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Boris Johnson
With great reluctance I backed MV3. Now we are being asked to vote for a customs union and a second referendum. The Bill is directly against our manifesto - and I will not vote for it. We can and must do better - and deliver what the people voted for.
21 May, 06:36 PM UTC
Zac Goldsmith
I supported the PM’s rotten deal last time as I felt we could then draw a line and select a new PM to pick up the pieces. But I cannot support this convoluted mess. That it takes us towards a rigged referendum between her deal and no Brexit is just grotesque. The PM must go.
21 May, 04:01 PM UTC
Richard Tice
PM says MPs can vote to hold a 2nd referendum as part of her new worst deal in history. She'll never let us leave the EU. Today's Parliament will never let us leave the EU. This is a big Con-Lab stitch-up. Only The Brexit Party will fight to stop this betrayal #EnoughIsEnough
21 May, 03:42 PM UTC
WATCH | Former President of the Czech Republic, Václav Klaus: "When we first heard the result of the Brexit referendum, many Czechs opened champagne bottles! It was a great event for us. We don't consider it your victory, it was a victory for all European democrats!" 🇨🇿🇬🇧 Leave.EU's photo on referendum
21 May, 07:36 PM UTC
Joe Brew
Raül Romeva, Catalan politician who has spent the last year in pre-trial detainment, was sworn in as a Senator today. After the swearing-in ceremony, he'll be sent back to his prison cell in Madrid. He faces decades in prison for his role in organizing a referendum. Surreal. Joe Brew's photo on referendum
21 May, 12:07 PM UTC
Andrea Jenkyns MP #StandUp4Brexit
!!!!!!! How to Not deliver Brexit! Farcical.
21 May, 03:46 PM UTC
Ross Thomson MP
I reluctantly voted for the PM’s deal on the third go as I saw it as the only way to ensure we left the EU on 29th March. I will not support the PM’s new deal that enables a second EU referendum. To do so only serves to do the SNP’s dirty work for them with their #IndyRef2 drive
21 May, 05:34 PM UTC
Priti Patel MP
This Brexit Deal continues to betray the 17.4 million people who voted to leave. It fails to deliver the referendum mandate, our election manifesto commitments & is not in our national interest. More broken promises at a time when trust in democracy & politics is at its lowest.
21 May, 08:16 PM UTC
Tony Robinson
What’s the point of Theresa May offering a House of Commons vote on whether to hold a second referendum if the tories are whipped to vote against it. It’s just another empty charade. It’s all bollocks. There are only two options,the chaos of a hard brexit or revoking article 50.
21 May, 07:13 PM UTC
موجز الأخبار 🇸🇦
١٠٠٠ ريال بالقرعة من قال : حدود طموحنا السماء ؟ للدخول في السحب على الجائزة : - تابع استطلاع السعودية 📊 @p_referendum - رتويت للتغريدة. - ضع تغريدة في هاشتاق: #جوائز_استطلاع_السعودية٢
21 May, 08:23 PM UTC
Alastair PEOPLE’S VOTE Campbell
Can you show me where you and your fellow Brextremists said that was what a leave vote in the referendum would mean. And I will show you the comments you all uttered saying the opposite.
21 May, 07:28 PM UTC
Joe M
Hey British patriots. Remember that referendum for the binary choice between leaving or remaining in the EU? Well the globalists didn't like your vote and they want you to do it again. Can you get it right for them this time?
21 May, 04:43 PM UTC
Douglas Carswell
Amazing to think that @michaelgove and @Jeremy_Hunt went along with this offer of a 2nd referendum in Cabinet.
21 May, 04:04 PM UTC
Hurgar en la Memoria 🇵🇪
¿Pedían que el Pdte @MartinVizcarraC actúe como político? Pues hoy lo hizo y bien. El llanto del fujiaprismo y aliados demuestra que Vizcarra ha actuado bien. Es hora de ponerse fuerte y defender las reformas aprobadas por el 90% vía Referéndum #ReformaPolítica
21 May, 08:57 PM UTC
Election Maps UK
European Election Voting Intention IF Labour 'Became Pro Remain and Promised an in/out 2nd Referendum': LAB: 36% (+12) BXP: 30% (-2) CON: 11% (=) LDM: 9% (-6) NAT: 4% (=) CHUK: 3% (-1) UKIP: 3% (+1) GRN: 2% (-4) Via @ComRes, 17 May. Changes w/ Regular poll.
