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Keith Powers
At Rikers I saw the most inhumane conditions imaginable. Intake was abhorrent—100s of inmates trapped for weeks. Denied water, food, a place to sleep. COVID rampant. Staff doing multiple shifts. @NYCMayor must take action. Each day this continues is a humanitarian crisis. https://t.co/vdO4XHVUP9
16 Sep, 09:44 PM UTC
BREAKING: New York's gov. signed the "Less is More" Act, which stops people on parole being sent back to jail for non-criminal violations. Most people in NYC jails are held for parole violations or trial — many in inhumane conditions at Rikers. 191 are set for release on Friday. https://t.co/P6HXCiFglm
17 Sep, 03:44 PM UTC
Luis Ferré-Sadurní
NOW: Gov. Kathy Hochul is signing the Less is More bill that would limit the re-incarceration of people for technical parole violations. She also ordered the release of 191 people who are eligible from Rikers Island. @luisferre's photo on Rikers
17 Sep, 03:39 PM UTC
We can’t fix Rikers Island, can’t do one thing about it, but we can crush your dirt bike. Always remember that. https://t.co/ciHDwAyu3j
17 Sep, 05:17 PM UTC
Eliza Orlins
While I'm glad so many people, NYT Ed Board included, are now recognizing the absolute horrors of Rikers Island, this is all just performative if it’s not accompanied by action to DECARCERATE and a real shift in how newsrooms cover the cruelty that prosecutors perpetuate.
17 Sep, 02:58 PM UTC
The New York Times
Gov. Kathy Hochul of New York signed a measure to release about 200 prisoners from Rikers Island to ease a growing crisis of staff shortages and chaos in the jail. https://t.co/kBTMsrReMN
17 Sep, 04:36 PM UTC
Eli Northrup
Currently in virtual court, person incarcerated at Rikers was supposed to be produced for court date. Instead, DOC officer appeared on video and said he will not be available because “other inmates won’t allow him to be brought.” What?
17 Sep, 02:46 PM UTC
Lauren-Brooke (L.B.) Eisen
Breaking news: @GovKathyHochul has officially signed the Less is More Act which passed the state legislature in June and will largely remove incarceration as punishment for nearly all minor, “technical” parole violations: https://t.co/qFzGKVEmu0
17 Sep, 04:41 PM UTC
George Joseph
BREAKING: Citing the crisis at Rikers Island, NY @GovKathyHochul announces the release of 191 incarcerated people there & signs the "Less Is More Act," a decarceration bill: https://t.co/2RiIRBvKfg
17 Sep, 03:41 PM UTC
Jessica González-Rojas
NEW: This week has highlighted the atrocities of our carceral system. Read my piece on @_inquest_ where I write about what I saw on Rikers, why we must Decarcerate Now and how we can do it. #CLOSERikers #LessIsMoreNY https://t.co/xM9NrlUoqE
17 Sep, 01:29 PM UTC
CBS News
Cockroaches, rotting food and garbage: Lawmakers say Rikers Island jail conditions are a "public health issue" https://t.co/76tNFixprX
17 Sep, 08:30 AM UTC
Katal Center for Equity, Health, & Justice
💥BREAKING: Along with signing the #LessIsMoreNY Act into law, @GovKathyHochul announces that today DOCCS is releasing 191 people currently incarcerated on Rikers Island for technical violations of parole. #LessIsMoreNY #CLOSErikers https://t.co/lNJhsHWggY
17 Sep, 03:39 PM UTC
Rebecca Nagle
As the crisis at Rikers worsens 1,500 people have been held there for more than a year without trial. https://t.co/3Jtmsa1uLV
17 Sep, 04:25 PM UTC
Rachael Dorin
@JohnJHarwood These guys want a tour of NYC... fine, let's drop them off at Rikers and see how they like that. Assholes.
