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when he raps “self learning for 11 years” looking like when he debuted… https://t.co/aGVgoivI9y
01 Jul, 04:39 AM UTC
Toronto Blue Jays
A million RTs and we’ll let @Alek_Manoah6 sing the anthem next year 👀 #CanadaDay @BlueJays's photo on Raps
01 Jul, 05:45 PM UTC
bts lyric journey⁷ 🃏
J-hope may refer <Make it right> as somebody's favourite song, introducing a connection between his verse in the song and <MORE>. In <MIR>, he raps about how he got it all (trophies and big cheers), but his true goal is to find 'you', the answer to his journey. #jhope_MORE https://t.co/gt0eE5jKwX
01 Jul, 04:38 AM UTC
serião aqui, a rap line toda do bts escreve e sempre produz suas próprias músicas e raps, com críticas sociais, flow, um conteúdo incrível...e pq uns brasileiros zé ninguém, que nem um refrão consegue produzir, não considera eles rappers? esconder a xenofobia fica menos feio
01 Jul, 04:39 AM UTC
Blake Murphy
I'd said the Raps had about $30M to split between Boucher, Young, and an MLE target. Boucher got ~$10.87M in Year 1, Thad got ~$7.7M in Year 1. Leaves the $10.49M mid-level with some additional wiggle room beneath tax.
30 Jun, 10:34 PM UTC
Josh Lewenberg
Raps roster filling up fast. With Boucher/Young, they now have 11 guaranteed contracts for next season. Partial guarantee on Banton's deal goes up Monday, would expect he sticks around. With him & the still unsigned Koloko, that would be 13. Champagnie would be 14. MLE signing 15
30 Jun, 10:46 PM UTC
yook: how can a hyung who raps like this is in a ballad group like btob how many years did he suppress himself. he express it well in this song 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 https://t.co/P4ORWycZNq
01 Jul, 11:20 AM UTC
Sankrant Sanu सानु संक्रान्त ਸੰਕ੍ਰਾਂਤ ਸਾਨੁ
This is the state of FOE supported by the highest court in the country. https://t.co/3aFbjU2iRM
01 Jul, 07:16 AM UTC
Jerome Trammel
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Missy Elliott; genius, legend & icon. Thank you for your trailblazing contributions to music, it wouldn’t be the same without your ill raps, singing, songwriting & producing. Sending you love, good health & continued wealth. The creative blueprint. @MissyElliott https://t.co/gptNpoPZbP
01 Jul, 02:24 PM UTC
FireLord Senpapi《 'Book of Fire' Coming Soon》
"Villain" Dropping soon with the bro @RaikageO check him out, he definitely gonna be next up https://t.co/laN7Kt4mK9
01 Jul, 07:38 PM UTC
@casspernyovest You went hard Cass,hiphop ain't dead you put it in coma.If they still doubt your raps and flows they ain't worth it https://t.co/tSEbiOuUD0
01 Jul, 02:51 PM UTC
Chris, The Summertime Bills Fan
@BergG98 @davwain1 @biehn25 @WatchMyReview @The9067120341 @Terry__MC @DartyBrodeur @leafs_raps @tmlfaninvan @MapleLeafs @91Tavares @AM34 @Marner93 @NHL @AndiPetrillo @TSN1050Radio @LeafsLunch1050 @CanadiensMTL @ovi8 @Capitals @TBLightning @JesseBlake @TheSDpodcast @sdpnsports @penguins @hockeyref @Senators @MLSEPR That guy should have never been a Leafs “fan” to begin with. He needs root for whatever team is winning. A bandwagoner. Like Baghead. All he does is cry and whine about Dubas
01 Jul, 03:50 PM UTC
Boots DeVille
@PresidentBang @DJRTistic It's under Paramount+ along with MTV which has old episodes of Yo! MTV Raps.
