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vic sanusi
Me watching #QueerEye season 3 https://t.co/yMtcFoHDgP
16 Mar, 06:02 PM UTC
Lisa Jane riley
Ok I am seriously LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF @QueerEye @netflix @netflixuk when @tanfrance is SHOUTING.....”Sqerrrrrrrrrrrl is a noise........Squirrel is a word”🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣#laughing #queereye #hilarious #netflix #newseries #squirrel #love #greattv #gaygodmother Lisa Jane riley's photo on #QueerEye
16 Mar, 03:35 PM UTC
Kasia Brzezinska 🎠
Drew this whilst binging ⁦@QueerEye⁩ and can’t express how much I missed these Queens #QueerEye Kasia Brzezinska 🎠's photo on #QueerEye
16 Mar, 10:39 PM UTC
me when Mary got her teeth done and could finally smile with confidence #queereye katie's photo on #QueerEye
16 Mar, 08:13 PM UTC
My favorite scene from season 3 of #QueerEye dani's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:57 AM UTC
Anna 🍑
This is what happens when you watch too much #QueerEye Anna 🍑's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:37 PM UTC
Three Steaks Pam
No one: Me after watching #QueerEye: Three Steaks Pam's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 10:02 AM UTC
a gente veio have fun
Eu assistindo #QueerEye a gente veio have fun's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:29 PM UTC
Laura Hurley
Life is one big game of wanting to watch all the episodes of #QueerEye but also not wanting to run out of episodes of Queer Eye.
16 Mar, 09:12 PM UTC
Cardi Guisada
about 70% of the time I ff through karamo's little life lesson bullshit #queereye
17 Mar, 01:28 PM UTC
James Hinchliffe
In the world there are two different types of people who pronounce squirrel . #QueerEye @QueerEye 1. People who say Squi-rrel 2. People who don't know how to pronounce squirrel correctly
17 Mar, 01:38 PM UTC
Lieutenant Trouble
Die Geschichte von Jess macht mich jetzt schon richtig traurig und dir Folge hat nicht Mal richtig angefangen. #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:35 PM UTC
Paris Duarte
not necessarily Antoni's stan but this clip of him dancing in #QueerEye season 3 ad is THE sexiest thing EVER!! fight me 😍😍💕🙌 Paris Duarte's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:17 PM UTC
Buttercup Kittensnatch
Me. #queereye Buttercup Kittensnatch's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:44 PM UTC
Yoyo 🎈
Quelle émission s’assoit à la table de #QueerEye et dis « je suis meilleure que toi? » Aucune🤷🏻‍♂️
17 Mar, 01:32 PM UTC
Katie Nutter
On the third episode of @QueerEye and I don’t think I have any tears left... 🥰😭 #QueerEye Katie Nutter's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:31 PM UTC
Omg @antoni in a Bowie tee, be still my beating heart 💕 #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:24 PM UTC
rach saw captain marvel 🌺
I love every episode of #queereye but episodes like 3x5 are so special and I’ll remember it forever ❤️ rach saw captain marvel 🌺's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:20 PM UTC
Professor Jayton
Man, #QueerEye got me crying again! The Fab Five have to be the most whole one people on this Earth. @QueerEye @Karamo @tanfrance @bobbyberk @antoni @jvn
17 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Iully Silva
Completamente desidratada por causa da season 3 de #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:43 PM UTC
#QueerEye é a coisa mais linda deste domingo! Obrigada @v1v1ka por tamanha insistência pra eu assistir!!!! Em 48 min tive milhoes de emoções e um amor enorme no coração!!! Assistam, assistam, assistam
17 Mar, 01:41 PM UTC
Katie Elizabeth (Semi-Hiatus) 🌙
Someone started a GoFundMe to help send Jess, the strong, black, lesbian woman from #QueerEye3 back to school. If you've seen her episode you know how much she deserves this. https://t.co/nNfjzWZeaw #QueerEye #showupforwishes
17 Mar, 01:41 PM UTC
I luv how every episode bobby has to build a whole house and karamo’s entire job is to just be like “how’s it goin guys” #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:39 PM UTC
Marco Jaboli Dacillo
By the time I hit ep 5 & 6, I had to hit pause and get out of the apartment because I was a sopping hot crying mess...#icanteven #queereye #queereyeseason3 #netflix @QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:38 PM UTC
I'm too old for this shit
"There is a freaking sword just sitting there in the floor. It's not even in it's sheath. I can't believe I knew the word sheath. I don't think I've ever used it in a sentence before but I did just now." God I love Antoni Porowski so much. He is my spirit animal #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:37 PM UTC
Platt Earth Theory
Well, I full on ugly cried at every episode of #QueerEye, but a joyful ugly cry Platt Earth Theory's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:36 PM UTC
MaFalDiNha AntiFasCisTa
Quer dizer que #queereye vai me fazer chorar em TODOS os episódios Netflix? Além de dicas de moda, comida e decoração tem muito amor e empoderamento, vale várias sessões de terapia
17 Mar, 01:36 PM UTC
Ila Ballerini
È arrivata la terza stagione di #QueerEye e ancora non s'è capito a cosa serva Karamo
17 Mar, 01:33 PM UTC
даниэла ф
i’m offended nobody has nominated for #QueerEye but its prob a good idea. Nobody wants to watch a 50 min episode of Karamo hugging me and telling me “it’s okay” даниэла ф's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:33 PM UTC
Watching the #QueerEye episode where his wife died of cancer and I’m a puddle of tears
17 Mar, 01:33 PM UTC
✧・゚L A U R A
Hey @QueerEye can I send you my tissue bill? I’m crying non-stop. Season 3 is too much. #queereye
17 Mar, 01:32 PM UTC
Sofia Lotto Persio
It was great speaking to @jesslayica about how #QueerEye helped her find her confidence, her family, and her voice. https://t.co/eIkA1pkD5P
17 Mar, 01:31 PM UTC
Omg William from season 2 likes my tweet💖 #queereye Gill's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:31 PM UTC
olivia davidson 🌼
The Little and Shorty episode had me in TEARS watching them look so happy and confident #QueerEye olivia davidson 🌼's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:30 PM UTC
Judging by my social media feeds am I missing something never having seen #QueerEye ?
