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SICK OF Agolf Twitler
@PaulaDunnBrown1 pretty bad, but I'll call you with Marko Rubio and Rick Scott
19 Oct, 04:10 PM UTC
How about Florida? We have Medicare fraud Rick Scott & bible verse quoting moron Marco Rubio! https://t.co/GQQVbFkcqH
19 Oct, 04:57 PM UTC
Palmer Report
Rick Scott isn't trending because any specific news development happened with him. He's trending simply because everyone happens to be talking about how awful he is.
19 Oct, 05:09 PM UTC
@PaulaDunnBrown1 My personal ranking: 1. Kentucky (Mitch/Rand) 2. Florida (Marco/Rick Scott) 3. Texas (Cruz/Cornyn) 4. Iowa (Ernst/Grassley) 5. Georgia (Loeffler/Perdue) 6. South Carolina (Lindsey/Tim Scott) 7. Kansas (Roberts/Moran) 8. Tennessee (Blackburn/Alexander) 9. N. Carolina (Burr/Tillis)
19 Oct, 04:38 PM UTC
reginald edwards
I voted Biden and Democrat down ballot as well. I'm still disappointed that I have to wait to get rid of Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, but I'll be back for them. https://t.co/2Uh4EnpVND
19 Oct, 12:39 PM UTC
@LuciaRendn4 I hear some politicians are dressing up as cartoon characters. But Ann Colter is dressing up as her twin brother, Rick Scott. https://t.co/PfWOWFAjiw
19 Oct, 04:29 AM UTC
Bernie Pisczek
Sorry Paula, but you only win bronze. The gold goes to Kentucky with Moscow Mitch and everybody's favorite punchable neighbor, Rand Paul. I win silver with Slick Rick Scott, the biggest fraudster in the history of Medicare and Lil Marco Rubio, Trump's lap puppet. https://t.co/uM9sbXjLxc
19 Oct, 05:11 PM UTC
Vote out Rick Scott When You Have The Chance! https://t.co/HIqLmSBFI2
19 Oct, 04:32 PM UTC
“Hey Rick Gates - Fire DeSantis!”
@PaulaDunnBrown1 First - respect. You’ve brought serious game. Second - I’m sorry but it’s hard to imagine six worse human beings than Lamar Alexander & Marsha Blackburn (TN) or Chuck Grassley & Joni Ernst (IA) or Marco Rubio & Rick Scott (FL)
19 Oct, 04:24 PM UTC
Marco Pollo
This is your official reminder that Rick Scott aka "I plead the 5th" is a crook who, like it's been said several times - stole millions from Medicare through fraud. Have a nice day, Florida
19 Oct, 04:58 PM UTC
If u think you have shitty senators I got the biggest medical fraud rick Scott and a catholic Marco Rubio versing quotes from the Bible as my senators.
19 Oct, 04:50 PM UTC
Marco Rubio and Rick Scott in Florida are pretty much as bad as it gets https://t.co/OYu8hHTpOu
19 Oct, 05:02 PM UTC
Trump stood up against the cheap labor bill #S386 bc of @USTechWorkers ads and AHA request. I was chatting with a campaign member in Florida yesterday and they told me that a probable Trump loss against BigTech in election, would seriously threaten Rick Scott’s current objection
19 Oct, 04:47 PM UTC
@PaulaDunnBrown1 Florida. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio. I’d say we’re just about even.
19 Oct, 05:15 PM UTC
@SenRickScott @SpeakerPelosi This is a lie. Here's a truth -> The unemployment system installed on Scott's watch failed big time when it was needed most. Here's another truth - Scott's company ripped off Medicare. Why do we keep choosing horrible people to represent us? https://t.co/0zhUPCqhc2
19 Oct, 05:11 PM UTC
@PaulaDunnBrown1 @dbrew101 Rick Scott & Rubio are pretty bad.
19 Oct, 05:13 PM UTC
Michelle Braun
@PaulaDunnBrown1 Rick Scott and Marco Rubio in Florida.
19 Oct, 05:13 PM UTC
Mayday Mindy🌊
Actually I think Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell in Kentucky probably hands down has any other state beat including Rick Scott & Marco Rubio. Now if you want to talk Governor’s Ron DeSantis might get the blue ribbon for worse
19 Oct, 05:16 PM UTC
Rick Shimelplatzer
"Rick Scott" To think that Floridians keep voting for a infectious disease to help run their government. https://t.co/bYR5tZsYne
19 Oct, 05:16 PM UTC
@PaulaDunnBrown1 I’m in FL: I got Marco Rubio and Rick Scott. Once, speaking with a rancher, I learned the saying: “they are as useless as teats in a bull”. A bit harsh but gives an accurate mental image. I hope bulls and cows take no offense 😆
19 Oct, 05:16 PM UTC
Rick Trock
@Booker4KY Florida voted in Marco Rubio. Then they elected Rick Scott, who they already knew from his stint as governor. Mind numbing.
19 Oct, 05:16 PM UTC
A. R. G.
Rick Scott is the Ron DeSantis of Marco Rubios
19 Oct, 05:16 PM UTC
Shawn Peirce
@themaxburns @JoeBiden That's obviously untrue. Hunter would never do business with Rick Scott.
19 Oct, 05:15 PM UTC
Dimestore Slurring Mussolini
@PalmerReport Rick Scott stole 300 million dollars. https://t.co/ziCo3KnT78
19 Oct, 05:14 PM UTC
@PaulaDunnBrown1 Rubio and Rick Scott and DeSantis governor. Pretty horrible.
19 Oct, 05:14 PM UTC
@Barbaradye921 @PaulaDunnBrown1 as a Floridian I hate rick Scott the most out of all of them I wouldn’t give a fuck bout lil Marco and deathsantis needs to resign but who’s the last guy I didn’t mention?
19 Oct, 05:14 PM UTC
@PaulaDunnBrown1 Rubio and Rick Scott I think we're tied.
19 Oct, 05:14 PM UTC
Linda Tedesco
@PaulaDunnBrown1 Florida has Marco Rubio and Rick Scott. We are equally as bad as Texas.
19 Oct, 05:14 PM UTC

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