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Las Vegas Raiders
Darren Waller, speedy justice for you! #LVvsDEN I #RaiderNation https://t.co/EVlTVmrYIN
03 Jan, 08:12 PM UTC
Raider Cody
Shoutout to the best TE in the league, Darren Waller. Record Setter. #RaiderNation
04 Jan, 12:16 AM UTC
FINAL: The @Raiders finish the season with a WIN. #RaiderNation #LVvsDEN @NFL's photo on #RaiderNation
04 Jan, 12:58 AM UTC
CBS Sports HQ
Derek Carr's 2020 season: Career Rank ‣ 4,103 yards (Highest) ‣ 101.4 QB rate (Highest) ‣ 30 total TD (2nd highest) ‣ 256.4 ypg (2nd highest) ‣ 5 GWD (2nd highest) Looks like a career year for No. 4 #RaiderNation @CBSSportsHQ's photo on #RaiderNation
04 Jan, 03:04 AM UTC
CARR TO WALLER. @Raiders take the lead with 24 seconds left! #RaiderNation 📺: #LVvsDEN on CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https://t.co/fohj8JnptQ @NFL's photo on #RaiderNation
04 Jan, 12:50 AM UTC
The rookie Bryan Edwards hauls it in for the @Raiders TD. #RaiderNation 📺: #LVvsDEN on CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https://t.co/fohj8JnptQ @NFL's photo on #RaiderNation
03 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Raiders PR
In today's victory, @Raiders QB Derek Carr recorded his 21st career fourth-quarter comeback, improving his own NFL record for most fourth-quarter comebacks through a player's first seven seasons. #RaiderNation
04 Jan, 01:37 AM UTC
Shane Greaney 🏴‍☠️
Raiders sticking with Carr for another season? I know 80% of #RaiderNation are not happy.
03 Jan, 06:47 PM UTC
In 3 games vs Broncos, Josh Jacobs has: • 338 Total Yards • 6 TD’s • 3 Wins @iAM_JoshJacobs - The Donkey Destroyer #RaiderNation #BroncosCountry https://t.co/XnW5jeI628
04 Jan, 02:05 AM UTC
🄲🄷🅁🄸🅂 🥃🏴‍☠️
Much love #RaiderNation https://t.co/H4gjVpOzaU
04 Jan, 01:18 AM UTC
🗣I'm here for this
Helluva accomplishment this year for Darren Waller to become the all time reception leader. Also for Daniel Carlson to have a rebound year and breaking Janokowski record as well. And Josh Jacobs for back to back 1K seasons. Lets get better!! #RaiderNation
04 Jan, 01:03 AM UTC
Stage Door Casino
#RaiderNation Today's giveaway. #BeattheDonkeys https://t.co/IFagJbFp2s
03 Jan, 07:30 PM UTC
Chris Reed
The Raiders have to upgrade the defensive coaching staff. Brentson Buckner proved what a great coach can get out of his group while running the DLine in 2019. #RaiderNation 2018: 30th in Rushing 13 Sacks 2019: 8th in Rushing 32 Sacks 2020: 22nd in Rushing 19 Sacks https://t.co/LjqK5xqIKd
04 Jan, 02:42 AM UTC
Chris Reed
Raiders drafted Rolando McClain in the 2010 NFL Draft & waived him in 2013. The Ravens signed him & traded him to the Cowboys for a 6th round pick the Ravens used to draft Darren Waller. Raiders snagged him off the PS & now he has the Single Season Receiving record. #RaiderNation https://t.co/Fxa12EXQUO
04 Jan, 12:23 AM UTC
Derek Carr coming in clutch 💯 @thecheckdown | #RaiderNation @FanSided's photo on #RaiderNation
04 Jan, 12:54 AM UTC
Raider Art 🏴‍☠️🎄
Derek Carr rather throw the ball to the feet of Josh Jacobs instead of picking up a first down with his legs. This is the bs im talking about why I rather have Marcus Mariota as QB. Carr might have cost us the game. #Raiders #RaiderNation https://t.co/6QL9KsdbAE
04 Jan, 12:37 AM UTC
