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Tiffany making sure “redneck” isn’t an insensitive word after all the racially insensitive crap she’s had to endure this season. I don’t know a better human! #RHOD https://t.co/3wlRm0vdrz
14 Apr, 01:10 AM UTC
Gibson Johns
I love Charles, and I hope he was paid handsomely for what he had to put up with two nights in a row at that cabin. #RHOD @gibsonoma's photo on #RHOD
14 Apr, 01:13 AM UTC
Tiffany Moon, MD, FASA, D.ABA
Y’all ready?? 💗🌙💗Stay tuned after tonight’s new episode of #RHOD to catch @IsaacMizrahi and me on @BravoWWHL @Andy @BravoTV @D5boutique @TiffanyMoonMD's photo on #RHOD
13 Apr, 07:07 PM UTC
D'Andra Simmons
Lord! That was the weakest apology I’ve ever witnessed. 😬 #RHOD
14 Apr, 01:07 AM UTC
D'Andra Simmons
I love that @TiffanyMoonMD is comfortable enough with me and can share stuff about her past. This is what a true friendship looks like! Love you. ❤️ #RHOD
14 Apr, 01:29 AM UTC
Tiffany Moon, MD, FASA, D.ABA
SMH 🤡 #BTS #RHOD @TiffanyMoonMD's photo on #RHOD
14 Apr, 01:20 AM UTC
Real Housewives Gifs
I just want only good things for Tiffany 😭 #RHOD https://t.co/jfFVLL0W5C
14 Apr, 01:58 AM UTC
Dr. Bravo 👩🏽‍⚕️
Most unhinged housewife so far this year. #RHOD https://t.co/zNvvZlmx0H
14 Apr, 01:38 AM UTC
Queens of Bravo
Mad respects to @dandrasimmons for opening up about her father, her inheritance, and the legal drama surrounding her stepmother. Whatever they’re paying her, double it! No other #RHOD is giving us a peek into Dallas society quite like her. https://t.co/1vkUocNdkT
14 Apr, 08:31 AM UTC
How absolutely ridiculous to make such a mess is somebody else's home like this. That salsa will stain the mattress. Kary is really an asshole, she doesn't care. How rude. #RHOD
14 Apr, 01:21 AM UTC
A.J. | he/him/his
“i’m a lot and i’m ok with that” - @KamWestcott put that on my tombstone #RHOD
14 Apr, 01:39 AM UTC
Beach Goth⚡️
I would be PISSED if someone poured a fuckin gallon of salsa in my bed. That’s it, it’s done, kary is cancelled #RHOD https://t.co/BhXpodmVF4
14 Apr, 04:21 AM UTC
Kary is socially ignorant & awkward, she becomes inappropriate when she drinks!! The absolute rudest housewife on #RHOD https://t.co/IYz4Vr0D08
14 Apr, 08:02 AM UTC
Reality TV Bliss
Tiffany is outright lying about her mom and you can see it. She knows her mother came to America without money and worked to give her children a life. She's so immature she refuses to see any side but the one she has created because she likes being a victim #RHOD
14 Apr, 02:00 AM UTC
Can you please get rid of Kary @Andy #RHOD
14 Apr, 08:57 AM UTC
Reality TV Bliss
DAnger isn't a real Simmons and the real family has said many times she took the name for opportunities #RHOD #WWHL
14 Apr, 02:21 AM UTC
Kimberly Burton
Kary just apologize for your horrible behavior! U should really be ashamed! #RHOD also u do eat meat!
14 Apr, 01:07 AM UTC
The Real Housewives of Dallas
Ummm what the hell??? So I’m guessing they cut Kameron’s doggy parade event... #RHOD
14 Apr, 02:01 AM UTC
Reality TV Bliss
Actually @andy it was Harold Simmons who was the big deal in Dallas and it's his name all over the place. His brother Glen worked for him #WWHL #RHOD
14 Apr, 02:22 AM UTC
Slut Pig that loves bravo
Kary put the salsa and tomato juice on their bed over a stink bomb?? What a bitch #RHOD
14 Apr, 10:48 AM UTC
Nobody is going to convince me that she didn’t know she was pregnant. #RHOD https://t.co/mjlZpCOeY0
14 Apr, 11:19 AM UTC
Another episode, more reasons to dislike Kary 🙄 #RHOD
14 Apr, 10:16 AM UTC
The Real Housewives Of The World
As much as I find Kary's behavior amusing, it broke my heart when Charles the hunter guy apologized and said he thought he'd done something wrong. #RHOD https://t.co/uQKHQxChrt
14 Apr, 10:03 AM UTC
Colette Lala
Tiffany stopping festivities to ponder whether or not a word is derogatory is exhausting. No one there was offended. Stop being such a drip Tiffany. #RHOD
14 Apr, 11:17 AM UTC
Poor Erica, no glam squad. 🥴 #RHOBH #RHOD https://t.co/ASgRJK3ari
14 Apr, 09:06 AM UTC
Irrational Brat
That would have been me, not listening to directions and then assuming the mat was a slip and slide LOL #RHOD
14 Apr, 11:12 AM UTC
Bravo Love
@KamWestcott @dandrasimmons And wasnt it you that had an issue with @dandrasimmons kcup game last #rhod season but had no issue swinging a pretend ball sack at shaving cream cans? Pick a lane.
14 Apr, 11:11 AM UTC
Reality TV Bliss
@ThatSlutPig Her husband has twins with his first wife. She may not want her children talked about on TV. It's why I don't mention them. #RHOD
14 Apr, 11:04 AM UTC
Slut Pig that loves bravo
Wait did I miss Kam getting bit by the scorpion? Or did they not show it #RHOD
14 Apr, 10:50 AM UTC
@TiffanyMoonMD I like you; however, I don’t necessarily agree or think it’s okay for you to consistently bash your mother on national television. Most reign & immigrant parents are like yours, including mine yet I would nvr go on tv to bash my parents who have sacrificed the world for me. #RHOD
14 Apr, 02:44 AM UTC