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Andrew Adonis
Against a second referendum: Trump, Putin, Xi, Salvini, Orban, Farage, Le Pen, Rees-Mogg, Grayling For a second referendum: Caroline Lucas, Sadiq Khan, Nicola Sturgeon, John Major, Keir Starmer - & I suspect Varadkar, Tusk, Macron & Merkel Whose side are you on?
14 Mar, 04:10 PM UTC
Laura Kuenssberg
Riot coming - Bercow allowing MPs a vote on holding another referendum, doesn’t choose to allow a vote on ruling one out
14 Mar, 12:20 PM UTC
WATCH | @realDonaldTrump slams Theresa May for ignoring his negotiating advice, says a second referendum would be "very unfair to the people who won", and tells Irish PM Leo Varadkar, to his face, that he's prepared to "do something very severe economically" to the EU 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧 Leave.EU's photo on referendum
14 Mar, 03:37 PM UTC
Juan C. Sosa Azpúrua
AN debe modificar el art. 13 CN. En ese referéndum, se matan 2 pájaros de un tiro.Autoriza instalación de bases de USA para colaborar con combate a la insurgencia y carteles. En paralelo se autoriza a DEA a trabajar junto a venezolanos para capturar a capos. Se logra objetivo.
14 Mar, 03:19 PM UTC
Brian Moore
So, it's not right for voters to have a second referendum with much more information now available, but it seems it's going to be fine for MPs to have three votes on a deal which hasn't changed?
14 Mar, 10:09 PM UTC
Laurent Paganelli
Nous en France on a pas besoin de référendum ni de brexit pour quitter l Europe.. On a le football.... ⚽🏆
15 Mar, 05:35 AM UTC
Michael Heaver
Labour's Ruth Smeeth has resigned from frontbench to vote against second referendum. She has said 75% of constituents in Stoke contacting her are in favour of No Deal Brexit. People vs. Remainer Parliament.
14 Mar, 06:00 PM UTC
Yvette Cooper campaigned on the promise that she would "not vote to block Brexit". Her constituency voted 70% leave in the referendum. There isn't a clearer example of a politician more out of touch with the feeling of the electorate she claims to represent. Shameful!
14 Mar, 10:17 PM UTC
Ruth Smeeth MP
I've resigned from Labour's front bench this evening in order to vote against a second referendum. This was a difficult decision but I have a duty to support the will of my constituents. We need to leave, and leave with a deal that works for the Potteries
14 Mar, 05:53 PM UTC
BBC Question Time
‘It is nothing but sheer arrogance of people that have lost, and people that want to subvert democracy’ This audience member says he is against another referendum on leaving the EU. #bbcqt BBC Question Time's photo on referendum
14 Mar, 11:10 PM UTC
Henry Mance
Things that MPs have voted against: - May's deal - customs union - EEA - second referendum - no deal - Malthouse compromise - ANY OTHER BREXIT OUTCOME YOU HAVE EVER THOUGHT OF
14 Mar, 05:24 PM UTC
WATCH | Scandalous! Mark Francois expresses his "disappointment" in the Speaker refusing to select an amendment to tonight's motion categorically ruling out a second referendum. It had cross-party support from 127 MPs! A Remain-filled Parliament run by a bent ref! #DrainTheSwamp Leave.EU's photo on referendum
14 Mar, 12:26 PM UTC
Stephen McGann
Now if we'd only called it the Meaningful Referendum, we could have held it fortnightly, and discarded the results at will.
14 Mar, 09:39 AM UTC
Katie Hopkins
Brexit update from Parliament The 2nd Refendum Campaign Group voted against a 2nd Referendum. MPs voted to delay Brexit day until 30 June so MPs can now accept the bad deal they rejected yesterday EU will now vote whether to allow this delay for the bad deal to be approved
14 Mar, 06:42 PM UTC
Sorry, if you're still saying "Do you want a third referendum, or a fourth, or a fifth" you're... not a smart person. Brexit was 4 words in 2016. It's a 585-page treaty now. It was a blank cheque in 2016. Now it's been filled in. We either cash that cheque or rip it up. #BBCqt
14 Mar, 11:12 PM UTC
-He hecho referéndum y quiero Brexit. -Qué pena Bueno: firmemos el acuerdo. -No quiero Brexit con acuerdo. -Vaya. Bueno, pues sin acuerdo. -Tampoco quiero Brexit sin acuerdo. -Caray, no sé. ¿Quieres repetir el referéndum? -Tampoco quiero repetir el referéndum. (ASÍ DESDE 2016). JacoboDopico_UC3M's photo on referendum
14 Mar, 05:40 PM UTC
Michael Fabricant
I voted against the 2nd Referendum AND extending the #Brexit deadline.
