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Anshul Saxena
Since 2014 Gaza war, it's for the first time that 2 rockets have been launched at Israel's Tel Aviv from Gaza. Thank God, No casualty or damage has been reported. Now, Israel has launched Air Strike against Gaza Terrorism. Indians stand with Israel.
15 Mar, 05:57 AM UTC
New York Yankees
Our 2B/QB has reported to camp. New York Yankees's photo on Reported
15 Mar, 06:25 PM UTC
Andrew Gillum
I’m in Los Angeles to film an interview with @billmaher tonight. Stopped by the mall to pick something up and a reported active shooter situation ensued. I’m currently in a secure location.
15 Mar, 08:21 PM UTC
ABC News
Australian PM describes New Zealand mosque shootings as having been perpetrated by an “extremist, rightwing, violent terrorist, that has taken the lives – stolen the lives – in a vicious, murderous attack that has claimed so many New Zealanders.” ABC News's photo on Reported
15 Mar, 06:01 AM UTC
The Washington Post
New Zealand mosque attacker issued manifesto citing U.S. right-wing extremism as inspiration, police say. Death toll rises to 49.
15 Mar, 11:57 AM UTC
FOX 32 News
IT TAKES TWO SECONDS TO RETWEET: Police are searching for a 15-year-old girl who went missing last Friday from Chicago.
15 Mar, 12:42 AM UTC
andrew kaczynski
Former Trump official who resigned after I reported he said on his radio show, “Go back to your Muslim shithole and go crap in your hands and bang little boys on Thursday nights. I just don't like Muslim people.”
15 Mar, 06:10 PM UTC
ABC News
Asked whether she agrees with Pres. Trump's comment that he doesn't see white nationalism as a rising global threat, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says, "No." ABC News's photo on Reported
15 Mar, 10:11 PM UTC
Hi @BrandonLewis. We’re still awaiting a response about what action you’ve taken against Terence Alan Brown and thirteen other members I’ve reported to you. This matters:
15 Mar, 10:15 AM UTC
Van Badham
Dear Australian police, If you need a list of the white supremacists active in this country, their networks & channels, please: just ask an online feminist. We have been harassed by them for years. We’ve reported it all to you. This is not underground. It is every day. #auspol
15 Mar, 10:02 PM UTC

yuri holding ceo aka mr. yoo in the chat aka yoo in seok is reported by SBS today to have been solliciting prostitution alongside seungri
15 Mar, 12:28 PM UTC
ABC News
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says Pres. Trump asked her what support the U.S. could provide in wake of deadly mosque attacks. "My message was sympathy and love for all Muslim communities." ABC News's photo on Reported
15 Mar, 10:03 PM UTC
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
Has CNN reported this today?
15 Mar, 11:10 PM UTC
Battle Beagle
Ok fam, I've archive the tweet and reported it, be on the lookout for revenge attacks. Battle Beagle's photo on Reported
15 Mar, 04:01 PM UTC
Sweden - Record number of 7.840 reported rapes last year. - Half of victims are children. - ONLY 7.4% of rapes cases solved. - Many cases closed without suspect even questioned by police. RETWEET to support justice for Swedish women🙏
15 Mar, 07:14 PM UTC
Dana Loesch
For a few out there attempting to take issue with this, it was reported by the NZ Herald here: also found here: We should be thankful for the good-guy prayer-goer. Dana Loesch's photo on Reported
15 Mar, 05:33 PM UTC
Evan McMurry
Asked whether she agrees with Pres. Trump's comment that he doesn't see white nationalism as a rising global threat, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says, "No." Evan McMurry's photo on Reported
15 Mar, 10:17 PM UTC
Bill Mitchell
Thinking of vacationing in Sweden with your family? Don't. "Less than one in ten reported rapes against women aged over 15 years old lead to prosecution."
15 Mar, 07:08 PM UTC
And today another woman is reported to their employer to get them to shut up. This time by a rich & influential ambassador for the 'leading' UK's LGBT organisation @Stonewall. This is bullying, plain and simple. @damekellyholmes @Martina @sharrond62 @TheEconomist @adamsmithtimes FairPlayForWomen's photo on Reported
15 Mar, 02:15 PM UTC
Bill Mitchell
"According to the Spectator Index Sweden has the second highest number of reported rapes per capita in the world, coming in after South Africa."
15 Mar, 07:06 PM UTC
Bahaa Shammala
Israeli warplanes attacked a Palestinian family home in Rafah City south of #Gaza Strip, 2 serious injuries reported. #IsraeliCrimes #ICC4Israel #GazaUnderAttack Bahaa Shammala's photo on Reported
15 Mar, 04:21 AM UTC
Field McConnell
@FAANews @Boeing For 5 years I reported critical aviation safety issues to Michael Huerta relating to remote hijacking of (now) 17 aviation incidents resulting (now) 17 murders for hire involving illegal modified aircraft. Review Civil Case 1:08-1600(RMC). You will see it refiled.
