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Commissioner for Human Rights
Addressing #RightsCon, I stress that living in an increasingly digital world does not mean living artificial lives with artificial liberties. Our rights must be real, all the time. #RightsCon2019 Read my recommendation on #AI and #HumanRights https://t.co/ncSMPRXa0R  #CoE4AI @CommissionerHR's photo on #rightscon
11 Jun, 05:16 PM UTC
When your posts get taken down or your accounts get suspended, who will have your back—and who will leave you in the dark? Today we launch “Who Has Your Back?” Censorship Edition 2019 at #RightsCon, assessing companies on content moderation policies. https://t.co/3VSVicWNFe
12 Jun, 02:02 PM UTC
Dr. Usha Ramanathan receiving the Human Rights Heros Award at #RightsCon for her work on #Aadhaar & on behalf of entire community that has protested and litigated against #Aadhaar. https://t.co/BFn42LlXMU https://t.co/bmXzvCQP2E
12 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC
UN Human Rights
#RightsCon focuses on the complex & challenging #technology-related questions facing all human beings in coming years. We need more heroes to #StandUp4HumanRights. New technology needs to increase freedom, well-being & dignity for everyone – @mbachelet. 👉 https://t.co/3VegTMfqK7 @UNHumanRights's photo on #rightscon
12 Jun, 12:48 PM UTC
Andres Azpurua
.@mariannedh recibe premio de Héroe de #DDHH en #InternetVE de @accessnow. Entrega Alta Comisionada @mbachelet en #RightsCon https://t.co/fYWJNgWq18
12 Jun, 10:46 AM UTC
Access Now
Here are our 5 inspiring heroes upon receiving their awards for exceptional work defending #humanrights in the digital age. Thank you @MohdMaskati, @Lizzie_OShea, @zaituni_njovu, Dr. Usha Ramanathan and @mariannedh! ✊🏆 #RightsCon @accessnow's photo on #rightscon
12 Jun, 01:31 PM UTC
Sam Gregory
How do we work together to detect malicious #AI-generated media? Released today, @witnessorg report on what #UGC journalists, #OSINT investigators, fact-checkers need i/o to better prepare re #deepfakes + other new forms of media #manipulation https://t.co/fkVzUe7R4W #rightscon
12 Jun, 09:42 AM UTC
Megha Rajagopalan
Reporting from #RightsCon: A Human Rights Group Spent A Year Reporting Hundreds Of Posts That Contained Speech Violating Facebook’s Own Rules. 93% Of Them Weren’t Deleted. https://t.co/sXIzmg8PQ7
12 Jun, 10:31 AM UTC
Alex Warofka
At #RightsCon and have questions for @facebook? Stop by our table on the first floor of the Community Village and talk with members of our team. We'll be here all day, and also have a rotating group of subject-matter experts. Today's schedule: https://t.co/8dUeqeDqxe
12 Jun, 08:24 AM UTC
Access Now
"Protecting encryption is about protecting democracy." #humanrights lawyer @Lizzie_OShea https://t.co/ElcY39smQX #RightsCon @accessnow's photo on #rightscon
12 Jun, 10:24 AM UTC
Dr. Courtney Radsch
