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#RAISEIT!!! YOUR BUCS battle back to win it 8-7 tonight at PNC! https://t.co/I0wBJ3bgr8
20 Jun, 02:00 AM UTC
Comback complete. #RaiseIt RECAP: https://t.co/6iHrNVMSlG @Pirates's photo on #RaiseIt
20 Jun, 02:16 AM UTC
Trevor Williams
#RaiseIt @MeLlamoTrevor's photo on #RaiseIt
20 Jun, 02:12 AM UTC
AT&T SportsNet™ PIT
It’s a wild winner on the North Shore tonight! It was 7-1 Tigers in the 3rd. Pirates win it 8-7!!! Dickerson hits a 2-run double in the 3rd. Marte hits a 2-run homer in the 5th. Reynolds hits a 3-run homer in the 6th to put the Bucs up for good! #RaiseIt -RI
20 Jun, 01:58 AM UTC
The Pirate Parrot
What a comeback 🔥 #RaiseIt
20 Jun, 02:05 AM UTC
Pirates of the Allegheny
#RaiseIt🏴‍☠️ Pirates 8 Tigers 7 Pirates largest comeback in 11 years after being down 7-1. Reynolds and Marte led the way with longballs, Dickerson had a clutch 2 RBI 2B. Hopefully a chance to turn things around with pieces coming back. #ProtectTheShip🚢 #LetsGoBucs
20 Jun, 02:03 AM UTC
ABSO-BUC’N-LUTELY Bryan Reynolds ! #RaiseIt BUCS Beat Tigers 8-7! #LETSGOBUCS #RTJR https://t.co/5wr806Cqj2
20 Jun, 02:07 AM UTC
Rum Bunter
#RaiseIt 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
20 Jun, 01:59 AM UTC
Amanda Jane, RN💛🖤⚾️
20 Jun, 02:03 AM UTC
Listen to the game with my radio on.....clap along to the rhythm of a Buccos song. #RaiseIt
20 Jun, 02:00 AM UTC
#RaiseIt baby!!!!!! Adam Frazier started a go-ahead rally. Bryan Reynolds is amazing. I'm 1-0 while at PNC Park wearing a GAME-WORN Adam Frazier jersey!!! https://t.co/V6jWb7UjXX
20 Jun, 02:00 AM UTC
Mike in Illinois: #412 guy stuck in the #309
#RaiseIt #VictoryDance https://t.co/rZDZDKZ7ak
20 Jun, 01:59 AM UTC
Mitchell Nagy
20 Jun, 02:00 AM UTC
Pirates Faithful
It's that time again boys and girls! #RaiseIt
20 Jun, 01:59 AM UTC
#RaiseIt they're now 756-773 for the decade. Now tied with the 1940s Bucs for 7th most wins in a decade in Pirates history
20 Jun, 02:01 AM UTC
Random Internet Man
#RaiseIt 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ https://t.co/madRDFx2BQ
20 Jun, 01:58 AM UTC
James Santelli has World Cup fever! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Oh, and #RaiseIt @JamesSantelli's photo on #RaiseIt
20 Jun, 02:03 AM UTC
#RaiseIt #RaiseTheJollyRoger
20 Jun, 02:00 AM UTC
1-0 this season at Pirates games. 😛 #RaiseIt https://t.co/GM0tp8OwRa
20 Jun, 02:35 AM UTC
the average joe
That feeling when the Pirates #RaiseIt 🏴‍☠️ https://t.co/son10Rl929
20 Jun, 02:55 AM UTC
Amanda Kitlak
A bit delayed, but WAY TO GO BUCS!! This team has a lot of fight left in 'em!! No matter how down they are, they make things interesting! Love a good comeback win! #RaiseIt
20 Jun, 02:36 AM UTC
🖤💛 Rochelle 🖤💛
#LetsGoBucs #RaiseIt https://t.co/qJf3MCZaUX
20 Jun, 02:45 AM UTC
Pirates PLUS
▪︎FINAL FROM PNC PARK▪︎ PIT 8 DET 7 Really nice comeback victory with more good pitching be the 'pen. Bryan Reynolds's 3-run HR was the big hit of the game. They're now 33-40. Off day tomorrow. #RaiseIt #RTJR🏴‍☠️
20 Jun, 02:35 AM UTC