21 May, 06:19 PM UTC
Quim Torra i Pla
Ens cal l’ajut i la solidaritat de tots amb els qui van fer possible el referèndum. Sisplau, col·laboreu-hi!
21 May, 03:10 PM UTC
Steven Woolfe MEP
Mays 10 point plan to end the Conservative Party 1.Delay Brexit 2.Damage Brexit 3.Deny Brexit Repeat three times & then promise staying in the EU by the back door with a 2nd referendum. On Thursday make sure you vote @brexitparty_uk & restore democracy
21 May, 08:10 PM UTC
Rutger van den Noort
Harbers stapt terecht op. Two to go: Ollongren (afschaffen referendum) en Wiebes (Fouten bij klimaatdoorrekening). #amateurs Rutger van den Noort's photo on referendum
21 May, 12:06 PM UTC
Euro Guido
Blah blah blah blah blah Customs union! Second referendum! Euro Guido's photo on referendum
21 May, 03:26 PM UTC
Andrew Percy MP reacts to the PM's "new Brexit deal": "I'm frustrated... I really am concerned about the proposed possibility of a second referendum. People were told in the referendum, it was the final say on the matter for a generation - it would be implemented." BrexitCentral's photo on referendum
21 May, 04:19 PM UTC
Lewis Goodall
If and when she goes, for the sake of our sanity and the British political process I hope her successor realises one thing: the Conservative Party is going to have to accept a general election or a referendum. It’s one or the other.
21 May, 08:59 PM UTC
Douglas Carswell
Each member of the Cabinet should now be regarded as having enabled May to offer a 2nd referendum: @michaelgove @Jeremy_Hunt @sajidjavid @PennyMordaunt @MattHancock The whole grubby lot. It ought to preclude each of them from future high office
21 May, 10:29 PM UTC
Theresa May
Our new Brexit deal makes a ten-point offer to everyone in Parliament who wants to deliver the result of the referendum. #LetsGetThisDone Theresa May's photo on referendum
21 May, 06:27 PM UTC
BBC Newsnight
“I’m not a Liberal Democrat, I belong to the Conservatives… but they are the only party in this election... that believes we shouldn’t leave without a referendum” Former Tory MP @MatthewParris3 says he’d “recommend any conservative who is a remainer” to vote Lib Dem #newsnight BBC Newsnight's photo on referendum
21 May, 10:13 PM UTC
Tom Newton Dunn
An intriguing line in May’s speech today, now drowned out by the referendum uproar. This is the most Remainy - and possibly honest - thing she’s ever said on Brexit. A touch of Donald Tusk’s ‘special place in hell’ about it too. Tom Newton Dunn's photo on referendum
21 May, 09:06 PM UTC
Ai 🦕
De “Voteu-nos i farem un referendum d’autodeterminació que portarà a una declaració unilateral d’independència en menys de 48h” a “per imperatiu legal i sempre a favor de la llibertat juro la constitució Espanyola al Congreso” ES PER FLIPAR MOLT.
21 May, 01:32 PM UTC
228,872 Brexit Job Losses 🇬🇧
This second referendum betrayal stuff is really messing with my head. If the public votes to cancel Brexit, I can't see them getting too upset about Brexit being cancelled. Can you?
21 May, 09:16 PM UTC
gerard peter anthony
The Brexit Party are gaining ground every day because they are running a professional campaign. They are the only Party to clearly state that they back the result of the Referendum and mean to make sure that it is delivered. This is just the beginning of a return to Democracy.
21 May, 08:39 PM UTC
A C Grayling #FBPE #PeoplesVote &/or #Revoke50
Idea: to guard against the kind of fraud that corrupted the 2016 referendum, all campaign funds should be sent to the Electoral Commission, which checks then forwards to the campaigns/parties; and the latter’s expenditure is reported to the EC which matches outlay to that income.
