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Post Office

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Let’s make a deal, Mr. President: You release your college transcript, I’ll release mine, and we’ll see who was the better student. Loser has to fund the Post Office.
13 Aug, 02:15 PM UTC


David Rothkopf
So...UPS...Fedex...big opportunity here. Just offer to deliver any election ballot for free...or honor the postage on it...and get it there by Election Day. You'll overnight become the most beloved and respected organization in America. Go's the right thing to do.
14 Aug, 03:22 AM UTC


Ira Madison III
Does the USPS have an OnlyFans let’s really get them some coin
13 Aug, 08:33 PM UTC


Michael Grzesiek
I pictured an epic return... not quite like this though <3 @shroud's photo on Epic
13 Aug, 01:44 AM UTC


Barack Obama
Everyone depends on the USPS. Seniors for their Social Security, veterans for their prescriptions, small businesses trying to keep their doors open. They can't be collateral damage for an administration more concerned with suppressing the vote than suppressing a virus.
14 Aug, 02:48 PM UTC


cody 🦝
last night I smoked that little weed dust in the bottom of my grinder for the first time and I think I astral projected
13 Aug, 08:43 PM UTC


Kamala Harris
My mother always use to say, “Don’t just sit around and complain about things. Do something.” I dearly wish she were here with us this week. @KamalaHarris's photo on DO SOMETHING
13 Aug, 12:46 PM UTC


Claire McCaskill
Seriously rural America. You ok with losing your post office and reliable delivery of your medicine so this guy can continue to lie about absentee/mail in ballots?
13 Aug, 12:34 PM UTC


Los americanos solo saben su puto idioma de mierda y aun así tienen los santos cojones de reírse de la gente no nativa q habla inglés
12 Aug, 11:17 PM UTC


Lucas Rangel
oh gente kkkkkkkkkk bom dia @LucasRanngel's photo on Melo
13 Aug, 01:23 PM UTC


nadie se aburre de lo que es mutuo.
14 Aug, 02:14 AM UTC


Andrew Yang🧢🇺🇸
And it’s official - we have been added to the DNC Convention speaker lineup! Thank you #YangGang and everyone else who made this happen! 😀👏🇺🇸#YangIsSpeaking
13 Aug, 01:06 PM UTC


Elizabeth Warren
I cannot believe I have to say this: the federal government should not be changing our country’s water efficiency standards because Donald Trump is having problems washing his hair.
13 Aug, 12:42 AM UTC


The amount of ugly I look in front of my boyfriend sometimes is just not okay lmao
13 Aug, 04:33 PM UTC


he gon blow a bag just to make us happy 💝 @AmbreezyTaughtU's photo on Yale
12 Aug, 11:38 PM UTC


ภาพนี้ไร้แคปชั่น แต่ฉันเข้าใจดี555555555555555555555555555 @dmeishappy_'s photo on lucas
13 Aug, 01:48 PM UTC


Friend: turn around but don’t make it obvious Me:
13 Aug, 04:27 PM UTC


Adrian Wojnarowski
Bulls have fired coach Jim Boylen
14 Aug, 01:23 PM UTC


Nadie se aburre de lo mutuo! 🤞
13 Aug, 03:04 AM UTC


13TH AUG. LEVITATING REMIX @MissyElliott @Madonna @Blessed_Madonna 9AM LA / 12PM NY / 5PM LONDON 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 @DUALIPA's photo on Levitating
12 Aug, 05:31 PM UTC


Daniel Goldman
Congress funds the USPS. If Republicans opposed Trump’s blatant and authoritarian effort to sabotage the election, they could help pass a veto-proof bill to do just that. But they sit silently and do nothing. #VoteForDemocracy
14 Aug, 09:14 AM UTC


อีจัสคนนี้อยู่อเมริกา 🇹🇭 #MONSTA_X
เห็นรึยังว่าเสียงของพวกเค้าดังกว่าจริงๆ @HONEYBLBs's photo on Dame
13 Aug, 06:58 AM UTC


BEHIND PHOTO l I-LAND Part.2 진출자 6인 셀카 (Selfie from 6 applicants in I-LAND Part.2) 👑🤳🏼 #1 📸 해당 지원자 셀카는 #갤럭시s20울트라 와 #z플립골드 로 촬영했습니다 Today 11PM(KST) Mnet #Mnet #엠넷 #ILAND #I_LAND #아이랜드 #Behind #Selfie
14 Aug, 08:34 AM UTC

Postal Service

Bernie Sanders
Today on Fox, Trump made it clear that his effort to defund the Postal Service is a blatant attempt at mass voter suppression. No, Mr. President. We won't let you sabotage the election. This is a democracy, not a damn dictatorship. Your reign of authoritarianism will soon end.
13 Aug, 03:20 PM UTC


Lee Zeldin
Durham. Tomorrow. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
14 Aug, 02:11 AM UTC


BEHIND PHOTO l I-LAND Part.2 진출자 6인 셀카 (Selfie from 6 applicants in I-LAND Part.2) 👑🤳🏼 #3 📸 해당 지원자 셀카는 #갤럭시s20울트라 와 #z플립골드 로 촬영했습니다 Today 11PM(KST) Mnet #Mnet #엠넷 #ILAND #I_LAND #아이랜드 #Behind #Selfie
14 Aug, 08:34 AM UTC

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