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Renato Mariotti
Can any elected official explain *why* the American people should not be alarmed that the FBI thought Donald Trump might be acting to advance Russia’s interests over our own? Republicans, you are Americans first. Your country needs you.
12 Jan, 03:24 AM UTC
Renato Mariotti
The FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation because it had good reason to believe that Trump was secretly working on behalf of Russia against our interests. If you’re not alarmed by this news, you should be. Congress should conduct hearings and get to the bottom of this.
12 Jan, 01:39 AM UTC
Isso que é ídolo, saiu da massa, cresceu na vida, sabe dos seus privilégios e não abre mão do seu caracter. Tudo de melhor pra você @Juninhope08 , precisamos de mais jogadores com a sua mentalidade.
11 Jan, 08:50 PM UTC
Puesto Loco™
@renato_mariotti It's naive to think that many key Republicans aren't fully aware & support Trump & his pandering to Russia. They are complicit.
12 Jan, 03:30 AM UTC
@renato_mariotti In any other time, this would be a HOLY SHIT moment. Instead, it’s just Friday.
12 Jan, 01:42 AM UTC
Juve1897 🏳️🏴
Throwback to when we played a UEFA Cup home game at the Renato Dall’Ara in Bologna. 1993. Juventus - Lokomotiv Moscow 3-0. Baggio on fire & scored two. Ravanelli the third. And Del Piero got a few minutes in his 2nd official appearance (debut in Europe). Juve1897 🏳️🏴's photo on renato
11 Jan, 11:10 PM UTC
@renato_mariotti Firing Preet Bharara should have triggered an investigation also.
12 Jan, 02:38 AM UTC
Davey Jones
@renato_mariotti @BlueGhost40_ Hello...@GOP ...any Americans left in your party?
12 Jan, 03:37 AM UTC
Adam Cohen #L4GG Lawyers for Good Government
@renato_mariotti That the FBI would actually launch a credible investigation into a US president for conspiring with our enemies, and that a political party would not only support him, but actively help him cover up, is just mind boggling.
12 Jan, 03:59 AM UTC
@renato_mariotti The @gop are no longer Americans first they are all complicit to treason. There’s not a patriot among them.
12 Jan, 04:38 AM UTC
@PuestoLoco @renato_mariotti they knew before election Trumpo was in Putin's pocket.. they were so desperate to win against Hillary they collectively sold their souls to the Devil--Putin. they were rewarded w/oodles of $$'s f or their coffers via NRA
12 Jan, 03:36 AM UTC
@PuestoLoco @renato_mariotti They are conspirators. You don’t have to know the whole of the criminal conspiracy to be charged as defendants. Wonder if we’ll ever discover the details of the Trump Graham golf course summit to say nothing of Putin in Helsinki.
12 Jan, 03:44 AM UTC
Pasegol del extremo ibarreño en victoria del Campeón (VIDEO)'s photo on renato
12 Jan, 05:09 AM UTC
GRAN RECUPERACIÓN II (VIDEO) Asistencia de Renato Ibarra en victoria del América Ecuagol's photo on renato
12 Jan, 04:52 AM UTC
...Il 1 Gennaio del 1957 usciva un cult del neorealismo: "Poveri ma Belli" ...grande successo di Dino Risi. Molte scene girate a Trastevere ed a Piazza della Malva nel bar omonimo...Qui vediamo Dino Risi con Renato Salvatori durante le riprese a Giugno...Che chicca è?😉 Trastevere's photo on renato
12 Jan, 06:31 AM UTC
Christine Galea
@renato_mariotti He shouldn’t be allowed to make any kind of foreign policy decisions - ESPECIALLY anything to do with Russian interests
12 Jan, 02:14 AM UTC
Juli Bunting
@renato_mariotti The people in this country have a right to know if the POTUS is a damn Russian asset. This story cannot just hang out there. We have a right to know. They need to have hearings immediately about this. Isn't this treason? What the bloody hell. This is scarier than 9/11.
12 Jan, 06:37 AM UTC
Bené ⚽❤
Não consigo sair sem os meus pivetes !!!!
12 Jan, 03:44 AM UTC
Mari Orfali
@renato_mariotti @ElizaSterling8 Mitch and friends are running around with fingers in there ears going lalalalalalala I can’t hear you lalalalalalal😞🖕🏼
12 Jan, 03:56 AM UTC
Roger Dean D.
@renato_mariotti "An FBI agent doesn't walk in with a doughnut and a cup of coffee one morning and think, I'm going to investigate the President of the United States..." They must go through regulations, submit evidence, then take it to DOJ whose legal officers have to be convinced! #BombShell.
