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Mina Kimes
Rasheem Green had a quiet rookie season but he's been disruptive over the last few games. Looks like he did in college.
03 Dec, 03:09 AM UTC
Field Gulls
The Seahawks traded down for Rashaad Penny and used the draft pick acquired on Rasheem Green. Both coming up big tonight
03 Dec, 03:09 AM UTC
John Boyle
Davlin Cook fumble. Rasheem Green forced it, Bradley McDougald recovers... More like Bradley McDoGood, am I right? #Seahawks
03 Dec, 03:07 AM UTC
Rasheem Green Forces Fumble McDougald recovers!! #Seahawks 🔥🔥 https://t.co/GFAo0wDU0K
03 Dec, 03:11 AM UTC
Gregg Bell
CenturyLink Field press box shaking after Rasheem Green causes Dalvin Cook to fumble. Big play Bradley McDougald there again, recovers the fumble at the MIN 28. #Seahawks have a golden chance for the lead now
03 Dec, 03:08 AM UTC
Baby Yoda 3
Rasheem Green has had an impressive 2019 season. It’s his coming out party
03 Dec, 03:23 AM UTC
Brady Henderson
Rasheem Green gets credit for the forced fumble that Bradley McDougald recovered. Seahawks' defense is having itself a night.
03 Dec, 03:08 AM UTC
Dugar, Michael-Shawn
Rasheem Green with forced fumbles in back to back weeks.
03 Dec, 03:08 AM UTC
Jacson A. Bevens
Rasheem Green doesn’t flash often (yet), but when he does, hoo boy. Big time plays
03 Dec, 03:08 AM UTC
John Boyle
That's Rasheem Green's second forced fumble in as many games.
03 Dec, 03:08 AM UTC
Gregg Bell
Rasheem Green's career is arriving these last few games. Very promising. #Seahawks
03 Dec, 03:22 AM UTC
Curtis Crabtree
Rasheem Green strips Dalvin Cook and Bradley McDougald recovers for Seattle.
03 Dec, 03:07 AM UTC
Samuel Gold
Great forced fumble by Rasheem Green. Dude is really stepping up as of late!!! #Seahawks @SamuelRGold's photo on Rasheem Green
03 Dec, 03:12 AM UTC
Chris Cluff
Rasheem Green really turning into a player for the #Seahawks this year, causing the fumble that McDougald recovered there. Awesome play.
03 Dec, 03:09 AM UTC
Tom Wassell
Rasheem Green...Nice work over the last few games or so. Definitely tonight.
03 Dec, 03:22 AM UTC
Alistair Corp
Rasheem Green's sudden development into a creator of turnovers is inexplicable and glorious https://t.co/Jjrt4eJPkj
03 Dec, 03:10 AM UTC
Brady Henderson
Jason Myers is good from 29 yards out to give the Seahawks a 20-17 lead with 5:46 in the third quarter. Rasheem Green/Bradley McDougald teamed up on a forced fumble/recovery to give the offense a short field.
03 Dec, 03:17 AM UTC
remember when jared said Rasheem Green wouldn’t make an impact until 2020 lol
03 Dec, 03:10 AM UTC
12th Man Rising
Rasheem Green is becoming a full grown man.
03 Dec, 03:21 AM UTC
Jim Moore is Sad
Dalvin Cook was hurt on the play where he fumbled at the end of the first half. Came to the sideline swinging his arm. He was carrying the ball in the same arm he hurt when Rasheem Green punched it out.
03 Dec, 03:10 AM UTC
Jackson Felts ⭐⭐
Rasheem Green just keeps making plays. If they don't resign Clowney and he must start next year, I'm not too concerned.
03 Dec, 03:08 AM UTC
Rasheem Green is playing like a man possessed. Imagine if Clowney can get hot. #GoHawks
03 Dec, 03:22 AM UTC
Nick Lee
Rasheem Green! Talk about patience paying off. 3rd round pick from 2018 who fell off last year. Has played a key role lately and forced a huuuuuuge fumble. #Seahawks
03 Dec, 03:10 AM UTC
Brad Buckingham
Rasheem Green I think has been a pleasant surprise this year #Seahawks
03 Dec, 03:22 AM UTC
Charlie Arcese
Is it just me or has Rasheem green had like a super good season?
03 Dec, 03:22 AM UTC
03 Dec, 03:08 AM UTC
NFL France - firstdownfr.fr
📽 Rasheem Green force un fumble de Dalvin Cook, et Bradley McDougald récupère ! #Seahawks https://t.co/S71V3F3SHU
03 Dec, 03:14 AM UTC
Ryan Fountain
Feels like we have started seeing Rasheem Green grow up the last few weeks. I notice his impact more every week.
03 Dec, 03:24 AM UTC
Rasheem Green going off tonight 😤 #SCMade ✌🏽
03 Dec, 03:22 AM UTC
DK Metdad
Man Rasheem Green looks bigger and better. Completely different player.
03 Dec, 03:22 AM UTC

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