We're discussing threats posed to journalists by NSO Group's Pegasus spyware, led by my @pressfreedom colleague @AASchapiro with @ap & tech journalists, @article19org @R3Dmx @davidakaye hope @CanadaFP & @foreign_uk stop by #MediaFreedom https://t.co/Ui1ib1GXH0. #RightsCon
12 Jun, 12:11 PM UTC
Access Now
“Sometimes you aren’t sure you are experiencing a shutdown. Sometimes you’re just working on a google doc and you can’t continue editing it.” Andres Azpurua [@andresAzp] Director of @vesinfiltro #KeepItOn #TurnItOn #Rightscon @accessnow's photo on #rightscon
12 Jun, 08:23 AM UTC
Matisse BustosHawkes
.@astepanovich of @accessnow w (l-r) High Commissioner @mbachelet & #RightsCon Human Rights Heroes honorees @MohdMaskati, @Lizzie_OShea, @zaituni_njovu, Dr. Usha Ramanathan, @mariannedh https://t.co/A4RPNaytFK
12 Jun, 10:42 AM UTC
Full room in Stability and Security in Cyberspace and Human Rights: Friends or Foes? An Interactive Dialogue with @theGCSC. @anriette moderating a very interesting conversation on #cybersec #RightsCon2019 #RightsCon
12 Jun, 11:49 AM UTC
David Reichel
Looking forward to the session on the future of human rights in the governance of #artificialintelligence at #RightsCon. Join us if you‘re here. https://t.co/dQc6OOIAeN @meganicka @JessicaFjeld
12 Jun, 11:12 AM UTC
Matthew Battles
Indigenous language representation on the web—@Juanof9 of @BKCHarvard notes that 5% of the world speaks English at home, while 50% of web content is born in English. As the web extends its reach, how do we honor difference & promote access to information? #RightsCon
12 Jun, 11:14 AM UTC
Alp Toker
Philanthropists need to look to and learn from the Free and Open Source community - @christel at #RightsCon's landmark session on Philanthropy in the 21st Century @atoker's photo on #rightscon
12 Jun, 02:18 PM UTC
Jessica Fjeld
👋🏼 @rightscon #RightsCon family! Join us at 3:45 today in Carthage 1 to take the next step🚶🏾‍♀️on #ArtificialIntelligence and get serious about human rights and governance with @MalJayaram @lorna_mcgregor #CharlotteAltenhoenerDion @alexrosebud and @lopalasi.
12 Jun, 01:00 PM UTC
Danny Rayman
Una discusión necesaria la importancia de preservación de evidencia de violaciones de ddhh en tiempos de regulación y eliminación de contenidos de redes sociales #datospersonales y #osi 👏 @datospersonales #RightsCon @jilliancyork @SecureDrop @open_archive @guardianproject https://t.co/3rIXIV2phU
12 Jun, 12:47 PM UTC
The Tahrir Institute
Today at #RightsCon TIMEP's panel on states' extension into the digital space and citizens' methods of protecting rights. Speakers include @dlshadothman, Stan Byers, @MarietjeSchaake, with moderator @AllisonLMcManus. https://t.co/N4Gp0DqDDK
12 Jun, 08:17 AM UTC
christina goodness
Activists Guide to Archiving is available from @witnessorg says @DiaKayyali #RightsCon https://t.co/rpHHJNIclw
12 Jun, 11:56 AM UTC
Michael Morisy
#rightsCon: Tip from @WafHeikal for people to developing citizen archiving apps: Make icon innocuous so that if police search phone, doesn’t draw attention. Think through uses cases and potential dangers.
