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#RAISEIT!!! YOUR BUCS win it 6-5 today to finish the season 82-79. Pirates's photo on #RaiseIt
30 Sep, 10:18 PM UTC
Trevor Williams
#RaiseIt #ThankYouForAGreat2018 Trevor Williams's photo on #RaiseIt
30 Sep, 10:34 PM UTC
⚾️ 82 wins ⚾️ 29 comeback wins ⚾️ 7 walkoff wins ⚾️ 1 Bucco Nation ❤️ Thank YOU for for all of your great support this season! #CapTip #RaiseIt Pirates's photo on #RaiseIt
01 Oct, 12:05 AM UTC
Your Bucs end the season with 82 wins and a series W in Cincy. #RaiseIt RECAP: https://t.co/2s9OrgwA1X Pirates's photo on #RaiseIt
30 Sep, 10:45 PM UTC
Rum Bunter
#RaiseIt the Pirates finish the 2018 season with a record of 82-79
30 Sep, 10:17 PM UTC
Cecilia Eicher
.@Emma4Change "Earl Thomas" "Browns" "Raiders" "Giants" "Colts" "Titans" "Nick Chubb" "Frank Reich" #CLEvsOAK #RaiseIt #MorningJoe #MorningMika #MondayMorning #KnowYourValue @NARAL @VotoLatino #WomensRights #Enough @th3j35t3r @SaysHummingbird @EmpowerWomenInt @davidhogg111 https://t.co/rSME6OKrf1
01 Oct, 12:05 AM UTC
I think the #Pirates had a good season. They far exceeded expectations IMO, especially after trading 22 & 45. I'm excited to see what next season will bring! For the last time in 2018 #RaiseIt #LetsGoBucs #PirateForLife
01 Oct, 12:06 AM UTC
Ryan Price
Love y’all no matter what ❤️ #RaiseIt https://t.co/osWvy1c8WA
01 Oct, 12:08 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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