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Bulldogs Kennel
What a game by Reed Mahoney. Stood up in the critical moments. 58 tackles and set up the circuit breaking try for RCG. He epitomised everything Parramatta did today. Just hope you lose next week! #FutureBulldogWatch https://t.co/E6SvQRhdOx
23 Sep, 11:55 AM UTC
Ross Martin
I said ages ago that Reed Mahoney throws 3 to 4 passes per set. I was wrong. It’s only 2 to 3 forward passes per set. #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 10:47 AM UTC
Nic ✨
In all seriousness though, what an incredible response from Parra. Was all the Cowboys, and Parra just hung in there and defended so well. Backed themselves and found a way back into it. Shaun Lane, take take a bow. Honourable mention to Belmore-bound Reed Mahoney also.
23 Sep, 12:06 PM UTC
Love to get a price on Reed Mahoney forward passes in the second half. #NRLCowboysEels #GambleResponsibly
23 Sep, 10:49 AM UTC
Reed Mahoney will be a bigger loss than Papalii for Parra next season. I think he's comfortably a top 5 hooker in the game and it's an incredibly thin position. Blokes like that you just can't replace. They don't win the comp this year they're screwed for a while IMO.
23 Sep, 01:22 AM UTC
Reed Mahoney if touchies pulled up his forward passes https://t.co/Bqc2IcXX2G
23 Sep, 10:43 AM UTC
Reed Mahoney “forward pass from dummy half count”…. FOUR in the first half #NRLFinals #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 10:44 AM UTC
☘️ Queen Maeve ☘️
Reed Mahoney 58 tackles for the match, what’s that, a tackle every minute and a quarter #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 12:01 PM UTC
Reed Mahoney throw the ball backwards challenge (impossible)
23 Sep, 10:27 AM UTC
9News Sydney
Tonight's Preliminary Final clash is looming - can the Eels swim in Cowboy territory? MORE: https://t.co/vqXZxrgxBj #9News | Catch all the action from 7pm TONIGHT on @Channel9 @9NewsSyd's photo on Reed Mahoney
23 Sep, 03:15 AM UTC
Bulldogs Kennel
@yeezusmid Grand Final hooker Reed Mahoney vs Elimination finalist Ash Taylor 🥱 https://t.co/T6f6p46Rbi
23 Sep, 12:02 PM UTC
I quite like Reed Mahoney too
23 Sep, 11:48 AM UTC
Doreen Scroggy
Those dummy half asses from Reed Mahoney are suspect every time . We are going to get pinned every time next year #nrlfinals
23 Sep, 11:26 AM UTC
The NRL Tweet
Magic pass from Shaun Lane to Maika Sivo. Reed Mahoney is making some great calls out of dummy half this match. Parra 24-20 #NRLFinals #NRLCowboysEels #NRL https://t.co/hZl5JKMXE7
23 Sep, 11:24 AM UTC
Reed Mahoney needs to sort the forward passes before it costs Parra the game #NRLCowboysEels #NRLFinals
23 Sep, 10:29 AM UTC
Im glad the commentators have all finally pronounced Reed Mahoney's name properly after a few years Us Irish need proper pronunciation like the Polynesian boys too Ma-hone-ey was outrageous way to say it #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 10:16 AM UTC
Beautiful Girl
Russia 592K Waqa Blake moonee valley Lidia Thorpe reed mahoney lachlan 13K taumalolo Coolangatta gutho queen of the ball Dahmer 122K townsville Celtics 119K ICAC Norm Smith asfoora Stormzy 131K Eddie 45K jane hume Jimmy Barnes Atkins father bob val holmes https://t.co/3LnuOpQLMO
23 Sep, 06:32 PM UTC
Beautiful Girl
few minutes ago #NRLCowboysEels Optus 14K #NRLFinals Shaun Lane #AFLGF Moses 13K Hilary Mantel 18K #AndrewsMustGo Wolf Hall Iran 1752K #FIBAWWC Penrith Torres Strait Islanders waqa blake Gutho Cows 31K Feldt Reed Mahoney Coorey Brad Arthur https://t.co/3LnuOpQdXg
23 Sep, 02:15 PM UTC
@SupasneakyHD @AzzSam @NRL @TheParraEels Reed Mahoney played an excellent game as quarterback.
23 Sep, 12:18 PM UTC
Reed Mahoney's passes are more forward then me at 1am... #NRLFinals #nrlcowboyseels
23 Sep, 10:53 AM UTC
Corey Lancaster
Has Reed Mahoney ever thrown a right to left pass backwards? #NRLCowboysEels #NRLFinals
23 Sep, 10:35 AM UTC
Tim Gore
Is it my imagination or is Reed Mahoney struggling out there?
23 Sep, 10:25 AM UTC
Our #NRL @DraftstarsAU stats bible is live for both Prelims 🔥 Reed Mahoney is our model's pick for the best value player in tonight's $30,000 contest for #NRLCowboysEels Remember you can download our projections & use them on the cruncher on Draftstars https://t.co/ttyEQvXJAq https://t.co/MdcZC80w0w
23 Sep, 05:59 AM UTC
@LuiFromTheRadio That last five minutes was exhilarating Lui. They defended like they were possessed. Incredible. Reed Mahoney looked out on his feet
23 Sep, 07:57 PM UTC
David Packwood
Reed Mahoney just a lazy 58 tackles #huge #NRLFinals
23 Sep, 11:52 AM UTC
Ben Krahe
Reed Mahoney cannot walk #buggered
23 Sep, 11:39 AM UTC
@_itsashleeee_ Reed Mahoney also. A million tackles
23 Sep, 11:38 AM UTC
Reed Mahoney is a barrel #NRLFinals
23 Sep, 11:29 AM UTC
Scabby Harry
How many forward passes from Reed Mahoney will go unnoticed in the second half? #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 10:40 AM UTC
benno 🏆
Reed Mahoney throw a backwards pass challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)
23 Sep, 10:27 AM UTC