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Brad Ballislife
Basically Julius Randle not missing a shot for nearly 2 minutes. https://t.co/KeYwlxvf51
15 Jul, 10:05 PM UTC
@BleacherReport @ShamsCharania They really picked Javale Mcgee over Christian Wood and Julius Randle https://t.co/P1IGRuRtI9
16 Jul, 04:58 PM UTC
Shamar English
So they could’ve added Ja Morant, LaMelo Ball, Julius Randle, Zion Williamson, or Brandon Ingram to the USA basketball team but instead they chose JaVale McGee and Keldon Johnson. https://t.co/1m2iOhlmdU
16 Jul, 05:11 PM UTC
The Knicks Wall
Good morning, Here is a video of Julius Randle leveling up his corner specialist badge https://t.co/Um5fMQ410S
16 Jul, 12:08 PM UTC
Julius Randle seeing JaVale McGee make Team USA before him @ringernba's photo on Randle
16 Jul, 04:57 PM UTC
NBA Memes
Team USA selecting JaVale McGee and Keldon Johnson while - Trae Young - Ja Morant - Zion Williamson - Julius Randle ...were all also options https://t.co/TK2MLpi51p
16 Jul, 07:19 PM UTC
Hugh Glass
When Julius Randle gets to Tokyo and is calling to find out why Carmelo Anthony isn’t here 😂😂😂 https://t.co/YA5a9nAfJz
16 Jul, 03:37 PM UTC
I’m sorry but if I’m Damian Lillard I want no part of the New York Knicks organization. They are a decent ways from being legit contenders. If Dame goes there, they lose quite a bit of depth and pair him with…Julius Randle? No guarantee they land any big names either.
16 Jul, 08:07 PM UTC
William Hendrix
This trade would make no sense whatsoever. Dame would be in New York with Randle and... Payton. It would be the worst trade of all time. https://t.co/JL6A6k3YqM
16 Jul, 07:55 PM UTC
The Cool
I wonder if Julius Randle was considered a replacement for K Love, considering that he’s better at pretty much everything at this point in time.
16 Jul, 05:54 PM UTC
Seanye Barrett
@Kofi___4x no joke that’s literally everybody on the team besides randle
16 Jul, 07:51 PM UTC
Rakel Sosa
Dani Leigh George Russell Starlin Castro Footprint Center Maxey wonwoo Pope Kuzma Sen. Joe Manchin Lagos Klay Wiseman AT&T 5G jack manifold Zion twilight saga Buxton Chuck Todd Pop Smoke Pence Dr. No yeonjun Sean Taylor Sherm Randle Luthor https://t.co/bBmIGSRFQc
16 Jul, 08:09 PM UTC
Young Black Jesus
this nigga over zion or randle unreal https://t.co/V73vF4dqwH
16 Jul, 08:09 PM UTC
What the actual fuck? Trae young, Julius Randle, ja morant, zion, Christian wood... 🤦‍♂️ https://t.co/oJfSwtGsoT
16 Jul, 05:20 PM UTC
@TheRealJQB @BarryBondz @samwhiteout @V_Joel_Kirk @Mr_JJK92 @TheRealJKirk I agree with this. But it depends on what they gotta give up. Might just be him and Randle left lol. Gotta throw the Pistons in just as a delusional fan.
16 Jul, 08:07 PM UTC
Lebron de Atlanta
@FTownDown Sixers, so usar a logica. O cara vai sair de um time em busca de um anel e ir pra outro que vai troca-lo por Julius Randle e RJB ? O sixers é a opção mais lógica.
16 Jul, 08:06 PM UTC
Robert Randolph
Latest: Mitchell,Obi,RJ21st, for Nurkic Dame.. also 3rd team involved. Knicks Love idea of :Randle,Nurkic,Dame, as starting big 3 https://t.co/Z69AFS7UsO
16 Jul, 08:06 PM UTC
Joe Luciano
Get dame @nyknicks. Do whatever they want that doesn’t involve randle or rj
16 Jul, 08:04 PM UTC
@J0Lton @KnicksNationFr On peut potentiellement faire venir d'autres joueurs si Lilliard est la. RJ est bon. RANDLE je sais pas si il arrivera maintenir son niveau. Et le jeu de Lilliard n'a rien de comparable à Melo quand il s'agit d'emmener une team.
16 Jul, 08:04 PM UTC
Russ' TD ⚡
@KY_PDX What you mean Dame just said he wants to go to the Knicks and play along side Julius Randle as a 2nd option
16 Jul, 08:01 PM UTC
DaRealist 🤴🏽
Over trae young & Julius Randle ?!?! 😂😂😂 we deserve to lose https://t.co/9fEODChQXN
16 Jul, 07:54 PM UTC
Trade Aaron Rodgers
The disrespect towards Julius Randle and Trae Young is CRAZY. https://t.co/atiXulzCwd
16 Jul, 05:10 PM UTC
Sub out Randle for RJ and this a great trade https://t.co/qLCe2oy1On
16 Jul, 08:14 PM UTC
Jalen Bell
@JustMike__D @V_Joel_Kirk @Mr_JJK92 @TheRealJKirk Always gotta throw in the Pistons for good measure lol. But it def depends. If they’re able to keep RJ Barrett and Randle they have a solid backcourt and scoring 4, plus Obi. If they’re smart they trade picks 19 & 21 for a veteran and solid bench player, it could work haha.
16 Jul, 08:13 PM UTC
@SebastianL1990 I’m not saying you have to draft guys with those picks. You can trade them for guys that can surround Dame/randle. If you trade them all away along with your young guys, the only way to improve the roster is through FA cause you won’t have anything of value left to trade
16 Jul, 08:13 PM UTC
Seanye Barrett
@Criiss___ @Jake8144 @SpecificNY if we keep rj and randle i can live with any trade they throw out there, but idek if that’s gonna be enough
16 Jul, 08:12 PM UTC
@JakeAndHoops Randle is a taller version of Cj
16 Jul, 08:11 PM UTC
Alec 👑
@CarlEarving @joshgrant7725 @hopefulmetsfan @ShawnlsAsian @TheHoopCentral @GrantAfseth I think Julius Randle is a terrific talent, but I think as soon as Dame takes that first option spot from him, his numbers will regress most likely.
16 Jul, 08:11 PM UTC