17 Sep, 03:49 PM UTC
Zohran Kwame Mamdani
On the day we passed #LessisMoreNY, Jose Mejia Martinez, a 34yo jailed on a parole violation, died on Rikers Now, 3 mo later, @GovKathyHochul signs the bill with an expected implementation of March '22 How many more will die while we wait? Implement Less is More immediately 🧵
17 Sep, 03:40 PM UTC
The Recount
More on the new Less Is More law https://t.co/xya1uIQWEf @therecount's photo on Rikers
17 Sep, 03:53 PM UTC
@OccupyDemocrats @Defiant4ever They were given a Desk Appearance ticket meaning if they never come back to nyc nothing happens to them. So they basically got away with the assault. But a Black person will go to Rikers Island for a joint.
17 Sep, 03:49 PM UTC
Center for Court Innovation
74% of people on #Rikers are awaiting trial—many for a year+, and most often because of unaffordable bail. Supervised Release is as effective as bail at ensuring court appearances, sparing people the life-threatening conditions at Rikers. Results here: https://t.co/H0CBBUkCBX https://t.co/KsGRkM1DQC
17 Sep, 01:57 PM UTC
Lauren-Brooke (L.B.) Eisen
While this new legislation won't officially go into effect until March 2022, Gov. Hochul ensured that the state will allow almost 200 people to be released IMMEDIATELY in an unprecedented measure. https://t.co/YAbKu9x7oG
17 Sep, 04:41 PM UTC
Carlina Rivera 利華娜
On Wednesday, we heard devastating testimony about the humanitarian crisis at Rikers. Today, NY takes a huge step forward for parole reform as @GovKathyHochul signs #LessIsMoreNY and releases 191 people from Rikers who never should have been there at all. It's a new day in NY.
17 Sep, 05:30 PM UTC
Zeek Arkham
The plan in NYC has been to close Rikers Island because it’s prime real estate property. However, if crime goes up so exponentially that no one wants to live here then what’s the point? Once again, if you voted for this, please stay put. Myself and the other Patriots are out. https://t.co/MYMFhYU8id
17 Sep, 05:42 PM UTC
Crime in NYC
Jailbreak: "Governor" Kathy Hochul is ordering the immediate release of 191 inmates who are locked up on Rikers Island for “technical” violations of their parole from state prison. https://t.co/TXWl6Uq2cG
17 Sep, 04:03 PM UTC
Spectrum News 1 Albany
State officials announced plans to release 191 people who are in Rikers Island jail in New York City on technical parole violations, but additional incarcerated people across the state could be up for release as well, Gov. Hochul said. https://t.co/U7P85qlqKe
17 Sep, 04:36 PM UTC
New York NOW
Legislation that will raise the standard for when formerly incarcerated people can be sent back to prison over parole violations was signed into law Friday by Gov. Kathy Hochul. Via @TheTDCamp https://t.co/4PpT3QzzMz
17 Sep, 05:36 PM UTC
Mike Corbett #PassThePROAct
Two days ago, I watched an 8+ hour @NYCCouncil hearing about deteriorating conditions on Rikers Island. Nearly everyone spoke on the urgent need for the Less is More Act. Not only did @GovKathyHochul sign the bill, but ordered 191 people released TODAY! https://t.co/U7A3gJRybp
17 Sep, 05:11 PM UTC
#Rikers can accommodate their needs. #Texaliban https://t.co/DW3gF4xHBq
17 Sep, 05:36 PM UTC
Jamie Uhrig
“the restrictions put in place for #COVID19, rising population numbers, and the mass absenteeism of corrections officers have led to pressure in the #jails,” ...“People are sicker, they’re not able to get healthcare that they need” https://t.co/4TfIQ29A9c 30 August https://t.co/Wjm3B6otpo
17 Sep, 05:42 PM UTC
@enicole38 @camorris @atrupar @Megawatts55 Texan here. I agree. I hope they ended up at Rikers.
17 Sep, 05:39 PM UTC
Senator Carolus Clusius
@Ghostcatlove @OccupyDemocrats Those women should have to spend time at Rikers. The hostess was doing her job! And offered them the option to eat outside. If there are further incidents we should ban tourists from states with low vaccination rates.
17 Sep, 05:38 PM UTC
Kate Kenney
191 people being released from Rikers today!! Great beginning by Gov Hochul!! #LessIsMoreNY
17 Sep, 05:45 PM UTC