21 May, 09:54 PM UTC
Michael J Bradley
No Philip, Britain needs a #Brexit that’s #Leave Not half in/out, just Leave! 17.4m voted for it. Referendum produced a legitimate outcome that Parliament has a duty to implement #BrexitBetrayal #Democracy Do you not see how people feel betrayed by you all? #Euroelections2019
21 May, 05:37 PM UTC
Eugenio D'Medina Lora
Hoy soltaron a todos los trolls para atacar al @congresoperu. Pero no confundir. No es el pueblo el que avala los atropellos, sino solo los que hoy ostentan el poder en una alianza mafiosa y perversa anti republicana. No olviden que la gente ni supo por qué votó en el referéndum.
22 May, 12:02 AM UTC
Owen Jones🌹
This is meaningless, because May knows there isn't currently a majority for a second referendum even if Labour whips its MPs to back one, as the party has now done twice. It would only be a meaningful concession if May backed a second referendum (or least allowed a free vote).
21 May, 03:33 PM UTC
Gabriel Attal
On est les seuls à parler d’Europe. Les extrêmes voient cette élection comme un référendum contre le Président. Les autres partis comme une opportunité de se reconstruire au niveau national. Ce n’est pas au niveau des enjeux. @JP_Elkabbach @CNEWS Gabriel Attal's photo on referendum
21 May, 08:43 AM UTC
(((kronfeld))) FBPE
Scunthorpe voted to leave - steelworks in Scunthorpe threatened with closure, weakness of £ since referendum cited. Toyota announces closure. Swindon voted to leave. Supply line jobs on the line At least leavers, as they always say, knew what they were voting for. #brexit
21 May, 11:05 AM UTC
Remainers DO NOT have a right to be angry. They lost the referendum and since then they have created the uncertainty that is causing British business so much trouble and making the UK a laughing stock within the international community. #DontBeARemainer
21 May, 09:35 PM UTC
DW Español
El #brexit da un giro inesperado Theresa May abre las puertas a un segundo referéndum. @anamaroura @piamariacastro DW Español's photo on referendum
21 May, 09:03 PM UTC
Kim Jong Un
Voici les unes de la presse régionale d'aujourd'hui. Macron s'agite, car il panique. Ces élections européennes sont clairement un référendum sur Macron. Le 26/05, vous avez l'occasion de lui mettre une bonne dérouillée en votant @J_Bardella. Profitez-en! Kim Jong Un's photo on referendum
21 May, 08:03 PM UTC
Darren of Plymouth 🇬🇧
MPs have rejected the withdrawal agreement negotiated with the EU three times. A BBC lie, the EU never re-negotiated. I fucking triple dare May to implement another referendum, if she does she will unleash dark forces the like never seen in the UK before.
21 May, 09:06 PM UTC
Frédéric Lefebvre
Faisons du 26 mai un référendum pour ou contre la #France ! Pour ma part j’ai choisi... je voterai pour la liste #Renaissance afin de soutenir l’ambition transformatrice du président 👇 #EmmanuelMacron s’engage pour peser dans la bataille des #européennes
21 May, 10:58 PM UTC
Tim Dawson
7%. And that's before Theresa May tried to "deliver Brexit" today by nailing us even more comprehensively into the EU and offering Parliament a vote on a second referendum.
