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Queens of Bravo
Between catching on to Erika & Rinna’s attempt to deflect while opening Kyle’s eyes, Garcelle saw everything so clearly & called it all out in the moment. The Queen of Keeping It 💯 #RHOBH https://t.co/b5HEQX5FQ0
06 Oct, 03:13 PM UTC
👄👠👗 Lizzi's Unfiltered TV Juice 👗👠👄
#RHOBH Rinna: "Kathy is so jealous of the Kardashians" also Rinna: https://t.co/ER1uRHN0Yl
06 Oct, 11:17 AM UTC
Queens of Bravo
A super cut of all the times Kathy ate up Lisa Rinna 😭💀 Justice for Kim! #RHOBH https://t.co/T1gFXPp3mT
06 Oct, 10:15 PM UTC
Chatterbox Keirn
Even La Toya has stepped in to defend Kathy. Rinna really messed with the RIGHT ONE this time. She’s done. #RHOBH https://t.co/dzit1IkdSx
06 Oct, 02:24 AM UTC
The Peach Report
Queen Kathy clocked in and came to shut Rinna DOWN! 👑 #RHOBH https://t.co/nqd23QcJOX
06 Oct, 10:21 PM UTC
The Peach Report
Rinna: I was f*cking abused by Kathy Hilton!” Kathy: “Baby, you wanted it on camera because your contract was coming up…” Rinna: 👁👄👁 Kathy gagged her good. #RHOBH https://t.co/qKZyi6jDpm
06 Oct, 10:57 PM UTC
Anthony Dominic
Kathy: “Baby, you wanted it on camera because your contract was coming up.” #RHOBH Rinna: https://t.co/W9l6FWvmUu
06 Oct, 11:22 PM UTC
Everyone can have an opinion, but when Garcelle questions you, she has "an attitude"? We see you, Rinna. Garcelle spoke the truth tonight and the #RHOBHMeanGirls can't stand it. #RHOBH
06 Oct, 02:04 AM UTC
@queensofbravo Kathy on her way to drag Rinna by her lace front 😍 I love it. https://t.co/xy8hI6tmTO
06 Oct, 10:23 PM UTC
Shady Pines
Kathy Hilton and Kris Jenner being besties while Lisa Rinna is just a fan #RHOBH https://t.co/1iqxFy6CyS
06 Oct, 01:54 PM UTC
MarTEAnis With Eddy
The face of “Fuck around and find out” She’s my mother… and she exposed and ate Rinna and she’s did it all as a “friend of”. HER POWER AND LEGACY! #RHOBH https://t.co/5ap8fEazbr
07 Oct, 12:48 AM UTC
Josh Lynch
Kathy abused her?! Dorit did coke in her bathroom. Yolanda had Münchausen syndrome. Kim was close to death. Sutton was her punching bag all season. Garcelle has an “attitude” whenever she speaks. She outted her “friend” Denise. But Rinna is the victim?! #RHOBH #rhobhreunion https://t.co/oXZeOvePrA
06 Oct, 10:57 PM UTC
Lisa Rinna telling the women she’d get cancer & die if she didn’t tell them what Kathy Hilton said off-camera was one of the most wild things I’ve ever seen on this show lmao #RHOBH
06 Oct, 01:00 PM UTC
Alex by Alene Too
Kathy was on her way to destroy Lisa Rinna's career #RHOBH https://t.co/D4ko84HAVd
06 Oct, 10:50 PM UTC
America's Sweetheart: Jasmine
So are we letting it slide that Dorit told Kyle she basically shouldn’t have defended her sister and confront Rinna and Erika about the blogs?!She’s a lil trash for that comment #RHOBH
06 Oct, 04:16 AM UTC
Rishma Dosani
Kathy Hilton savaging Lisa Rinna for how she treated Kim Richards and Lisa Vanderpump has cleansed my entire SOUL. I knew this woman would be the saviour of #RHOBH 👑 https://t.co/SFfbxFIMBt
06 Oct, 11:45 PM UTC
Erika and Rinna when Kyle said it was Erika’s publicist who leaked the Kathy story the press #RHOBH https://t.co/0BYBtoUP0C
06 Oct, 02:04 AM UTC
Dave Quinn
Reunited and it feels... not so good! Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna face off in the tense trailer for the #RHOBH season 12 reunion. Watch exclusively at @people: https://t.co/lZraLnickX https://t.co/NEEgIUifdY
06 Oct, 10:00 PM UTC
esteco 🍑 💎 🌺 🍝 🩺🦩 🍊 🍎 🛥
@blndhairblckhrt Rinna knew they were listening and kept going. All staged to get those "leaks" out. https://t.co/OpUZjtmavR
06 Oct, 10:16 PM UTC
@blndhairblckhrt I also see Rinna clocking it (look at her smirk after she looks at their table listening in) ugh why edit this out?!?
06 Oct, 10:03 PM UTC
Rosie E 🌹♊️ 🌊
Kyle is reaping what she has been sowing for many seasons from her so called friends. Kyle is getting support from the very people she helped get attacked. What an insult to cancer sufferers from that pos Rinna! #RHOBH
06 Oct, 06:32 AM UTC
@MichaelRoyceHi1 Is this the type of cancer that us normal folk get… or is this that ‘Rinna Cancer’ that has to be diagnosed by someone with a psych degree? And is this ‘RC’ like ‘Rinna Ptsd’ or more like ‘Munchausens’? And does Harry write your prescriptions in a Canada CVS? So many questions
06 Oct, 06:38 AM UTC
Mike GunvalSlaydin
I wonder how Rinna would of reacted if Kathy sent her the type of text she did to Kim 😳🤭#RHOBH https://t.co/YVifvt562e
07 Oct, 12:55 AM UTC
Mary Cosby Chanel Gloves
Lisa Rinna f***** with the wrong one , get ha Kathy #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion https://t.co/njQEAQgfOv
06 Oct, 10:20 PM UTC
Leah McSweeney Stan
take the $2million that Lisa Rinna wants and give it to Madison LeCroy right now she’s the only person who can save this show https://t.co/TuMG1c0ZDx
07 Oct, 01:59 AM UTC
Emily Sexton
This is gonna be REAL. I LOVE that Kathy went for Rinna and threw in the little nugget about queen Lisa Vanderpump, & obviously her sister Kim!! I think Rinna only has the seat next to Andy because it's her last season, yep, just gonna say that. #RHOBHReunion https://t.co/eWRENMuJyd
07 Oct, 01:22 AM UTC
Papa Bear
Somebody pls tell Rinna that no one cares what Kathy said in Aspen. You don’t even have receipts to prove it. #RHOBH
07 Oct, 01:57 AM UTC
David Sylvan 🦋🌸
Im excited to see Kathy drag Rinna at this upcoming reunion. 🤣 #RHOBH
07 Oct, 02:00 AM UTC
JP Mackey
WHAT?!?! Yeah, Kathy Hilton’s right – Lisa Rinna IS one of the biggest bullies, if not THE biggest bully, in Hollywood. #RHOBH #LisaRinna #StarJones 😨 https://t.co/br9fJerr9G
07 Oct, 01:56 AM UTC