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i can’t explain it but 5 x 5 = 25 gives off the same energy as Friday
26 Feb, 05:21 PM UTC
Morghan Chambers
“Even if it makes people uncomfortable.”🗣 @morghanchambers's photo on Reginald
26 Feb, 05:45 PM UTC
A simple ADULT conversation can clear up a lot of childish misunderstandings.
26 Feb, 04:34 PM UTC
Trading Composure
Trading is all strategy—strategy in finding opportunities, strategy in handling risk, strategy in managing your emotions and mindset, and strategy in running your finances.
26 Feb, 07:00 PM UTC
Alex McCarthy
I really, really don't need Reginald getting involved in Sasha Banks Vs Bianca Belair at WrestleMania somehow 😂 #SmackDown
27 Feb, 02:08 AM UTC
Julian Komar
The urge to be active in the markets all the time can kill your performance! It's essential to sit on your hands and do nothing if there is nothing to do!
26 Feb, 10:55 PM UTC
MoneyTradeEdge | Better Thinking Better Trading
If you can't trade again after a trading loss, you have a discipline problem.
26 Feb, 07:11 PM UTC
Ilya Kaminsky
Heaviness and Tenderness--they're sisters the same way bees and wasps will ply the same sweet languid rose. Sands cool. People die. Yesterday's sun is borne away in a hearse. -Reginald Gibbons' adaptation of Mandelstam in a wonderful new book
27 Feb, 02:26 AM UTC
Bronx Savages
And there you have it. Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair in the main event if one of the night's of Wrestmania 37. So please no more Reginald. Or Carmella. Going forward it MUST be ONLY about them two.
27 Feb, 02:13 AM UTC
L’acteur hollywoodien Jimmy Jean-Louis apporte son soutien à la marche du dimanche 28 février prochain
26 Feb, 06:43 PM UTC
kody MET OWEN!!
everyday i think about the fact that alex and willie are the only couple in jatp that got all the cute dates, and the cliche bumping into each other meeting, and the open confessions, and it makes me absolutely sob
26 Feb, 10:45 PM UTC
Kèk atis ki pa gen anyen pou yo pwouve ankò 👇🏾👇🏾 Pouchon Duverger Gracia Delva Gazzman Ritchie WENDYYY Fantom Roody Nickenson Rutshelle Emeline Michelle Alan Cave Arly Pipo Belo BIC Lòlò ak manzè Tony Réginald Cange Ajoute kèk atis ou wè ki ta dwe nan list sa anba tweet la 👇🏾
27 Feb, 02:51 AM UTC
Un professeur d’université en Belgique appelle la communauté internationale à regarder les problèmes d’Haïti en face
26 Feb, 09:23 PM UTC
👑Adam Goldberg👑
Reginald has got more TV time on Smackdown in the last few months than aleister black. Let that sit in. #SmackDown
27 Feb, 02:07 AM UTC
Confirmed: Reginald is the airport stalker Sasha has been running from for years
27 Feb, 02:05 AM UTC
Propos de Jovenel Moïse contre les journalistes : le Réseau National des Médias en Ligne exige des excuses dans un délai de 72 heures
26 Feb, 11:38 PM UTC
La CARICOM très préoccupée face à la détérioration de la situation politique et sécuritaire en Haïti
27 Feb, 12:12 AM UTC
i love this Sasha/Bianca story because even though they keep telling each other “i’m the best” “no i’m the best” there’s still a mutual respect. little moments like them both looking at Reginald and shooing him away then smiling at each other. it’s great!
27 Feb, 02:10 AM UTC
Malgré l’échec de cette politique, malgré la détérioration sécuritaire, sociale et démocratique du pays, la France, à l’instar des autres Etats dits amis d’Haïti, appuie Jovenel Moïse. Pour le pire, et seulement pour le pire.
27 Feb, 12:12 AM UTC
Chris Carlen
1) Glad we finally got what we knew all along - Bianca vs Sasha at WrestleMania 2) Can we please get Reginald out of this situation? It's keeping them from building up any heat 3) Please tell me they didn't make Bayley fly across the country to sit in catering tonight
27 Feb, 02:14 AM UTC
Public Enemies Podcast
Reginald why do you keep inserting yourself into black womens business?! #SmackDown
27 Feb, 02:06 AM UTC
Les transporteurs dominicains ont peur de se rendre en Haïti, pays de tous les dangers avec un fou furieux encore au pouvoir
27 Feb, 01:15 AM UTC
M toujou ret panse presyon lari ap flanke diktati a deyò. Fòk nou kenbe fokis, enèji kalibre. Entènasyonal ki sipòte l yo konprann presyon an e ta renmen retire Haiti nan tit jounal mondial yo.
27 Feb, 01:19 AM UTC
Alex Pawlowski
I was about to tweet “whoever made the decision to put Reginald front and center in the Sasha and Bianca feud needs to be removed from the creative process“, ...but then I realized that person is Vince, and the rest of the original tweet stands. #SmackDown
27 Feb, 03:12 AM UTC
✨🌟✨KammieDee ✨🌟✨
This man got a whole entrance. Get yours, Reginald. Just not right now. 👌🏿
27 Feb, 02:05 AM UTC
Reginald was beyond pointless in that segment, i just don't get the need for him in this
27 Feb, 02:12 AM UTC
💀Heels Pops Chairshots💀
I’m Reginald in this pic checkin out Sasha’s B- #SmackDownOnFox #SmackdownLive #SDLive #Smackdown #WWEThunderDome
27 Feb, 04:41 AM UTC
Msaigwa_weganda 🗯️
Haumanikidzwi kubayiwa, asi ichasvika nguva yekuti kana isina kubayiwa.... Vatongi nechitororo 20 v 23
27 Feb, 05:06 AM UTC
心霊スポットで むっちゃ帰りたがるHenry(なんだかんだ最後まで行く) 関係ないとこにめちゃくちゃ反応するCharles(壁の落書きとか) やけに強気なEllieさん(一番先頭) 某永遠の二番手並みにビビりまくるReginaldさん そして赤外線カメラでReginaldさんを引きずりながら進むRHMさん
27 Feb, 03:34 AM UTC
@CraftedIdea123 in toppat king where reginald was narrating that he and rhm went on missions together, two left thumbs was like "are they in a queer relationship?"
27 Feb, 05:27 AM UTC

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