14 Mar, 08:24 PM UTC
Edwin Hayward🦄🏹🗡️
Fiona Bruce: "Is anyone in favour of a second referendum?" Forest of hands goes up. FB: "My goodness!" #BBCQT
14 Mar, 11:09 PM UTC
Iain Martin
A lot of "people's vote" grandees wheeling out lame excuses - we weren't trying, we weren't ready, this one doesn't count, we had the wrong trainers on. But quite a moment. A clear majority of MPs voted against a second referendum.
14 Mar, 05:36 PM UTC
Problems facing Kenyans: - High cost of living - Unemployment - Hunger in 23 counties(due to drought) - Huge public debt - Poor leadership Govt efforts to find solutions: - Taking loans, stealing & increasing taxes - Huduma Number - Referendum - Handshake - Legacy agenda Sigh‼️
14 Mar, 11:20 AM UTC
Lord Digby Jones
So Project Sabotage is complete. Back to EU on our knees begging for an extension of time! For what? Just to have more Groundhog Days? Or to enable a 2nd Referendum? & what then? A third one? & if Brexit wins again, the Establishment & Parl’t won’t stop.
14 Mar, 06:43 PM UTC
Rachel Maclean MP
I have just voted against a second referendum and against any delay to #Article50. It is completely pointless to delay exit day - we need to leave on the 29th March and honour the democratic vote. #brexit
14 Mar, 06:16 PM UTC
Jeremy Corbyn promised to deliver on the referendum result. But now we know his promises mean nothing. 👇 Watch this. Conservatives's photo on referendum
14 Mar, 05:28 PM UTC
Suzanne Evans
The man on #bbcqt is completely wrong. There was no mention of either “hard” or “soft” Brexit during the referendum campaign. This was the establishment’s first line of attack against the people after we voted the way they didn’t want. #BrexitMeansBrexit
14 Mar, 10:59 PM UTC
Sam White
A second referendum with Remain as an option would mean by definition that the first referendum has been cancelled. Your vote. Cancelled.
14 Mar, 01:28 PM UTC
James Dornan SNP
So in the last 24 hours @scottishlabour vote against a rise for carers and @UKLabour abstain on a second EU referendum despite it being their policy. #forthemanymybahookey
14 Mar, 05:22 PM UTC
Theodora Dickinson
Brilliant from this #BBCQT audience member tonight: "We had a referendum. People voted for a reason. It would be the end of democracy in this country if Parliament doesn't honour what people voted for. Parliament had two years to do this and they haven't done it." 🔥🔥🔥 Theodora Dickinson's photo on referendum
15 Mar, 12:22 AM UTC
Andrew Adonis
Why has the Serious Crime Agency still not reported on Arron Banks & the source of his £8m Brexit funding? Important this issue is resolved - & appropriate legal action underway - before the next referendum
15 Mar, 06:19 AM UTC
Derek James #FBPE #RevokeArticle50
#bbcqt So, if you're 16 or 17, you'll be absolutely delighted to know that Julia Hartley Brewer thinks you're far to young to vote in a second referendum on an issue that will have a huge influence on your future. I just wonder how do you feel about that?
14 Mar, 11:19 PM UTC
Channel 4 News
Donald Trump has today repeated his false claim that he was at his Scottish golf resort, Turnberry, "the day before" the Brexit referendum. As @FactCheck reported in July 2018, that's not true. He arrived the day after the vote.
14 Mar, 08:43 PM UTC
Roger Mullin
Hearing from Tory MP strategy is to vote down a 2nd #referendum today, but get a 3rd meaningful vote next week which he thinks will now pass due to panic amongst #Brexiteers and #DUP. So the people not allowed a second vote, but MPs to get three (or more) #indyref2 #PeoplesVote
14 Mar, 12:11 PM UTC
Tom Miles
Astonishing rush at @BBCr4today to shut the door on a discussion with @thatginamiller about a second referendum because we agreed we wouldn’t discuss that and because of breaking news (which turned out to include the Suffolk County show and schoolkids on strike.) eh?
