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Aaron Rupar
Rick Scott: This bill should be called the war on seniors act. This is a war on Medicare. Margaret Brennan: Reducing Medicare costs is not the same as reducing benefits, though. You know that. @atrupar's photo on Rick Scott
07 Aug, 02:40 PM UTC
Lindy Li
At CPAC the Nazis roared in approval for Orban who like Hitler condemns “race mixing” Marjorie Trailer Grease knelt in worship of a Jan 6 insurrectionist Sen. Rick Scott who defrauded Medicare of millions of dollars called Democrats evil The GOP is in a state of mass psychosis
06 Aug, 11:23 PM UTC
Angry Staffer 🌻
This entire interview was just fantastic journalism by Margaret Brennan. She didn’t let Rick Scott get away with lying. https://t.co/g5QvBxVsIr
07 Aug, 03:11 PM UTC
Nikki Fried
If you can't beat Rick Scott, you certainly can't beat Ron DeSantis. And we can't afford four more years. So let's try something new. Like winning.
06 Aug, 08:25 PM UTC
Peter Morley
Since Senator Rick Scott is trending, this is a good REMINDER that he wants to CUT Social Security and Medicare!
06 Aug, 11:56 PM UTC
Thomas Kennedy
Rick Scott committed the largest case of Medicare fraud in U.S. history and his company was fined $1.7 billion. He invoked the 5th amendment 75 times when deposed. Now Scott has taken his grifting to the U.S. Senate, where he wants to dismantle Social Security and Medicare.
06 Aug, 08:59 PM UTC
Adam Best
Speaking of war on Medicare, here’s a fun fact: Rick Scott oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in history. https://t.co/3RQUBf1G3N
07 Aug, 03:09 PM UTC
Rick Scott literally wants to eliminate Medicare and oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in the nation’s history. He is a criminal who defrauded our seniors. This is the Republican Party. https://t.co/7N7dp4XAVm
07 Aug, 02:48 PM UTC
Peter Morley
NEVER FORGET: Senators Lindsey Graham, Rick Scott, Ron Johnson, Mitt Romney & OTHERS have all gone on record saying they want to cut YOUR Social Security. #HealthCareAwarenessMonth
07 Aug, 12:02 AM UTC
Jesse Ferguson
@atrupar 1. Rick Scott is lying. This plan lowers prescription drug prices, not Medicare funding 2. Rick Scott has a plan that ends the guarantee of Medicare in 5 years. 3. Before coming to the Senate, Rick Scott perpetrated the largest Medicare fraud in American history.
07 Aug, 02:58 PM UTC
Tony 🌊 #BlueWave
Republican Senators Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and Lindsey Graham don't care about us. They don't care about women's right to choose. The Republican Party doesn't even care about our veterans. The #TrumpCult is full of election deniers, and very dangerous for democracy. https://t.co/umB7PVovCe
07 Aug, 03:13 PM UTC
Thomas Kennedy
Rick Scott forgot to mention during his CPAC speech that he committed the largest case of Medicare fraud in U.S. history and his company was fined $1.7 billion. He also invoked the 5th amendment 75 times when deposed for it.
07 Aug, 04:00 PM UTC
Chris “Subscribe to Law Dork!” Geidner
Rick Scott flopping around like a fish out of water. https://t.co/SOEtCeZHSt
07 Aug, 04:15 PM UTC
Sarah Reese Jones
Rick Scott tried to lie and claim that Democrats are cutting Medicare in the reconciliation bill, but he was quickly fact-checked. @PoliticusSarah's photo on Rick Scott
07 Aug, 05:14 PM UTC
Peter Morley
Florida Senator Rick Scott has gone on record saying HE wants to cut YOUR Social Security and Medicare! #HealthCareAwarenessMonth
07 Aug, 12:03 AM UTC
Tony 🌊 #BlueWave
Rick Scott wants to gut/END Social Security and Medicare. He has support from Ron Johnson, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio. Tax revenues fell drastically after Trump reduced corporation tax from 35% to 21%. GOP wants to make up the shortfall from working families and seniors. https://t.co/jr4LUW886U
07 Aug, 04:02 PM UTC
Christopher Webb🇺🇸 Pro-Choice
Rick Scott is big and bad coming for your EARNED benefits like Social Security and Medicare but completely feckless when it comes to answering a simple question about extremist Republicans on the ballot. Would you hire them to work for you? https://t.co/KWaTNvPxlV
07 Aug, 04:13 PM UTC
Dr. Jack Brown
Rick Scott is literally a pathological liar. https://t.co/vWlOEn4hP5
07 Aug, 05:59 PM UTC
Rick Scott this morning on Face the Nation accused Senator Mark Kelly of AZ for wanting to “cut Medicare”, he neglected to complete the statement by adding Mark Kelly wants to cut Medicare Prescription costs, a tremendous difference & a tremendous lie from another sick f er.
