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Show me Galarian Rapidash you cowards https://t.co/8rZxxCJQOL
09 Oct, 03:25 PM UTC
Jynx Club ルージュラだいすき
Galarian Rapidash revealed... ... wait https://t.co/qmMoqaOW8j
09 Oct, 04:25 PM UTC
Gil 🐳
If Rapidash doesn't have big ass fluffy ass rainbow ass wings then what. Was. The. Point. https://t.co/08mkzHNuvn
09 Oct, 04:35 PM UTC
People out there getting actually pissed off that Galarian Ponyta isn't a Fairy type despite being a Unicorn. ... Kantonian Rapidash is a unicorn and isn't a fairy type... ... Keldeo is a unicorn and isn't a fairy type... We literally have three confirmed new fairy types. chill.
09 Oct, 05:20 PM UTC
Imagine if galarian rapidash will become a flying fairy pegasus unicorn. That'd be the most fabulous pokemon in my team lmao, goodbye gardevoir. https://t.co/Mg2EShBxuV
09 Oct, 02:34 PM UTC
If Rapidash is also psychic I will somewhat understand because you can argue psychic = magic, but if it's psychic/fairy then bruh new pants
09 Oct, 02:37 PM UTC
Nintendo Enthusiast
It’s official: #GalarianPonyta confirmed, will Rapidash its way to Pokémon Shield only https://t.co/0gKr0Ip9so https://t.co/X6wls5z7nC
09 Oct, 03:40 PM UTC
𝕵𝖔𝖘𝖊 🖤🔥
Confío en q Rapidash sea Psíquico/Hada https://t.co/tRV9Kg35jI
09 Oct, 03:58 PM UTC
Tenoko1 | Writer of stories
@heyjenbartel Can you imagine what RAPIDASH is gonna look like????? https://t.co/fVQBfdHTXa
09 Oct, 07:03 PM UTC
🦇 blairwolf 🦇
i am REALLY hoping that galarian rapidash has a classic unicorn tail. the lion one
09 Oct, 07:01 PM UTC
In case anyone is wondering if there's a connection between Galarian Ponyta (and likely Rapidash) being a unicorn and the very obvious British theme of @Pokemon #SwordAndShield, google the National animal of Scotland... 🦄
09 Oct, 07:02 PM UTC
Galarian Rapidash confirmed. #PokemonSwordShield https://t.co/mo112Pm90U
09 Oct, 06:30 PM UTC
ツイキ ou Simba, o Naruto é lindo (っ◔◡◔)っ 🧡
Imagina o luxo que nao deve ser essa rapidash https://t.co/GlLOJ5PepH
09 Oct, 06:54 PM UTC
Mike Swift
Yo no entiendo como no sabía desde chiquito que era gay cuando mis pokémon favoritos eran: -Wigglytuff: UN PELUCHE ROSADO -Butterfree: UNA MARIPOSA -Dewgong: Una foca CON UN CUERNO QUE TIRA UN ARCOÍRIS (Aurora Beam) -Vileplume: ES UNA PUTA FLOR -Rapidash: UN UNICORNIO DE FUEGOOOO
09 Oct, 06:52 PM UTC
@skyluigi2 Hoping for Psychic/Fairy Rapidash!
09 Oct, 07:10 PM UTC
FellFromtheSky @ Patreon prints and 3H spoilers
@MikeyTheFighter Hopefully it’s stats are good, or maybe it’ll get an good move like how ninetales got aurora veil. Or best case Rapidash gets a secondary typing
09 Oct, 07:09 PM UTC
Queen Ksya ( Channie’s lil guardian ) ❤️💗🖤💛💚💙
@pumhaengzelo I hope they’ll add more new fairies:3 And Galarian Rapidash has all chances to be Psychic/Fairy If not - there’s Togekiss that passed the dex border, pretty good mon :>
09 Oct, 07:09 PM UTC
jamey ghostwood
@heyjenbartel galarian ponyta STRONGLY implies the existence of a galarian rapidash... very exciting
09 Oct, 07:04 PM UTC
Elias Umaña 🇸🇻
@littleturntable Right?! It's so damn cute :') I can't want to see rapidash
09 Oct, 07:04 PM UTC
I love Galarian Ponyta, weird that it's not a Fairy-type but Psychic is fine too! Looking forward to seeing Galarian Rapidash!
09 Oct, 07:02 PM UTC
Demi (demidarling/deerling)
@goth_gunnywolf Oooooh!!! I hope so!! That sounds like a fun dual type. Gosh they're so pretty I can't imagine w the rapidash form is gonna look like
09 Oct, 07:00 PM UTC
Spooky Little Gunnywolf
@demi_darling Right? Maybe Galar Rapidash will be psychic/fairy
09 Oct, 07:00 PM UTC
viado sem galho
@fehsf É, mas pelo menos o Rapidash pode virar um alicórnio, daí imagino a chance de vir fada maior
09 Oct, 06:58 PM UTC
matt ⚔️🛡️
@ThominhaS_LT Então, o Rapidash já tem chifre, então achei interessante eles colocarem um na Ponyta. Porque em Kanto, a Ponyta é um pônei e a evolução, um unicórnio. Em Galar, ela já começa sendo um unicórnio, então não sei ??
09 Oct, 06:56 PM UTC
dan is ooky spooky
@grantgills If rapidash isnt a full a full on pride float I'm protesting
09 Oct, 06:54 PM UTC
Can the evolution if there is one be psychic ghost rapidash
09 Oct, 06:54 PM UTC
Anastasia Wyatt
What I'm really looking forward to is what Galarian Rapidash looks like 😍 https://t.co/KKSnopogLV
09 Oct, 07:14 PM UTC
José R. Ortiz
@ChaosChronicle @BulbaNewsNOW Yea if it was just a horse like regular ponyta I wouldn’t have an issue. But I think of a unicorn as a magical creature out of fairy tales. So I was hoping for fairy. But maybe rapidash will be part fairy. Or flying if they make it a Pegasus.
09 Oct, 07:14 PM UTC
Alvrolok Corvinus
Articuno Lapras Vulpiz Articuno Rapidash Omanyte https://t.co/uPZSdH3rOZ
09 Oct, 07:13 PM UTC
@aDrive_tK This thing had better evolve into Psychic/Fairy Rapidash or else Imma be real mad
09 Oct, 07:12 PM UTC

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