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NBA fans after being forced to listen to Reggie Miller commentate a double-OT game LakeShowYo™'s photo on reggie miller
11 Jan, 05:45 AM UTC
Fuck the NFL
Reggie Miller: “H-“ Everyone Fuck the NFL's photo on reggie miller
11 Jan, 05:34 AM UTC
Robert Littal
This game is too good for Reggie Miller to be calling it lol
11 Jan, 05:21 AM UTC
Fire EVERYONE tweets ARE brewing!!!!!!
Harlan be sounding just as annoyed with Reggie Miller as we do lmfao
11 Jan, 05:32 AM UTC
Meer™ 🇬🇾
Reggie Miller gotta be the worst fucking commentator ever LMAO
11 Jan, 05:28 AM UTC
Cameron Grant
Say what you want about Reggie Miller as broadcaster but the guy could play. #Spurs Cameron Grant's photo on reggie miller
11 Jan, 05:56 AM UTC
Iskailow I am 🇺🇸 Somali
The only reason anyone would say anything bad about Reggie miller is because your ass was born 1997 or later. Damn toddlers. 😂😂😂
11 Jan, 06:19 AM UTC
Medium 🥩 Rare
So Kevin Harlan gets all the love but the bruhs like Reggie Miller, Mark Jackson and Chris Webber get nothing but hate each game. 🙄 Y’all some ol stand for the National Anthem before the football game ass dudes. Medium 🥩 Rare's photo on reggie miller
11 Jan, 05:54 AM UTC
🥀🔪koala trillard🔪🥀
i want this but just for Reggie Miller
11 Jan, 06:01 AM UTC
Reggie Miller slander Aus10's photo on reggie miller
11 Jan, 05:29 AM UTC
sam esfandiari
Reggie Miller assumes every injury is a career ender
11 Jan, 04:44 AM UTC
Vasu Kulkarni
I love that Reggie Miller is trending for being a terrible commentator. #NBATwitter Vasu Kulkarni's photo on reggie miller
11 Jan, 05:43 AM UTC
Mitch Record (15-12)
11 Jan, 05:32 AM UTC
Pasquale The Rally Pigeon🐦
Me: h- Reggie Miller: "I THINK IT HIT THE RIM PARTNER"
11 Jan, 05:37 AM UTC
Who’s worse Reggie Miller or Chris Webber?
11 Jan, 05:33 AM UTC
Michael Dyer
God damn it Reggie Miller just shut up. Shut uppppp. So obsessed with making predictions on these calls and then repeating them 6,788 times within 30 seconds
11 Jan, 05:41 AM UTC
They need to stop giving retired NBA players jobs in the commentary/analysis field. There’s ppl who go to years of schooling for it jus to hear Reggie Miller use one syllable adjectives on national TV
11 Jan, 04:41 AM UTC
Reese Konkle
@J_J1zzle "I think it hit the rim, partner" -Reggie Miller, 2019.
11 Jan, 05:36 AM UTC
Nba player: “slightly coughs” Reggie Miller: “ I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a season ender, please send your prayers”
11 Jan, 05:47 AM UTC
Langston Blues
Anytime Reggie Miller’s mama finds out he’s calling a game she does a lot of charity work. She knows she owes us.
11 Jan, 05:41 AM UTC
nice...Please one time visit My link 😀😀 😀😀 😀😀 Spurs Aldridge Westbrook Reggie Miller #DancingWithAStranger Thunder Derrick White DeRozan #OKCvsSAS dipa's photo on reggie miller
11 Jan, 08:33 AM UTC
Lool @ everyone tryna decide who’s worse at commentating: Reggie Miller or Chris Webber. They’re both horrible tbh I can’t decide. Honourable mention to Mark Jackson as well. Thank god for Jack Armstrong and Matt Devlin 🙏🏾
11 Jan, 08:24 AM UTC
Wrong Bot
Everything you know about reggie miller is wrong.
11 Jan, 08:41 AM UTC
Sukka Cockatoo
Oh RETROTONES for iPhone,who can't you annoy?Spurs Aldridge Westbrook Reggie Miller #DancingWithAStranger
11 Jan, 08:29 AM UTC
Eyes on the prize, people
The thing about reggie miller that everyone is missing is that we are on the verge of runaway climate change and we need a complete re-think of the global economy to ensure a just society & avoid planetary catastrophe.
11 Jan, 08:25 AM UTC
@Iskailow1 And yet you think Reggie Miller is a good commentator. Says a lot about you.
11 Jan, 08:19 AM UTC
Lmao some dumb ass old head on Twitter thinks everyone loves Kevin Harlan as a commentator because he's white and thinks people hate Reggie Miller and Webber as commentators because they're black. Dudes an idiot 😂😂 Fuck heads always gotta bring a race card into it
11 Jan, 08:10 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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