15 Mar, 04:43 PM UTC
Mike Klis
CB Bryce Callahan is not just visiting Broncos,as @ryanohalloran reported, he's at Broncos as we type. Interesting in that you could make a case Chris Harris Jr., Kareem Jackson and Bryce Callahan are similar in that they're all very good in slot. #9sports
15 Mar, 11:53 PM UTC
Warren Gunnels
The greed of Amazon, Netflix, GM, IBM & other profitable corporations that make billions in profits, but pay nothing in federal income taxes must end.
15 Mar, 11:40 PM UTC
Study: Investigators reported that nearly 70 percent of respondents said they substituted marijuana for prescription drugs like opioids. 45 percent acknowledged substituting cannabis for alcohol and 31 percent said they used marijuana in place of tobacco.
15 Mar, 05:30 PM UTC
Steve Westly
Something isn't adding up with California schools reporting on homeless students. The school with the most kids receiving free or cut-price meals somehow reported zero homeless students last year.
15 Mar, 11:30 PM UTC
🍒 D-3 D.C.Y.E #happyGEEKday MY Cupsleeves Event
SBS is still the biggest jerk. They should have include how they manipulate the 1:1 conversation to make it look like a group chat. They reported full details about the others' faults in the news, why did they only reported this for him?
15 Mar, 03:36 PM UTC
World News Tonight
NEW: Former Pres. Barack Obama: "Michelle and I send our condolences to the people of New Zealand. We grieve with you and the Muslim community. All of us must stand against hatred in all its forms." World News Tonight's photo on Reported
15 Mar, 11:34 PM UTC
🇬🇧 #MAGA 🇺🇸 There Have Been 332 Reported Hate Crimes Against Trump Supporters 🔗 These reported crimes include physical assaults, vandalism & encouraging of violence against individuals and groups based only on their personal beliefs 🇺🇸 #GreatAwakening #ProTrumpUK's photo on Reported
15 Mar, 09:27 PM UTC
ABC News Politics
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaks following mosque mass shootings: "I can tell you one thing right now: Our gun laws will change.” ABC News Politics's photo on Reported
15 Mar, 11:52 PM UTC
CBC News
Hunters were reported to be harvesting endangered caribou on Labrador's south coast within the last week, in spite of regulations protecting the species.
15 Mar, 07:30 PM UTC
I can tell you having reported in Chicago—@RahmEmanuel is HATED by majority of working class people. His political advice is as valuable only to plutocrats
15 Mar, 11:50 PM UTC
Why is it when Muslims are target of a terrorist act it is reported as an “attack” “shooting” “masscare”? Is “terrorism” another label created only for Muslims? and doesn’t apply to white supermists? #NZMosqueShooting #حادث_نيوزيلندا_الارهابي
15 Mar, 07:22 AM UTC
Serkan Öztürk 🇦🇺 🇹🇷 🌏 💻 📰
@fuzzibilities @stillreezy Exactly. There were so, so, so many Muslim people who reported Man Monis the fucked-up Lindt cafe shooter in Sydney, even in the weeks leading up to his attack. And they weren’t taken seriously. For some reason.
15 Mar, 10:20 PM UTC
Shaun Lawson
Is Islamophobia reported to anything like the extent it should be? No. Are Muslims given the voice by the media which they should be? No. On both counts, that is disgusting.
15 Mar, 05:58 PM UTC
World News Tonight
WE’RE WITH YOU: People around the world honored the victims of the New Zealand mosque terror attack, sharing prayers and messages of strength – united against hate as a nation mourns. @DavidMuir reports. World News Tonight's photo on Reported
16 Mar, 12:00 AM UTC
Stephen Robinson
Appalled by this atrocity in Christchurch and concerned for all involved in its aftermath. Several reported dead as gunman opens fire at Christchurch mosque - The Age
15 Mar, 03:05 AM UTC
John Finegan
@danielgerling @joelpollak @WajahatAli @CNN @realDonaldTrump @BrookeBCNN Wow @danielgerling thanks for the transcript. Amazing how wrong the media has reported his statement which is VERY clearly referring to the “fine people” on both sides of Robert R Lee STATUE issue. @ScottAdamsSays is 100% correct that the media reports are a despicable hoax
15 Mar, 11:31 PM UTC
3.14159 ︻̷̿┻̿═━一💥
@WombatWomanHere @gh0stbrain @TWITMO_INMATE @SmelBOFADeez @ValkyriesoValor I thought you said LE and the FBI were involved. I'm pretty sure they're not telling you to annoy and harass the individuals you've supposedly reported to them. And in fact HAD you actually met with them I know for a fact they'd have told you to sit down and . . . 3.14159 ︻̷̿┻̿═━一💥's photo on Reported
15 Mar, 04:31 PM UTC
I am ToRe 🎙️
I reported all of that over 7 months ago .. just saying 💅 #BlackBook it's a thing.
