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Arsenal Guns
Ramsdale on Instagram “Sometimes mistakes happen but I’m super proud of the boys digging us out today.” https://t.co/UIQyHwPUIw
13 Aug, 05:41 PM UTC
Premier League
GOAL Arsenal 2-1 Leicester (53 mins) Saliba tries to head back to Ramsdale, but sees the ball slip past and in to his own net. #ARSLEI
13 Aug, 03:14 PM UTC
No True Arsenal Fan would Scroll Without LIKING ❤️ this Pic of Gabriel Jesus in action for Arsenal against Leicester. Gabriel Jesus #ARSLEI Arsenal Ramsdale Zinchenko Leicester https://t.co/xXUpuyBubx
13 Aug, 03:54 PM UTC
Premier League
GOAL Arsenal 3-2 Leicester (74 mins) A low drive from a tight angle by James Maddison goes underneath Aaron Ramsdale and the Foxes are back in it again #ARSLEI
13 Aug, 03:34 PM UTC
Man, Gabriel Jesus. I can’t even find the words. What he did from the Ramsdale pass just blows my mind. His first goal was just tremendous, striker’s instinct for the second and could have bagged himself a hattrick. We used to have Lacazette. LACAZETTE. I’m crying.
13 Aug, 05:59 PM UTC
Got to say, I was very disappointed with Ramsdale today. Lacked consistency with his quality on the ball today throughout the 90 minutes and the second goal is extremely poor on his behalf. Slightly annoyed that we didn’t keep a clean sheet today.
13 Aug, 04:22 PM UTC
Ranveer Singh
Good decision to overturn the pen there by the ref ! #ramsdale barely did anything there! Come on Vardy #jamievardy there wasn’t anything in that ! Good job ref 👏🏾 @PLforIndia @PLforIndia #ARSLEI ( ummm Jesus .. get that hat trick and some insurance already )
13 Aug, 02:47 PM UTC
Gilles 🇳🇬🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Ramsdale’s 60-70 yard passes are becoming a real attacking option, not sure how Jesus doesn’t convert this chance into his hat-trick, but our threat is so evident now. https://t.co/5uBlnD2QyY
13 Aug, 08:38 PM UTC
Eddie C.P
Ramsdale- comes out Vardy- https://t.co/TSrjMsTRTf
13 Aug, 02:46 PM UTC
Arsenal got me feeling real good. Saliba, Partey and Gabriel Jesus were the standout performers for me. Mikel Arteta gon' be pissed we didn't get a clean sheet thanks to Ramsdale. https://t.co/UIvdoGuvjc
13 Aug, 04:44 PM UTC
MC Miti
Akwa Ibom language is too sweet. Chat me on telegram 08064550440 if you want full video. Or link on my bio. Calabar Baddest Yusuf Wike Ronaldo Maguire Ramsdale #BREMUN #obidatt2023 Eric Ten Hag APC and PDP https://t.co/a7DRA78QwD
13 Aug, 06:04 PM UTC
hass 🇵🇸
Still baffed how Jesus took down a Ramsdale long ball, fought with Evans and Amartey with his back to goal and wriggled his way out, 1v1 with Ward ffs This guy is special
14 Aug, 12:44 AM UTC
This is what Manchester United fans should be doing right now 👇 #BREMUN Disgrace Martinez Ten Hag Ramsdale Saliba Fofana Xhaka Mourinho Roy Keane Rashford Saka Pogba Ajax Ralf Rangnick Chelsea Sancho Zinchenko Gunners Eriksen https://t.co/UO4y2GmWal
13 Aug, 05:41 PM UTC
Mazi Olisaemeka C. ™
One thing “All or nothing” taught me is that on Monday, Saliba and Ramsdale will be called into that room with the big screen at London Colney by one of the assistant coaches and their errors today will be analyzed.