01 Jul, 02:34 PM UTC
@davwain1 @ChrisKBills @biehn25 @WatchMyReview @The9067120341 @Terry__MC @DartyBrodeur @leafs_raps @tmlfaninvan @MapleLeafs @91Tavares @AM34 @Marner93 @NHL @AndiPetrillo @TSN1050Radio @LeafsLunch1050 @CanadiensMTL @ovi8 @Capitals @TBLightning @JesseBlake @TheSDpodcast @sdpnsports @penguins @hockeyref @Senators Haha and the truth comes out. You are a Habs fan. He didn't help them any. They got their cause the stupid covid crap and Carey Price. That statement shows you are pure bullsh1t
01 Jul, 05:48 AM UTC
David I.W.
@BergG98 @biehn25 @WatchMyReview @The9067120341 @Terry__MC @DartyBrodeur @leafs_raps @tmlfaninvan @MapleLeafs @91Tavares @AM34 @Marner93 @NHL @AndiPetrillo @TSN1050Radio @LeafsLunch1050 @CanadiensMTL @ovi8 @Capitals @TBLightning @JesseBlake @TheSDpodcast @sdpnsports @penguins @hockeyref @Senators Bergo, are you not ashamed of being a #dubas apologist? I’m not ashamed of being a critic of the same GM. #FireDubas #Shanahan #FireShanahan #MapleLaughs #TMLTalk #Leafs #LeafsForeverLosers #LeafsForever #StanleyCup #StanleyTweets #HockeyTwitter #NHLTwitter
01 Jul, 06:30 AM UTC
@ChrisKBills @davwain1 @biehn25 @WatchMyReview @The9067120341 @Terry__MC @DartyBrodeur @leafs_raps @tmlfaninvan @MapleLeafs @91Tavares @AM34 @Marner93 @NHL @AndiPetrillo @TSN1050Radio @LeafsLunch1050 @CanadiensMTL @ovi8 @Capitals @TBLightning @JesseBlake @TheSDpodcast @sdpnsports @penguins @hockeyref @Senators @MLSEPR Agreed, he is definitely not a real Leafs fan. All these attention seekers that bash the Leafs, don't really have hot takes just a bunch of useless blabbering and no real solutions or ideas. They never once say what they would do, except jump on what is popular at the time
01 Jul, 05:05 PM UTC
Year 3
We’ve also written our own raps, telling the end of the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. We loved it and some of us bravely performed our work in progress! https://t.co/BH7c1vnqTi
01 Jul, 03:56 PM UTC
@gooddaysnm @nickianaswoo I love it sm, megan should do more 90s flow raps and beats like this because it suits her so well
01 Jul, 07:49 PM UTC
https://t.co/XlJaQzCn2j This song is heavily underrated and raps about some real shit, people still wonder why Joyner was liked even tho he was that guy up until early 2019 or his Luck You feature.
01 Jul, 07:46 PM UTC
@davwain1 @biehn25 @WatchMyReview @The9067120341 @Terry__MC @DartyBrodeur @leafs_raps @tmlfaninvan @MapleLeafs @91Tavares @AM34 @Marner93 @NHL @AndiPetrillo @TSN1050Radio @LeafsLunch1050 @CanadiensMTL @ovi8 @Capitals @TBLightning @JesseBlake @TheSDpodcast @sdpnsports @penguins @hockeyref @Senators Not an apologist. I live in reality. You would not do any better of a job. The fact you think you would is laughable. You are just a Habs Muppet. The same great master of the Habs now has no job
01 Jul, 06:41 AM UTC
she's a great performer but her raps are ass
01 Jul, 07:59 PM UTC
Grant Jonsson
@RapsReport Agreed, I was hoping Raps could have pried Oladipo from Miami with the mid level, but then Porter would not have been possible
01 Jul, 07:52 PM UTC
Bucks ran Giannis + Brook/Bobby Lakers ran AD + Dwight/Javale Raps ran Marc + Siakam/Ibaka
01 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC
Bruh If I’m the Raps I’m giving the jazz a call about Spida. And if I have to get rid of Fred and Gary and some future first rounders, so be it. He’s a small guard but he’s athletic af and he’s super talented. You can depend on him in the post season. He’s also only 25.
01 Jul, 07:59 PM UTC