21 May, 11:29 PM UTC
Nigel Dodds
The campaign for a second referendum is saying "you didn't get it right the first time so try again - That is the European way of doing things.” Vote @DianeDoddsMEP 1️⃣ Nigel Dodds's photo on referendum
21 May, 10:28 PM UTC
Dean Van Nguyen
Wrote about the 27th Amendment of the Irish constitution, the lies told during the 2004 referendum, and why the existence of blood-based citizenship entitlement and the denial of birth citizenship entitlement is systematic racism
21 May, 12:48 PM UTC
Winter Is Here
This man wants a Hindu-only referendum to determine whether the 200 million or so Indian Muslims should be allowed to retain their citizenship or be deported to Pakistan or Bangladesh. This radicalised country is shameless enough to lecture others. Winter Is Here's photo on referendum
22 May, 02:52 AM UTC
Penny Midas Rollo
#quote "Having a 2nd referendum when Parliament has refused to implement the result of the 1st #referendum is as bluntly anti-democratic an act as one could imagine. #Democracy is not about voting. Democracy is about the RESULTS of votes being IMPLEMENTED"
22 May, 01:57 AM UTC
Joe Murphy
May personally opposes 2nd ref but .... she recognised the sincere demand from others It is up to the Commons, she says. But voting on it will only happen if the WAB survives second referendum. Big question remains over whether the private offer of a free vote stands
21 May, 03:24 PM UTC
Dick Newby
Corbyn & his team so fudged on #Brexit even many of his supporters see @LibDems offering only sensible option. A huge @LibDems vote would intensify pressure on Labour MPs to back a referendum in the Commons. #peoplesvote #FBPE
21 May, 04:05 PM UTC
COURTAIGNE Goulven ⭐️⭐️
Comme elle est malhonnête cette opposition ! Elle transforme cette élection en référendum anti-Macron et voudrait interdire que Macron s’exprime. + malhonnête, tu meurs !!!! Européennes: l’opposition dénonce l’omniprésence de Macron dans la campagne
21 May, 11:48 AM UTC
Chris K-B
Remainers who think I'm unsympathetic to their winging are quite correct. I know what it feels like not to get what one wants from a referendum. I wanted an EEA/EFTA-based deal. I'm not going to get one. Grow up you babies. You can't always have what you want in a democracy.
21 May, 09:18 PM UTC
Agus Sari
Ini bukan demo kecurangan. Ini ungkapan kekecewaan kekalahan. Inilah “surat wasiat” itu. Ada di 1998 saat ada yang dilengserkan. Ada di Timor Timur saat kalah referendum.
22 May, 01:56 AM UTC
Chance of a 2nd Brexit referendum is back on the table? RT's photo on referendum
22 May, 03:45 AM UTC
Gurpatwant Singh Pannun
“Hindu American Foundation” A @MEAIndia Washington DC based is Running A Campagin Labelling Sikhs As TERRORISTS. US Sikhs Will RESPOND Join June 6, 2019 Khalistan Referendum 2020 Rally Lincoln Memorial @ANI @Geeta_Mohan @rsrobin1 @sagarikaghose @navikakumar @sidhant @Nidhi Gurpatwant Singh Pannun's photo on referendum
22 May, 03:36 AM UTC
May ofrece a los parlamentarios votar sobre un segundo referéndum del Brexit's photo on referendum
21 May, 10:58 PM UTC
Adam Eberhardt
Szef prezydenckiej administracji Zełenskiego Andrij Bohdan sugeruje ogólnoukraińskie referendum ws. możliwego porozumienia z Rosją. To na razie balon próbny, ale intencje czytelne - skoro społeczeństwo nie chce wojny, to zrzucimy na nie odpowiedzialność za ustępstwa wobec Putina.
21 May, 09:26 PM UTC
Angela Salaverry Ace
@Wolfdruida @AlbertoZevallo5 Vizcarra primero el referéndum que era la panacea para el país, resulta que ahora las reformas lo necesita para luchar contra la corrupción, que más mentiras va hacer el presidente si todos los peruanos sabemos que él representa la corrupción y que debe ser vacado ya .
22 May, 03:25 AM UTC
Clawhammer 🇬🇧 🇺🇲 🇬🇧 🇺🇸
Brexit news: Verhofstadt SAVAGED by Leave voters after Remain plea - ‘B*llocks to EU!’ | Politics | News |
22 May, 02:48 AM UTC
Anna vilanova i Fdez
Senyors de Movem, Erc i Psc de Sant Just parlant de feminisme i participació!!! Llistes encapçalades per homes i ignorant el procés participatiu (deixant de banda el Referendum) més important dels últims anys com van ser les Primàries.