12 Jan, 05:53 AM UTC
@43a6f0ce5dac4ea @renato_mariotti AKA, I take it ALL with a grain of salt. I'm not so certain that they are not going to use exactly those kinds of approaches. Still, even if they have to do something more severe, it's BECAUSE we've been incredibly irresponsible up to this point.
12 Jan, 06:13 AM UTC
@Dryzinho_praero @JobsonS78180683 Colocaria o Vitinho no lugar do Arrascaeta, podendo flutuar pelos dois cantos revezando com os dois pontas, na volancia Elias e Cuéllar. Renato Augusto é morto.
12 Jan, 01:29 AM UTC
The Centryst
@renato_mariotti @photog344 Who didn’t know these facts? It was reported to the FBI that the Russians were hacking and contacting people from Podesta’s emails in August of 2016. Why did it take so long to begin investigating Trump?
12 Jan, 06:25 AM UTC
@renato_sicsu dadi ver que eu te amo mt?
12 Jan, 06:25 AM UTC
quiero tv
Para Renato Ibarra @ClubAmerica tiene con que sortear la baja de Diego Lainez. quiero tv's photo on renato
12 Jan, 05:58 AM UTC
@GhostfaceKHZ @renato_mariotti I agree, but I also feel like anyone intelligent enough has already been “holy shitted” and the remainder are never going to get it or care. Sigh. I keep trying.
12 Jan, 06:34 AM UTC
@43a6f0ce5dac4ea @renato_mariotti I see a way for the people to take power back and it's the only way. We must back those who see the corruption big money is bringing to the system. It's the central pin of power that both factions employ to deprive us of our democratic power.
12 Jan, 06:33 AM UTC
Malcolm Ellis
@thunderbrd1 @renato_mariotti let's take responsibility ..
12 Jan, 06:31 AM UTC
Emerson Roesler
Bielsa fez estágio com o Renato na praia e absorveu alguns métodos.
12 Jan, 06:44 AM UTC
Elliebelle 🇨🇦
@renato_mariotti @SarahHuckabee Ignore what she says, look at the evidence & actions of Trump & Russia. Mueller knows all
12 Jan, 06:44 AM UTC
掟 破 り の 地 元 走 り
12 Jan, 06:43 AM UTC
Terri Teresa
@renato_mariotti He hasn't done one thing to advance America's interests. Not one.
12 Jan, 06:43 AM UTC
Matias mendes dos Anjos
12 Jan, 06:42 AM UTC
@axidentaliberal @renato_mariotti Complicit co-conspirators = GOP Leadership
12 Jan, 06:42 AM UTC
Prod. FXV 💔
@Renato_Craveiro MOBAs são trash 👀
12 Jan, 06:42 AM UTC
K| 🌻
Me dar vontade de fazer isso, chorar mtttt... Qnd estou jogando e o Renato vem me atrapalhar!!! 😂😂😂
12 Jan, 06:41 AM UTC
renato hating on everything: elite
12 Jan, 06:41 AM UTC
@cathyob1 @MelissaJPeltier @renato_mariotti I can explain it from 1/2 my family. They are fascinated with RT. They think they are white people just like them.
12 Jan, 06:40 AM UTC
Serge Katz
@thalys_augusto @renato_rovai Essa coisa de desrespeito a DH em geral é propaganda das agencias de notícias, TODAS submissas aos interesses da OTAN. Não digo que sejam falsas, mas nao acreditaria cegamente só porque falaram. Lembra do Iraque e da Líbia? Mentiram hein... Blair até admitiu.
12 Jan, 06:40 AM UTC
Red Zin
@renato_mariotti @LongAsUCan2 Republicans are money first. That is all.
12 Jan, 06:40 AM UTC
Prod. FXV 💔
@ThunderGodEx @tigzof @Renato_Craveiro É PARA VERES QUE A VIDA DÓI
12 Jan, 06:39 AM UTC
@renato_sicsu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
12 Jan, 06:39 AM UTC
Robert Mueller's Diary
@SCRinBham @renato_mariotti That's all we can do.
12 Jan, 06:38 AM UTC
Ribas 💸
Fico pensando no Renato gaúcho, vendo esse timão e se arrependendo
12 Jan, 06:37 AM UTC
@wendbrok @renato_mariotti This Kyushin guy agrees w/you... NoTrumpZone's photo on renato
12 Jan, 06:37 AM UTC
@renato_mariotti From the same NYT piece: 'No evidence has emerged publicly that Mr. Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from Russian government officials. An F.B.I. spokeswoman and a spokesman for the special counsel’s office both declined to comment.'
12 Jan, 06:36 AM UTC
@celtic_gale @renato_mariotti Trump is coached... Brilliance not in his nature.
