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official pixelated boat facebook account
Ricky Gervais: I’ll host the Oscars on one condition ... I get to say “bum” on TV People who pick the Oscars host: You’re not going to host the Oscars Ricky Gervais: ... what if I don’t say “bum”? People who pick the Oscars host: No
11 Jan, 05:13 AM UTC
Fred Delicious
Ricky Gervais - [changes newspaper article about the pope to say ‘the dope’] “OOOOH OFFEND YOU DOES IT?? ARE YOU TRIGGERED, BY ME, RICKY GERVAIS??? AAHAHAAHAHAHAH” Drive-thru intercom - “Sir please there’s a queue. I can’t even see what you’re doing”
11 Jan, 06:05 AM UTC
can't come up with a good joke about the ricky gervais tweet. a revealed insecurity, insistence that he doesn't care about something that he clearly does, sad picture of himself flipping off nothing. and he's 57. it's just depressing
11 Jan, 09:23 AM UTC
nephew uncle joint facebook account
Ricky Gervais’ earlier comedy is almost entirely about totally un self aware people who think they’re cool. being a public figure completely rots most brains. not good
11 Jan, 08:27 AM UTC
#FridayFeeling Be happy. It really annoys negative people -Ricky Gervais 🔴💛🔵 #AHOSC Phobians's photo on Ricky Gervais
11 Jan, 07:39 AM UTC
rae paoletta
ricky gervais is one forehead tattoo away from being jared leto’s joker https://t.co/k2c91Jkmyg
11 Jan, 05:12 AM UTC
Mike Conlin
@pixelatedboat Watching Ricky Gervais gradually turn into David Brent for real has been extremely depressing.
11 Jan, 04:58 AM UTC
Ricardo Silva Romero
Hasta ahora lo veo: “Ricky Gervais: Humanity” en Netflix. Genial. Ricardo Silva Romero's photo on Ricky Gervais
11 Jan, 02:51 AM UTC
Laura Shortridge
Shut the fuck up, Louis CK. Shut the fuck up, Ricky Gervais. "Oh woe is me, I can't target marginalized people for lols without being called a prick and a bully anymore. Poor, poor me." Shut. The. Fuck. Up.
11 Jan, 10:31 AM UTC
Laura Shortridge
People talk about how Taylor Swift weaponised victimhood but I'd like to see essays on how men like Louis CK and Ricky Gervais built entire identities around feeling sad, and how they should be allowed to say and do anything they want to because aw they're not alphas poor things
11 Jan, 10:32 AM UTC
Ricky Gervais is 57 years old. Let that sink in.😂 https://t.co/YcBjpZDzG4
11 Jan, 09:15 AM UTC
absolutely no one: Ricky Gervais: I'm offensive yeah Does this OFFEND ya Seriously I am unable to give a fuck mm-hmm https://t.co/sqxtoBxwgj
11 Jan, 05:30 AM UTC
🎄Chrimboofmancunia 🎄
Suggestion: Ricky Gervais, but funny
11 Jan, 10:51 AM UTC
official pixelated boat facebook account
Deleting the tweet where he said he couldn’t give a fuck about tweets is perfect Ricky Gervais official pixelated boat facebook account's photo on Ricky Gervais
11 Jan, 11:45 AM UTC
Andy Ryan
Ricky Gervais's tweets are a weird mix of a) Literally saying 'I'm laughing at something you care about that I don't care about'; and b) Railing against people who don't care about things he cares about
11 Jan, 11:18 AM UTC
Independent Film
Ricky Gervais has waded into the Oscars hosting controversy https://t.co/3oT5H8dHM7
11 Jan, 10:19 AM UTC
Giant Peach
'Be happy. It really annoys negative people' - Ricky Gervais 👏 #FridayFeeling #Friyay #Happiness #positivity @rickygervais Giant Peach's photo on Ricky Gervais
11 Jan, 10:20 AM UTC
Christian McCrea
you're all lambasting ricky gervais for his teen edgelord tweet but these are far far worse https://t.co/wSrj2rk82i
11 Jan, 08:50 AM UTC
The Ultimate Worrier
Ricky Gervais eating an After Eight Mint at 7:45. The Ultimate Worrier's photo on Ricky Gervais
11 Jan, 04:42 AM UTC
Trevor S.
