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Blazer Legacy
Please click on Rubio’s tweet below and reply with #ReleaseVolume5 👇 https://t.co/JPU9ZfwNWs
01 Aug, 01:55 PM UTC
Blazer Legacy
@MarkWarner @CDCgov You have our support when the time comes to #ReleaseVolume5!
01 Aug, 03:03 PM UTC
Blazer Legacy
Here’s another fresh one. Hit him with #ReleaseVolume5 👇 https://t.co/FgzNPIkJMf
01 Aug, 02:14 PM UTC
Nick R (Big Nick)
@marcorubio #ReleaseVolume5
01 Aug, 02:15 PM UTC
Sometyme 🚨 Volume5 🚨
@marcorubio Did your fingerprints burn off from being "sanctified" this morning? Doesn't matter. #ReleaseVolume5
01 Aug, 02:50 PM UTC
caribou antifa: a state of mind: no fascism
@BlazerLegacy @allegoryowl #ReleaseVolume5
01 Aug, 03:23 PM UTC
dawn mclaughlin🛹
@MarkWarner @CDCgov @MarkWarner it's imperative that Volume 5 is released to the public. We are behind you 💯%. #ReleaseVolume5
01 Aug, 03:30 PM UTC
Joseph Cherrez
@MarkWarner @CDCgov Yes please #ReleaseVolume5
01 Aug, 03:27 PM UTC
@MarkWarner @CDCgov Thank you for all you do for us, Senator Warner! Please #ReleaseVolume5 as you seem appropriate.✌
01 Aug, 03:24 PM UTC
@MarkWarner @CDCgov Thank you for voicing American values and reminding us that patriots loyal to the constitution are fighting for us everyday. When it comes time to #ReleaseVolume5 you will have our overwhelming support!
01 Aug, 03:23 PM UTC
@marcorubio Hey, how about you #ReleaseVolume5
01 Aug, 03:41 PM UTC
@marcorubio Senator Rubio, Please #ReleaseVolume5. Thank you!✌
01 Aug, 03:41 PM UTC
Cheryl Watts Kalleck 🌊🌊🌊 Team Pelosi
#ReleaseVolume5 https://t.co/i1GWWjWzVE
01 Aug, 03:40 PM UTC
pdot pushkin #boycottnyt
@BlazerLegacy We are getting into early August. It’s time for @marcorubio to #ReleaseVolume5
01 Aug, 03:38 PM UTC
@marcorubio What is good Senator is to release Volume 5. Be on the right side of history. #ReleaseVolume5
01 Aug, 03:35 PM UTC
Shannon M
@marcorubio Why don't you release the Volume 5 Counterintelligence Report ? #ReleaseVolume5
01 Aug, 03:34 PM UTC

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