16 Mar, 12:00 AM UTC
@neha_gupta13 Hey, Neha! We feel your anxiety, however, our staff has no reason to deny boarding to you. You reported after the gate closure, hence, our staff wasn't able to accept you on the same flight. Hope you understand. ~Prabh
16 Mar, 12:02 AM UTC
New Zealand shooting: suspect appears in court – latest updates
16 Mar, 12:02 AM UTC
@BetoORourke Fox News just reported on Beto’s fantasy murder writings and his child victims. Any reply Beto? You’re a pretty sick man Francis.
15 Mar, 07:51 PM UTC
Spokane News
I90 eastbound near Maple, Vehicle Collision Reported
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Sir Frederick III
@NoctisValex I did with a scammer today, actually. They tried the “Accidentally reported you to a Steam Admin” technique. It was a delightful 30 minutes.
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Red Sox Payroll
@redsoxstats Yeah. He has credibility though, so it's as close to real thought process as we have publically reported. Still don't like it and hope it's a guess. My limit for Sale is 5yr/$150MM or 6yr/$162MM.
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
(((Dr Lilly Evans)))
@Bonn1eGreer @Wikipedia I have blocked his tweets and now I have reported this one as ‘harmful’. Why don’t you do it too? Exactly because Trump is the President his tweets have big impact. Any that could be interpreted as incitement to violence or hateful must be taken off @Twitter @jack
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Matthew, Knight of Autumn
@strong_sad Reported.
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Elizabeth Grattan
I reported a site sharing the video that @facebook said it was removing the platform. And this is the reply: Elizabeth Grattan's photo on Reported
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Deep State Wisco🏴‍☠️
Real leadership
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Rachel Lynch
@SlideAwayDreams @matchwornceltic I actually think he comes across quite genuine... and I don’t think the mother is a monster. I think an accident happened (maybe they did sedate them as reported was the case with twins) and she died & he covered for wife. Just my guess...
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
@castradeva @SuzanneEvans1 Thought Brexiteers are peaceful. All this calling for violence and disobedience is the opposite of what I thought of you guys. Oh, it’s been reported that the NZ murder is a Brexit supporter. Just shows the kind of people drawn to this Brexit ideology
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
@nzherald Reported. Blur his hands you muppets
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Tee Cee
@Qldaah @QldPolice Doubt they’d do anything. I’ve reported a crazy neighbour in my street who verbally attacks anybody who looks slightly Islamic. They are not even slightly interested in doing anything about it. The bigotry goes right to the top.
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
@SirBasilBrush @ChrisJHudson Well said Roger Daltrey. Main Stream Media are a complete joke. SKY, BBC, ITV, Channel 4... same old biased anti-Brexit every day. Have we heard anything bad about EU in months? No, not a peep. But it is there, just not reported.
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
銃規制の法整備は 焦眉の急だと思う❕ 白人至上主義が 21世紀になっても 無くならないのは とても悲しい。。。
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
dont tuch me bech
@bzdarling On god I reported her twice
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Elmer McPhilly
@GCWrestling_ Local Cop reported Man didn’t see it coming #Ripinvisbleman thoughts and prayers
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Perle Systems
If passed, the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2019 would require all #IoT-enabled devices used by the federal government to integrate a set of minimum security standards, CNET reported. Read our blog to learn more:
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Mr. Vercetti♕
@mlworrell @Danielashleey Update. He was reported and his cats were taken away. He’s facing prosecution as a juvenile Mr. Vercetti♕'s photo on Reported
16 Mar, 12:00 AM UTC
@Inlcron It was reported I showed his face but it would have to have actually been him for my account to be locked. The rules are you can’t out a private accounts real persona. So erm. Basically if I’d been blocked for that it would have proved it was him.
16 Mar, 12:00 AM UTC
@Hashmi77Ali @iLuvMazBonafide @mohib83980169 @Nimisha32469863 @Ashishg63335726 @britcit71 This is why American Reporters reported this for the whole world to see. Brave Pak Army surrender to coward Indian army... Enjoy the clip
16 Mar, 12:00 AM UTC
(((Peachie Folder)))
@MargieInTelAviv @Partisangirl @MailOnline @Twitter I reported her anti jewish tirades
16 Mar, 12:00 AM UTC

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