15 Mar, 07:30 AM UTC
BBC News Graphics
MPs voted against holding a second referendum on Brexit. Forty-one Labour MPs defied the party whip ordering them to abstain. BBC News Graphics's photo on referendum
14 Mar, 08:40 PM UTC
The thing is Hilary..... ‘Campaign Groups’ don’t govern the Uk... political parties do.... and the political party that delivered the referendum never at any point made a vote to leave contingent on a ‘deal’..... in fact they did quite the opposite.
14 Mar, 10:10 AM UTC
Alan Sked
Parliament argues that it stands for representative democracy. But the House of Lords represents no one and now MPs are overturning the wishes of the electorate as expressed in the referendum. Most constituencies (Labour and Tory) voted Leave. Most MPs don’t care. The people will
15 Mar, 03:50 AM UTC
Melanie Melvin #JC4PM
Would you trust @theresa_may and our current government to run a second Brexit Referendum?
14 Mar, 12:40 PM UTC
maurizio gustinicchi
14 Mar, 06:02 PM UTC
Darren Grimes fined £20,000 for breaking EU referendum spending laws, DUP spent £282,000 on Brexit ad that did not run in Northern Ireland. Aaron Banks under investigation by NCA,Russian influence of social media, cambridge analytics... THAT IS NOT DEMOCRACY #bbcqt
14 Mar, 11:20 PM UTC
Darryl Finch
@peterkyle @peoplesvote_uk Terrible decision. Anyone opposed to a second referendum will now completely ignore the large number who abstained to instead argue that the idea of a second referendum was ‘heavily defeated in parliament’, making it even harder to make it happen in the future. Was now or never!
14 Mar, 05:29 PM UTC
Loz Argyle
It's democratic for Theresa May to bring her Meaningful Vote back for a THIRD time, because MPs can change their minds, but to have a 2nd referendum (whether you agree with one or not) is undemocratic because the people aren't allowed to change their minds, tory bastards #GTTO
15 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
Brexit-SteveD #NoArt50Extension #Let'sGetOnWithIt
These comments by shameless Varadkar prove that the backstop is a trap that both he and the EU want to trap the UK in for a very long time. The withdrawal agreement is a punishment deal, which shows Remainer MPs were wrong to take No Deal off the table.
15 Mar, 06:56 AM UTC
Aron Cheung
A stark geographic divide among rebel Labour MPs on the Wollaston amendment: - Labour MPs from Wales, Scotland and London rebelled to vote FOR a second referendum - Labour MPs from the North of England and Midlands rebelled to vote AGAINST (whip was to abstain) Aron Cheung's photo on referendum
14 Mar, 06:52 PM UTC
Il martire
La capra dice a Renzi: "Hai perso il referendum" Renzi: "Voi siete decenni che non avete mai vinto niente e lei parla a me di una perdita?"
14 Mar, 10:13 PM UTC
Kathy Evans
I'm not even a particular personal advocate of another referendum, but the idea that the *same* deal gets put to parliamentary vote *three* times, after two crushing defeats, to see if the result changes on a third go at it, is a level of hypocrisy that I just can't stand #bbcqt
14 Mar, 11:02 PM UTC
Rupert Stubbs
@TheScepticIsle @davidallengreen Should there be a second referendum, the most powerful campaign would be just to feature the stories of ordinary people who bitterly regret voting Leave. I heard a man on LBC (Shelagh F's show) who was so compelling without being accusatory or divisive. Don't use MPs or celebs!
14 Mar, 05:11 PM UTC
The Smoking Monkey
They failed, they failed, they failed... And yet you have done such a sterling job, gaslighting the 17 million plus people who voted to remain with hopes of supporting a second referendum... before abstaining. Congratulations. You’ve given a new meaning to “Opposition”
15 Mar, 07:50 AM UTC
paul stear
This will be a great vote for democracy. The referendum of 2016 should be honoured before any other referendums are held. #WTOBrexit on 29th March. #StandUp4Brexit #LeaveMeansLeave
14 Mar, 10:37 AM UTC
Elena Rubino
@twittanto2 @Ettore_Rosato In Svizzera il Referendum= democrazia diretta , funziona . Altro popolo.