17 Mar, 01:30 PM UTC
Olivia Beale
I've reached the jess episode of #QueerEye and it's making me bawl Olivia Beale's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:29 PM UTC
Can @tanfrance be my best friend, please? Or at least give me some style tips to help my lack of confidence. #queereye
17 Mar, 01:29 PM UTC
Graças ao meu crush do twitter @guiacme resolvi assistir a nova temporada de #QueerEye e estou AMAAAANDO
17 Mar, 01:28 PM UTC
Joshua Axelrod
God, for obvious reasons, the cancer episode of #QueerEye season 3 got me hard Joshua Axelrod's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:27 PM UTC
el primer capítulo de la temporada 3 de #QueerEye es como la pesadilla de las feministas antiespecistas xD pero obvio que lloré porque pucha, YO TAMBIEN HICE ESE VIAJE DE MACHONA 💖
17 Mar, 01:26 PM UTC
Adri A.
Ver #QueerEye y llorar cuenta como terapia? Adri A.'s photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:26 PM UTC
J ★
Procrastinating mode:on so I'm watching S03E04 of Queer Eye! #queereye #tvtime https://t.co/kNGLr5HTGP J ★'s photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:25 PM UTC
If everyone watched Queer Eye, there would be so much less hate in the world. #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:24 PM UTC
O que me faz feliz no momento é #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:24 PM UTC
Aida Menzil ♊🇧🇦
First things first ... #queereye 👀👌
17 Mar, 01:24 PM UTC
where's Fury?
assisti a "#queereye: Black Girl Magic" S03E05 9.9/10 #tvtime https://t.co/W2WJY1WYx8
17 Mar, 01:23 PM UTC
𝓈𝒶𝒷𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒶 🌙 🏳️‍🌈
Tan laughing in his coffee with the 'you better believe it' face after the trash bag strap comment was so me. HES SERVING US SO DONE REPRESENTATION WE STAN #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:23 PM UTC
I've just watched episode S03E02 of Queer Eye! #queereye #tvtime https://t.co/Tq8DP4uxWy erin's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:22 PM UTC
I didn’t know there’s only 8 episodes and I’m watching the last episode right now... 🥺 I DON’T WANT IT TO END #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:22 PM UTC
Every episode of #QueerEye inspires me to be a better person, not just for others, but for myself. Excuse me while I ugly sob into my ice cream and reflect on the negative aspects of myself and how I can improve. Autumn🍂's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:22 PM UTC
boom bazooka dora milajoe.
omg. John Mayer Patrick Bateman is actually cooking. world peace is not far off. #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:20 PM UTC
I've just watched episode S03E08 of Queer Eye! #queereye #tvtime https://t.co/Qk0jrR3HPM n(ull)'s photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:20 PM UTC
Diana Gloria
Got home from skiing with my family, so now it’s finally time for a #QueerEye S3 binge 😍
17 Mar, 01:19 PM UTC
Cam Nectoux-Millaire
J’ai des copies à corriger. Mais il y a #Queereye sur Netflix, et je voudrai pas tâcher les feuilles de larmes.
17 Mar, 01:19 PM UTC
okay let’s be real now. rob is bobby. #queereye https://t.co/0vDVUF8G71
17 Mar, 01:18 PM UTC
➡ JonaRaven
Pongo el primer capítulo de la nueva temporada de #QueerEye y es sobre una pareja de cazadores ➡ JonaRaven's photo on #QueerEye
17 Mar, 01:18 PM UTC
Stacy Bias
#QueerEye for the #UglyCry 😭😍😭
17 Mar, 01:17 PM UTC

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