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Queen Sugar
That ending had us in shock. 😳 Thanks for watching #QUEENSUGAR with us, East Coast! @QueenSugarOWN's photo on #QueenSugar
14 Apr, 01:01 AM UTC
Ethan Hutchison
πŸ’™ Playing Blue over these past 5 years has been an amazing experience! Thank you @ava @Oprah & everyone at @QueenSugarOWN for this incredible opportunity. #QueenSugar #BlueIsTheGlue
14 Apr, 01:17 AM UTC
Queen Sugar
That look when your ex-husband is acting like he's your current husband. πŸ‘€ #QUEENSUGAR @QueenSugarOWN's photo on #QueenSugar
14 Apr, 12:06 AM UTC
Queen Sugar
Forever in our πŸ–€. #QUEENSUGAR
14 Apr, 12:29 AM UTC
Queen Sugar
So much is unfolding and there are only two episodes left. #QUEENSUGAR is back tonight at 8|7c. @QueenSugarOWN's photo on #QueenSugar
13 Apr, 05:00 PM UTC
Omg #QUEENSUGAR honored Chadwick Boseman and Black Panther!!!! https://t.co/ZH4DxCi4AG
14 Apr, 12:31 AM UTC
Anthony Sparks
Aunt Vi: β€œAin’t nobody ever put CEO on a headstone.” I meant that when I wrote it. For all of us. Eyes on the prize. #QueenSugar
14 Apr, 12:17 AM UTC
Queen Sugar
That is some fierce reassurance. #QUEENSUGAR @QueenSugarOWN's photo on #QueenSugar
14 Apr, 12:57 AM UTC
I love #QueenSugar . That's the tweet @QueenSugarOWN
14 Apr, 12:16 AM UTC
Queen Sugar
Did we just hear all of this correctly? #QUEENSUGAR @QueenSugarOWN's photo on #QueenSugar
14 Apr, 03:58 AM UTC
Sha' Smith
Aunt Vi had her fingers ready #QUEENSUGAR https://t.co/zCRUUwoFaF
14 Apr, 12:48 AM UTC
#QueenSugar is legit one of the best shows ever!!!!!!!
14 Apr, 01:43 AM UTC
Carolyn Ash
Aunt Vi when she heard Blue's big news... #QUEENSUGAR https://t.co/jEB04mRD4D
14 Apr, 12:49 AM UTC
Corey Bu-Shea
Queen Sugar is so necessary! Whew! #QueenSugar
14 Apr, 03:13 AM UTC
How are we already at the season finale? @QueenSugarOWN @ava we need more episodes! The storylines this season are outstanding πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ. #QueenSugar
14 Apr, 01:08 AM UTC
C. Nelson
Aunt Vi grinning through her teeth to Blue 😬 and angry texting Ralph Angel at the same time. @QueenSugarOWN #QUEENSUGAR https://t.co/i20v2eOHrm
14 Apr, 12:51 AM UTC
OpenBros ✨
#QueenSugar and chill ☁️ πŸ›Œ
14 Apr, 03:43 AM UTC
Mike πŸ‡΅πŸ‡· πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸš€
The preview for next week's season finale has me like.. #QUEENSUGAR https://t.co/Sf4dOcw4M3
14 Apr, 01:01 AM UTC
Man tonight last few minutes of #QUEENSUGAR was 🀯🀯 am not ready for season finale 😫
14 Apr, 02:20 AM UTC
After this episode and next week’s previews I’m about to put the Bordelon family on the church prayer list #QueenSugar #QueenSugarOWN
14 Apr, 01:13 AM UTC
K.P. Smith
In case you rip my heart out next week lemme say now how ABSOLUTELY AWESOME this season has been @ava #QueenSugar. https://t.co/hNCTQiyr2l
14 Apr, 01:02 AM UTC
Phenomenally -Openly- Black ✊🏾 (she/her)
As much as I love Aunt Vi she needs to get herself a life and quit trying to control everyone else’s. Yes she did a lot for Blue when he was small before both RA and Darla got themselves together. But at the end of the day he’s still their son not hers #QueenSugar
14 Apr, 12:51 AM UTC
chloexhalle stan acct ✨
Me and my mom watching the ending of #QueenSugar https://t.co/CST5tv6e2q https://t.co/HqPIJil5V8
14 Apr, 01:02 AM UTC
D. Love
This last segment...Speechless!#QueenSugar https://t.co/drKsggVVc9
14 Apr, 01:01 AM UTC
Ms. Sudz, Esq. πŸ‡­πŸ‡Ή
HOW IS NEXT WEEK THE SEASON FINALE?! #QueenSugar https://t.co/BqeyzCD4fE
14 Apr, 01:01 AM UTC
Emily Empire
@QueenSugarOWN I’m not ready for the next episode. I’m sitting here shaking OMG. #QueenSugar https://t.co/78OudVkySZ
14 Apr, 01:02 AM UTC
Fan Screening
Currently trending scripted: 6. #TheFlash 7. #QueenSugar 8. #WynonnaEarp 🍩 9. #Shadowhunters ➰ 10. #BringWynonnaHome πŸ“« like, RT & follow https://t.co/a9JWFMoKPG
14 Apr, 07:02 AM UTC
my everything hurts
@ava don't know how you do it but every episode tops the last. Just the tease of the finale got me on edge. #QueenSugar
14 Apr, 01:07 AM UTC
Y'all Madd
@ava the consciousness and the pettiness played so fine. Bravo πŸ‘πŸΎ #QueenSugar
14 Apr, 01:28 AM UTC
#QueenSugar this season is so good 😭 πŸ™ŒπŸΎ @ava
14 Apr, 01:01 AM UTC