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Robert Reich
CEO of Alphabet (Google's parent) got $280,621,552 last year. That's about $140,000 an hour. The federal minimum wage is still $7.25 an hour. #RaiseTheWage
25 Feb, 07:31 PM UTC
John Fetterman
Since the Senate Parliamentarian won’t allow a $15 minimum wage to go through reconciliation, then it’s time to end the filibuster and #RaiseTheWage. Working people across America are struggling and cannot wait any longer. They need a living wage now https://t.co/8EAr2m29cR
26 Feb, 12:29 AM UTC
Mondaire Jones
We cannot allow a parliamentary ruling to stand in the way of a living wage for tens of millions of Americans. We won the majority and now we need to use it. Overrule the parliamentarian and #RaiseTheWage
26 Feb, 02:16 AM UTC
Patriotic Millionaires
Take it from the founder of Men's Wearhouse—raising the minimum wage is not a Republican or a Democratic issue. It's an American issue—about making sure that when employees go home they have enough money to drive businesses. $7.25 is an immoral abomination. #RaiseTheWage now. @PatrioticMills's photo on #RaiseTheWage
25 Feb, 09:03 PM UTC
Fight For 15
"I hope folks understand, $15 was already the compromise" Rep. @RashidaTlaib right now on the House floor talking about the dire need for a minimum wage increase in her district and nationwide. #RaiseTheWage #FightFor15 @fightfor15's photo on #RaiseTheWage
26 Feb, 01:17 AM UTC
Scott Dworkin
“$7.25 an hour is an immoral abomination” says co-founder of Men’s Wearhouse George Zimmer #FightFor15 #RaiseTheWage @funder's photo on #RaiseTheWage
25 Feb, 10:02 PM UTC
jason dogwood ™️🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸👬🏼🥀
If you’re willing to pay more for goods and services in order to get a $15 an hour federal minimum wage raise your hand. 🙋🏼‍♂️. #RaiseTheWage
26 Feb, 03:00 AM UTC
Fight For 15
BREAKING: Following the Senate Parliamentarian’s ruling that raising the minimum wage to $15 does not meet requirements for the reconciliation process, Houston McDonald’s worker and #FightFor15 and a Union leader Maribel Cornejo released the following statement. #RaiseTheWage @fightfor15's photo on #RaiseTheWage
26 Feb, 12:28 AM UTC
Tedra Cobb
“Might as well give up, the parliamentarian ruled.” — Said no voter, ever. #RaiseTheWage
26 Feb, 01:22 AM UTC
Progressive Caucus
We cannot allow the advisory opinion of an unelected parliamentarian and Republican obstructionism stop us from delivering on our promise to voters. Workers are counting on us to #FightFor15 and finally #RaiseTheWage for millions.
26 Feb, 02:27 AM UTC
James E. Clyburn
House Democrats won’t stop fighting until hard working Americans get the raise they desperately need and deserve. We must #RaiseTheWage.
26 Feb, 02:37 PM UTC
Business for Fair MinWage
Federal Minimum Wage 2009: $7.25 2010: $7.25 2011: $7.25 2012: $7.25 2013: $7.25 2014: $7.25 2015: $7.25 2016: $7.25 2017: $7.25 2018: $7.25 2019: $7.25 2020: $7.25 2021: $7.25 Longest period in history without a raise 👎 CONGRESS: ⬆️ #RaiseTheWage ⬆️
26 Feb, 01:37 AM UTC
Joe Sanberg
Dear U.S. Senate: If the minimum wage had grown at the rate of productivity since 1960, it would be $23 now. But it is just $7.25. #RaiseTheWage