12 Jan, 06:35 AM UTC
Horn Sannity
@renato_mariotti Journalista should ask every Republican: Are you an agent of the Russian Government?
12 Jan, 06:35 AM UTC
@43a6f0ce5dac4ea @renato_mariotti I agree completely. But handing things over to a coven of self-feeding power hungry vampires isn't going to help anything at all. We're caught between a God who wants total obedience and doesn't deserve it and a Devil who will take us for all we have and leave us to rot.
12 Jan, 06:35 AM UTC
@renato_mariotti @tz1969 I’m alarmed that this is just coming out now, 18 months after the FBI first thought our ‘president’ was putin’s puppet. And 2.5 years after the Steele Dossier warned the FBI that trump was #kompromised by the Kremlin.
12 Jan, 06:35 AM UTC
Francesco Bennati
Mi è piaciuto un video di @YouTube: Enzo Jannacci, Cochi e Renato - Ho Visto un Re! (by nb)
12 Jan, 06:35 AM UTC
James McLamb
@peonyspring @YODA05 @renato_mariotti McConnell next. Then Nunes, Meadows, Jordan and Steve King.
12 Jan, 06:35 AM UTC
@Enigma462003 @renato_mariotti We do... When Putin showed his preference for DT over HRC, he also broadcast Trump was his puppet.
12 Jan, 06:34 AM UTC
marilyn taby
@yulirugg Ay si! Sería hermoso que desarrollen ese noviazgo y como Renato se llevaría con la hija y la familia de Gabriel y al revés también, que Gabriel cumple algún sueño que tenga, uwu amé
12 Jan, 06:34 AM UTC
@renato_mariotti @DebraMessing Suspicion is not the same as guilt and this is an interesting link, perhaps by design.
12 Jan, 06:34 AM UTC
𝒯𝒽ℴ𝓂𝒶𝓈 𝒥ℯ𝒻𝒻ℯ𝓇𝓈ℴ𝓃 🇺🇸
@kahanvict @renato_mariotti Yeah but they could be wanting to impeach, just waiting for Mueller report so that they can cover themselves with the conservative voters back home.
12 Jan, 06:33 AM UTC
Lidi Siqueira
@renato_rovai Concordo, vamos falar também de Netanyahu e Abdullah! Agora, não dá pra apoiar Maduro porque existem pessoas piores que ele. Essa análise binária combina mais com o intelecto limitado de bolsomions, que passam pano nas falcatruas do clã Bolsonaro porque "o petê roubou mais".
12 Jan, 06:33 AM UTC
𝒯𝒽ℴ𝓂𝒶𝓈 𝒥ℯ𝒻𝒻ℯ𝓇𝓈ℴ𝓃 🇺🇸
@tneuman4 @renato_mariotti NRA is chump change, have a look at Mercers, Kochs, Adelsons, who all supported (R)s throughout. The Koch Freedom Caucus was attacking DoJ constantly with conspiracy theories a la Russian style. The National Prayer Breakfast in indictment. It's ALL OVER... Big picture guys...
12 Jan, 06:31 AM UTC
@kim @renato_mariotti @GOP You forgot the Gang of Eight vacationing over the 4th of July w/Vlad:
12 Jan, 06:31 AM UTC
Steven Dupler
@cathyob1 @renato_mariotti Racism. Ignorance. Fear. Greed. Racism.
12 Jan, 06:31 AM UTC
renato bot
12 Jan, 06:30 AM UTC
JD Adler
@renato_mariotti Go Fund Me is contacting the donors & offering them refunds. If they request it back or don't answer they get it back. GFM does allow you to keep the money even if you don't reach your goal, normally, but this campaign specifically stated they would refund so GFM feels obligated.
12 Jan, 06:29 AM UTC
@renato_mariotti And doesn't diminish Democrats responsibility in this. The Democrats empowered Reagan, who empowered the "neo-con" movement with his dementia and inability to stop it.
12 Jan, 06:29 AM UTC
@DCLascelle @renato_mariotti Like to know what else he's hiding...
12 Jan, 06:29 AM UTC
@renato_mariotti No, they aren't Americans first. They a money chasing, self-interested ghouls first.
12 Jan, 06:28 AM UTC
@renato_mariotti The only thing this country needs is the total and complete eradication of the current GOP once and for all. Its a criminal enterprise of oligarchs and mobsters out to destroy democracy.
12 Jan, 06:28 AM UTC
Another Something...
Qué bellas son las mujeres... Y Renato, un poco. Me dijeron cosas bieeen cool y coquetas sobre nudes en hombres. :3
12 Jan, 06:28 AM UTC

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