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甘雨🏖️💦 #原神 @cchungla's photo on Ricochet
05 Aug, 10:17 AM UTC
folklore lyrics bot
cursing my name, wishing i stayed, look at how my tears ricochet
05 Aug, 06:45 PM UTC
The very definition of Triple H making a statement on #SmackDown Ricochet in the opening match, getting a big victory over Corbin on the first Triple H SmackDown YOU LOVE TO SEE IT
06 Aug, 12:23 AM UTC
Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com
Ricochet defeats Corbin. Fantastic match
06 Aug, 12:23 AM UTC
Ryan Satin
☑️ Bring Dakota Kai back ☑️ Call up Io ☑️ Get Ciampa in a title feud ☑️ Push Ricochet 🟦 Change GUNTHER/Kaiser's theme back to Symphony No. 9 in E Minor
06 Aug, 12:43 AM UTC
Fightful Wrestling
OMG, Ricochet got some AIR from that back body drop. #SmackDown
06 Aug, 12:19 AM UTC
Ryan Satin
With the talent currently in place, #SmackDown could start to feel like an upgraded NXT 1.0 under Triple H's direction. Drew McIntyre, Shinsuke Nakamura, Ricochet, Corbin, Shayna Baszler, GUNTHER, Sami Zayn, Viking Raiders, Liv Morgan, Shotzi, Raquel Rodriguez, Charlotte.
06 Aug, 01:20 AM UTC
Ricochet and Happy Corbin kick off Friday Night SmackDown! 📺 #SmackDown @KingRicochet @BaronCorbinWWE @WWEonFOX's photo on Ricochet
06 Aug, 12:16 AM UTC
Just Alyx
Did you see that!?? Don't you EVER tell me Ricochet is not a star. He had that crowd going CRAZY in that opening segment. The best high flyer in WWE. Hell, screw it, he's the best in wrestling today. Better than Fenix, Dante Martin, PAC, and Will Ospreay. Fight me!! https://t.co/efYLEc6Zj3
06 Aug, 12:32 AM UTC
• Women Being Featured Prominently • Ricochet Winning Matches • Shayna Baszler Number 1 Contender • Mid Card Stars Getting Shine Triple H Black & Gold Era Is Back!!!! https://t.co/tLiEDnGSu0
06 Aug, 01:37 AM UTC
Macho T
The crowd is ALIVE tonight for #SmackDown Ricochet Vs Corbin was 🔥 opener! Still wondering wth happened to that RAW crowd.
06 Aug, 12:24 AM UTC
Roman2Reigns #RomanReigns𓃵
Vince at his home watching Smackdown and seeing Roman Reigns saying Hospital instead of Local Medical Facility. Ricochet having a match longer than 5 min,Shayna Baszler getting a Title match and Karrion Kross is back with his old theme music and with Scarlet. #Smackdown https://t.co/wE9SVr2dDi
06 Aug, 02:28 AM UTC
Shawn S. Lealos
In one week, Triple H has elevated Tomasso Ciampa, Iyo Sky, Dakota Kai, Ricochet, Mustafa Ali, Shayna Baszler, and Karrion Kross. Thank you, #WWE
06 Aug, 02:45 AM UTC
my tears ricochet
06 Aug, 03:56 AM UTC
@JDfromNY206 - Ciampa getting a title shot - Nakamura getting a title shot - Shayna getting a title shot - Ricochet got a tv win the real nxt 2.0 has risen! #SmackDown
06 Aug, 01:36 AM UTC
ricochet and the goddess alexa joined bcw @finnrp86 https://t.co/cG3mVHd8GU
06 Aug, 03:53 AM UTC
#SmackDown #Ricochet beats #BUMASSCORBIN . #ShaynBaszler will face #LivMorgan. #ShinsukeNakamura gets a title match against #Gunther. #KofiKingston attacks the #VikingRaiders. #KarrionKross is back! https://t.co/5rOx9S6eji @FiredUpNET #WWE #Breakingnews #Return #Wrestling #Back
06 Aug, 03:40 AM UTC
Sacnilk Combat
#Ricochet: "I Am Exactly What The People Are Going To Remember When They Leave This Show" https://t.co/YvmdO0ez5n
06 Aug, 03:34 AM UTC
@TheActMan_YT Same thing with fun playlists. Ricochet, extraction, dominion all deserve to return as well as mythic arena.
06 Aug, 03:38 AM UTC
Loan Wolf 🐓
Ricochet could be like the next Rey Mysterio for WWE #SmackDown
06 Aug, 03:36 AM UTC
So much WRESTLING on #SmackDown to start the show. Ricochet invites Happy Corbin to the ring to wipe the smile off his face and Corbin, after two commercial breaks, can’t do it. Ricochet hits the shooting star press Brock Lesnar WISHES he did vs. Angle at Mania and gets the W. https://t.co/5HfKSqbv37
06 Aug, 03:35 AM UTC
Olivia Mutant-John
Ricochet will always be cool. That’s all.
06 Aug, 03:31 AM UTC
Jake Wood
@WilliamRBR I've never liked Kross but Iyo, Dakota, Ciampa, the mid card titles, Ricochet, and Shayna all this week with very little DQs is a success in my view.
06 Aug, 04:01 AM UTC
🇮🇱Fatal Creations🖊
@skinnymysterio Man, non scripted promos sounds so much more natural lol whoda thunk it, even ricochet sounded better 🤪
06 Aug, 04:01 AM UTC
Brandon Campbell
@YouMeAnd1939 @ibeastIess Can I just make a point that HHH is head of creative and his wife is split ceo. Vince was the only one who cared about body size. If you can wrestle and get the crowd emotionally interested you can be a main eventer. Ciampa, cole, ricochet all showed they could wrestle the big
06 Aug, 03:58 AM UTC
Lanchen Mihalic
vincent thill Arsenal Iglesias Premier Anime Triple H Bundesliga Randwick グラフェス خالد عيسي loetje Ricochet ねんどろいど Zaha Kimmich Manaea 子安さん Spurs Quickie Spurs 日大三島 Teoscar 斎藤佑樹 Skullgirls MAPPA ロッキン https://t.co/SskuR7v7rr
06 Aug, 03:58 AM UTC
@TheEnduringIcon Smackdown was good but RAW was really better BUT the ending of Smackdown was huge. a debut like Kross energize the fans. Still excited to see him and scarlett on the roster. The gauntlet was a great idea. Ricochet vs Baron was great and the crowd was all in.
06 Aug, 03:57 AM UTC
Mike 🏌🏻🚴‍♂️
Karrion Kross Ricochet Dakota Kai Fire Triple H before Raw Monday night.
06 Aug, 03:54 AM UTC
Joe Donzell
@ItsBradShepard Yea but Ricochet is a super talent … lets not forget that
06 Aug, 03:54 AM UTC
♕ B☯b Jh♉nson ♛
atualização de acessos no meu perfil https://t.co/obY95rd0fd
06 Aug, 03:52 AM UTC