07 Aug, 02:48 PM UTC
Jonathan Field🟣
Rick Scott - who defrauded Medicare - goes on Face the Nation claiming the Dems are trying to defund it. His assertion goes unchallenged by Margaret Brennan. Don't they pay this "reporter" enough to spend a bit more to ensure she's prepped to probe clear lies with any precision?
07 Aug, 03:07 PM UTC
Sen. Rick Scott predicts the Democrats’ proposed Inflation Reduction Action will backfire, and wind up helping Republicans. https://t.co/lm5ZBYYQre
07 Aug, 07:00 PM UTC
Sharon - My Vote.My Voice
I think you will enjoy this interview of Rick Scott by Margaret Brennan 😏 #DemVoice1 #ONEV1 #LiveBlue2022 #ResistanceUnited https://t.co/pSch9pzp4S
07 Aug, 04:02 PM UTC
CBS News
WATCH: Republican Sen. Rick Scott said last month the GOP should elect candidates “we would hire," but didn’t say if he would hire certain GOP candidates currently running for office. @CBSNews's photo on Rick Scott
07 Aug, 03:45 PM UTC
Henry M. Rosenberg
Rick Scott claims the Inflation Reduction Act would hurt Medicare which is bullshit. Rick Scott is the guy whose proposals would eliminate both programs. IRA saves $300B over 10 years by negotiating drug prices. That would help to extend the life of Medicare & save people money.
07 Aug, 06:56 PM UTC
Tony 🌊 #BlueWave
Floridians, Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott support FORCED BIRTH policies for women. Many Republicans want to criminalize doctors offering reproductive healthcare. They are plotting draconian restrictions on birth control. We need a 🌊blue wave🌊 in the Midterms. https://t.co/xwRtJNkh20
07 Aug, 07:01 PM UTC
Betsy & Minnie🐾🐶 🇺🇸🇺🇦 🌻☮ 💉🌊🚫DM/Crypto
Hey Florida, any of you diabetic? Cause both Sen. Rick Scott & Sen Marco Rubio voted AGAINST capping Insulin price at $35/Mo. Marco Rubio is up for reelection. Let's make sure he's not back next year. Vote Val Demings for Senate! #wtpBLUE #DemVoice1 #DemCastFL #OurBlueVoice https://t.co/4em9dbilnq
07 Aug, 06:10 PM UTC
bonanafannafofandrafeefifofandra Sandra
@cherikpdx @jayblackisfunny @RonFilipkowski My sister insists on supporting Rick Scott even though without her SS, she’ll be destitute.
06 Aug, 10:53 PM UTC
Steven Rattner
R’s just lie about what is in Manchin/Schumer. For ex, it doesn’t cut Medicare — it cuts costs for elderly. Even with Sinema’s bad changes, Manchin/Schumer is a great bill. D’s need to sell hard to country. https://t.co/JoYnmBf7J9
07 Aug, 06:50 PM UTC
Lisa S.
@jackhammer3853 @reSISTERtruth What do Rick Scott, Ron Johnson, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio have in common? They are wealthy white Republican Senators who want to destroy Social Security and Medicare to satisfy their wealthy donors. Vote BLUE to save Social Security and Medicare!
07 Aug, 01:09 PM UTC
Doc CB
Floridians, Republican Senators Rick Scott & Marco Rubio voted AGAINST capping Insulin cost at $35. Your vote has consequences & we need a cap on insulin costs for millions of Floridians. Vote out Rubio in 2022 & Scott in 2024! We need Senators who work for us! Vote Val Demings!
07 Aug, 04:17 PM UTC