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Tomer Azarly
The LA Dodgers Twitter account retweeted the Lakers, Rams, LAFC, Sparks, Galaxy, Chargers, and LA Kings’ tweets congratulating them. All except for the Clippers’ tweet lol. 👀 (h/t @dj_richierich) @TomerAzarly's photo on Rams
28 Oct, 04:48 AM UTC
SV News 🚨
BREAKING: Car rams through & runs over police officers trying to disperse crowds in #Brooklyn, New York—conditions unknown. @SVNewsAlerts's photo on Rams
28 Oct, 02:18 AM UTC
Cassandra Scarebanks🎃
BREAKING: Car Rams Through Line of NYPD Officers During Brooklyn Black Lives Matter Riot https://t.co/vSHICtZQ36
28 Oct, 03:42 AM UTC
Kgothatso Makhura
It's very painful seeing our CVs dumped like this😢 while we use our last money to make copies😭💔 https://t.co/IE0aQijv1A
28 Oct, 06:15 AM UTC
Tumi Sole
Scammers are wilding especially on Facebook! They’ve created fake accounts and fake banking details relating to Zikhaya Sithole. Please don’t fall for such. I’ve pinned the tweet with the correct and verified banking details.
28 Oct, 07:06 AM UTC
28 Oct, 06:26 AM UTC
I Want My Damn Respect Too ⁶𓅓
Chargers and rams fans tryna simulate a chip for LA after tonight https://t.co/B52HVz4TkP
28 Oct, 03:49 AM UTC
Clash Of The Horns 5-2
@RamsNFL @drownedinlean @Dodgers Lakers ✔ Dodgers ✔ Rams ????!!!
28 Oct, 03:45 AM UTC
Lwazi Msomi
The Hawks should visit Cyril Ramaphosa next becuase there's no way in hell people are building 3M Rand statues while the unemployment and poverty rate is this high in SA. #Hawksarrests https://t.co/dti9uElVqd
28 Oct, 06:59 AM UTC
badluck jones
BREAKING: Car Rams Through Line of NYPD Officers During Brooklyn Black Lives Matter Riot https://t.co/5IprGpkm49
28 Oct, 04:49 AM UTC
Polo is for legends 😂😂😂vvvvrrrrrPha. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/AzByF9TnAG
28 Oct, 07:49 AM UTC
Jason Ramirez
Yoo stop killing the LA champ vibe by bringing up the rams 😷
28 Oct, 05:29 AM UTC
Only other LA team that’s gone have LA going up like the Lakers & Dodgers are the Rams. Nobody cares about the Clippers or the Chargers
28 Oct, 07:44 AM UTC
Thulani De Afrika
Isizulu sounds sexy when ladies speak it. When she says “Yebo Baba” I feel like burning her parent’s house and allow her to move in with me https://t.co/lFgTyIHKDQ
28 Oct, 07:48 AM UTC
We got the Lakers’ championship for Abe, the Dodgers championship for myself & now we just need a Rams championship for you, your family & the GOAT JoJo 👼🏻💙💛 https://t.co/04LAhfzMIw
28 Oct, 07:43 AM UTC
Los Angeles Rams vs Miami Dolphins Prediction [1st Nov 2020] Reveal here >>> https://t.co/NbAMzVFA8z #NFLPicks #NFLCapper #BestNFLCapper #FreeNFLPicks #NFLPicksToday #BettingGods #LosAngelesRams #MiamiDolphins #WeekendNFL
28 Oct, 07:58 AM UTC
2𝙭 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙢𝙥𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕠 🕷
gonna lob dick on here if Rams win as well https://t.co/lRAJ325wPT
28 Oct, 07:55 AM UTC
lex amissa
@Rams_2021Champs @Starkfaced @PFF Why are you assuming Niners fans can read?
28 Oct, 07:46 AM UTC
@Molwedi_Rams Dintja tsa di las😂
28 Oct, 07:54 AM UTC
@MaguguOkuhle @Rudystreetalk @Molwedi_Rams @dailysunsa Aiii this guy must just go visit Men'sClinic....😂😂😂😂😂 he has complications
28 Oct, 07:53 AM UTC
Magugu Mvuyane😊
@vusimikemotha @Rudystreetalk @Molwedi_Rams @dailysunsa Honestly 😂😂 my boyfriend is chubby and that guy can go on for 30 min with no pause I don't know where he gets so much energy
28 Oct, 07:51 AM UTC
Tello Rams
Proud of this gentlemen, was watching @theo_baloyi01 on @ImcocoMash show the Financial bunny yesterday. You are doing great work and God bless you https://t.co/exiDiM8nSD
28 Oct, 07:51 AM UTC
J ♱
@sznbojack definitely better n most qbs wouldnt succeed wit bears offense right now but I think most qbs wit decent speed coulda got us more points than Foles in Colts n Rams game Foles was supposed to make less mistakes, hit deep balls, etc but he doesnt do any of it + hes a statue
28 Oct, 07:49 AM UTC
@LD_Rams @ScottBarrettDFB Yeah, really sounds like you and the Landau-style of life
28 Oct, 07:47 AM UTC
It’s a nice feeling to wake up on match day and actually look forward to kick off based on our previous performance... you Rams 🐏 #dcfc
28 Oct, 07:45 AM UTC
@RamsByTheHorns @Thabisoo ola Ta Rams Le nou since 2017 The KFCAssault case has not sat yet in court the justice system is falling us dismally
28 Oct, 08:03 AM UTC
@LAFBNetwork @JenniferMills21 Charger vs Tampa for another LA vs FL series? or Rams out right win it since they can't play Tampa for the 🏆 and the other Florida teams I don't see either of them making it..lol
28 Oct, 08:02 AM UTC
Jason Gehrlein
@Nmartin55 @RamsNFL I can’t imagine how salty the NFL would be if the Rams snuck themselves a title. The saltiness would be off the charts.
28 Oct, 08:02 AM UTC

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