Rose Stabler 🌹
I didn’t watch Raiders football until after Kenny’s death . I found a wonderful group of people who truly love this team & for that I am thankful. #Snake #LVvsDEN #RN4L #RaiderNation 🌹 https://t.co/VtYuIonbe5
03 Jan, 04:27 PM UTC
IM HYPED! IM SO HYPED!! IM SO FREAKING HYPED!!!! RAIDERS WON!!!! Team work!!! Monday gonna be amazing!!! #RaiderNation #JustWonBaby #outwithabang
04 Jan, 12:59 AM UTC
Mary Gabrione
Okay Guys,last Game my #Raiders #RaiderNation 😍🏈🖤🤍☠️💋 Lets Win this game, always love U guys, Just Win Baby,beat the Broncos https://t.co/mQ4mRgDKPd
03 Jan, 08:55 PM UTC
James Kindred 🏈
Side Note: We all may have a million comparisons or differences of opinion to how we make this team or organization better... But there aren’t any differences or comparisons to the level of passion & love in #RaiderNation
04 Jan, 03:59 AM UTC
The Autumn Wind Podcast
Hard to believe that the first season of #TheAutumnWindPodcast🏴‍☠️ is over! I started the pod back in March and have been excited about its quick growth. To all of the listeners/subscribers... THANK YOU! Some great content and guests are on the way this offseason. #RaiderNation https://t.co/zvoSq5NcPB
04 Jan, 06:28 AM UTC
The Real Nation Podcast
Who is your pick for DC next year if you had to pick these 4 are your only options #RaiderNation #Raiders
04 Jan, 06:19 AM UTC
La Nación Raider
Nelson Agholor vivió su mejor temporada con 896 yardas (marca personal) y 8 anotaciones (empató su marca personal). Sus 18.6 yardas por recepcion fueron # 2 en la NFL (también marca personal). Tuvo 15 recepciones de al menos 20 yardas y 5 de al menos 40 yardas. #RAIDERNATION https://t.co/Ocl5kxqDRp
04 Jan, 06:09 AM UTC
Vegas Nation
🎙️Our latest #VegasNation podcast is live! 🎙️ The RJ's @edgraney, @AdamHillLVRJ and @HeidiFang examine the @Raiders season and what the team may look like in 2021. #RaiderNation LISTEN and SUBSCRIBE: https://t.co/vbj0N2LIYA @VegasNation's photo on #RaiderNation
04 Jan, 06:19 AM UTC
La Nación Raider
¿Qué tan mala fue la defensa de los #RAIDERS en el 2020? Están en el lado equivocado de los récords de la franquicia: Más puntos permitidos en una temporada (478), más yardas permitidas en una campaña (6225) y más yardas aéreas permitidas en una temporada (4212). #RAIDERNATION https://t.co/UpTlr9Gn79
04 Jan, 06:48 AM UTC
Valhalla Graphics Design
This most likely wont happen but just imagine. #RaiderNation https://t.co/xQaUCiPTV2
04 Jan, 05:27 AM UTC
Las Vegas Review-Journal
🎙️Our latest #VegasNation podcast is live! 🎙️ The RJ's @edgraney, @AdamHillLVRJ and @HeidiFang examine the @Raiders' season and what the team may look like in 2021. #RaiderNation LISTEN and SUBSCRIBE: https://t.co/0KPSliRL0l @reviewjournal's photo on #RaiderNation
04 Jan, 06:13 AM UTC
Jason McCallum
The last time the @Raiders had the 17th overall pick was in 2002. That next season, their QB won MVP and the team went to the Super Bowl. I think we all know where this is headed #RaiderNation ...
04 Jan, 06:33 AM UTC
Matt Prince
If you don't want @derekcarrqb as the Raiders qb next year. Then you need to check your #RaiderNation membership at the door. Carr is my ride or die!! The noninformed ones don't see how good he is.
04 Jan, 06:47 AM UTC

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