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Rand Paul says if you get vaccinated you don't have to wear a mask. Rand Paul is WRONG. Rand Paul is not a real doctor. Rand Paul IS a real asshole. Don't be like Rand Paul.
16 Jan, 04:46 PM UTC
Laura Ingraham
.@RandPaul: One-third of Republicans will leave party if GOP senators go along with convicting Trump. https://t.co/V0EElzzRKw
16 Jan, 02:07 PM UTC
When Rand Paul tries to spread #COVID19, I always remember this Senator John McCain called it in March of 2017. Rand Paul "The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin." @riotwomennn's photo on Rand Paul
16 Jan, 04:39 PM UTC
Acyn Torabi
Rand Paul is telling people on Fox to throw away their masks if they’ve been vaccinated or already recovered(don’t do this) @Acyn's photo on Rand Paul
16 Jan, 03:12 AM UTC
Palmer Report
Rand Paul should go to prison for inciting a pandemic
16 Jan, 04:43 PM UTC
Charles Booker
Rand Paul is the example of how dangerous it is to have people in positions of authority who speak loudly but have no clue what they’re talking about. He thinks he is profound for telling folks don’t wear masks, but hear me... He doesn’t know what the hell he is taking about.
16 Jan, 06:22 PM UTC
ReallyAmerican.com 🇺🇸
Retweet if you think Rand Paul is also responsible for the terror attack by parroting election conspiracies and saying the election was “stolen.”
16 Jan, 08:18 PM UTC
Don Winslow
Dear @Twitter Rand Paul is dispensing false information about #COVID19 that is going to result in people dying. His false claims that you don't have to wear a mask if you're vaccinated is reckless and stupid. Don't let him use your platform to spread these dangerous lies.
17 Jan, 12:07 AM UTC
Chip Franklin InsideTheBeltway.com
Rand Paul is a super spreader. Pass it on.
16 Jan, 06:18 PM UTC
ReallyAmerican.com 🇺🇸
Rand Paul falsely claims that you don’t have to wear a mask if you’re vaccinated. Rand Paul created his own ophthalmology board to certify him. He’s not even a real doctor. Don’t listen to Rand Paul.
16 Jan, 08:06 PM UTC
John O. Brennan
With this ludicrous statement, Rand Paul presents more compelling personal evidence that he remains a very ignorant, dangerous, and misguided individual. Unfortunately, we have far too many of them within our midst and within our government as of late. https://t.co/ZFfHwYKkr0
16 Jan, 08:17 PM UTC
Rand Paul should be banned from practicing medicine and kicked out of the Senate. He’s actively harmful to the country.
16 Jan, 04:57 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Ted Cruz is guilty of inciting violent insurrection. Guilty as hell. Expel that traitor from the Senate. Indict. Convict. Send him to prison. #RemoveTheTraitors #JennaRyan Surveillance James Murdoch Bill Maher Officer Hodges Pfizer Justice Sotomayor Assange The 15 Rand Paul @SteveRustad1's photo on Rand Paul
16 Jan, 04:25 PM UTC
Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷)
.@RandPaul is a literal quack who made up his own board rather than getting certified by the REAL one to practice ophtalmology. He https://t.co/WnONmJCldo He (and really all of these pro-COVID Republicans) are dangerous to the American people. Kentucky, you can do so much better. https://t.co/xcRa8McOpp
16 Jan, 05:34 PM UTC
Scott Morefield
Rand Paul: "They will never let up. There are doctors out there saying we may need to wear [masks] forever. That is ridiculous, and that defies the science." Those who have immunity should "throw your mask away and tell these so-called experts to take a flying leap." 🔥 🔥 @SKMorefield's photo on Rand Paul
16 Jan, 04:41 AM UTC
DJ the Resister
Why does Kentucky punish themselves with Rand Paul/Mitch McConnell and make America suffer for it!?
16 Jan, 05:01 PM UTC
The number of virtue-signalers piling on Rand Paul for saying a very obvious thing - people that are fully vaccinated or already were confirmed COVID positive should no longer need to wear a mask - tells you all you need to know about how broken the #COVID19 discourse has become
16 Jan, 06:46 PM UTC
Eric the editor 🇺🇸🍻⚽️🌊
Morning news: - Loony Eye Doctor Rand Paul implores citizens to stop wearing underwear - CAT OUT OF BAG: James Murdoch reveals dad is lifelong propagandist - FBI Surveillance no longer clever Wi-fi name - GOP disgusted by Chef Andres' compassion, kindness, regard for others
16 Jan, 05:19 PM UTC
Chuck - Together We Rise
The Republican Party, as it is currently constructed ideologically, NEEDS to be ended. Truth matters. Conspiracy theories don’t drive policy. Facts outweigh beliefs. Republicans need to grow a conscience & a set of principles that match the country. https://t.co/ZM5ZbvsARL
16 Jan, 08:00 PM UTC
Jason Liebig
Party over country, clearly stated: https://t.co/Amo4s56iPd
16 Jan, 07:59 PM UTC
The Voice Of Reason
This is categorically false but goes a LONG way towards revealing how terrified @RandPaul is of accountability and investigation Yahoo News: Rand Paul Warns One Third of Republicans Will Leave Party if GOP Senators Back Impeachment. https://t.co/wz447Q3vSq via @GoogleNews
16 Jan, 11:15 PM UTC
@mmpadellan Rand Paul Don’t be like Rand Paul. https://t.co/1gyShWN31n
16 Jan, 07:34 PM UTC
Laurelei Marie
Rand Paul warns that one third of Republican voters could leave the party if GOP senators back impeachment. To cult, or not to cult, that is the question.
17 Jan, 01:32 AM UTC
Good riddance. Will the new party be called the #GrandOldSeditionists? https://t.co/XTa3E9Hu9A
17 Jan, 01:56 AM UTC
Clark Jefferson
It's time to let these chips land where they fail. I mean fall. Rand Paul Warns One Third of Republicans Will Leave Party if GOP Senators Back Impeachment https://t.co/S9B2UC9Vt6
17 Jan, 02:17 AM UTC
Lisa Joyce
So, party over country? Yahoo News: Rand Paul Warns One Third of Republicans Will Leave Party if GOP Senators Back Impeachment. https://t.co/jyH5JWhSsU via @GoogleNews
17 Jan, 02:17 AM UTC
Rand Paul is the only guy where everyone says “I want to be his neighbor” and it doesn’t mean they want to live near him, it just means they want to beat the crap out of him.
17 Jan, 02:17 AM UTC
Jane Cappiello
@DavidBegnaud @RandPaul There is something seriously wrong with Rand Paul. Does he suffer from oppositional disorder or is he possibly this willfully ill informed. Either way, it’s dangerous.
17 Jan, 02:17 AM UTC
Rob Shahmir
Rand Paul thinks politics is more important than people’s lives! Moron #randpaul #covid19 #gop ⁦@RandPaul⁩ #vaccine #moron ⁦@Newsweek⁩ ⁦@CNN⁩ #trump https://t.co/vovtoVngAu
17 Jan, 02:16 AM UTC
All ova
@jd_wheaton Ok, let me rephrase that. I only posted the article in response to Rand Paul's comment that once a person is vaccinated that person doesn't need to wear a mask.
17 Jan, 02:16 AM UTC

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