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Tottenham Hotspur
24 Nov, 08:34 PM UTC
Tottenham Hotspur
RICHY PUTS BRAZIL IN FRONT! 😍 @SpursOfficial's photo on Richy
24 Nov, 08:22 PM UTC
Tottenham Hotspur
Richy leads the line for Brazil! 🇧🇷 https://t.co/wtF9PKWPQo
24 Nov, 05:57 PM UTC
Tottenham Hotspur
Brazil begin their World Cup campaign 🇧🇷 Good luck, Richy! 💪 @SpursOfficial's photo on Richy
24 Nov, 04:30 PM UTC
Della Russel
Referee Ismail Elfath should not be allowed to officiate any more games involving the World Cup. He is a racist and a danger to football. @FIFAcom @ghanafaofficial @UEFAcom @SaddickAdams @IamClassPee's photo on Richy
24 Nov, 07:26 PM UTC
Tottenham Hotspur
🗣 “We worked a lot to get here, now let’s see… Our team is very well prepared.” 🇧🇷 We spoke to Richy ahead of Brazil's World Cup opener ⤵️
24 Nov, 05:45 PM UTC
Conte’s biggest mistake was choosing to drop Kulu when picking Richy. Richy and Kulu together can do serious things when Son is off it. Goals will come when Richy isn’t out of position.
24 Nov, 08:37 PM UTC
Siento no poder daros buenas noticias hoy, y siento más lo que voy a hacer ahora. Os comento: A MI MADRE Y A MÍ NOS QUIEREN FUERA DEL PISO ANTES DEL 31 DE ENERO. Llevamos varios días buscando soluciones, y no parece que vayamos a tener suerte🥺
24 Nov, 09:24 AM UTC
Lee McQueen
Have we got the best forwards in the tournament? Kane 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Son 🇰🇷 Richy 🇧🇷 🔥🔥 #FIFAWorldCup
24 Nov, 09:04 PM UTC
@Richy_Vidal Sí que en tindrem. Al #NouSX3 apostem pel manga i l'#anime en català, i serà al saló amb sorpreses i novetats
24 Nov, 02:04 PM UTC
LdL 💙🤍
Arsenal fans crying over Richy https://t.co/3oLLb7OJxI
24 Nov, 09:20 PM UTC
-Si vivís de alquiler, y os sobran habitaciones, decírnoslo también 🥺. No descartamos la convivencia. Y ya no se me ocurre qué más decir 😓
24 Nov, 09:32 AM UTC
Jack Darby
@axelthfc Jesus sits 5 points clear. With 4 prem titles. He thinks you lot and richy are cute bruv 😭😭😭😭😭😭
24 Nov, 08:59 PM UTC
Amàlá 🤤
FACT: Amala is the only food that can make you last longer in bed. Try it and thank me later. ✌️
25 Nov, 08:10 AM UTC
Justin “Legacy Fan” Stevens
I doubt Richy is thinking about the first touch when the second ones a match winning overhead kick 😂 #COYS #THFC https://t.co/zwAQnPqpao
25 Nov, 08:35 AM UTC
@richy_lumpur No wonder!!! I for say. So na why I dey sleep longer after I chop amala 🤔
25 Nov, 08:22 AM UTC
25 Nov, 07:58 AM UTC
The funny thing is Richy had done nothing wrong even before his goals. These agenda driven tweets were always going to be tweeted as long as he hadn't scored. https://t.co/giEB0SxzND
25 Nov, 08:39 AM UTC
News18 Tamil Nadu
ராமஜெயம் வாழ்க்கையில் ‘விளையாடிய’ கிரிக்கெட்? எஸ்.ஐ.டி. விசாரணையால் பரபரப்பு #Ramajayam https://t.co/69eyY1WlML
25 Nov, 08:28 AM UTC
Grovesy #FuckQatar
@KaymoTsebe95 @BrandTHFC @Rosey_8 @paultracey123 @Thfc_Reyes_ @AFCAMDEN Richy shit for us but still starts for Brazil over signing of the summer Jesus, tells ya all u need to know. Jesus was a backup striker for a team that literally had 0 strikers.
25 Nov, 08:28 AM UTC
@Richy_DCA りっちゃんおそおは!! 高校生活最後の授業ってもしかして高3!?同い年!?
25 Nov, 08:26 AM UTC
@richy_lumpur I can attest to this 📌
25 Nov, 08:26 AM UTC
@the_wzdm @richy_lumpur This longer in bed is long o 😂
25 Nov, 08:23 AM UTC
Gareth Edward🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
@AFCAMDEN I'd rather Richy than a pretend striker running down dead ends and getting bodied off the ball 🤷‍♂️
25 Nov, 08:20 AM UTC
@nikomaru_4869 ポケットの変な皺になってる部分に入ってるんじゃない?
25 Nov, 08:18 AM UTC
Hoggg@Spurs Mad🇺🇦
@PaulNaudo @SpursOfficial @richarlison97 Imagine their frustration after his goal scoring last night. Its about relishing the big Shhhhh 🤫 that Richy has just served up
25 Nov, 08:08 AM UTC
Badboy K
@DarkDhiva @richy_lumpur Na things like this you go fit attest to Oni ranu omo kekere
25 Nov, 08:44 AM UTC
@eljorgs12 Primarina en el tier más bajo y el puto furro gato en la segunda? Alguien debería mejorarse el sentido del gusto, porque madre mía. Y no comento el conejo, el gorila, el cerdo, Meganium y el puercoespín porque solo hace falta verlos
25 Nov, 08:44 AM UTC