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Sean Hannity
RAND PAUL: "Fauci continues to ignore 100 years of vaccine science... If you’ve recovered or been vaccinated - go about your life. Eat, drink, work, open the schools. Enough with the petty tyrants!" https://t.co/p82vvyM7r7
12 Apr, 11:30 PM UTC
Ricky Davila
Democrat Charles Booker officially announces that he’s exploring a run for US Senate against bathroom rug head Rand Paul, a seditious scumbag racist who said he would’ve opposed the civil rights act. Come on @Booker4KY, do it! 💙👏
12 Apr, 11:45 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
Democrat Charles Booker, whose unabashedly progressive campaign in Kentucky came up just short in last year's Senate primary, says he's forming an exploratory committee as he weighs a follow-up race in 2022 against Republican Rand Paul. https://t.co/TvshU5ZBrN
13 Apr, 01:00 PM UTC
The Hill
Charles Booker launches committee to consider challenge to Rand Paul: "We will transform Kentucky" https://t.co/KPJs2x2xrk @thehill's photo on Rand Paul
12 Apr, 10:28 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
38,000 gun deaths a year . . . GOP opposes gun control laws. 2 cases of voter fraud a year . . . GOP passes 265 new voter suppression laws. Craven assholes #HeWhoShallBeNamed Josh Hawley Rand Paul Nate Silver Dollar Tree Lockdown Hobby Lobby Boehner Ashli Babbitt Officer Evans @SteveRustad1's photo on Rand Paul
13 Apr, 03:04 PM UTC
Mystery Solvent
Remember when Rand Paul wouldn’t clap when the Senate was giving a standing ovation to Officer Goodman and all of the Captiol law officers? @MysterySolvent's photo on Rand Paul
13 Apr, 05:23 AM UTC
Steve Rustad
These racist MAGA traitors are still in Congress. Parading around as patriots. They need to GO. Craven assholes. #HeWhoShallBeNamed #tuesdayvibe Josh Hawley Rand Paul Nate Silver Dollar Tree Lockdown Hobby Lobby Boehner Kim Potter Ashli Babbitt Good Tuesday Officer Evans https://t.co/LZ1IrcfJck
13 Apr, 03:00 PM UTC
♻️🇺🇸 Christopher Zullo
Rand Paul needs to immediately have his medical license revoked and be brought up on charges. mRNA vaccine does not mean you can’t get COVID. It means that your symptoms won’t be deadly if you do get Covid. We have social responsibility to mask up until everyone gets vaccinated
13 Apr, 11:49 AM UTC
Jake Lobin
It's almost as if Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are constantly in a race to be the worst fucking Senator in American History and somehow they're all winning.
13 Apr, 03:27 PM UTC
Charley Sez...
The difference between Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci is that Fauci has his medical license, and Rand Paul had his medical license revoked. Who are you gonna believe? @charleyw's photo on Rand Paul
13 Apr, 08:42 AM UTC
Brian J. Karem
Our friend has a very small, curly-haired mutt he nicknamed “Rand Paul.” Why? “He always picks a fight with bigger dogs and gets his ass beat.” @RandPaul
13 Apr, 02:56 PM UTC
Dan 🇺🇸
Rand Paul must not be a great ophthalmologist. He can’t ever see the facts in front of him.
13 Apr, 12:58 PM UTC
The Hill
Rand Paul calls Fauci a "petty tyrant" https://t.co/esmype8j2F @thehill's photo on Rand Paul
12 Apr, 06:19 PM UTC
Sen. Rand Paul is right. 💥 @prageru's photo on Rand Paul
13 Apr, 04:06 PM UTC
Shari Lynn
Dr. Fauci specializes in immunology, has served under 7 presidents, and has received numerous awards. Rand Paul is an ophthalmologist, accused of malpractice, who’s ABO certification lapsed, who then created his own board made up of family members. Think I’ll listen to Fauci.
13 Apr, 12:19 PM UTC
@seanhannity Let's refresh as to exactly what kind of doctor Rand Paul is - a doctor of Opthalmology. An eye doctor. He self certified himself as he could not meet the requirements from the the ABO. Has not practiced medicine since 2010 - also the year another medical malpractice was- 1/2
13 Apr, 02:51 AM UTC
Renee Libby 🇺🇸
I think Dr. Phil has a better grip on how vaccines work than Rand Paul.
13 Apr, 12:59 PM UTC
The USA Singers
Rand Paul is a stupid selfish greedy rotten filthy sexist racist bigoted lying gaslighting projecting compromised fascist loser Russian operative POS pathetic traitor hack phony ophthalmologist with a dead poodle on his head. Fu*k you Rand, I hope your neighbor finishes the job.
13 Apr, 04:28 PM UTC
Rex Zane 🏴‍☠️
Hey Rand Paul..."tyrant" isn't a word you just throw around, like "doctor".
13 Apr, 12:09 PM UTC
Stand For Better
🔥Video of Rand Paul getting his a** handed to him by Dr. Fauci 👉Perhaps the FDA and CDC , Moderna, Johnson & Johnson ( J&J , J and J ), AstraZeneca can make a vaccine to save us from Rand, Boehner, Josh Hawley From #TheUnknownResister #wtpBLUE #DemVoice1 #ONEV1 https://t.co/aVHIb07ODr
13 Apr, 04:17 PM UTC
Why is Rand Paul trending? Did he just perm his hair?😂
13 Apr, 02:41 PM UTC
Dan 🇺🇸
Charles Booker (@Booker4KY) is running against Rand Paul for Senate—let’s make sure we don’t have another 6 years of Paul’s lies.
13 Apr, 12:58 PM UTC
Chafed Charlie
Next to Marjorie Taylor Greene, Rand Paul has the worst case of little man syndrome in politics today. @RepMTG @SenRandPaul
13 Apr, 01:05 PM UTC
@chrislhayes Neither my wife or myself have had a cold the past year. Hand washing and mask wearing, despite what Rand Paul says, apparently prevents the spread of disease. Spread the word.
13 Apr, 05:22 PM UTC
Chase Madar
Minimal litmus test: any official against whom Rand Paul can plausibly take the moral high ground should not be serving in this or any other administration https://t.co/K6POU74nha
13 Apr, 05:58 PM UTC
Zayin Julien Cohen
After a close primary loss in the 2020 race to unseat Mitch McConnell, Booker appears set to take on the other Kentucky senator he says is "screwing us." https://t.co/dNKQxNerSB via @HuffPostPol
13 Apr, 06:01 PM UTC
Mrs. Danny Washington
LETS DO IT! After a close primary loss in the 2020 race to unseat Mitch McConnell, Booker appears set to take on the other Kentucky senator he says is "screwing us." https://t.co/GshlkAJSHk via @HuffPostPol
13 Apr, 06:01 PM UTC
Blake Pritchard
@kstraith @MattWalshBlog You're not going to answer, because a truthful answer would involve admitting to your hypocrisy. Also, BLM mobbed Senator Rand Paul and his wife last summer in DC. By your own standard, that would've amounted to terrorism as well.
13 Apr, 06:00 PM UTC
@WalshFreedom Imaging being Rand Paul and thinking you are smarter than Fauci...especially when it comes to things fauci has been doing his whole life. Paul should just stick to eye exams...
13 Apr, 05:59 PM UTC
Wrecking Ball Legursky
@RandPaul @TeamCavuto Rand- there’s multiple studies that suggest the opposite of what doctor fauci suggests. Twitter- duhhhhh Rand Paul is dummy eye doctor
13 Apr, 05:58 PM UTC