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rob 🇩🇴
you can’t make fun of the ivermectin people if you believe this
13 Sep, 04:39 PM UTC
Matthew Dowd
RIP Ann Richards, passed this day in 2006, last Dem. Governor of Texas. Proud to have known her & helped on the ticket in 1990 when she first won. Boy do I sure wish she was governor today. "I think I'd like them to remember me by saying, 'She opened government to everyone.'"
13 Sep, 11:49 AM UTC
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13 Sep, 02:25 PM UTC
Philippine Music Artists
#MusikangPilipino Best Selling Digital Artists of the week (Albums only) 1⃣Alden Richards (3 Album entries) 2⃣Eraserheads 3⃣Morissette 4⃣Jose Mari Chan 5⃣Rivermaya 6⃣James Reid 7⃣SB19 8⃣Nina 9⃣UDD 🔟Apo Hiking Society
13 Sep, 02:20 PM UTC
大木隆生 Takao Ohki, MD
秋には第6波が来るかも。→子供でも分かる事。だから緊事宣言・ゼロではなくウィズコロナなの。 この人は家庭内感染が増えた7月頃には家でもマスク着用、食事は個別にすべき、と子供以下の事をテレビで言っていた。もう黙った方が良い。専門家のコロナバブルは終わったのよん
14 Sep, 03:48 AM UTC
Claire McNear
today is Jeopardy!'s season premiere! it is also the beginning of the one week of episodes Mike Richards hosted before he stepped down. in case you're wondering about that (and why they didn't, for example, just retape), a thread:
13 Sep, 01:54 PM UTC
"Jeopardy!" is kicking off its new season in an embarrassing position — running episodes that introduce Mike Richards as the host because they weren't able to re-tape them after his ouster.
14 Sep, 02:38 AM UTC
Jessica Stephens
Can we all just take a moment to acknowledge that @DENISE_RICHARDS absolutely nailed this year's Met Gala theme?
14 Sep, 12:18 AM UTC
Major League Wrestling
The hunt begins for Davey Richards @RichardsWesley. Will the American Wolf capture the Opera Cup? Find out at #FIGHTLAND | OCT 2 | PHILLY 🎟 @MLW's photo on Richards
14 Sep, 12:31 AM UTC
Philippine Music Artists
#MusikangPilipino Best Selling Digital Albums of the week 6⃣Capacities #UDD 7⃣Wish I May #Alden Richards 8⃣Christmas In Our Hearts #JoseMariChan 9⃣Wildest Dreams #NadineLustre 🔟The Best Of Apo Hiking Society, vol. 1 #ApoHikingSociety
13 Sep, 02:14 PM UTC
Cole Delbyck
hold my calls and if you really need me i’ll be watching this movie where denise richards kicks kelsey grammer’s daughter out of a plane @coledelbyck's photo on Richards
13 Sep, 04:04 PM UTC
Classic Rock In Pics
Keith Richards with Jack & Coors 1972. Photo by Ethan Russell.
14 Sep, 04:01 AM UTC
ここ最近体調を崩していましてなかなかツイート出来ずにいましたが、これは何としてでもスルー出来ませんでした、顔も優勝なんですが声良すぎん、、、? #王瑞昌 #wangruichang #ruichangwang #Richards #ワン・ルイチャン #昌昌 #หวังรุ่ยชาง #왕서창
13 Sep, 11:12 AM UTC
14 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC
Chris _ _ Richards
You can tell football season has started when everyone on here starts tweeting WHAT, nooooooo and asdfasdfasdf all the time
14 Sep, 03:54 AM UTC
13 On Your Side
'Jeopardy!' honors late host Alex Trebek with studio dedication
14 Sep, 03:31 AM UTC
AJ 🏁
TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!!!!!!!!! Eat a satchel of richards @MyCameraReady!
14 Sep, 03:55 AM UTC
ALDEN RICHARDS ALDENxEmbassy KingOfChill #ALDENforEmbassy @aldenrichards02
14 Sep, 03:39 AM UTC
Katy Thompson
@JeopardyGuesser @AmodioMatt I LOVE watching Matt play. He’s incredible! And yes I had to hold down the vomit brought on by Mike Richards but it was worth it. #Jeopardy #HireBuzzy
14 Sep, 03:50 AM UTC
Peter Klages 💉💉
@slpng_giants_oz They’ll get their “Jab at the G” picture & “success” story even if they have to fake it, which they will, with Guy, Hunt, a rent-a-crowd of toothless Collingwood drunks, Footy Show veterans, Sam Newman & a cardboard cutout of Lou Richards. NewsCorp buffoonery at its best.
14 Sep, 03:44 AM UTC
I Can't Unsee Movie
@Nandosagi1 The reason they didn’t, I suspect, is that too many from the inner circle wanted an open audition so Sony and Richards placated, their hand forced, but thinking he could be named winner of that process and it’d be equally legit. They were wrong.
14 Sep, 03:58 AM UTC
Good Willsmith
@Chris__Richards this is how i feel about every sport season & it’s even more bewildering to me because i don’t really know when any of them start or end so it’s like, a vague cloud of interjections for what seems like months
14 Sep, 03:56 AM UTC
I Can't Unsee Movie
@Nandosagi1 The benefit of being named immediately is that even if there were suspicions of self-appointment, Sony could help sell the motion that this was a long-planned internal succession based on Richards experience.
14 Sep, 03:54 AM UTC
🕷🕸J.C🕷🕸 (Shang-Chi Stan)
14 Sep, 03:50 AM UTC
Twink David Harbour
@unvpologetic_bi Makes a fuckton more sense than fucking Reed Richards
14 Sep, 03:49 AM UTC
"Jeopardy" is kicking off its 38th season this week and now-former executive producer Mike Richards will still be appearing as host.
14 Sep, 03:45 AM UTC
Anyways, if this is true, Rinna better prepare for a wrath she hasn't felt in years. Kim Richards, but Twitter style. #RHOBH
14 Sep, 03:43 AM UTC
droyk kewal
Superb analysis Personally other than Barry Richards I can’t remember such a technically sound opening bat with so much time to play and so so many gears to accelerate into. @ESPNcricinfo @cricketaakash
14 Sep, 04:03 AM UTC
Nadene Hampton
@LeaBlackMiami @erikajayne She did. Judge said no. If she would pay back the money she spent it would be over. That's all Ronald Richards wants. He even offered to knock 10% off. She spent the money. She should pay it back. How is he harassing her by asking her to pay?
14 Sep, 04:03 AM UTC