26 Feb, 02:54 PM UTC
W. M.
The last Minimum Wage increase was in 2009. Can you imagine Members of Congress going almost 12 years without giving themselves a raise? #RaiseTheWage
26 Feb, 01:48 AM UTC
Phillip voted for #BidenHarris🇺🇸
@RBReich The minimum wage was last raised on July 24, 2009. ENOUGH of the delay...#RaiseTheWage NOW. https://t.co/RlkFreURXO
26 Feb, 01:19 PM UTC
Teresa Smith
The folks at CPAC make a living off of making sure others cannot. Vote for Democrats. We deserve leaders who work for the People. #DemVoice1 #Dems4USA #VoteBlue22 #VoteBlue2022 #RaiseTheWage #CPAC2021 #MinimumWage #GQP #gop https://t.co/kaLak94ter
26 Feb, 01:31 PM UTC
Fix. This. Now. #RaiseTheWage https://t.co/2gnGrqBoPn
26 Feb, 04:03 PM UTC
Business for Fair MinWage
Hundreds of businesses are signing our Business for a Fair Minimum Wage statement 📋 at https://t.co/1pgXrPZH7f calling on Congress to Raise the $7.25 federal minimum wage ⬆️ 💡 #RaisetheWage is good for ✅ Workers ✅ Businesses ✅ Communities ✅ Shared Recovery
26 Feb, 01:52 AM UTC
California Labor Federation
Essential and front-line workers make up a majority of those who would benefit from a $15 minimum wage. Show your #solidarity with #essential workers! Call on Congress to #RaiseTheWage and #FightFor15! @Fightfor15LA @NorCalFF15 @fightfor15 https://t.co/jA4xm3ixAJ
25 Feb, 06:10 PM UTC
melissa “cancel student debt” byrne
You mean like this? @AndrewYang is a guy who goes on hate media to bash #RaiseTheWage https://t.co/Po1iSDkjbG @mcbyrne's photo on #RaiseTheWage
26 Feb, 02:45 AM UTC
Mara McEwin
$15 SHOULD be the minimum wage Sadly, it will have to be a stand alone bill. And that means treating it like a fight. A full on marketing campaign, texting, phone banking, rallies.... WORK Bills take work. Not just from Congress. #RaiseTheWage #COVID19 #CovidReliefBill
26 Feb, 03:12 PM UTC
40 million people in the US are working in poverty today, sometimes holding down two and three jobs. We need to stop being a country of big billionaires and working poor. Working families need a $15 minimum wage and we need it now. #RaiseTheWage
26 Feb, 03:37 PM UTC
Show Me $15
Our politicians are playing political games with our lives. Call your Senators and tell them to commit to a $15/hr minimum wage, and not to mess around: 888-639-5155 #RaiseTheWage #Fightfor15 https://t.co/M4MelGlsDB
26 Feb, 02:45 PM UTC
Brian Caskey
It is unacceptable, in this great state and in this great nation, for us to tolerate people working hard and also living in poverty. #RaiseTheWage
26 Feb, 04:04 PM UTC
Peter - The Biden era - ending the Trump error!
As a business owner if one can't afford to pay 15 bucks an hour, they are either in the wrong business or just really don't need the help. #Fam46 #DemVoice1 #RaiseTheWage https://t.co/Ic9ZHOWZJg
25 Feb, 10:36 PM UTC
NC Raise Up
We are NOT slowing down in this fight. Archaic parliamentary process, greedy corporations, and politicians will not stop us from getting $15/hr and union rights for all workers. WE WILL WIN. #FightFor15 #RaisetheWage https://t.co/fxghVSWTuN
26 Feb, 03:54 PM UTC
UltraViolet (Text JOIN to 98688)
This is URGENT! If you're in DC, join @UltraViolet, @_shethepeople, @onefairwage, @womensmarch and others to #RaiseTheWage @UltraViolet on RaiseTheWage">https://t.co/D509KQQzqG
26 Feb, 03:32 PM UTC
NC Raise Up
Our politicians are playing political games with our lives. Call your Senators and tell them to commit to a $15/hr minimum wage, and not to mess around: 888-639-5155 #RaiseTheWage #Fightfor15 https://t.co/fsxpZQJc0l
26 Feb, 04:02 PM UTC
Show Me $15
There’s no quick fix to economic inequality and racial injustice, but changing the structures that enable oppression, like low wages, is a good start. It’s time to #RaiseTheWage #Fightfor15 https://t.co/CaEOn9aMCe
26 Feb, 04:05 PM UTC
Fight for 15 Florida
The US is founded on a regime of white supremacy that devalues the lives and labor of Black and brown people. We can’t wait any longer, we need to start addressing these structures of oppression head on. One place to start is raising the minimum wage. #RaiseTheWage @RevDrBarber https://t.co/QpMzdaY5gr
26 Feb, 04:02 PM UTC

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