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Robert J. O'Neill
Redskins v. Cowboys now. Yes I said it. Get over it.
26 Nov, 09:15 PM UTC
Jonathan Stewart
I remember the last time coach @RiverboatRonHC coached in a thanksgiving day game against the the cowboys!!!! 👀 redskins out there ballin!!!
27 Nov, 12:38 AM UTC
Chad Johnson
Redskins secondary is ranked statistically well if my memory serves me correct which can make for an exciting matchup against the Cowboys receiving corp., as for the Football Team, Terry McLaurin is a more polished version of me...
26 Nov, 09:38 PM UTC
Hail to the Redskins Hail Victory Braves on the Warpath Fight for old D.C.
27 Nov, 12:23 AM UTC
Ben Domenech
Go Redskins.
26 Nov, 09:14 PM UTC
Hail to the MF’ing Redskins
27 Nov, 12:43 AM UTC
Redskins Rob
Enough is enough...we ARE the #Redskins ! #WashingtonFootball #HTTR @WashingtonNFL
27 Nov, 03:20 AM UTC
ᗷ£ℕ🇦🇺🇵🇪🇺🇸(4-7) Redskins give me P̑̈Ȃ̈Ȋ̈N̑̈
13 years ago, the greatest redskins safety and possibly greatest safety ever past away 🙏🏻
27 Nov, 05:31 AM UTC
A little odd that the nfl decided.... to make the redskins.... play the cowboys...... on thanksgiving....
27 Nov, 12:04 AM UTC
Colby Dant
Redskins in first place in NFC East now too
27 Nov, 05:27 AM UTC
A Drunken Place
@ShermDaddy3 @NFL Cowboys vs Redskins on thanksgiving is comedic it’s literally the pilgrims vs natives 😂
26 Nov, 06:34 PM UTC
Travis Buckner - KXII
We're just one day away from more post season play for the Kingston Redskins, and they are hoping make it back to the state semi finals for the 2nd year in a row. @ktownredskins
27 Nov, 04:13 AM UTC
Redskins 1Q +.5 (-130) 5U💰 1Q u9.5 2U🤥 Lions 1H o25 5U 💰 Nova ASU u154 🤥 few of y’all got the 158. we unfortunately on 154. wild ending. still big day. drawing giveaway winners soon stay tune 2-2 +6.7U
27 Nov, 04:46 AM UTC
peter (gigi)
the redskins changed their name to the washington football team, and now they winning 🤨🤨explain??
27 Nov, 06:10 AM UTC
Redskins 1Q +.5 (-130) 5U💰 1Q u9.5 2U🤥 Lions 1H o25 5U 💰 2-1 +7.8U
26 Nov, 10:58 PM UTC
Michael Ray Vines
Best Thanksgiving with a Washington Redskins beat down of the Dallas cowboys...@WashingtonNFL 41- 16.. They are the Redskins when they win and the Washington Football team when they lose..
27 Nov, 06:26 AM UTC
27 Nov, 12:41 AM UTC
Samuel Kipling
I don’t like whoever runs the Redskins twitter account
27 Nov, 06:41 AM UTC
Jared Safier
Congrats to my Washington Washington's aka Redskins for being the best in the worst Division in possibly NFL History... You made us all proud!!
27 Nov, 06:10 AM UTC
Russ Cochran
Hail to the Redskins! Hail Victory! Braves on the warpath! Fight! For Ole’!! DC!!!!
27 Nov, 05:48 AM UTC
WE GOT A 6-0 SWEEP TODAY 🧹🧹🧹 College Basketball 🏀 Over 121.5 Mississippi/Liberty 💸 St.Marys ML💸 Boston college ML💸 🏈🏈 Texans -2.5 💸 Redskins ML +130 💸 Utah St ML +160 💸 #GamblingTwitter #sportspicks #bettingtips #bettingpicks #footballpicks #basketballpicks
27 Nov, 03:14 AM UTC
@MarkDice Sometimes I'm happy that the problems everyone focus on are so called bad sports teams names and headdresses.i think they did a poll where 90% of native Americans polled were okay with the Indians, Braves, and Redskins. I think a native american actually designed the logo for WA
27 Nov, 06:38 AM UTC
Nathan Ropelewski
@RussellCochran We can’t say Redskins anymore. The Karens think it’s offensive to native people, and since she’s woke af, she can be wrong. Deal.
27 Nov, 06:20 AM UTC
Joshua Zinski
As a #Packers fan I don't want to see the #Redskins in the playoffs #GoPackGo
27 Nov, 05:54 AM UTC
Shooter McGavin
People forget about redskins Twitter after a win. Might be a record for most “see you in the playoffs” after beating Andy dalton
27 Nov, 05:49 AM UTC
@WashingtonNFL Change your name back to Redskins
27 Nov, 05:42 AM UTC
Kelly Quinn
@KidCreole4 @NFL @AntonioGibson14 @Fidelity Didn't know you're a Redskins fan too! HTTR always.
27 Nov, 06:59 AM UTC
Zone D
This is just ridiculous. Where the fuck is Rachel Ray when you need her. Turkey came out looking like the Washington Redskins logo. #Thanksgiving #Thanksgiving2020 #Turkey #ThanksgivingDay #ThanksgivingDinner #thanksgivingplate
27 Nov, 06:58 AM UTC

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