 01:24 AM UTC

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