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Breiden Fehoko
Julius randle - Thriving Brandon Ingram - Thriving Lonzo Ball - Thriving Alex Caruso - Thriving Kyle Kuzma - Thriving Ivica Zubac - Thriving Y’all telling me as a Laker fan you wouldn’t want these guys on your team long term vs a bubble ring?!
20 Jan, 06:32 AM UTC
Julius Randle tonight: 4 PTS 1-9 FG -26 (worst on team) The Knicks lost to the 17-28 Pelicans at home. @statmuse's photo on Randle
21 Jan, 06:09 AM UTC
Tommy Beer
Stat lines tonight: Jose Alvarado: 13 points on 6-of-9 shooting Julius Randle and Evan Fournier COMBINED: 10 points on 3-of-17 shooting (Jose Alvarado is an undrafted 5-11 guard averaging 2.5 points in his NBA career.)
21 Jan, 02:54 AM UTC
Fred Katz
The Knicks did not make Julius Randle available to media after the game. Seventh straight game Randle has not spoken to media postgame. He spoke to reporters after a practice during that time.
21 Jan, 03:47 AM UTC
Randle with the chasedown block 🚫 @NBATV's photo on Randle
21 Jan, 02:15 AM UTC
M.B.A Youngboy
Julius randle after pledging $500 for every made 3 https://t.co/gehJ79OBh7
21 Jan, 02:31 AM UTC
julius randle coworkers at the Autozone gon think he crazy when he tell them he used to play in the nba
21 Jan, 03:30 AM UTC
The Knicks don't have anybody who can consistently bend defenses. Rose can, but he's hurt. Kemba, RJ, and Randle can but have only done it in spurts (this season). This continues to be their biggest problem and why there's such a drastic difference in their play night to night
21 Jan, 02:10 AM UTC
NBC Sports EDGE Basketball
Julius Randle stinks up MSG with rancid showing https://t.co/zFW3sBmaov
21 Jan, 04:51 AM UTC
Hammurabi 🇬🇭
Randle had 2 points 10 days ago and 4 tonight. And some fans still see nothing wrong with that
21 Jan, 02:53 AM UTC
Jake Asman
Carmelo Anthony stood there EVERY night during his time with the #Knicks and always made himself available and held himself accountable. This is so weak by Randle. https://t.co/cq3Xc8dIlm
21 Jan, 04:28 AM UTC
Ingram Alerts
Welcome to the list Randle 🔨 https://t.co/WMEFybor25
21 Jan, 01:45 AM UTC
Julius Randle couldn’t keep us from going 0-3 after that win in Atlanta. Get him the FUCK OFF our basketball team.
21 Jan, 04:47 AM UTC
People really said Julius Randle is better than Pascal Siakam before the season lmao
21 Jan, 02:41 AM UTC
Randle having 4pts on 1-9 in a home game still got me dead , we wasn’t even locking up like that he just sucks
21 Jan, 06:13 AM UTC
We Were Up! (#108)
Une très belle nuit pleine de best picks, seulement ternie par Anus Randle : 4xCurry : 53 🔥 et BP ⭐️ 2xBooker : 33 🙂 2xJV : 33 🙂 1xDoncic : 32 🙂 1xRandle : 7 😖 Total = 383 pts #TTFL Shaquille O'League = 4/0 vs @team1erdeg 🌡️ https://t.co/h3DXnsnh8h
21 Jan, 06:11 AM UTC
We Were Up! (#108)
Les picks Curry qui regardent les picks Randle aujourd'hui #TTFL https://t.co/RvaTMW4vTb
21 Jan, 06:11 AM UTC
🐺 TWolvesFr #TTFL 🐺 #166
🗓️ Deck # 14 / Pick # 092 1 Curry #DubNation 53pts 🌟 1 Paul #ValleyProud 41pts 3 Booker #ValleyProud 33pts 2 Porzingis #MFFL 32pts 2 Barrett #NewYorkForever 23pts 1 Randle #NewYorkForever 7pts ➡️ 310pts #TTFL | #NBA75 x #RaisedByWolves https://t.co/vLyEk6BkSD
21 Jan, 06:10 AM UTC
The knicks need to trade Julius randle as soon as possible get what you can and keep it moving. We aren’t going anywhere with that fake all star and his awful body language. He doesn’t even want to shoot the ball now because he scared of getting booed
21 Jan, 06:06 AM UTC
julius randle is a war criminal
21 Jan, 06:02 AM UTC
🎱 Eighter #TTFL 🏀
Hey hey hey, Booker x4 : 33pts 😃 Valanciunas : 33pts 😃 Ingram x4 : 27pts 😕 Randle : 7pts 😖 ➡️ 280 points C'est une nuit pas ultra glorieuse en général mais on aurait pu s'en sortir d'une pire façon 😅 #TTFL https://t.co/R60FhhYieg
21 Jan, 06:13 AM UTC
@statmuse As a Knicks fan I'm alright with Randle playing poorly at times, I just hate the lack of leadership from him.
21 Jan, 06:13 AM UTC
#TTFL Team spacejam #235❤🐪
Recap #TTFL de la team 3️⃣ Booker 33pts 4️⃣ Ingram 27pts 1️⃣ Randle 7pts 1️⃣ Thompson 1pt 1️⃣ no-pick ⛔ 215pts placer la personne inconsciente en position latérale de sécurité et attendre les secours 🚑 Bon matin ! https://t.co/OXj1OLjsRO
21 Jan, 06:15 AM UTC
@VancouverEye He looks miserable like he hates playing basketball he’s not built for New York and it’s pretty obvious. The pressure got to him and he’s self destructing in front of our very eyes @J30_RANDLE
21 Jan, 06:14 AM UTC
𝙏𝙖𝙡𝙠𝙞𝙣’ 𝙉𝘽𝘼 🗣️
@statmuse And 7th straight game Randle has not spoken to media postgame.
21 Jan, 06:10 AM UTC
Randle was just fouled 3 times and Walker was fouled as well in the last minute of the half. It resulted in: no foul calls for the knicks, 2 technical fouls called ON the knicks, a foul called ON the knicks, and 4 shots total for the Pelicans. This is a serious problem w/ refs
21 Jan, 01:38 AM UTC
@statmuse 😭😭😭😭 👎🏽 @J30_RANDLE
21 Jan, 06:10 AM UTC