"My name's Ricky Gervais and have I mentioned in the past 5 seconds that I dont care qbout being an asshole or that I'm an athiest?" Trevor S.'s photo on Ricky Gervais
11 Jan, 05:02 AM UTC
Ross Murray
@rickygervais You know which famous philosopher said that...? Ricky Gervais...and people said he was just a bit pair of tits...
11 Jan, 10:33 AM UTC
Clickbait Robot
Goverment Plan To "Privitise And Sell Shares In Ricky Gervais" Criticised As "Terrifying" By Ricky Gervais #RickyGervais Clickbait Robot's photo on Ricky Gervais
11 Jan, 11:36 AM UTC
The Independent
Ricky Gervais has waded into the Oscars row https://t.co/mS2oweZZ08
11 Jan, 11:29 AM UTC
Watching Ricky Gervais unironically turn into David Brent is undoubtedly funnier than anything he’s ever written
11 Jan, 11:24 AM UTC
ba(cardi b)reezer
11 Jan, 11:39 AM UTC
The Independent
Ricky Gervais has waded into the Oscars hosting controversy https://t.co/mutnRmeNiQ
11 Jan, 11:40 AM UTC
Nathan Trout
People are tweeting about Owen Jones and Ricky Gervais and I have no idea what they’ve said because both of them have blocked me for reasons which I don’t fully understand.
11 Jan, 11:32 AM UTC
@thebard1313 @GePeirson @kandygill7 @acarlson1018 APDS are supposed to show positive depictions of all animals, The facility is not there for people promote their hatred of one species.😑 Here's Ricky Gervais displaying the right attitude. AntBr's photo on Ricky Gervais
11 Jan, 11:28 AM UTC
Jordan Handley
A Like from Ricky Gervais 😀 https://t.co/Prriry5nUD
11 Jan, 11:15 AM UTC
Laura Shortridge
@gliderhopkin I'm not denying that. I'm saying I'd also like to see the way Ricky Gervais and Louis CK have weaponized victimhood, especially against women and trans people, become the subject of an essay as good as the one I read about TS
11 Jan, 11:13 AM UTC
Tim Ireland
If Ricky Gervais is playing a character right now, I'm hoping he'll get past these cringey bits soon and onto the development arc.
11 Jan, 11:07 AM UTC
Henk van Straten
Haha! Bros! Ik was die gasten helemaal vergeten. Ik wist niet dat Ricky Gervais erachter zat. https://t.co/LbLE90vF5U
11 Jan, 11:38 AM UTC
Max Robespierre
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/ZLjA1uvSPh Ricky Gervais is so INGENIOUS
11 Jan, 11:36 AM UTC
My hobby: Pronouncing "Ricky Gervais" with a hard G.
11 Jan, 11:35 AM UTC
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/hENETL045C Ricky Gervais Hosting Golden Globes 2016- All his funny bits and
11 Jan, 11:31 AM UTC
Comedy Simon
@rickygervais Headline: “Ricky Gervais caught praying in old black and white photo”
11 Jan, 11:28 AM UTC
@nelsm123 @foluOgunseye @rickygervais @piersmorgan @Si_23Q Too true. I more than appreciate the complexity of this question, I do. This is just my vague perspective of #Atheism in relation to the original Piers Morgan tweet. I simply align with the Ricky Gervais Lil’ #Agnostic & #Atheistic Existentialism vs. scary levels of “nothing”.
11 Jan, 11:28 AM UTC
Who’s worse? Ricky Gervais or Ricky Gervais fans?
11 Jan, 11:19 AM UTC
Or Ricky Gervais. xD
11 Jan, 11:18 AM UTC
Matt Ingoldby
Pouring scorn on the notion of a higher power because an old book fails to mention evolution is what's known as the Ricky Gervais razor, and works exclusively on people who already agree with you.
11 Jan, 11:18 AM UTC
El Sack
You can make jokes about anything and everything as long as it's funny, have a watch of Ricky Gervais and pull the stick out your ass https://t.co/WxYuYvg8g8
11 Jan, 11:14 AM UTC

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