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A major reason for the sharp decline in the quality of political debate in Britain is that the media rewards people for disgraceful behaviour. If you're caught lying on Wednesday, you'll be on Question Time on Thursday. Thread ...
11 Jan, 09:24 AM UTC
Doctor: Are you sexually active? Me: LMAO! The question should be when am I NOT sexually active!! Doctor: ok when are you not sexually active? Me: All the time
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
#GauravPradhan 🇮🇳
Let me ask you another Question @RahulGandhi Why you met Sanjay Bhandari more then four time in last 24 hours? What deals you busy with? Who is Sanjay Bhandari, READ this link
11 Jan, 06:33 PM UTC
David Sirota
Congress has #PayGo rules, essentially requiring new spending bills to be paid for with offsets. My question: at a time when climate change threatens all life on Earth, why aren’t there similar rules requiring any bill that increases carbon emissions to find carbon offsets?
11 Jan, 05:31 PM UTC
Tim Walker
Would this lady ever have had an opportunity to express views like this when Dimbleby was in the Question Time chair?
11 Jan, 12:04 PM UTC
Marlon Solomon
Putting out a call on social media to identify someone on Question Time because they are a disaffected Labour voter is just so sinister and weird. Marlon Solomon's photo on Question Time
11 Jan, 08:23 AM UTC
Parosident Buhari
Quick question. If you people have already decided that you will not vote for me, what's the need of wasting my time on campaign?? I will buy votes.
11 Jan, 06:04 PM UTC
.@JamesCleverly are you okay? You got burnt pretty badly on BBC Question Time last night! Take a break...
11 Jan, 08:08 PM UTC
José Luis de Vicente
En Question Time, programa estrella de la BBC, la presentadora pregunta al representante del gobierno cuál es el plan de May cuando su acuerdo sobre el Brexit sea rechazado. Esta es la respuesta. Hay que verlo. José Luis de Vicente's photo on Question Time
11 Jan, 03:20 PM UTC
Sean FBPE +++ 🇪🇺🇬🇧
Just how good is Fiona Bruce? Question Time has won me back.
11 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
MovieGeek&Proud 🏳️‍🌈
It's time for ❓QUESTION OF THE WEEK❓Comment 🔽and get a shout out on the show with your answer. New episode coming up next Wednesday. Subscribe to us on your favorite #podcast app #ff to @gotstratosphere & their amazing podcast. #filmtwitter #moviegeekandproud #moviepodsquad MovieGeek&Proud 🏳️‍🌈's photo on Question Time
11 Jan, 06:29 PM UTC
Manoj Gujaran 🇮🇳
#MediaCaughtLying India’s stated position is Kashmir is a bilateral issue so why even @Nidhi ask this question. How can any journalist go above stated position of GOI & Parliament? It is about time that such journalists are held accountable. @mahesh10816 Manoj Gujaran 🇮🇳's photo on Question Time
12 Jan, 02:01 AM UTC
Gareth van Onselen
The ANC plays this game all the time. The media needs to call time out on it. The measure is not 1994. Ramaphosa is president of a five year term administration. The question is what has been achieved since 2014. The answer is: sweet nothing.
11 Jan, 06:18 PM UTC
Vanessa 💛✨
being upfront is one of my values, I tell people what I think and feel about different subjects so there’s no doubt or question about my position about it 🤙🏽 let’s save time!! and for one night stands you know who to bother... not me for sure 😂😂😂🤣🤣
12 Jan, 04:09 AM UTC
Every time we raise the important question of women and their work being ignored, someone will come out to say that’s not the issue. You are treating a whole gender like they don’t exist or their work doesn’t matter. It is THE issue.
11 Jan, 11:35 PM UTC
Maybe sir, but question is this: In your 2017 analysis of UP, you said that Akhilesh is in great demand & Yogi "sirf ek mandal ke neta hain." In light of your disastrous failure, shouldn't you withdraw from analysis this time? Or no room for shame/accountability in journalism?
12 Jan, 06:58 AM UTC
The Poke
This Question Time woman went viral because she nails Theresa May and Brexit so well The Poke's photo on Question Time
11 Jan, 08:30 PM UTC
Have a question about your time at The #NAMMShow? Check out our Show Information & Policies page. NAMMShow's photo on Question Time
12 Jan, 12:55 AM UTC
Secret Gamer Girl
I can't see this quick little thread and not be reminded of the time a member of the hate group in question covertly filmed a teenage girl walking to school in a pleated skirt then went through looking for every frame where the shadows of the pleats could
12 Jan, 07:14 AM UTC
Evening Standard
'Even people who don’t follow tennis admire Murray: a Scottish sportsman in whom we can all take pride'
12 Jan, 01:46 AM UTC
Àjàdi Èdìdì
Whenever I say Nigeria is getting there, this is what I look forward to, the time when we can provide #peace for a foreigner to show the level of comfort we are providing for our people. The question now is, where do we start from?
12 Jan, 05:59 AM UTC
John's Son
@ontarioisproud @JustinTrudeau This young lady took the time to ask you a serious question and you gave her a nonsensical answer. You’re a useless tool!
11 Jan, 09:51 PM UTC
@jennaxkills @helainerose I ask her this question all the time.
12 Jan, 07:43 AM UTC
@tedlieu @FBI @realDonaldTrump @TheJusticeDept @MattWhitaker46 Ted, my question is, if the @FBI opened the investigation in 2017 and trump has publicly been doing Russia's bidding. And at the same time destroying the government, when do they act and step in? Sure, it's nice Papadopoulos got a couple weeks, but really?