13 Aug, 08:45 PM UTC
Leicester City
Iheanacho with the ball inside the area, switches back to Maddison who drills a low shot through Ramsdale's legs ⚽ #ARSLEI https://t.co/DdpvtXwkaZ
13 Aug, 03:34 PM UTC
Ndubueze Prince Chiagoziem
Aaron Ramsdale on Instagram https://t.co/bt6dq3BJ8I
13 Aug, 06:39 PM UTC
Leicester City
Long ball forwards, flicked on by Justin and Saliba beats Ramsdale to the ball but finds the back of his own net ⚽ #ARSLEI https://t.co/uKBs4BtDNQ
13 Aug, 03:14 PM UTC
FPL Banger Podcast 🎙️
So close to a Ramsdale assist and Jesus hattrick 🥲 https://t.co/Ow9lfNVB75
14 Aug, 03:32 AM UTC
Ebuka Means Great 𓃵
I don’t care who was at fault for the own goal, as I said earlier, “I don’t care” but if you’re gonna pin it on Ramsdale, you’re biased. Y’all have closed your eyes to the fact that Saliba was under pressure and we won’t be having this conversation if he cleared the ball. It's ok
13 Aug, 10:18 PM UTC
Le Grove
Had my hands slapped on Le-Grove and in my DMs for worrying about Ramsdale. Hope I am wrong. I'll eat a 'Ramsdale is a top 3 Premier League Keeper' humble pie all day long. Just think he needs to shape up and get back to being a calming influence.
14 Aug, 02:45 AM UTC
Arsenal FC News
Saliba's reception after his own goal shocked everybody. 🔴 #AFC https://t.co/9GCUzwacRg
14 Aug, 05:15 AM UTC
Arteta lays down challenge for Xhaka as Arsenal crowd give Saliba career first 🔴 #AFC https://t.co/8iAZWJpv9j
14 Aug, 05:30 AM UTC
Ndubueze Prince Chiagoziem
Penalty to leceister city, Vardy fouled by Ramsdale
13 Aug, 02:42 PM UTC
Flashback to when Manchester United defeated Liverpool 4-0 in a Preseason game only to be humiliated 4-0 by Brentford at half time. 🤣🤣🤣 They've also created a new record Xhaka Jesus Martinez ArsLei De Gea Cr7 Saliba Ramsdale https://t.co/KioIdd1zh7
13 Aug, 05:43 PM UTC
Shambi Lokonga
HITS: 🔥 Jesus 🚀 ??? 🫶 ??? MISSES: 🧤 Ramsdale ➡️ ??? 🚧 ??? After Arsenal’s enthralling 4-2 win against Leicester, I give my Hits and Misses from the match for @ltarsenal.com. Have a read 👇 https://t.co/LFpvCss2BT https://t.co/hyAg2JA6aq
14 Aug, 04:49 AM UTC
O M O O L O K U N E S I N 🏇 ✍️ 🇨🇦🇳🇬
@PatrickTimmons1 Mentality monster. Ramsdale needs to be more composed. Not only the own goal, even the Madison goal was also preventable. A good outing overall, they can only get better over the season.
13 Aug, 08:27 PM UTC
Marvin Hagler
I like that the first goal we conceded yesterday comfortably suits everyone. You can blame Ramsdale for coming out; White for not winning a header; Saliba for scoring the own goal- 3 events of which have never happened in football. Then we can resume rooting for them. OKML.
14 Aug, 05:32 AM UTC
Lone Wolf 👹😋🦴
@ags_pr @ucfavy781 @Arsenal He was. I have to chip in a little blame for Ramsdale there. He seemed way off his line.
14 Aug, 05:44 AM UTC
@Larterlia @danpom @piersmorgan @m8arteta Yes. Early doors still. Ramsdale has got us out of jail a few times. He made errors yesterday and thankfully they didn't bite us. Saliba was majestic despite the own goal. He is 21. Arteta must ensure his confidence doesn't collapse.
14 Aug, 05:36 AM UTC
Dr Bada By Far!
Jesus saves. He does. At Arsenal though he has left that completely to Ramsdale. All he does now is score goals. Plenty goals. Thank you Jesus.
14 Aug, 05:35 AM UTC