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Misleading for Fox to call it regicide when their slobbering canine devotion to Trump makes it closer to deicide
09 Oct, 03:17 AM UTC
Jonah Goldberg
Joe Digenova calls impeachment “regicide” as if he’s really proud of the word. He should be ashamed. Defend Trump, denounce impeachment, but we don’t have kings and impeachment isn’t murder. @JonahDispatch's photo on Regicide
09 Oct, 02:44 AM UTC
Jason Campbell
Fox guest accuses congressional Democrats of "regicide" and calls the whistelblowers "suicide bombers" @JasonSCampbell's photo on Regicide
09 Oct, 02:13 AM UTC
Mrs. Betty Bowers
A crazy Laura Ingraham guest claims impeachment is “regicide.” First of all, we don't have a king to kill. Kings are unconstitutional. But you know what isn't unconstitutional? Impeachment. It's as constitution as free speech & the 2nd Amendment!
09 Oct, 02:34 AM UTC
The Volatile Mermaid
Imagine referring to impeachment as regicide and that isn’t even the dumbest thing you said in one sitting.
09 Oct, 12:08 PM UTC
The Washington Post
Trump ally on Fox News calls whistleblowers "suicide bombers," accuses Democrats of "regicide"
09 Oct, 10:55 AM UTC
The Volatile Mermaid
09 Oct, 12:11 PM UTC
Monty Boa
@JasonSCampbell I'm pretty sure that for anyone to commit "regicide" you need to have a king first. Tox Noise must be getting really desperate for guests. Are these guys just Kremlin plants or something?
09 Oct, 02:52 AM UTC
🖤🎃Van Bad Omen🦇🧡
I don’t want to get too technical for you, Fox News, but “regicide” means “to kill a king”. Three points here: 1) didn’t you *have a revolution* so you wouldn’t have a king? 2) noone’s killing anyone here 3) you’re too drunk to drive, walk home
09 Oct, 06:02 AM UTC
Jeff E. Guy 🐕
We don't have a king, so no regicide. He's not being killed, so, again, no regicide. Is everybody on Fox News this stupid?
09 Oct, 03:28 AM UTC
Raw Story
Trump pal tells Fox News the whistleblowers are ‘suicide bombers’ and impeachment is killing a ‘king’ #regicide
09 Oct, 02:34 AM UTC
The Daily Beast
Fox News guest Joe diGenova: Impeachment inquiry is "regicide," whistleblowers are "suicide bombers"
09 Oct, 04:45 AM UTC
Brienne of Snark 🏳️‍🌈
Regicide is where you kill a king or monarch, just so you know how un-American Fox News is.
09 Oct, 12:00 PM UTC
Fox News guest brands whistleblowers "suicide bombers" and thinks impeachment inquiry is "regicide"
09 Oct, 12:20 PM UTC
Regicide. Well, they've finally admitted it. They want a king. They don't want a democracy. Imagine blurting that out and accidentally laying all your cards on the table.
09 Oct, 12:15 PM UTC
Marty Golingan
I'm more concerned with the 'regicide' remark, because these guys believe the President is a king. If I'm not mistaken our country was founded on principles against the idea of being run by a monarchy, otherwise we would have let the tyrant King George tread all over us
09 Oct, 12:16 PM UTC
Now diGenova is using dangerous rhetoric “regicide” & “suicide bombers” against Dems. There are many unknown players that are a danger to our country. It’s going to take a while to clean it up & we need a strong Pres & cabinet hellbent on rooting them out.
09 Oct, 11:34 AM UTC
Mrs. Engineer 🏳️‍🌈🎃
This is unacceptable. I get he has opinions, but no journalist should allow someone to come on their show and say these absurd things. Also, “regicide” is killing a monarch. We don’t live in a monarchy. And Trump is not king. Also, no one is killing him. Wtf?! @GodlessEngineer
09 Oct, 12:19 PM UTC
Watch Dog
@blakehounshell @mcorley Definition of Regicide: “the action of killing a king”
09 Oct, 11:45 AM UTC
These guys need to be reined in; they're fomenting violence: Joseph E. diGenova calls whistleblowers 'suicide bombers,' accuses Democrats of 'regicide,' 'sedition' -
09 Oct, 12:28 PM UTC
"Regicide." .@GOP When did the U.S. gets kings?
09 Oct, 12:24 PM UTC
K Fernholz
@chrislhayes Well, @chrislhayes , that's just your opinion based on *your* definition of king and regicide...they have alternate definitions, you know! Words can mean whatever we want them to, in Trumpword. MAGAt!
09 Oct, 12:24 PM UTC
Jason E Pippenger
@OhNoSheTwitnt The lack of outrage from the FOX demographic is due to not knowing what regicide means.
09 Oct, 12:23 PM UTC
Marti Martinson
Regicide. How come the Talibangelical "Christians" aren't up in arms. How can Trump be King? I thought Christ was their King.
09 Oct, 12:17 PM UTC
@PresVillain Do you do quotes from his surrogates? Apparently the Deomcrats are attempting to commit regicide.
09 Oct, 12:30 PM UTC
Liddle’ Atom Split
@washingtonpost Regicide - the killing of a king. Holy shit. These motherfuckers drank ALL the kool-aid.
09 Oct, 12:29 PM UTC
Andi #ImpeachNow 🆘🏳️‍🌈😋🌊🎵
@joshtpm Regicide??? WTF!
09 Oct, 12:29 PM UTC
Ben Tomhave
Now would be a good time to trot out Bill Clinton to start talking about what it's like going through the House impeachment inquiry and basically pushing back, with sound bites, on the orange menace's declarations of "regicide" "invalidity" etc etc etc. LOL
09 Oct, 12:29 PM UTC
Regicide? Could they be any more clear about this attempted coup?
09 Oct, 12:29 PM UTC
Rosalind Garcia
“Regicide”- The act of killing a king.....
09 Oct, 12:29 PM UTC

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