12 Jun, 11:51 AM UTC
Our partner org @newtacticsmena and Rania @rannoouu our #Tunisia Coordinator are presenting #Rawabet online Tactical Mapping Tool TMT at the #RightsCon developed thanks to the support of @CanadaDev @CanadaTunisia @EquitasIntl https://t.co/N8X1G43yGt
12 Jun, 11:39 AM UTC
Rula Asad
Great team #Salamtech sharing their stories and day to day struggles and fight for freedom of expression and internet in #Syria #RightsCon #Tunis https://t.co/mJKx8Y8hLb
12 Jun, 01:55 PM UTC
People’s stories, evidence of war crimes, protests, are swept up in overbroad take downs and legislation in response to terrorist content, have reached a crisis point @DiaKayyali #RightsCon https://t.co/P2g6sxxlhQ
12 Jun, 11:23 AM UTC
As promised, the slides of @spielkamp’s #RightsCon session "Let's See the Evidence! Algorithmic decisions in real life - where and how are they used?” https://t.co/poobDhKKZf #ADM #algacc 1/2
12 Jun, 01:48 PM UTC
Dr. Courtney Radsch
Facebook Failed To Delete 93% Of Posts Containing Speech Violating Its Own Rules In India. A year-long study concluded @Facebook had made little progress in moderating non-English language content in #India, its largest market by users https://t.co/0QxMztGx6Z #RightsCon
12 Jun, 01:47 PM UTC
Center for Democracy & Technology
WE'RE ALL OVER #RIGHTSCON: If you're at this year's @rightscon (by @accessnow), our teams will be hard to miss – check out @GregNojeim + @elizabethan / @Natasha_Duarte in sessions today! MORE: https://t.co/WaAXqbeTHe @CenDemTech's photo on #rightscon
12 Jun, 02:43 PM UTC
Thank you to everyone who participated in our @rightscon #DigitalGrassrootsMonopoly session! It was so much fun sharing and connecting with you all @digigrassroots #DigraDRM #DRM #Rightscon #DIGRA https://t.co/UGh5kmgdeb
12 Jun, 01:53 PM UTC
Happening right now at the #RightsCon @Ahmed @ndutagachie https://t.co/VG5UzqaJv4
12 Jun, 01:52 PM UTC
Access Now
The “Necessary and Proportionate Principles” were developed to apply existing #humanrights law to modern #surveillance of ordinary individuals with the understanding that it needs to be restrained. https://t.co/bWfywYDdzd #RightsCon @accessnow's photo on #rightscon
12 Jun, 02:46 PM UTC
RightsCon Español
Es un placer hacer una demostración de nuestras herramientas @check y @speakbridge para la comunidad @rightscon, @GyenesNat y yo estaremos colaborando y presentando demostraciones técnicas en #rightscon. Únase a nosotros para conocer más sobre nuestros ... https://t.co/S0paEmOhnV
12 Jun, 09:44 AM UTC
Localization Lab
Day 2 of Translation Lab volunteers translating key insights from #RightsCon into #Arabic #French & #Spanish! 🚀 💚 Breaking down language barriers to following the world's leading conference on human rights in the digital age. 💚 @rightscon3rabi @RightsCon2es @rightscon2fr
12 Jun, 08:55 AM UTC
Mai El-Sadany
In a session now on: "Future-Proofing Human Rights Documentation: Tools for Protecting Endangered Evidence" ft. @WafHeikal @jilliancyork Natalie Cadranel, Harlo Holmes, Dia Kayyali, and Seamus Tuohy. A discussion on archiving and documentation tools. #RightsCon https://t.co/QCXDObcPBe
12 Jun, 11:55 AM UTC
CS2 Limited
Need for a cadre of #SouthSouth / #African #cyberdiplomat & #cyberlegal experts to negotiate future #cyber treaties, international #law and global #regulations else potential untoward outcomes.  #RightsCon #GCSC #AskAjijola
12 Jun, 08:39 AM UTC
APC's @jhybe speaking on challenges faced in holding digital companies accountable during session on women’s right to artistic freedom of expression in the digital age, happening now at #RightsCon #FreedomofExpression @APC_News's photo on #rightscon
12 Jun, 11:44 AM UTC
#RightsCon is the world's leading event on human rights in the digital age. #WebAccessibility #DigitalInclusion #Tunis #Mexico @Internews @accessnow #A11yLab https://t.co/NxVZJwQFyR
12 Jun, 02:34 PM UTC
It starts with honesty, thank you @opentechfund @danblah Philanthropy in the 21st Century at RightsCon Tunis 2019 https://t.co/UtaeL4DX9w @RightsCon #RightsCon @sched
12 Jun, 01:36 PM UTC
christina goodness
3 lessons for 21st century #Philanthropy from @solomonbrett of @accessnow in #Tunisia: If you cant fund core fund more, Fund us for three years, and Please less reporting #RightsCon 2019 https://t.co/0R6nFrdhWf
12 Jun, 02:36 PM UTC
RIGHT NOW at #RightsCon: WITNESS Program Director @SamGregory is moderating the panel, "Prepare Don’t Panic: Strategize a Human Rights-Based Response to Deepfake Technologies, Synthetic Media and Increasing Volumes of Visual Misinformation." More info: https://t.co/YtIhhaeFv9
12 Jun, 02:45 PM UTC
Naomi Colvin @RightsCon
At #RightsCon tomorrow? Come see me @brunogalizzi and @sueletteD talk about Europe's Whistleblower Directive: Building an international consensus around public interest disclosure: 3.45pm in Cyrene https://t.co/hOK8s1jm95 @RightsCon
12 Jun, 07:57 AM UTC
Bushra Ebadi
Come join us at 5:15 PM for our session on catalyzing sustainable development: youth, peace, security and ICTs. #RightsCon #socialinnovation #actions https://t.co/m0ENHh0K3u
12 Jun, 02:40 PM UTC
If you're at #RightsCon, join us at Carthage 1 (Laico) for the next session on the future of #humanrights & #artificialintelligence with Lorna McGregor @JessicaFjeld @meganicka @david_reichel @lopalasi @MalJayaram @alexrosebud & Charlotte Altenhöener-Dion !