15 Mar, 08:01 AM UTC
Lorenzo #FBPE
@justthevax @Channel4News By declaring the referendum Invalid at this current Stage will be the MOST HONORABLE ACT from the British Parliament. No matter the embarrassment will cause to the Tory who hv tried to CAPITALIZE from it, HIJACK DEMOCRACY is nothing less than a Criminal DISREGARD To LAW&COUNTRY.
15 Mar, 08:01 AM UTC
Javichán +≋+≋
Me ha convencido IU y su idea de democracia. ¿Qué tal si hacemos un referéndum para decidir si suprimimos los partidos que se oponen a la soberanía nacional? A circunscripción única, gana la mitad más uno. #DerechoADecidir #VolemVotar #DemocraciaDeLaBuena
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
Scott Carnegie
@MMAandCeltic @theSNP If we did have a 2nd referendum and leave won again then what.
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
stephen mcnally
@tompeck @andywigmore @LeaveEUOfficial @Arron_banks The fault lies with a remain parliament who’ve used every trick and delaying tactic in the book to thwart the referendum result, they still can’t accept the fact they lost and people went against them.Maybe they didn’t know as much as they thought.
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
Michael Hutchins
I think I can sum up the last week in words. Weaponised Ineptitude. Would we be considering a second referendum if we'd voted remain? No UK voter can ever trust Parliament again. #brexit
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
Gary Finney Zair
@GarethPerry10 @TommyN0body @bbcquestiontime Agreed, had the referendum been a legally binding vote it wouid almost certainly been annulled in any court.
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
obelix 🎗🎗🎗
@Vinyalell @Jaume752 Totalment d'acord. És la prova que per Ñ el referèndum i el votar era com una guerra, i així van reprimir el 1-O.
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
@ScotTories Incorrect. You obviously don't give a damn about what Scot's want. If you did you would know they want to remain in EU by a huge margin. They are also in favour of a referendum on Scottish independence. They also want rid of you and your party. Look aboot ye!
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
Spider Sorcerer Supreme New Improved 2019 Edition
@Vonoutspan If now's not the time, there never will be a time. I think Corbyn has gone with his party members insomuch as he's agreed he'll support a second referendum, but as he's pro-Brexit and has been anti-EU for a long long time, he's ensuring that's a meaningless gesture.
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
Magda ale nie ruda🦁🇵🇱✝️🇿🇦
i to nas czeka , mam nadzieję ze warszawiacy doprowadzą do referendum i pozbędą sie dziwolągów z ratusza
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
Fit-Out Sector
Homes England chair: Brexit won’t impact housing demand
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
Michael Cole
@DeliaMattis Clearly a second referendum hasn’t got the support of MPs and that is the most crucial thing as it is only through the support in Parliament that a referendum can be held in the first place. The Tig’s were blaming @UKLabour but the #PeoplesVote campaign didn’t support it either.
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
@bbcquestiontime Do Remainers call angry men Gammon when they want another referendum? Or does it only apply to men from the other tribe ? Honest question
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
@parity_warrior The ONLY sensible way forward now: 1.Once Brexit on hold 2.Parties issue manifestos, incl Brexit plan 3.General Election 4.Cross-party group negotiate according to winning Brexit manifesto General Election = people’s vote
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
A B Chitty #FBPE
@lucyallan @remainophile No Brexit, please, with a side order of prosecution for those who interfered with and manipulated the EU referendum. Oh, and that bottle of brown sauce is 70-odd years out of date, too, can we throw that out, please.
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
À Nous La Démocratie
« L’agence tout RIC », une restitution poétique de la soirée spéciale « Gilets jaunes – Référendum d’Initiative Citoyenne » qui s’est déroulée le 21 février 2019 à Paris dans le 13eme arrondissement. Par Sylvain Hatik #démocratie #RIC #giletsjaunes
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
Gummitch #FBPE
@JoWoodward2013 @VerityKalcev @wmarybeard @theresa_may I did not say they were gospel, they are merely evidence that the Leave campaign may have been corrupt. They are stories that require investigation, and the Electoral Commission *concluded* something was amiss. At the very least the referendum result must be regarded as suspect.
15 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC

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