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Enrique Peña Nieto
Andrés Manuel, los mexicanos quieren darle lo mejor a sus hijos no a los tuyos.
23 Jun, 02:28 AM UTC
Scott MacFarlane
In light of all of the "caught up in the moment" defenses we're hearing from US Capitol riot defendants...... check this video court exhibit released today by the US Justice Dept. Everything seems to change in a moment ====> @MacFarlaneNews's photo on RIOT
22 Jun, 11:01 PM UTC
andrew kaczynski
NEW from me: Newly-elected GOP Rep. @MayraFlores2022 deleted a bunch of old posts repeatedly spreading conspiracies the Capitol Riot was caused by Antifa and sharing Qanon hashtags in posts she removed before running for Congress from last year. https://t.co/klsSMz0m0f
23 Jun, 02:10 PM UTC
Scott MacFarlane
Per new court filing "FBI learned of an overseas cargo shipment that's being sent to (Capitol riot conspiracy defendant Russell Taylor) at his home address that is described in the attendant paperwork as 2 knives and 2 axes w/sheaths” Feds seek to keep pretrial restrictions @MacFarlaneNews's photo on RIOT
23 Jun, 12:08 AM UTC
League of Legends
“She is not prepared for the darkness she’ll find.” Kalista’s story comes to life in September 2022 📖 Pre-order #RUINATION today—available in hardcover, ebook, and audio editions. https://t.co/LQP1qUnDm7 @LeagueOfLegends's photo on RIOT
23 Jun, 07:01 PM UTC
Ryan Nobles
JUST IN: Fed investigators searched the home of Jeffrey Clark, the former DOJ lawyer who former Pres. Trump sought to install as AG in the days before the 1/6 Capitol riot as top officials refused to go along with his vote fraud claims. via @evanperez https://t.co/MnbtuuDm6K
23 Jun, 05:11 PM UTC
Luís Santana
1 mês (2 patchs) para a Riot remover essa mecânica de bloquear hit da torre que o W da Nilah tem.
23 Jun, 03:00 PM UTC
andrew kaczynski
She also removed tweets praising conspiratorial Trump attorney Sidney Powell as "an American hero" and a photo of the crowd at the 1/6 "Stop the Steal" rally. https://t.co/klsSMz0m0f https://t.co/TqQDmuvuGy
23 Jun, 02:10 PM UTC
LGB Alliance
It’s Pride Month, and devastating to see our history so badly misrepresented. If you want to hear the truth about the beginning of the Stonewall uprising, watch our interview with Fred Sargeant, who was there when Stormé de Larverie triggered the initial riot. 1/2 https://t.co/8Mh77JxvjT
23 Jun, 03:58 PM UTC
*pro hero expo* fan: my question is, as you are the ppl who knows red riot the best, if u'll describe him in one word, what would it be? sero: loyal mina: funny! jirou: hmm.. manly! definitely bakugou: mine
23 Jun, 12:43 PM UTC
Jordan Fischer
NEW: A Naval intelligence officer assigned to the NRO in Chantilly, Virginia, has been arrested on #CapitolRiot charges. In affidavit, FBI agents say he panic-bought arsenal of guns after Jan. 6 and praised the Unabomber, Olympic Park Bomber and Hitler. https://t.co/lPsOKqo9hP
23 Jun, 05:14 PM UTC
Jason Kersey
If it's Oklahoma-Arkansas in the finals and @Barry_Switzer doesn't throw out the first pitch, we riot.
23 Jun, 01:28 AM UTC
andrew kaczynski
Flores subscribed to many lies about the election being stolen in her since-deleted posts along w/conspiracies about the Capitol Riot being antifa. https://t.co/klsSMz0m0f https://t.co/FbEogcXg0B
23 Jun, 02:15 PM UTC
Blitz Wing
いつもアーティストへの温かいご声援誠にありがとうございます。 アーティスト宛のファンレターやプレゼントの送付先は以下ガイドラインに記載がございますので、注意事項を御一読の上お送りいただけますと幸いです。 ▼アーティスト宛プレゼント送付ガイドライン https://t.co/reAVLDyJcX #RIOT_BW
23 Jun, 11:58 AM UTC
Mueller, She Wrote
Rosen did not speak to the president on 1/6. Donoghue came to the Capitol after the riot was put down, and he had a conference call with Pence. One at 6 PM and one at 7 PM. He left after congress reconvened at 8:30. Donoghue never spoke to donald that day either.
23 Jun, 09:15 PM UTC
Horror of Chris
Sex is great but have you ever had your pissed off wife read you the riot act for getting a $100 red light camera ticket only to discover that the ticket was issued on a Tuesday at 2 pm when you were 55 miles away at work and said wife had the car?
23 Jun, 01:16 AM UTC
Former Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue testified at the Capitol riot hearing that Trump had asked Justice Department officials to say that the election was 'corrupt' despite no evidence https://t.co/HAVyuAvs9w @Reuters's photo on RIOT
23 Jun, 09:44 PM UTC
Jordan Fischer
In affidavit, DOJ says Petty Officer First Class Hatchet Speech said he was studying the writings of "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski and "Olympic Park Bomber" Eric Rudolph because he wanted to "come up with a better game plan than they had." Story: https://t.co/lPsOKqo9hP @JordanOnRecord's photo on RIOT
23 Jun, 05:15 PM UTC
Five takeaways from the fifth day of hearings on the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack and testimony on how then-President Donald Trump pressured the Justice Department to help him hold onto power after he lost the 2020 election https://t.co/CgWpylHZWq @Reuters's photo on RIOT
23 Jun, 09:39 PM UTC
Unidentified Demonstrator
The same people who told this guy defending a used car lot during a riot was a good idea told him this video game was a good idea. https://t.co/vmsYSJ4lqA
23 Jun, 07:37 PM UTC
If the Glazers Take 11 million out tomorrow while we are in debt and scrapping to get funds together for transfer! We should riot outside OT! #glazersout #Mufc @ManUtd https://t.co/OAjHCsRu4M
23 Jun, 07:11 AM UTC
🎂🥃Monita Bananabels⁰³²⁷🐥😺🐶
“she waves and it’s a meltdown” Once again we will see the biggest first row riot! ( ≧Д≦) I vote for #MTVLAKPOPLISA #MTVLAFANDOMLISA #MTVLAHITMONEY at this year's #PremiosMTVMIAW https://t.co/R0QRLOFCKJ
23 Jun, 06:12 PM UTC
Cathy Sanford
Let this sink in and then he asked for a pardon. Insurrectionist. @MoBrooks https://t.co/ZzqCVOZAwC
23 Jun, 09:41 PM UTC
ロボット・ライオットって良いタイトル Stereolab - Robot Riot (Official Audio) https://t.co/6tNX6LKmWO
23 Jun, 02:24 PM UTC
Sheryl Post
REVEALED: Trump pushed so-called 'murder-suicide pact' to 'shred Constitution' in Oval Office meeting - Raw Story - Celebrating 18 Years of Independent Journalism https://t.co/upAlNeSWS7
23 Jun, 09:42 PM UTC
meebo/bingus ❥ IT'S SHOWTIME NOW!
23 Jun, 09:59 PM UTC
meebo/bingus ❥ IT'S SHOWTIME NOW!
@yashiocake OBRIGADA TSU 😳
23 Jun, 09:58 PM UTC
@CarbonTails Cody Cam or riot.
23 Jun, 09:58 PM UTC