12 Jun, 02:40 PM UTC
Orange RSE
[#RightsCon] @Orange depuis longtemps engagé en matière de respect des #DroitsHumains fondamentaux des salariés, des fournisseurs et sous-traitants, et une vigilance croissante sur les enjeux de liberté d’expression et de protection des données privées https://t.co/ybMU0rfLu6 https://t.co/yuAyQPwTXS
12 Jun, 01:35 PM UTC
Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society
@thenetmonitor Explore website accessibility around the world, in real time. Check the accessibility of a website in over 50 countries, from the comfort of your own computer. #RightsCon https://t.co/BCpctsKPre https://t.co/OaRIiBz8lL
12 Jun, 02:44 PM UTC
Michael Morisy
Like primary documents and #FOIA? Come to the @MuckRock/@WhatDoTheyKnow talk tomorrow at #RightsCon on using transparency platforms to increase civic engagement around the world: https://t.co/hwpxjSpVlf
12 Jun, 02:47 PM UTC
RightsCon Español
https://t.co/QRkDyagipt Los filántropos necesitan mirar a y aprender de la comunidad de código libre y abierto: @christel en la sesión histórica de #RightsCon sobre Filantropía en el siglo XXI https://t.co/7z5NYgqUwY@RightsCon2es's photo on #rightscon
12 Jun, 02:36 PM UTC
Katherine Gallagher
If you're at #RightsCon, go hear this panel on how investors & civil society can work together to advance respect for #HumanRights in #Tech, 17:45 today, w/ @gallagher_mb, ED of @tristatecri #BizHumanRights https://t.co/tlrS8xReIm
12 Jun, 02:44 PM UTC
Wikimedia Policy
Hey #RightsCon, check this out! #surveillance 👇 https://t.co/ykX7UmPBVP
12 Jun, 02:42 PM UTC
Nat Gyenes
How can we make this database open to all internet users, providing the ability to understand and examine the context around visual information shared online. @WafHeikal shares insights about the importance of localization and open access context data #RightsCon
12 Jun, 09:55 AM UTC
Bronwen Robertson
///there is a moment when you feel like you don't have control of your own narrative anymore ... the regime is deleting our history/// @WafHeikal speaking at #RightsCon on using tools like way back machine to save Egyptian activists' voices
12 Jun, 11:23 AM UTC
Alison @ RightsCon
take a shot every time someone mentions Chinese surveillance #RightsCon
12 Jun, 02:58 PM UTC
At #RightsCon? Join us! The panel on the outcomes of the @HRDWorldSummit has just started. https://t.co/mPiQZWiofH
12 Jun, 02:56 PM UTC
Julia Kloiber
Hello #rightscon 👋 the first session I joined was the Human Rights Heroes Awards - with impressive awardees from Tanzania, India, Bahrain, Australia, Venezuela. What a great start! https://t.co/g8Dj6QMPka https://t.co/0wHiEVzPDe
12 Jun, 02:51 PM UTC
Victor Kapiyo
@ggithaiga from @KICTANet speaking on the panel session on data driven foreign development and digital development strategies at #RightsCon https://t.co/Fs3pODsqJg
12 Jun, 02:50 PM UTC
7amleh حملة
Don't miss our session on "Social Media Content Moderation in Conflict Zones" at @rightscon tomorrow at 5:15pm https://t.co/BGrSTra3HE #rightscon #rightsCon2019 #DigitalRights = #HumanRights
