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Why Don’t We Updates
#releaseloveback is trending #8 in the US! ❗️ https://t.co/5KDxe2rLyr
21 Jul, 11:25 PM UTC
Mads ♡︎s Jack
if this is on your tl, reply with #releaseloveback @whydontwemusic
21 Jul, 09:36 PM UTC
Asia Ryan
we just want y’all to release the song already 😭 #releaseloveback https://t.co/8dc9QcsvvK
21 Jul, 09:48 PM UTC
(Un)Official WDW Promo Team
wdwers question thread: #releaseloveback (quote only and use the hashtag!)
21 Jul, 09:56 PM UTC
catalina ♡
hola wdw, soy Catalina, y les estoy diciendo a ustedes chicos que lancen la canción ya 💛😆 #releaseloveback https://t.co/B5K2LnnKSW
21 Jul, 10:34 PM UTC
miracle ✿ (daniel’s bestie)
guys they posted this pic at 4:45/5pm est and 450 minutes after that would be around midnight so what if the song comes out tonight 🧍🏾‍♀️ #releaseloveback https://t.co/4nsNuXSh4X
21 Jul, 11:39 PM UTC
celeste ♡’s aafreen
Can we start a #releaseloveback chain in the replies?
21 Jul, 10:05 PM UTC
caila ™ ♡’s dsro
summer will be over before the “song of the summer” is released 😹 #releaseloveback https://t.co/Drw3Q7Qv6z
21 Jul, 11:07 PM UTC
kassy ♡’s lani
we’re waiting! @whydontwemusic #releaseloveback https://t.co/J0jodLLsk6
21 Jul, 10:14 PM UTC
amber | 13
starting a #releaseloveback chain, reply down below 👇🏻
21 Jul, 10:13 PM UTC
nicole 13✮// MORGANS BDAY
do me a favor and top the song besties #releaseloveback https://t.co/wW81La6Y1P
21 Jul, 10:15 PM UTC
jamie 💙’s jack and zach
hey @whydontwemusic you need to release love back asap! #releaseloveback https://t.co/8jTJPfBOE3
21 Jul, 09:45 PM UTC
amber | meeting zach in 4 days
the whole fandom waiting for love back to be released.. #releaseloveback https://t.co/jFLwj6cS8c
21 Jul, 10:23 PM UTC
Paty be myself⛅️😇
#releaseloveback https://t.co/81owAclH5W
21 Jul, 11:24 PM UTC
Mads ♡︎s Jack
21 Jul, 09:49 PM UTC
Kira 💜's Corbyn and Daniel
Comment #releaseloveback if @whydontwemusic should stop teasing and release love back already!!
21 Jul, 11:40 PM UTC
miracle ✿ (daniel’s bestie)
if yall loved us yall would #releaseloveback https://t.co/bjLFFZu0Gi
21 Jul, 10:48 PM UTC
I will just sip on this coffee until the boys release the song #releaseloveback https://t.co/1Q7qDQBgwu
21 Jul, 10:13 PM UTC
amber | 13
if you see this you’re obligated to reply with a pic of you fav + #releaseloveback
21 Jul, 09:45 PM UTC
(Un)Official WDW Promo Team
where is corbyn originally from? #releaseloveback
21 Jul, 09:56 PM UTC
lonely 🤍
Aquí esperando #releaseloveback https://t.co/F5JO1tCZII
21 Jul, 11:51 PM UTC
💙 Stephanie 💙 Meets Corbyn in 12 days!
COME BACK N DROP LOVE BACK #releaseloveback @whydontwemusic
21 Jul, 11:48 PM UTC
amanda ♡︎
how much begging until you finally release it fools grrr #releaseloveback @whydontwemusic https://t.co/EmuJZIPUec
21 Jul, 11:54 PM UTC
💙 Stephanie 💙 Meets Corbyn in 12 days!
Like for #releaseloveback
21 Jul, 11:53 PM UTC
💙 Stephanie 💙 Meets Corbyn in 12 days!
@WASTEDCMB @Fernand39477693 #releaseloveback https://t.co/A575stI7a6
21 Jul, 11:52 PM UTC