21 May, 09:46 PM UTC
Perhaps you are unsure about voting in the European elections? Regardless of how you voted in the referendum and your disappointment in politicians ask yourself do you really want to elect people who are #Fascists voting for #Farage is a vote for Fascism
22 May, 04:39 AM UTC
@dragonduclos A destination de tous les Électeurs tentés par l'abstention. Dimanche dîtes Non au Chef de Clan #Macron Il a choisi d'en faire un Référendum personnel en s'impliquant dans la Campagne #Européennes2019 Il ira plus loin, plus vite, plus fort,... #Le26MaiVotezRN #BourdinDirect
22 May, 04:52 AM UTC
May offers MPs vote on second Brexit referendum via @YouTube
22 May, 03:36 AM UTC
She's never done the job. Brexit Betrayal: May Opens Door to Second Referendum via @BreitbartNews
21 May, 09:05 PM UTC
C est pour cela qu il faut emmener tous nos amis aux urnes ce dimanche, même pour mettre un bulletin au hasard.... il y a 34 listes!!!! Ce n est pas une élection Européenne, c est un référendum ...... !!! Nous les Twwetos , on peut ammener nos amis a aller Voter.
22 May, 04:59 AM UTC
The Telegraph
Furious Tories call on Theresa May to resign immediately for 'betraying' Brexit by offering second referendum
22 May, 05:00 AM UTC
Kim guide dog
If Theresa May announces a possibility of a second referendum the day you will see you give over 40% by tomorrow
22 May, 05:00 AM UTC
Ralf Grahn
#Brexit > Theresa May propose un nouveau référendum pour sortir de l'impasse
22 May, 05:00 AM UTC
jorge rivera
@JoseCardenas1 Si hoy fuera el referéndum de quitar chayote ros empezaría os con López doriga y luego José cárdenas luego Dennis, ciro. Pablo., etc. Etc.
22 May, 05:00 AM UTC
Богданов Игорь
Зеленский готовит референдум о том, как нужно говорить с Россией
22 May, 05:00 AM UTC
Aldo Mori
@TubinoCarlos @MartinVizcarraC Calla tío monopoli, uds son considerados como el peor congreso de la historia del Perú y debería haber #Referendum para que el pueblo los heche a patadas @Cuarto_Poder @RPPNoticias @canalN_ @IDL_R
22 May, 04:59 AM UTC
@JuanyGar63 Cómo Valenciana( Castelló) que Siempre he defendido el derecho a un referéndum me indigna que este país tenga políticos tan catetos que no sepan hacer política , solo llevar el problema a los tribunales.!
22 May, 04:59 AM UTC
@LittleMaineCoon It is awful that she’s done that. She’s so desperate to cling onto her job she has totally betrayed the public and now a lot of her own party want her to go immediately anyway. She has done the one thing that she should never have done and offered them a 2nd referendum
22 May, 04:59 AM UTC
Theresa May offers vote on second Brexit referendum via @financialtimes
22 May, 04:59 AM UTC
C.A. Hebblethwaite
Full text: Theresa May’s speech calling for a second referendum | Coffee House
22 May, 04:59 AM UTC
@69polaris69 @Telegraph @vincecable @Nigel_Farage No, the LibDems stood against a referendum on Brexit.
22 May, 04:59 AM UTC
May has done all she could to stop brexit. She has didn't campaign in the election, and held on to the customs union like it was a life preserver. Now this! She lied May offers vote on second referendum IF MPs back her Brexit Bill @MailOnline
22 May, 04:59 AM UTC
Unconscious Abyss ∞
@RoseUnwin @WendyYoungman @JPH_WHU27 @IsabelOakeshott @ElectoralCommUK @brexitparty_uk @Nigel_Farage 'The polling by YouGov found of those who have made up their minds and would vote in a second referendum, 61% would back staying in the European Union over the government's deal.' That's alot of qualifiers enabling your misleading claim.
22 May, 04:59 AM UTC
Atikah Rahmah
Gw mau referendum bikin negara baru damai berisi WNI yg neurotransmiternya masalah. Presidennya dokter gw. Nice. #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth
22 May, 04:58 AM UTC
per fortuna non piace a nessuno non ha senso un secondo referendum
22 May, 04:58 AM UTC
An Orthodox Jew
BUT should the if the @brexitparty_uk and @UKIP get less the 30% combined the pro remains politicians will say the nation has changed its mind cementing its argument for a second referendum. So when you vote on Thursday think very what you want
22 May, 04:58 AM UTC
Helene Knight
@Lee4Leader Phillip Lee is a rancid Remainer who wishes to overturn the results of the referendum. You have more chance of exhuming Maggie Thatcher to run the country than there is of Phillip Lee occupying the office of Prime Minister.
22 May, 04:58 AM UTC