12 Jun, 02:05 PM UTC
Gabriel Krieshok
This ya been my favorite session of the year. We spend so much time pointing out what’s wrong, that we fail to paint the world as we want to see it. #rightscon https://t.co/kI2lfBNbfV
12 Jun, 02:45 PM UTC
RightsCon Français
Les philanthropes doivent se tourner vers la communauté des logiciels libres et apprendre de celle-ci — @christel lors de la session phare sur la philanthropie au 21e siècle du #RightsCon https://t.co/sSh2w7AfAI
12 Jun, 02:44 PM UTC
Joey Shea
“What are the restrictions on states when it comes to surveillance technology? Very rarely do they respond to the proportionality of their surveillance tools.” David Kaye, UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression #RightsCon #RightsCon2019 #KeepItOn
12 Jun, 03:00 PM UTC
Access Now
"Being watched, whether it’s by government or not, has an impact on your willingness to say what’s on your mind — the connection between surveillance and freedom of expression is clear." UNSR, David Kaye [@davidakaye] #RightsCon @accessnow's photo on #rightscon
12 Jun, 02:59 PM UTC
Nat Gyenes
"We need more women in IT leadership positions". Feminist Hackathon Workshop hosted by TIC/AS Centroamerica #RightsCon, with insights about how to create an inclusive hackathon environment @kemlycr
12 Jun, 02:58 PM UTC
RightsCon Français
Michael Karimian de @Microsoft parle de l’importance de changer la relation entre le monde des affaires et la société civile d’une relation transactionnelle à court terme en un réel partenariat plus substantiel et durable. #RightsCon https://t.co/uviRPRT7C8
12 Jun, 02:52 PM UTC
HAPPENING NOW at #RightsCon: WITNESS Executive Director @yvettethijm is moderating "Sustainable Practices Workshop - Sharing What Works." Help promote #wellness and co-create a first draft of a 'best practices' guide! For more info: https://t.co/IGdfwUmkwj
12 Jun, 02:45 PM UTC
Collin Sullivan @RightsCon
The room for the #osint protocol discussion is PACKED. Standing room only. I'm talking fire-code-concerns full. 😳 It's awesome 🤓 #RightsCon
12 Jun, 02:44 PM UTC
RightsCon Français
Dr. Usha Ramanathan à #RightsCon 2019 Tunis, reçoit son prix d'héroïne des droits humains pour son travail de mobilisation, de combat pour les droits dans le débat sur l'identité numérique. Nous rappelant que ce sont les pauvres, les plus désavantagés q... https://t.co/sP1py2Akdi
12 Jun, 02:43 PM UTC
Nat Gyenes
Truth from @carolinesinders "If you're a feminist on the internet, you face a lot of harassment." #RightsCon
12 Jun, 10:04 AM UTC
Nicolas Suzor
Next at #RightsCon, I'm talking about transparency in content takedowns, hosted by @spandi_s; come join us in Dougga https://t.co/jYKaCldyBg
12 Jun, 02:39 PM UTC
Forum @ NED
Are you at #RightsCon? Join @DWJ88 and @sbradshaww on 6/13 at 5:15pm for an interactive discussion about current media trends and anticipated tech advancements relevant to the spread of disinformation https://t.co/oPxiy93rdn
12 Jun, 02:36 PM UTC