12 Jan, 07:37 AM UTC
🥔🧀 ポモ
ー @ciy_info #雪の賢者 #CIY #CIYでマイトーテム生成 #ドット絵 #性格診断
12 Jan, 07:34 AM UTC
@Hits93Toronto Serious question, who took the time to type this out?
12 Jan, 07:45 AM UTC
So today’s question is for parents!! As someone who’s worked in the birthday party industry for a few months (as a part time entertainer),I noticed that younger parents feel the need to splurge on their kids birthdays, even if the kid might be slightly reluctant to have a party
12 Jan, 07:45 AM UTC
Self Harm Recovery (11 days)
1/ I don’t think I ever gotten into detail about how I found out my sexuality I should do it now So, while dating my 2nd boyfriend I started to question my sexuality. I was incredibly homophobic at the time, so I didn’t acknowledge it like my other emotions. I remember looking
12 Jan, 07:44 AM UTC
@GrandPOOBear @redbullesports @GamesDoneQuick Back to your question, it's gonna be one on the picture!!!! Believe it or not, the speedrun time is shorter than what you can imagine due to a secret short cut. Maybe I'll download that on my channel on YouTube 👊😎 CG_BREAKER's photo on Question Time
12 Jan, 07:43 AM UTC
K I M S E O K J I N🍩🏳️‍🌈
Seriously The Good Place made me question if I was a good person and continues to do so but this time it gets a little more complicated. This under 30-minute sitcom has reached new heights on the depth and concept of good than most serious hour-long shows.
12 Jan, 07:43 AM UTC
Papa Bule
@seunbule @Sirkastiq Lmao. Highest goal score in my faculty and won the cup for my department for first time in 20 years. Ask Toni. Also turned down Uni team because of politics. Next question please.
12 Jan, 07:43 AM UTC
Brendon Petersen
@siobhan_ed I ask this question (about him and his brother) all the damn time.
12 Jan, 07:41 AM UTC
Just a question, Warners has money why is Gar only turning into tiger every single time and I’m about 8 episodes in #TitansNetflix
12 Jan, 07:41 AM UTC
@krassenstein For the first time? Did that start today. LOL .. Hey Brain dead brian, You did not answer the question of how those that support the GOP are trying to keep you quiet. And????
12 Jan, 07:40 AM UTC
David Bombal
QUESTION TIME ⏳ Based on the output in Figure, answer the following questions: 1) What Data Type is a? 2) What Data Type is b? 3) What Data Type is c? Note: Assume that Python 3 is used in all my quiz questions. #Cisco #ciscochampion @CiscoDevNet David Bombal's photo on Question Time
12 Jan, 07:39 AM UTC
Ken Clean-Air System
@bad_takes Seems like a good time to reiterate my willingness to squander my white privilege on choking a few motherfuckers out. Note: Am a 6’, 240lb guy. By most estimations, a big ol’ hoss. Ain’t all that many folks I can’t choke out, given the targets in question.
12 Jan, 07:39 AM UTC
Shimmin Beg
[Content: AS] A question for university types. Several students handed in Western Religions worksheets with unmarked quotations as their answers. This time, though, in the Judaism section, two of them had copy-pasted paragraphs from *virulently antisemitic* websites. 1/10
12 Jan, 07:37 AM UTC
Math Corp
Not even the slightest bit interesting. we need to stop viewing the this program and Question Time as the two measures of political debate. They are not. Arm wrestling would be more productive. #dogshitpolitics
12 Jan, 07:37 AM UTC
Sometimes I really question why I chose the career path that I did bc running a business is soooooo physically, mentally, & emotional draining at the same time 😫
12 Jan, 07:37 AM UTC
Question Time viewers go wild for 'Woman in the Yellow Jacket' via @MailOnline
12 Jan, 07:36 AM UTC
fiona magliari
@LakeFama i forget my name all the time. im not trans, my brain will just short circuit when im asked a question
12 Jan, 07:36 AM UTC
everything takes time. so don’t rush or question it.
12 Jan, 07:36 AM UTC
Grand Magister Rommath
@MagisterAstalor Rommath was surprised and irritated at the same time that he would have to answer to this. "You have the audacity to come here just to question me about my relationship?" he hissed, making step closer to Astalor, +
12 Jan, 07:36 AM UTC
#سوچ_کا_سفر “Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.
12 Jan, 07:35 AM UTC
So much concern about the person with whom you have nothing to do? Ayush is their family members. Who the hell are you to question NM about him? Mind your own business. Stop tagging Nakuul in your nonsense cheap attention seeker. Use your useless time in your favs instead of NM
12 Jan, 07:35 AM UTC
Omar Haye
@ajmaljami She has cleared herself in an earlier visit to the SCP in showing source and a money trial WRT to the then asset in question. Hence unlikely she’d fail this time around. Law will take its course no one is covering or protecting her of any sin but her own self.
12 Jan, 07:33 AM UTC
@monoloop_ @botwbts The biggest question is how the non-fans spend so much time on the things that doesn't concern them. If you're confident that your idol is the best, talented,relevant and #1 in everything then there's no need for you to dig every single dirt just to make other groups look bad.
12 Jan, 07:33 AM UTC
@IndiaToday looks like when there is #MayaAkhi gathbandhan thn Modi is not a juggernaut in UP. Now more important question is tht will @narendramodi contest from 2 seats like he did last time or will he contest from U.P. alone or will he leave U.P. and contest from a safe seat in Gujarat.
12 Jan, 07:33 AM UTC
Lisa Heiman
@B52Malmet It's shocking, isn't it? Beyond my comprehension. I've been asking roughly the same question for a long time and I can't understand their duplicitous behavior at all. During the campaign they all hated him and now....? If you figure it out please clue me in.
12 Jan, 07:32 AM UTC

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